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  1. Nimphal

    The Kadoatery Is Back!

    I think they mean the Game Master Challenge, AAA was one of the main characters.
  2. Nimphal

    Another Buzzfeed Article about Neopets

    Uuuh, no Feed Florg, possibly the most disturbing game on the website? I am enjoying this increased media coverage Neopets has been getting since the the JS takeover. Don't know what it is, but somebody somewhere is turning on the marketing tap.
  3. Nimphal

    In case any of you didnt know...

    Outsourcing is just common sense if profit is the goal. Let's face it, if Neopets isn't making profit, it wouldn't be kept around for much longer. Laying off most of staff means JS doesn't have to pay employer stuff. It is very possible that it might hire out the work to contractors, some of which will be the exact same TNT staff. Outsourcing does not have to mean to a third world country, and even if it did, it is not the evil of all evils. As for abandoning ship, nah. Sorry, mate, I have no agenda on Neopets, I don't take sides. I will continue to pay premium (cause that makes sense, cancel one of their main sources of income as a protest again them downsizing..) for as long as there is premium. Things change and that's okay.
  4. Nimphal

    Ghoul Catchers

    Ooh, so it requires Unity, does it. Ah well, waiting for the Android app it is then, making it work on Ubuntu is more effort than I can put in it.
  5. Nimphal

    Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    Axalraw the Wraith Shoyru is UFA http://www.neopets.com/petlookup.phtml?pet=Axalraw
  6. Nimphal


    My SDB is strictly for function, as in, it keep things I want safe. It has a good chunk of items such as codestones, PBs, stamps, books, stuff that I know I will sell at some point, but can't be bothered right now. It does not contain any junk or anything cheap. Of course, when events such as CC come about (which seems to be often nowadays), I'm completely unprepared. I don't really mind, to be honest, a lot of parts of Neopia require solid dedication, which I simply cannot give. Another avatar down the drain is hardly worth crying over.
  7. Nimphal

    Help me disable YouTube's autoplay?

    I know you say you don't want an extension, but short of that click-to-play mentioned above, I have no idea what else you imagine could solve this. If you change your mind, Magic Actions for YouTube is an extension that I have been using for years, it allows you to disable autoplay and a host of other things like repeat video, cinema mode and probably other things I haven't needed.
  8. Ah, habi is going. About time, it was either that or investment of a lot of time and resources to run it. Can't say I'm sad to see it go, I haven't checked on mine in years. I tried to get rid of my eggs for the NP, but it was too much of a hassle. I am excited about the move, hopefully new servers and no habi/petpet park means better website.
  9. Nimphal

    Happy Peophin Day!

    Mmm, that Relic Peophin... Liophena might have to stop wanting to be Royal, especially since I have a Relic PB kicking around in my SDB.
  10. Nimphal

    Coding for a project

    I'm looking at it right now, I don't yet have solutions, but do you know how to use Browser Developer Console? In Chrome it's Ctrl+Shift+I. Then you click the little magnifying glass at the very left of the box and inspect each element. On the right you can see all the CSS that applies to it. Also, here .container { position:relative; padding:0 0 0 55px; margin: 0px 0px -10px 0px; padding:0px; background-color:#EEEADC; } you set the padding twice. Why? EDIT: The div with id #middle seems to be taking over the whole page, because you have no CSS for it. Have you tried styling it a bit so that it doesn't take over? Maybe the CSS for #content is what you meant to put there? If you rename the #middle to #content, the applicable CSS is called and the page looks a bit better. Like, the right sidebar is absolutely perfect :D EDIT2: You need to fiddle with your margins and box sizes. For content, this: #content { border:1px solid #000; width:500px; height:50px; margin-top: 320px; margin-bottom: 120px; margin-left: 410px; margin-right: 100px; } looks alright to me. The way you had it now, the #content container was just 50px tall and 100px wide, not nearly enough to fit all the text. You could also add additional styles to the heading elements (h1, h2, h3). I think for it to look right all you need is fiddling with margins and sizes.
  11. Nimphal

    Altador Cup: Winners And Prizes!

    Well, I'm sue not mad that I didn't play at all. I have 0 points and in all fairness, none of the prizes make me regret it.
  12. Nimphal

    New Game: Pakiko! *Now Live!*

    Hey, it's Peggle! I love Peggle! I actually finished all the challenges on the first Peggle. This should be fun.
  13. Nimphal

    What do you think TNT meant by this?

    I interpreted as we're gonna try, but if we can't figure out something better, we're just gonna go do something more productive with our lives and leave it as is. They could also retire it, though.
  14. If you have the paintbrush, you should go to the Rainbow Pool in Neopia Central. The Rainbow Fountain in Faeirland is where you go if you have finished a Fountain Faerie quest and won't be open to you until you do so.
  15. Nimphal

    Neoquest II

    I just tried today and it seems their domain had expired literally today, since yesterday I used the website without issues. Bad luck.