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  1. mischief51


    Hi! Wow so I actually forgot about this post pretty soon after I made it, but I'm so happy that it's been helping everyone!! Spurdy you are a saint. I also just sent a challenge request 🙂 Also -- what an interesting discussion about testing for the avatar being broken. Is it possible to make a suggestion to add a darigan tonu to the ALP somewhere?
  2. mischief51


    hi! i was just wondering if the tonu-charge! avatar is still available. i heard it wasn't.. i've also tried to check the link for the darigan tonus willing to battle on tdn but it just seems to redirect me to the main battledome page. does anyone know of any willing darigan tonus?
  3. mischief51

    Updated Collaterals

    awesome! i've been saving up for the chokato and was getting impatient but now i can put in a request for it 🙂
  4. mischief51

    Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    Hi!! I'm still looking for this avvie, is he still UFA? I know I'm super late...
  5. Agreed. Especially with buried treasure.. I keep thinking it's going to be the lucky one with the avatar.. and continue getting my heart broken. good luck!!!
  6. mischief51

    Plushie Tycoon

    i love the avatar with the little dollar signs but i'm also scared of the time investment into it. good luck!!
  7. Hey!! I signed up for Maraqua this year, my first back from hiatus. We've been doing awesome so far in round 1! I can't play yooyuball worth anything but I try to max out slushie slinger and shootout showdown!
  8. mischief51

    The Lab Rays: What happened today?

    My yellow Hissi got a color change to Desert!! Very excited about that and will probably not zap her anymore.
  9. mischief51

    New Altador Cup Avatars Released!

    I wish I would've waited until the release of the avatars to sign up. The background of Maraqua is so not pretty!! And I was considering signing up with Lost Desert too 😞 Guess there's always next year now
  10. mischief51

    Have any of you found your Magma Pool time?

    Got super lucky and found it during normal waking hours for me!! Then dipped a pet and proceeded to forget the exact minute but remembered the hour... and it was at minute :55 of the hour BUT it's fine!! finally got it back.
  11. mischief51

    What are you saving up for?

    Yes the interest (especially with the increased interest boon!) is so satisfying to see each day. I keep telling myself I'm saving for the Shenkuu stamp avvie.. but seeing the 50mil price tag of one of the stamps is quite discouraging. Hope you find something worth your NPs!!
  12. mischief51

    Avatars: What have you got?

    I forgot to grab the screengrab (I know...) but I got the Pink! avatar today!! I didn't realize how cheap morphing potions are as an alternative. I had been pound surfing for weeks!! 50k on an ogrin morphing and that was it!!!
  13. mischief51

    Apple bobbing

    I like the blue berry apple the best! It's so shiny.. why is it so shiny...
  14. mischief51

    Wraith Resurgence: Claim Your Prizes!

    Nooo Propheticalll that's so upsetting!! I was checking stamp prices yesterday since I was thinking they would only increase with time and I saw the Wraith Resurgence one is already around 10 mil 😞
  15. mischief51

    What's your Achievement today?

    Completed a quest for a grey faerie today and she let me use the rainbow pool!!!! And only requested an Angelpuss so a fairly inexpensive quest. Completed my dream of painting EatYourPea into a Pea Chia!!! Nowhere close to that avvie but I'm so excited because her name finally fits! 🤩