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  1. All in all, I'm actually a bit disappointed. The hipster clothing is getting pretty old and the colors just aren't doing it for me. :(
  2. That's never fun, though I've gotta let you know it's actually not too good for her to sleep in her car seat for extended periods of time. One thing that helped my daughter was to have a fan blowing. I did, however, have to eventually ween her off of the need for the fan in order to sleep. The only other advice I have is try to keep her on a pretty regular routine, naps are pretty important (even just laying her down for a bit will help...sometimes without naps they'll wake back up by time it's ready for bed). If she's not sick or teething, you may just need to let her cry it out (it's heart-wrenching, but sometimes necessary).
  3. Lol, I find it kind of funny, actually. I compromised a bit and it's a shoulder length a-line bit, no bangs. I'm quite happy with it. :) No pictures at the moment, but it looks something like this: Thanks for all the suggestions/support! <3
  4. Definitely a good idea. I'm lucky enough that my best friend is an amazing hairdresser, so not only am I not worried that she won't butcher me, but I know she'll be honest with me as well. Honestly, I'm not too worried about it looking bad. I used to be pretty adventurous when it came to my hair. If it looks bad..meh...it grows and I've got some pretty snazzy hats. lol Thanks all for the wonderfully suggestions! I have a slightly better grasp of what I want (probably no bangs. lol) and I'll definitely bring some picks to J and get her suggestion.
  5. Scarlet Fever

    My Hair

    I have had pretty much the same hairstyle since high school....long (seriously...it reaches my bum), straight, auburn, no bangs. I like my hair, but I'm kind of craving something different. I've already decided I'm going to dye it jet black (a color not seen on me since junior high. lol...I'm keeping my favored crazy colors to a minimum until I've lost my "so this is what happens when you go from high active job to a housewife" weight)...and while I have a basic idea of what I'm going for (kind of a cropped, at the chin thing) there are a few details I'm having trouble with; bangs vs. no bangs...symmetrical vs. asymmetrical.....and I have a few pictures and wanted to see what your thoughts were. Hm..think I will make a poll. 1. We're leaning towards this one: 2. 3. 4.
  6. I used to play games, but they got to be too time-consuming. lol Nowadays, I pretty much run Habi all day....and I have the occasional extraordinary luck.
  7. Good luck everyone! This would happen after I painted A TON of my pets on Sunday. HAHA...Oh well, I still had one to enter.
  8. Aww! ....admittedly, I stopped playing because I got bored, but it was still a really neat game in general. :whistle:
  9. Well my wish for a game token came true. I'm hanging onto mine for the moment (also hoping Hubrid's Mansion gets an update so I can use my key. lol)
  10. lol @ Saxen's comment: I can understand that. I have a 4 year old; my patience has to be superhuman or something by now. hehe @Angelo: Omelettes! I swear, I had around 500 of those things in my SDB. o_O Congrats on the dubloon! *Strawberry Poogle Plushie *Green Kacheek Plushie *Bigsby Shadington Plushie (today is a day for plushies!) *Bigsby Shadington Plushie *Coltzan Plushie *150NP *143NP *Count Von Roo Bouncy Ball *Mutant Draik Plushie (WOOHOO! So cute!) *200NP (and a RE that game me a Petpet lab map piece)
  11. I didn't see a thread on this, so this one goes out to the stalkers of the Money Tree...Post your findings. *500NP *Winged Kookith *Governors Mansion Playset *100NP *Two Dubloon Coin *150NP *Grey Chomby Balloon (my friend collects balloons :D ) *Trident of Chestnuts *50NP *Pink Frilly Koi Balloon *Note: I donate to the tree daily; sometimes it's fun to camp out and see what you get. ^_^
  12. Noteworthy bits; Pets: Gender swap. o.o (well...at least Mighty_Kauthulu is a boy again. lol)...........Maraquan Buzz to Snow Buzz ('tis the season. lol) Petpets: Awwwwwwwwww...Soot to Christmas Faellie (totally keeping this one until the end of the month) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 12/10 Pets: Stats and gender Petpets: Soot to Purple Horus, Desert Gallion to Island Gallion,
  13. Your current avatar is adorable!

  14. Noteworthy bits; Pets: Staaaaattttssss.... -_- Petpets: From Soot to Tyrannian Bloop, *exploded*
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