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    Fashion, hiking, tea, manga, music, buying nice things for my Neopets, snakes, Pokemon, makeup, coloring, sparkly things, Animal Crossing, Vocaloid, books etc...

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  1. Naamah

    Happy Aisha Day!

    I love the Aisha clothes! I have a female Aisha who is yellow and it would look cute on her. It's very 1930s country girl. It also reminds me of the American Girl doll named Kit. I also agree with the warrior theme looking like a Sucker Punch cosplay lol.
  2. Naamah

    Stuffed Animals

    I also love stuffed animals from Build A Bear and Aurora. Has anyone seen Feisty Pets, Pikmi Pops and Squeezamals? Those are cute too.
  3. I just started playing it. It’s fun and I get NP so I’m happy.
  4. Naamah

    Changing Medications

    I'm actually a really confident and body positive person. My mom says that she wishes she had my confidence. I worked really hard for my confidence and I'm worried that if I gain weight all of the years of ignoring and shrugging off rude comments will go to waste. Believe it or not I hated my body when I was smaller. I've gained weight over the years and it seems that I've stopped in the 250 range and am stuck there. Those dresses are cute though. Thanks for showing them to me.
  5. Naamah

    Changing Medications

    You all are so supportive. I understand that. I'm just concerned that I won't be able to even fit into a size 6x due to weight gain from medication. I'd have to wear men's clothes.
  6. Naamah

    Changing Medications

    I feel like gaining weight would make me unworthy of everything including video games and Beanie Boos. I wouldn't be feminine and beautiful anymore. I just get so tired of focusing on looks and I can't stop focusing on my appearance. I was on Depakote for seizures and it made me gain so much weight. I felt like I missed out on being the trendy teenager who won best dressed in the year book. Instead I won the most friendly award. I feel guilty because I didn't get to be a cheerleader with blonde hair who got engaged to the captain of the football team after college. I don't like who I truly am. I like the idea of the perfect woman.
  7. Naamah

    Changing Medications

    My mom mentioned how she could "totally" see me wearing men's band tees and goth boots. She says she doesn't care what I wear and while I do think band tees and goth boots are socially acceptable, I'm going into early childhood education. I need to dress prissy and girly 24/7 for that job or else I'll get fired. I love wearing girly clothes and that appeals to me more than dressing like an emo kid. I know they make stylish clothes above a size 20/22 (my current clothing size) but what if I get too massive for clothes above that size? I can kiss being a stylish and professional woman goodbye.
  8. Naamah

    Changing Medications

    I've been on abilify for eight years and am now struggling with involuntary eye blinking, and tremors in my left arm as a long term side effect. My doctor and I talked and we are going to lower the dosage of the abilify and if these long term side effects keep happening, they are going to switch the medicine. We are thinking about switching me to Latuda which is a newer antipsychotic. Has anyone ever taken Latuda and does it cause people to gain so much weight to where they end up being 330 or more pounds? I'm really scared that I will have to choose between having permenant involuntary movements and staying fit or gaining 330 or more pounds and stable.
  9. Naamah

    Stuffed Animals

    I recently bought the Halloween cat with the pumpkin. Her name is Potion. Cute name for a little Halloween kitty.
  10. Naamah

    Crazy Lucky

    Hmm...that's a tough question. I'd either get a Faerie Grundo, Disco Aisha or Desert Aisha. Unless I have three slots open then I'd get all three.
  11. Does anyone in your family make a food that you absolutely love? For me, it would be my mom's homemade ramen. What about all of you people?
  12. Naamah

    Nay for Tornados

    Sorry to hear about that. Last night we got a tornado warning in my area. My brother, our cats and myself all went down to the basement. I brought six of my Beanie Boos with me for comfort (I'm terrified of tornadoes so I really needed a coping skill). Our cats were meowing like crazy, my brother kept an eye on his weather app and we are okay. I'm shocked that my house didn't lose power. Did you lose power?
  13. Recently started playing the good old PSP game again. Has anyone played it?
  14. Naamah

    I'm back!

    Hey there! It's good to see you again. Have you been doing anything fun during your time away from Neopets?
  15. Naamah

    Stuffed Animals

    I have other stuffed animals that aren't Beanie Boos. I have Hello Kitty plushies from the Sanrio store, these cute cats with tiaras and fairy wings, Neopets plushies and plenty other cuties. Stuffed animals are amazing. Which dragon one do you want? The dragons are so squishy and colorful!