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  1. NC Mall: Free Party Pack... for Scorchios!

    it's under the 'new' tab. you can claim it on any account with or without a Scorchio, they don't discriminate...well, except other 'dragon'-type pets and other Neopets too
  2. Introducing TDN's Items Database!

    so your iDB is different from JN's iDB in that yours only has active items, correct? I think the wearables section should exclude items that contain wearables, i.e Golden 10th Birthday Wish Candle since it's not a wearable itself I don't think under Maraqua stamps, Jacques Stamp has Garin Stamp's image, Battle for Meridell shows 24 stamps, there's 1 more (Meridell vs Darigan, Shenkuu and Battledome are the same), Snowy Valley has 26 showing (Cybunny on a Cycle Stamp is in SV II) there should be a subdivision for Sea Shells since there's the main (avatar) album and Sea Shells II overall, I like the different tags
  3. I look at Sunnyneo's history of when a faction last one and whichever of the current 3 haven't won in a while, I tend to pick to them in hopes that others who still need avatars are going for them too but me and the rest of Neopia aren't on the same wavelength. Sometimes I go for either/or the farthest win/more popular faction like Sway or Seekers since most people are just selfish and go for the faction with the "best" boons or at the very least, a boon of interest for oneself. I don't have 1 favorite boon, there's at least 1 for each faction so it really doesn't matter to me who wins. I haven't had the greatest track record of choosing the right faction so my Space Faerie scratchcards go untouched for weeks at a time (or I thought they did but when I usually see the blue circle, I tend to try getting rid of it but opening the link in a new tab but not doing anything and close the tab but when I pick the right faction, I don't have as many tickets as I thought I should have to scratch off). Lately though, it seems that I'm picking right (therefore, my aforementioned thought of not having as many scratchcards would make sense but I don't really know since my memory is failing me more and more each year) so I get to enjoy my boons!
  4. within the forwards, he was 3rd worst and overall, 6th worst staffer but in AC X he was 2nd best in forwards and 8th best overall so they can change from good to bad or vice versa from year to year (unless you're named Senor Malo in which case they're pretty consistently good each year)
  5. let's go Senor Malo & Enigma! c'mon Axe Bond & Scrappy! you can do it Binary Supagoo!!
  6. better than you?

    yes, a notice pops up telling you you can't spin more than 250 times. it's the same for Black Pawkeet Slots losing NP from both Brucey B Slots and Black Pawkeet Slots gives you a combined score for a separate trophy Slots Big Losers which makes you think why people want to try for that? but I guess it's like the tax trophies, trophies are trophies
  7. better than you?

    I don't even know how your own high score works like day 1 (or was it 2?) of BTY I got 7,500 as my new high score which I get but day 3 my new high score is 18,750 when there wasn't a single payout that gave me 18,750 I thought my newest high score was 7,800 because a single spin gave me that but it's showing 18,750 if it's cumulative for the day (250 spins) that might make sense for my HS of 18,750 because I kept winning quite a few times that day, I only lost 10k NP overall (I had 202k on hand, gone down to 180k then back up to like almost 220k but I finished with 192k) but yesterday I was kind of counting up the big payout wins and it should have gone over 22k (lost about 20k overall after 250 spins) but my HS still shows as 18,750 wait...I think I see it now when I explained my day 3! I started with 202k and I got up to almost 220k which is 18k profit, if I stopped playing, so that is how the high score works
  8. Paint Wars WINNER Announced!

    http://www.neopets.com/pool/brushes.phtml both Candy and Marble have been added at the end http://www.neopets.com/pool/all_pb.phtml?f_species_id=11 Elephante http://www.neopets.com/pool/all_pb.phtml?f_color_id=105 Candy http://www.neopets.com/pool/all_pb.phtml?f_color_id=106 Marble Searching for 'Candy Paint Brush', matching 'Candy Paint Brush'... No items found. Searching for 'Marble Paint Brush', matching 'Marble Paint Brush'... No items found. ^ using SSW
  9. Paint Wars WINNER Announced!

    it wasn't officially announced but http://www.neopets.com/comps/newpaintbrush/ was updated after the long weekend
  10. Paint Wars WINNER Announced!

    typically any new Paint Brushes come through Nerkmids which are random results and only certain nerks have higher chances of giving PBs? they've never sold them in regular shops but certain ones can be found in the Hidden Tower in Faerieland at http://www.neopets.com/faerieland/hiddentower938.phtml or from the Wheel of Extortion at http://www.neopets.com/desert/extravagance.phtml it's the paint brush spoke and there's a random event too (Jacko the Phantom Painter or A beautiful Fire Faerie though Jacko is more rarer than the Fire Faerie but she can give Petpet PBs too) and when/if World Challenges comes back, converting pieces of a full map can potentially give PBs the only other ways to get those colors are the Lab ray and Fountain Faerie Quests if TNT decides to add them as options (they most likely will) or wait years until they make species specific Morphing Potions or Magical Plushies
  11. Paint Wars WINNER Announced!

    http://images.neopets.com/items/paintbrush_candy.gifthe new Candy Paint Brush!http://images.neopets.com/items/paintbrush_marble.gifyup! they've added a Marble Paint Brush too!
  12. AC6: Staff Tournament Now Open!

    I picked Squiggles and Night Owl as my Forwards, Bancha Ninja and Mr. Insane as my Defenders and SeñorMalo as my Goalie