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    Fashion, hiking, tea, manga, music, buying nice things for my Neopets, snakes, Pokemon, makeup, coloring, sparkly things, Animal Crossing, Vocaloid, books etc...

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  1. Recently started playing the good old PSP game again. Has anyone played it?
  2. Naamah

    I'm back!

    Hey there! It's good to see you again. Have you been doing anything fun during your time away from Neopets?
  3. Naamah

    Stuffed Animals

    I have other stuffed animals that aren't Beanie Boos. I have Hello Kitty plushies from the Sanrio store, these cute cats with tiaras and fairy wings, Neopets plushies and plenty other cuties. Stuffed animals are amazing. Which dragon one do you want? The dragons are so squishy and colorful!
  4. Naamah

    Lets Talk About Funko Pops ?

    I'm not really too into Funko Pops. My brother is super into them though. I bought him a Nazgul Funko Pop for Christmas 2017 before Toys R Us closed. I just prefer my collectibles to be....a bit more cuddly, like stuffed animals. One thing that is cool about Funko Pops is they make ones for all kinds of fandoms, be it music, anime, video games, TV shows or movies. I find that quite awesome.
  5. Naamah

    Stuffed Animals

    I love collecting a type of stuffed animal called Beanie Boos. I know all of their names by heart (they come with name tags). Does anyone else collect stuffed animals?
  6. Naamah

    Am I being irrational?

    Thanks for your advice. My mirror also doubles as one of my jewelry boxes. Thanks for the compliment on my furniture choices.
  7. Naamah

    Am I being irrational?

    I walk daily (usually outside but I haven't been able to due to the heat wave where I live). For cardio, I have a treadmill. Usually I set the speed to 2.0. I also do yoga. I feel good. I rarely get sick. People compliment me on my hair and skin quite a bit and tell me, "I never would've guessed you weigh..." People say I look smaller than my actual size. That is how tall I am and below is my face.
  8. Naamah

    Am I being irrational?

    What about body fat percentage? Based on the measurements I took I have 28% body fat which is in the acceptable range. I use my legs a lot when I exercise and my calves feel really firm to the touch. I also have wide hip bones, ribs, shoulders and can't wrap my thumb and index finger around my wrists. My ring size is a 10. I appreciate the support in this thread by the way :)
  9. Naamah

    Am I being irrational?

    My eating habits are not perfect but for the most part I eat a lot of fruits, organic and grass fed lean meats that aren't fried and limit my gluten and dairy intake because those upset my stomach if I have to much. I eat a lot of salads but prefer vinaigrette to ranch and creamy dressing. About the white bread and pasta...I'm Italian-American. Pasta and white bread are a huge weakness.
  10. Naamah

    Am I being irrational?

    They tested me for PCOS but it came out negative. So I don't know why I stay the same.
  11. Naamah

    Am I being irrational?

    I currently weigh 248.2 pounds (I just weighed) I walk nearly every day and keep a close eye on how many calories I consume, rarely eat fast food and can do 45 reps of squats in a row. I saw the show My 600 Pound Life and am worried that weighing that much is in my future. No matter what I do I stay in the 240 and 250 pounds range. My genetics do involve being naturally curvy but nowhere near being 600 pounds. My question is, based on the information in this post, will I eventually weigh that much? Or am I doing a good job at at least maintaining? Is this an irrational and nonexistent fear?
  12. Naamah

    Your Fashion Counselor!

    Thank you for the suggestions! Both of my Rukis would so so cool with any of these. The princess look is actually really fitting since my pink Ruki has the word "princess" in her name.
  13. Naamah

    Your Fashion Counselor!

    What backgrounds would look good with both of my Ruki? I also have a Mutant Ruki that can't wear wearables other than backgrounds. Any suggestions?
  14. Naamah

    Happy Cybunny Day!

    I really love the outfit. It would look great with the polka dot color! The Cybunny is one of my favorite Neopets species so happy birthday to my Cybunny and all of the other Cybunnys in Neopia. So hard to believe my Cybunny is four this year LOL.
  15. Naamah

    Happy Kougra Day!

    I love, love, LOVE the new Kougra outfit Maybe I should buy it for my Kougra. The Sponge color is a pretty shade of blue, too.