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  1. Naamah

    Your Fashion Counselor!

    Thank you for the suggestions! Both of my Rukis would so so cool with any of these. The princess look is actually really fitting since my pink Ruki has the word "princess" in her name.
  2. Naamah

    Your Fashion Counselor!

    What backgrounds would look good with both of my Ruki? I also have a Mutant Ruki that can't wear wearables other than backgrounds. Any suggestions?
  3. Naamah

    Happy Cybunny Day!

    I really love the outfit. It would look great with the polka dot color! The Cybunny is one of my favorite Neopets species so happy birthday to my Cybunny and all of the other Cybunnys in Neopia. So hard to believe my Cybunny is four this year LOL.
  4. Naamah

    Happy Kougra Day!

    I love, love, LOVE the new Kougra outfit Maybe I should buy it for my Kougra. The Sponge color is a pretty shade of blue, too.
  5. Naamah

    Daily Faerie Quests Are Back!

    Got a Battle Faerie quest today. It took me nearly all day to find the item! I clicked on the Shop Wizard during the quest I was in such a rage. Until I remembered the Shop Wizard doesn't work during a quest....oops.
  6. Naamah

    Will I Have to Cut it all of?

    I have middle back length hair that I absolutely love. I want to go into real estate but I'm worried that I will have to cut it to at least shoulder length or I will get fired. I take good care of it. I get regular trims, I use awesome shampoos and conditioners and keep it well combed. This my hair. Normally I don't wear it in my face like this:
  7. Naamah

    Neopets Account Help

    Let's say I'm busy doing something else and need another tab open other than Neopets. Can I spin the Fruit Machine in a background tab?
  8. Naamah

    What Did You Just Buy?

    This is a thread to post your latest real life purchases. It can be anything from video games to huge clothes shopping sprees. I bought new pajamas and clothes recently.
  9. Here are some of my Neopets who obviously can't wait for spring and summer lol Hissalana is a girly girl just like yours truly, Naamah so she decided to go to Neopia Central for her spring wardrobe (I bought some spring and summer wardrobe editions in real life recently haha) Karbeet wants to play video games all Summer vacation. I mean, look at how red his eyes are! Opal Princess isn't as girly as Hissalana and Sillua. She wants Altador Cup and ice cream instead Here's Sillua! All ready for nice walks outside! She also got her hair done! What do your pet's warm weather wardrobes look like?
  10. Naamah

    Daily Faerie Quests Are Back!

    The Air Faerie quest I got today was so frustrating. I was able to find the item. Maingo is going to be one strong Wocky with all of these stat increases. It feels like just yesterday...he was my first pet on this account, my baby is growing up...
  11. I know that on Neopets the third of every month everything in shops is cheaper. Today when I logged on I noticed that items are cheaper than usual. Are there two half price days?
  12. Naamah

    Neopets Account Help

    Well, I got some NP on my side account from a random event and I used it to book my Tonu into the NeoLodge. Is that okay?
  13. Naamah

    Happy Lutari Day!

    I think it's a cute set. If I could I'd get a Lutari just to buy the outfit but I'm very attached to all of my pets so that would be rather greedy :(
  14. Naamah

    Your Fashion Counselor!

    If I get Rainbow Fountain access I will be morphing my Uni into an Aisha and then painting him Desert. What kind of background would you all recommend for a Desert Aisha?
  15. Naamah

    Happy Lutari Day!

    I love the name you chose for your Lutari. The Lutari clothes look like something I would wear. That skirt is sooooo boho.