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  1. That's so true. I don't go on Neopets because I've been too busy on my PS4.
  2. That polka dot Wocky looks like ice cream or a cookie. Straight outta Baskin and Robbin's, yo!
  3. Neopets has such a variety of foods and has inspired me to branch out of my comfort zone when ordering at restaurants and try new foods and drinks.
  4. Hey, I'm Naamah. It's really cool to see a fellow New England person. Neopets is fun even though my computer is dying and I don't play very often anymore.
  5. Watched the election and had to go to my room. I am beyond disgusted with my country!
  6. Maingo going on a corn maze adventure Here is Katinqa is all dressed up for Halloween! She's going as a Dark Faerie inspired 20s flapper. TalkyTonu is all ready for Halloween!
  7. Yikes! I've been reading about this hurricane a lot lately. I live in New Hampshire and we get winter storms which I don't really mind because I love snow. If I lived in Florida my main concern would be my cats because I hear so many things about pets not being able to find their owners and have nowhere to go. Thankfully, I don't live in Florida so I don't have to worry about that. Anyway, stay safe!
  8. This game I bought today said that it's the complete edition but turns out I need a disc to play single player. I'm beyond annoyed.
  9. I accidentally bought two of the same item at a a user shop. I'm worried because my computer mouse has a habit of double clicking even the I didn't mean to I'll get frozen? Will I get frozen?
  10. Let's talk about dogs and puppies. I don't know when this will happen but a member of my family recommended that I get a dog. I have epilepsy and autism and could use some company when I move out. I have experience with raising puppies because I had a Dachshund puppy when I was young but I was in school and couldn't really care for her properly. I would love to get a Belgian Malinois or a German Shepherd. I also qualify for a service dog because of my disabilities. Does anyone have a dog or puppy? What kind do you have?
  11. I'm not a fan the outfit. The colors aren't really that great either. I always found Glowing boring.
  12. Is the outfit intended for the male Grundo? It's really cute. My Grundo is a girl though...
  13. In my 8th grade year of high school I was picked on.I didn't wear makeup, I didn't straighten my hair and tended to hang out with the guys at lunch. I knew that there was more to life than popularity and appearances. In my 9th grade year I completely changed. I started obsessing over clothes and being a "girly girl" because I thought that was the key to happiness. The obsession got worse and worse. I'm 23 years old now and feel like I'm trying to recreate being a teenage girl because that was robbed from me because of all of the instability I went through. I wish that I could let go and become the woman I aspire to be. My dream is to go to school, get my degree in early childhood education, my entire apartment or condo filled with stuff from Pottery Barn and wear beautiful, professional outfits. Something is holding me back and I think still being stuck in my teen years and still remembering the whole thing about being mistreated because in 8th grade I got laughed at because I wanted to go to college by other girls. I can't believe I'm still worried about being pretty and popular. I want to "grow up" and be happy. Any advice?
  14. Hi! I've been playing Neopets since the early 2000s. That account isn't active anymore but I have new accounts so it's all good. :) Seriously, my mom got me a Desert Aisha plushie to match a Neopets Aisha play set I had when I was like 7 or 8 years old. Welcome to the forum!
  15. When you say multiplayer do you mean like an MMO or a game where you can sit in the same room and play on the PC? If you mean play in the same room Heroes of Might and Magic V. You'll have to take turns but I grew up playing Heroes of Might and Magic. I could dork out over the Necropolis and Inferno faction right now but I'm too lazy to. :)