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  1. Bubbleline

    Family Guy : Funny Or Offensive ?

    I am...very bothered by the amount of people who are saying that it's offensiveness is 'harmless'. Actually, at the end of the day, it's not about 'offense'. Its about blatant racism/homophobia/fatphobia/etc. being wrapped up as a 'joke'. I hate the excuse of "well I/it/they make fun of everyone equally so I'm not racist/sexist/generally a bigot'. That's not how it works. It just makes you 'equally' ignorant. Why don't a few of you go read up on representation in media and how it can, indeed, be harmful. Just because something is in the context of a joke, that doesn't suddenly make it okay and harmless. When I was 13-15 I liked Family Guy and the like, but then I grew up. And I've never liked South Park. They are trash.
  2. Nope. Everyone this year who challenged Chadley but only beat Abi immediately sank from Gold/Silver to a medal. Anywho, as other people stated, the day-of completion reward should remain as simply a bonus instead of something that would give a huge advantage. I took more than 1 day to beat Chadley at jolly jugglers and Goparokko. It'd be very irritating for me to have taken all that time and effort to beat him when it would've been more rewarding and easier to just beat Abi on day-of-release. That said, if you tweaked the points system a bit, I think it would be waaaay better than the system in place now. People shouldn't be able to beat Chadley/AAA everyday on release day just to get a participant trophy because they got suspended for the last day or something. It is also kinda irritating how some people can cruise along with Abi for the entire DD and just get 1 AAA score and be on par with people like me who busted our butts trying to get as many Chadley/AAA scores as we could (for bragging rights and personal satisfaction). I think the points system should keep all the current trophy tiers in place, with Gold being nothing but AAA's scores. Silver would be a bit of a safety net for those people who put in the time to get all AAA scores but missed a day or 2, but it would also require more effort than just 1 AAA score in a sea of Abi challenges. Bronze would catch those people who did mostly Abi challenges with maybe 1-3 AAA scores. It would also be there for people who started out with nothing but AAA but then couldn't do the rest of the Daily Dare for whatever reasons, or vice-versa. The medal would just be the "An attempt was made" prize for people.
  3. Bubbleline

    What Rank are you?

    I'm so close to rank 22 I can taste it. Just need to barrel through 66 more rank points and then I can go back to not suffering through 6+ hours a day on Neopets.
  4. Bubbleline

    What Rank are you?

    Rank 20 finally. I was starting to get tired, but now I'm motivated to reach my original goal of 22. I'd love to have another bye day (or 2).
  5. I got 5847 points. Comastar-1455 DJ Skellington-773 Marketing Maggie-845 Bancha Ninja-1405 Socktastic-1369 If I'm gonna trade someone out it'll be DJ Skellington. Not sure who I'd replace him with, though.
  6. Bubbleline

    What Rank are you?

    Rank 13. I can't help but feel like I'm slacking off this year, lol. Perhaps I can make it to 14.5 by tomorrow.
  7. Bubbleline

    NC Mall: Petpets Coming Soon?

    They better not have NC only petpets. I'm pretty sure there would be riots. That said, it does look quite awesome.
  8. Bubbleline

    Mid-cup shifts

    There was a ton of drama about the [Removed] being on MD last year. There is always a ton of drama surrounding the [Removed] because unlike other ASGs, Neo[Removed] is suspected to get their wins through fishy means. Perhaps the drama wasn't noticed as much because people were also busy complaining about the terrible bracket system and MD didn't win every game by huge margins against even the strongest teams. And I was talking about people on the neoboards who would lash out at people who criticized TY and deny the fact that Neo[Removed] is with them and the turn around and shove their winstreak in everyone's face because that has been happening on the boards. but whatever. I'm not here to argue. If the [Removed] joined KD next year I would hate it and root for another team to win because I wouldn't want to win because of cheaters. I also wouldn't deny their presence on my team if it was fairly obvious that they were there. Also, I did acknowledge the dedicated TY members in my comment because I know this must suck for them.
  9. Bubbleline

    Mid-cup shifts

    Has the team that you're rooting for to win the cup changed? It has for me. I'm totally hoping for TY to lose against Altador and for Altador to win the cup. Nothing against you dedicated Tyrannians, but...and no it's not just because you have Neo[Removed]. It's because you have them bumping up your scores a ridiculous amount and some of your members are being terrible about it on the boards. I know ya'll didn't ask for them, but to deny their presence and then shove your wins in everyone's faces has made me start to root for your downfall. (yea. I know not all of you are being jerks, but it doesn't make me feel any better those members who are terrible) Anywho, time to break my fingers maxing out SOSD.
  10. Bubbleline

    What Rank are you?

    I haven't been able to play as much this year so I'm behind where I was last year by this point. That said, I'm sitting pretty at rank 9 and now that I have some free time I can get up to playing hundreds of games a day. Here's to hitting rank 11 by this time tomorrow.
  11. Bubbleline

    How much NP are you worth?

    Now that I think about it, this topic is probably just a ploy to figure out the best people to kidnap and hold for ransom. :P
  12. Bubbleline

    How much do you hate Slushie Showdown?

    I hate it with the fire of a thousand suns. I hate it so much that, until today, I haven't touched it. And even trying to suffer through it for the sake of my team, I only got through 8 games. I only plan to play it on days when it has bonus points and as you can see, I won't do much. I think part of my loathing comes from the fact that the very first year I participated in the AC, I mostly played SLSL.
  13. Bubbleline

    How much NP are you worth?

    Sounds fun, but that's a ton of calculating. I'm making the ballparkiest of ballpark estimates.
  14. Bubbleline

    Altador Cup VIII Begins!

    TNT is so slimy. Of COURSE they put us Kreludorks up against Mystery Island for the first day this year, after us not fighting them last year. But of COURSE they do this as we stare down the barrel of the Winner's Curse against a team that came in second place against us last year. They are so wrong for that. And I have too many things to do today to try my hardest at battling. Oh well, good luck everyone~!
  15. Bubbleline

    Altador Cup VIII Sign-Ups Have Begun!

    Excitement! The free nc kinda makes me wish I had saved the 300 nc I had so I could afford some of the more expensive things. C'est la vie. I kinda wish this time spent waiting for the cup to start would allow us to level up in ranks, though. Then we wouldn't have to squeeze in so much playing during the actual cup and I could be on my way to rank 1.