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  1. Yay for coming out of the closet!

    Well Done for coming out. We parents are a fairly understanding and non biased group on a whole and though I have never had to deal with your dad's situation I am glad that you have his support and hope your other family members will also accept your sexuality with the same understanding that we are all our own person . Good Luck and be happy for who you are...
  2. Choose Your Allegiance In The Battlegrounds!

    I am staying with the Seekers all that Brain Power surely must pay off eventually
  3. The Festival of Neggs Begins!

    How many of the Green Paisley Decorative Neggs am I to find for Honest Pete's event each day?? I thought it would be 1 but I have found 2 so far today. Will have to wait til payday though to purchase the openers.
  4. The Festival of Neggs Begins!

    The Wheel of Misfortune is where I found 1 plaid egg I seem to have 3 plastic ones also though I don't know where I got them .Maybe I didn't get a notification when I found them
  5. Surprise Attack Enters Battledome!

    How many others got the message I didn't but I didn't do much in the second to last (Leaders) round so maybe it was sent to only those that completed their Doing Your Part bar or the 2 Achievements. I hope we find out the answer soon though as the Suspense is unbearable...
  6. Surprise Attack Enters Battledome!

    I have just achieved my Doing Your Part Gold Tick....I lost all of 361 battles to get the bar filled..They were 76 Green (average) 108 Orange (Strong) 177 Red (Mighty) Only way I could do this was because my pets hit points were not lost with each battle that I was badly beaten...Pheww
  7. Surprise Attack Enters Battledome!

    I got the achievement and I think it is when you have dished out 1000 damage or 2000 hit points and it doesn't need to be in the one battle Not sure though as I haven't won a single battle yet in the last raid or this one either...I think I was tttooo pleased with myself with the first few rounds and needed a lesson in humility...
  8. I have not had a random event either but I don't always see the Faerie Quests appear until I try to use the Shop Wizard so maybe it is my AdBlock Plus stopping them. Anyway by the look of the rewards given I am not too worried...
  9. 1,000,000 Np goal!

    Getting to the first million brings back painful memories for me I got to my first million and did not even have time to let out a whoopee before it was taken and my account was frozen. I was going to give up but TNT did reinstate my account after I put in a ticket and I thought giving up was just letting the evil ones win...That was almost 9 years ago and I have seen many millions come and go and come again so well done and keep those nps rolling in for your 2m goal...
  10. Does anyone need

    If anyone needs complete maps for Forgotten Shore I have several to give away just let me know and I can send them to you.....
  11. Forgotten shore map question

    I am not sure if TNT will retire the Forgotten Shore Daily but if anyone needs complete maps let me know and I will send them their way.....I have several and there may be some newbies out there without the map
  12. TDN Christmas Wishlist

    I do not have a wishlist but I have sent out some gifts to several. I would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a really Happy New Year....
  13. NC Mall: New Gothic Snowglobe!

    More a matter of Test Your Budget than your Luck once again with the availability of the Future Fashions depending on the spending of RL cash. I do feel a little sorry for the younger kids starting out in Neopets who are not always able to get these items.
  14. I purchased my pack and activated it and hung them(25 stockings) Now I am afraid I maybe should not have hung them so early but waited for the 7th Dec. Has anyone else hung their stockings or am I the only one who couldn't wait.. :questionmark:
  15. Official Team Ninja Discussion Board!

    I am playing for Ninja team but not doing so well with this last days tasks.