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  1. Pretty excited for next week big launch

  2. 2 movies: Project X: Basically 3 losers throw the biggest party ever, a secret comedy from the creator of the hangover, and I gotta say, I loved it in a stupid way. Other film was John Carter. On the dvd, the slogan "Star wars for the new generation". A good film, but in my opinion, was not even close to star wars to relate to it. You can't call each film based on other planets a new star wars..
  3. 1: What do you think caused the zombie apocalypse? Drugs? Government experiments? Mutations? Mad cow disease? Something else entirely? Could be anything, One government experiment gone wild , infected the virus in bombs/water to major cities. 1.5: What type of zombies are we dealing with? The fast-moving Zombieland type ones? The slow-moving stupid ones? The super scary smart ones from that 1 movie I can't remember that learn how to use weapons? Both obviously, you could have the fast moving cannon fodder, then some stronger backup, then the higher up, giant ones etc, fused by machines lol. 2: What would be your first instinct? Run back inside your house, or perhaps try to dodge through the zombies to get to your car? Gather a group and go zombie hunting. 3: Your goal? Would you want to try and fortify your house to withstand the zombies, or would you want to try to get to the nearest Walmart to hole up? Perhaps you'd just try to get to your loved ones' house. Gather Weapons, and fight. Hiding is for cowards. 4: Weapon of choice? You can't just choose on weapon, For various enemies, you need various weapons, samurai swords, swift and quick for the quick weak zombies, but for more bigger enemies, firepower etc. 5: Would you describe yourself as squeamish? Could you handle killing things that look like your neighbours and friends? I probably struggle at first by shock, but then I be on the front lines rather than hiding away. 6: How would it end? Would the world be overrun with zombies or would there be a cure we could find? Or perhaps something inbetween? Maybe a massive Nuclear Explosion, which will end the world as a Fallout style, massive wasteland, bandits, mutants etc. 7: It's a zombiepocalypse, of course you'll be needing some music. Pick your song! A few really, "Going underground" (The Jam) and the main would have to be "Ain't No Time For The Wicked" 8: Favourite zombie movie/book/game? Gonna come back for the movie part, Games wise: resident Evil, Silent Hill.
  4. My turn to add to the questions: Favorite Hero Favorite Villain If you could make any sequel (to a game which hasn;t got one) What would it be: If you could Create any new game what would it be. My Answers Favorite Hero, Sonic, Zelda, Mario, Pacman, Ezio, Agent 47, Squall, Cloud. Favorite Villain, Eggman, Bowser, Sephiroth, Kuja If you could make any sequel (to a game which hasn;t got one) What would it be: Maybe a Lost Odyssey/Blue Dragon Sequel, only if they made them amazingly well, otherwise it ruins the orginal If you could Create any new game what would it be. Maybe a game based on Archer or Breaking Bad (Both epic tv shows)
  5. First console? The SNES about 16-19 years ago maybe. Favorite game? Not really got a favorite game, Final Fantasy 7/9 would be near the top. Favorite console? Xbox360 Oldest game you still have? (In terms of when you got it) Probably a Super Mario Game from the SNES Last game you got? Mass Effect 3 Game you're looking forward to being released? Assassin Creed 3, GTA, New Resident Evil and finally new Hitman What is the rarest or most valuable/expensive game that you own? Probably "Heart of Darkness" PS1. Sells used cheap but if you want to buy new, selling for over $100 How many hours a day do you play video games (either console, handheld, or online)? Not too many anymore, Most of my time is working online now rather than gaming. What is your favourite gaming genre? RPG, Open world games, Action-Adventure etc What game are you currently wanting to buy? See Above Least favorite game? Heart of Darkness did seem pretty impossible at the end and I always failed it About how many games do you have? Over 100, Just sold off a few but hard to sell some. When did you get your first game? Hmmm maybe in 1992-4
  6. Im in mixed opnions of the arguement of That could be used in anything in life, I mean in future, I plan to program loads of websites etc with internet marketing so I cn make money whilst travelling or just being partly lazy. Whilst there are millions of other people working a 10 hour shift every day to make the money to support their family. One of the motto's in my life is "Work Smart, Not Hard" But then again, even within that motto I wouldn't condemn cheating.
  7. Don't have too much to say for the topic, but there was one thing that I thought was hilarious. A quote from the "[Removed]" Was I the only one who laughed at this, You have better things to do in life rather than play "stupid, childish" games, yet you have the extra time in your so called busy life to cheat in the childish games. Plus if they are for children and you do have to cheat, what does that say about your intelligence.
  8. From what I gathered from that quote though. It would be against the rules if a player transferred a pet to August for her to use the FFQ on. If she creates a Buzz and paints it, then she could technically allow a player to adopt the buzz off her.
  9. I guessed Ricky to Altador. I used the team picture to try and figure out each one. Selvin is the wizard obviouly, and in the picture, she is pictured with a staff. So Im guessing the team are: Hurok: Knight (she seems to be carrying some kind of weapon) Rutu: Navigator (Maps in the bag?) Voughn: Pilot? goggles? Ricky, looks like some kind of professor. He may be writing the book, and with Altador, they have a library full of knowledge etc, so it sorta makes sense in my eyes. Still a guess however.
  10. Wow where to begin. When I was 1 or 2, pulled on a tablecloth and some boiling hot water (in one of those old metal kettles) fell all over my stomach = scar etc. When I was maybe like 4-7, fell down some stones steps and broke my collar bone. When I was 11 got hit by a car (no major injuries, just a twisted ankle etc) When I was 14 broke the same collarbone (on my birthday) . one more time and it becomes a lot more serious :P When I was 18 fell bacwards down 12 stairs, computer desk at the bottom, guess who won... (me amazingly, i stepped up, desk was destroyed) Like January this year pretty much sliced my hand (quite small like 2cm length but was a tad deep) after 3 months, still can see where it happened so another scar :P There might have been more thingsbut thats all i can think of right now
  11. Awesome_Paul


    I currently have 2 professions, one is a just a team leader (first ever job of 8 years, so getting kinda sick of it right now). 2nd is a Decorator. My job plan for 2012 is to get into internet marketing, most of the people in my friends group are already doing it. So by mid 2013/2014 I should hopefully be out sourcing alot of th work and spending my time traveling.
  12. Found this earlier today which if you put in your day/month, it will tell you what was the number one song on the day of your birth. http://www.joshhosler.biz/ Mine was (I've Had) the Time of My Life by Bill Medley & Jennifer Warnes, which is pretty cool in my eyes. Not my favourite songs, but if I was born just 2 years earlie, would have been so much cooler. Anyway here's mine:
  13. I recently beat him, though it was mainly by luck. Especially when my stats are Strength: AMAZING (89) Defence: tough Move: AWESOME (65) With 421 HP. My weapons are: Ylana's Blaster, Downsize and Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting (plus loads of useless stuff i rarely use). No freezer plus only ability I have is Burrow. Basically my strategy was use the Blaster and Sword, while either cancelling one out for the downsize and burrow. Other than that I used fierce attack and eventually won. I think I got frozen once but for some reason he wasn't do that much damage to me.
  14. My mate has a similar problem. Back in May his flat mates bought a cat in, and after that h was stuck in bed for about 5 months before realizes it was the cat. Here's the problem though, due to the cat he had to move out not the cat. If you are allergic to the cat, and you move the cat out of the house, you will still be suffering. If I remember correctly, the cat hair stays everywhere and is very difficult to hoover up completely, and it won't go for like 6 months etc.
  15. Spritzie's right. You can play anything basically anywhere. I used to play Jenga in a pub a few evenings (even managed to win a few drinks off the barmaid :P) Plus in Thailand, they basically play Connect4 everywhere.
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