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  1. Sweet 1. I like how quick the games go on it, generally. P: But otherwise I also really like Ti-Key and even Terror Mountain, if I want a longer game/am really brored.
  2. Second year under Maraqua~ THE TIME OF THE FISH IS NIGH. :snorkle:
  3. I'm having the same issues with all of my accounts, every one of them, even my sides. Same hacker, or problem with Neopets...? WELL GOOD THEN. P= I'd have been distraught lol.
  4. WOW I forgot I posted this here, come back, and I have so many votes! Thanks everyone, I really appreciate each vote and the kind words about my picture. ♥ I would love to have gold in Pteri, that would just be amazing.
  5. That's the full picture, but my entry is sadly just the fishy. xD I wasn't sure I could get away with an anthro that was so human in the face, aside from the markings. P= Any votes would be appreciated. :3 I think this is an appropriate place to put this, right...? lol. Here is the link to her BC entry, if you'd be kind enough to vote for her. Edit: I re-did the water effect because someone showed me a better water tutorial and I think it looks much nicer now. :3 If you want to see the original it's in the spoiler haha.
  6. I've been really active in guilds before, but not for a long time now... maybe three years? I've been in guilds since then, but none that had people I got to be good friends with, just guilds I felt like of like a third wheel in. xP There was a guild wayyyy back when I first started playin Neopets that I was in for two years, a guild when I was fifteen-ish that was Disney themed, and I think one Harry Potter guild when I was sixteen or seventeen. All the leaders and my friends from those guilds have quit, though, so I'm almost a lone ranger on Neopets now. I just can't get into guilds anymore, no matter how nice the people seem, so I stopped trying. I don't really talk on the Neoboards anymore either, so that might have something to do with it.
  7. Has anyone tested the Negg Shooter? I'm fairly certain I'll be going for the book, but on the 1% off-chance that it's a decent weapon...
  8. Plushie Hissi, give it to my best friend. ;3 I'd have to acquire a Hissi first, but that shouldn't take too much...
  9. I used a Red Hissi Morphing Potion on Hycris, who used to be a Mutant Yurble. I had an FFQ and wanted him Pirate. I also am constantly using them on Wheatli, because I want him to turn into a Robot Ogrin with the lab ray, but he keeps changing species on me so I have to set him straight in between zaps sometimes. Other than that I don't have occasion to use them much, to be honest. It's not that I wouldn't, it's just that it's always cheaper for me to hand-paint or the potion isn't available. I always go for the cheapest available option!
  10. I DO THE SAME THING. The pet with my name has been UFT for a while, but they want another name for her... And I'm not a very good trader, especially not for a 4L RN. My pet is has also been spotted 41 days ago. XD It might be the same person!
  11. I like Boris. They are so cute with their armadillo-esque shell, and I love their faces.
  12. Thanks, great guide! :D Definitely bookmarking that. I got a Jellybean-filled Negg. w00t I'll be discarding that later.
  13. I hope the links you got helped. D: Everytime I go off the page and back into it, I have to refresh it a couple of times to get the thing to load. It's quite annoying, having the whole land in flash. I miss being able to like, snap links the whole map into a bunch of different tabs. I don't think that's technically cheating, but if it is, I'll have it be known I can't anymore anyways, so. EDIT: Nevermind.
  14. I have fourteen permanent pets. 7 are male, and 7 are female. ... that was an accident, but apparently, I'm gender fair.
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