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  1. Since Neopia's birthday is this month I dressed some of my pets up for the occasion. Yeah...
  2. Hang Out and Post

    My favorite type of sushi are octopus, squid and mackerel. I also eat eel sushi.
  3. Autumn and/or Halloween Customs!

    Happy Halloween from Naamah and Sillua! Sillua went as a kawaii pop star And dark Polarchuck Sailor Super Sapphire Have a happy Halloween TDN!
  4. Happy Halloween - Trick or Treat Locations!

    The bags are cute but I can never resist opening them.
  5. So, what are you listening to now?

    "All of Nothing" by The Birthday Massacre. It's putting me in the mood to write.
  6. What New Pets?

    I recently made room for a Blue Acara. My first Neopet I had when I was in elementary school was a Blue Acara.
  7. Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    My Orange Koi, Sapaki is in the Pound. If anyone wants him you can have him.
  8. Happy Bori Day!

    I like the new Bori outfit. She looks demonic but in the cute way.
  9. What Do You Buy the Most?

    I spend most of my NP(okay all of it) on stuff for my main account pets like food, petpets, grooming supplies, books, plushies and toys and my favorite thing to buy for my pets...clothes! What about you guys?

    I'm super happy for you. Super cool that you're giving them food from The Golden Dubloon. My main account pets live off of not so fancy food heh.
  11. Autumn and/or Halloween Customs!

    Here is my new Nimmo in her very first Halloween costume! I really like the way it turned out.
  12. Hang Out and Post

    Speaking of muffins, I don't really eat them anymore. Excessive gluten makes my knees hurt. Mouseykins, it snowed where you live? Lucky you. I wish it would snow where I live already because two of my favorite winter activities are tubing and sledding. Just out of curiosity do you still have your dogs? My real life Kougra (my cat Jude Dudley) likes to eat plastic so we have to keep plastic out of sight. Our other real life Kougra would rather cuddle than have cat treats. His name is Tucker.
  13. What New Pets?

    Both my main and side account are full of pets. I have to say, my Mutant Ruki is my favorite one out of all of my pets.
  14. What New Pets?

    What kind of pets did you add to your Neopets family? I ended up getting a Blumaroo, Nimmo, Kougra, an Eyrie and a Kau.
  15. What Age Should Makeup Be Allowed?

    I don't think wearing makeup is something to pressure other people to do. I usually wear neutral eyeshadow, concealer, face cream, plumping lip gloss or tinted lip balm and sometimes mascara. I know people who like the whole black eyeshadow deal but I'm not a fan of it on me. Yes, I agree appearance confidence is great but having a positive personality is important too. Personality is not everything. Appearances aren't everything. Both count. I got compared physically to a man once and I was shattered. It's hard not forgive it. I dress the way I do, wear my hair a certain way and wear makeup to boost my confidence. On the other hand, I'm secure with who I am as a person.