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  1. Wraith Claw

    I just got it! I had over 20 mistakes and it opened up and I got the challenger. I've gotten a bunch of claws already so I'm going to to go use them now.
  2. Wraith Claw

    I figured out why they weren't dropping for me. I didn't realize you need to unlock the chest again too. I don't think I'm going to be able to do it :(
  3. Wraith Claw

    To answer the first question - I haven't gotten a claw battling today. I guess I missed battling yesterday :(
  4. Wraith Claw

    What is the key you mentioned? I haven't heard of a key yet.
  5. What's your Achievement today?

    I made it to level 3 for the GMC! I'm surprised because I chose action games instead of puzzle games by accident. So it was a real stretch for me to even get to level 3 this year. Most of my GMC trophies are level 4 and 5.
  6. Lockpicker Question

    It worked! I got back in, so now I just have to actually get it in less than 3 tries. Thanks you guys :)
  7. Lockpicker Question

    I tried and it shows the chest already open :/
  8. Lockpicker Question

    I just started the plot today so I haven't had a chance to see if it resets tomorrow. I took 5 tries to get through the lockpicker game. I see now that I should have tried to do it in under 4 tries. Does anyone know if you get another chance at it? I want to unlock the achievement.
  9. What's your Achievement today?

    Well I can't say this actually happened today, but I just noticed it just now: I got a Tax Beast silver trophy! It must have happened last month since I'm not on the hi-scores table. It probably happened while I was stocking up on codestones because that's when I had a bunch of NP out of the bank, but red codestone prices are so high I didn't notice the missing NP. I'm happy with it :)
  10. Welcome to November!

    @jellysundae when does GMC start? Is it always in November?
  11. Neoquest 1: Help!

    Thanks for the links! I'm still slowly plodding along :)
  12. Neoquest 1: Help!

    I've been following the IDNQ guide and maps. They've been down for about a few days now. I don't know what to do! I was following strangefire420's guide for skills. I was able to track down a partial list of his recommended skills order, but not quite the full list. I was wondering if anyone has a copy for levels 45-50. I'm sure I can muddle my way through the last little bit, but I followed his suggestions for my first two run throughs and it worked like a charm. Luckily there are plenty of maps on other sites and I found another walkthrough guide that I think will be adequate. And on another note, if anyone is stuck in the same boat as me I can give you a copy of his skill list for most of the levels 4-44.
  13. Neoquest I

    I liked NQ2 better than NQ1. That being said, I'm currently playing NQ1 on insane difficulty and I'm on level 31 now, so I'm feeling the grind. I finished NQ2 on all three levels already. I started in January and have been playing intermittently since then, though over the last week I've been playing quite a bit every day. I think when I get out of the Temple of Roo I'll take a break for a bit again. I've followed strangefire420's guide each time and so far so good. If you play NQ1 on increasing difficulties, remember that there's one boss at the end on the easy game and 2 bosses on medium and 3 bosses on insane. So save yourself some healing potions.
  14. Bonuses at Training Schools

    I just got another double bonus this morning, so I feel like something is definitely up. I'm training at the Secret Ninja School with 3 red codestones, so saving an extra 80k and 8 hours is nice. It took me way longer than it should have to find out that endurance can be trained to 3x the level instead of just 2x so it's going pretty quick now since I don't have to train level anymore for quite some time.
  15. Has anyone else noticed that getting extra stat bonuses has increased at the training schools since the Faerie Festival stuff started? I've has three times it went up 2 levels instead of one level recently. That almost never happens. It might be wishful thinking, but maybe there's battling coming up in the plot so they upped the training bonuses to help people train faster. Any thoughts?