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  1. Hey there Aidan! Welcome to the forums! I'm Arie and I've been on neopets for 6 years or so. Hope you like it here!
  2. Scary men use axes to cut trees for their own bloody requirements and to gather required Kiko's noses and apples for a great feast so that they can eat my shorts and type of course and hoard random yooyus made by mixing Fyora's potions with Britney's Platypus's spears because that pneumenoultramicroscopicsilicovalcanoconiosis disease is highly *Squirrel!* contagious because it causes mysterious cases of Chickaroo and apparent reactions to Sodium Chloride plus Hydrogen gives H1N1 which was previously old but suddenly it rejuvenated and became so effective that piticent123 decided to eat JubJubs since he eats garlic and furry pants shaped like a wolverine with eyelashes that is hugely horrendous meaning that apocalyptic happenings will occur due to Dr. Who's animals that listened to music which had noisy treble sounding like banshees possessing elephants using Didgeridoo-48066 that is awesome because it scares Neoman in a place except that it zaps Neomysterion into an onion because he was known for demanding justice, generosity and loving too many ice-creams that contains chocolate onions which exploded into his acidic face disturbing many vital organs that reacts to hydrogenous bases non-acidicly which thus made Olive Thade transmogrify the Pteri into fried frog fishes thus making it a hugely ugly thing which eats many humongous microwaves like that stainless coffee that burns into pile of soots, dust and waxes that winds the sail round and down the Evil Bunny to open up to Zoanthrope madness that affects us humans due to combusting Pants in Tylon unless Superman rescues Mudkips that comes and bakes many chocolate muffins into ghost pumpkins which eventually exploded by combustion that are oozing Rainbow Fountain Magical Water which then drowned Ben even though he tried to swim away from the joker in the cardboard submarine while aliens invaded Switzerland chefs by brainwashing them using a crayonic paper deathray into cheesy steaks with mustard, corn, hippopotamus eggs, and pickles topped with unappealingly small polka-dotted pimples that contains timey microwaves which explode prior to historic quantization occurred during a calamity Golden Apple's birth when colonization increased the population of Meepits that could stare through people's bananas and eat brains and drink their saliva, also zap Gnorbus into asparagus and transform into exuberant Pingas such massive concerns about iniquitous behavior that consists flying around The Empire State Building with Draiks wearing overalls decorated with cucumbers and fruitfaces with long chins and ears that erects purple horns without needing Meepits' eyes to see souls and rainbows that glow shades of magenta and fluorescent lights which help crazy unwanted Zafie to draw Pokemon QWOPing a dalmatian with stripes on squeamish Magikarp that fight sailors and feet with chocolate bananas dipped in cream pie-charts that can feed Ryback some jobbers with shampoo and deodorant that is awesome faced and magical with no preservatives or dairy byproducts that's contagious and bodacious that can't be smelly and fragile or rusty tangerines infected, curses and flies should evacuate that Rayquaza Rapunzel hybrids Cinderella Cresselia into a Wigglytuff bacon and in orange juice with kids and spiders, with scorpions eating kittens with pizza pineapple on squid, but idk why they eat kirby even though other nintendo characters are more tasty mario for taste ,link broke his arm using his dodongo that is extremely sharp and dangerous sending him flying, anyways he did win his pizza but it incinerated to ashes when he tripped because of a tree that was creating acid spit to win his heart filled chocolate Buckets to have a blueberry eat another fish because chickens can't fish for blueberries, so Noddy exploded scrupulously into millions having
  3. Hey! I'm Arie! Nice to met you! :) I used to play, too, a long time back and then i rejoined it. :D If your training and need advice, TDNF is the right place for it. :D Welcome to the Forums! :woot:
  4. Hey there! Welcome to the Forums! I'm Arie. :D I did more or less the same thing, lol. I used to be on NP 6-7 years ago. Hope you like it here! :D :D
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