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  1. Shenkuu Ninjas Support Thread

    Can someone tell the ninjas on the boards that my jonathanjoseph99 account didn't get frozen? That was actually a shared account and one friend of mine thought it was funny to delete it. -.- I can't post on the boards yet since my new account is roughly 15 hours old. Thanks ninjas!
  2. Shenkuu Ninjas Support Thread

    DC today. Oh well. I've reached Rank 12 but I don't have the motivation to keep on playing. :/
  3. Shenkuu Ninjas Support Thread

    So I've been active on TDN way before I was active on the boards, and I'm currently wondering how I didn't realize that you guys were on the boards... even if I chatted (what's the term lol) with y'all in the boards and stuff. Lol --- Anyway, 3rd place in the bracket! Not too shabby :) Fingers crossed for a good final bracket.
  4. Shenkuu Ninjas Support Thread

    Haunted Woods~~~ Fingers crossed for a decent result. Although placing 3rd in this bracket is enough for me :D
  5. Final few days of the cup... let's do this Ninjas!

  6. Shenkuu Ninjas Support Thread

    Haha yeah. We'll have them for one more bracket and then that's it. For some reason we're still so bad at YYB this year so I guess.. :D Nice! Try not spreading yourself too thin though :) It's better to concentrate on one game and play loads of it than all of the games but only a few per game . :D Go Ninjas!
  7. Shenkuu Ninjas Support Thread

    3 wins :) Fair enough... we have VP once again... Let's win this guys!
  8. Roo Island Support Thread

    Congratulations on the win guys! Pretty sure those were legit scores :D
  9. What Rank are you?

    Made it to Rank 11 yesterday. Wasn't able to play today because of travel. ._.
  10. Shenkuu Ninjas Support Thread

    Good luck today ninjas! :D play hard. This post has been edited by a member of staff (Spritzie) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  11. Shenkuu Ninjas Support Thread

    2/2 is the more balanced formation. Anddd a Slushie win against MQ.
  12. Mystery Island Support Thread!

    Hope you guys don't lose motivation! Mystery Island is an awesome team and I joined MI during the first cup. It seems like you guys have the "Runner-up's Curse" like *cough* Shenkuu *cough* a few years ago. Goodluck for the rest of the cup MI! :D
  13. Shenkuu Ninjas Support Thread

    Yup. I have Mirsha as my lone forward. I like having a bunch of players in defense :)
  14. Shenkuu Ninjas Support Thread

    Mirsha's actually having a good year. She's not been in The Top 3/4 Goalscorers since SK's glory days. I've scored 1,492 goals with Mirsha... Timu comes second with 168. Antola's at 166 and Larcy's at 162.
  15. Shenkuu Ninjas Support Thread

    Kinda disappointed by our result against Maraqua.. thought we could've done more. Anyway, we have Kiko Lake today...