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  1. Obelisk War Winner?

    By the time the prize shop is open, I'm not going to care anymore. I mean, I'll go collect my prizes. But this is getting silly. I would think they would want to have some cool weapons available to promote the battledome.
  2. Good pet for beginning BD?

    You may also want to look at species specific weapons. There is No Way I will ever be able to afford a bag of healing dust, so I went for an elepante and a 50% species healer. Make sure you can find the weapons you want first though. I looked at lennies, but I couldn't actually find a lenny healer or a lenny freezer for sale. I got the elepante healer, morphing potion and a lutari morphing potion (what my BD pet was before so I could still have a lutari) for a fraction of what a BoHD would have been. You can also, for example, get a gelert for now and morph later if you change your mind. Elephantes, Kacheeks, Gelerts, Shoyrus, and Lennies all have good species specific healers. You didn't mention what weapons or budget you have. If you have a BoHD, LEV or enough to buy one, then everything I just said would be useless in terms of healers, but there are also species specific freezers and weapons. And just my two cents, but you may want to wait to get weapons until the war is officially over. Prices will probably drop a little when people aren't holding onto stuff just in case.
  3. What Are Your Guilty Pleasures?

    Glee, Glee and more Glee. I didn't tell anyone I was watching it until I bought a ticket to Glee Live and needed to explain to hubby that I would be disappearing for a few hours on the date in question. Also Neopets, Monster High Dolls, and fanfiction - both reading and writing it. I will freely admit to liking bad, campy movies, dressing up for the Harry Potter movies, and cookies with frosting.
  4. Im Done! For now...

    You have my realistic dream set, except I have an elephante with a 50% species healer. So, very nice job. Have you considered morphing to a species with a 50% healer? I was reluctant, but I knew it would have been ages before I could afford a BoHD. It cost about 20% of the BoHD to get the elephante morphing potion, the elephante 50% healer and a lutari morphing potion (which is what my battle pet used to be) so I could still have a lutari. I don't know what kind of pet you have, but it might be something to consider.
  5. Help me out? I may need a better healer for this wave.

    What pet species do you have? After the last plot, I morphed to an elephante and got the fifty percent healer. It was cheaper to do this and buy a lutari morphing potion (that's what he was before) and to morph another pet so I would still have a lutari than it was to save up for a bag of healing dust. But greater healing scroll would be better right now for you than a fifty percent healer. When you can't fight any more, you may want to start thinking in terms of the next plot and start training/saving for better weapons. The prices will drop when the war ends and a lot of people won't think about the battle dome until the next sight event.
  6. Help me stay plot competitive!

    I like downsize. It blocks half of the damage for one turn and it's reasonably priced. I use that instead of a shield because it doesn't matter what they hit my with. It's once per battle. The CBT takes 100 hp and gives it to you, so you have to be down 100 and they have to have at least 101 hp or it won't work. I think the marbles are a good choice and the price is fairly constant so if you really don't like them, you can probably sell them for around what you paid and get another constant. Just my 2 cents.
  7. suggestions for faerie abilities

    Earth was less when I checked right now. Thanks to your trick, I got lens flare for about a half a mil. So it was much less than a actual freezer. I also got icicle so I am all set for war to break out.
  8. suggestions for faerie abilities

    So I will work on lens flare and icicle first. And then keep an eye on burrow. I am going to see what I can win from the battledome to start with. And one more quick question - if I bless my pet with the water blessing, then I get one or two points towards blessings, correct? And if I do the random one, I get one or two random points. Also, since earth faeries are less than air, wouldn't it make more sense to get shhhh and convert to lens flare? Thanks!
  9. Are their any faerie ability pages with reviews of which is best to get and what not to bother with? My battle pet is an elephante. Weapons Ylanas Blaster Randomly Firing Freeze Ray Downsize! Elephante Unguent Heavy Robe of Thievery Hanso Charisma Charm Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Sophies Magic Hat or Patched Magic Hat I am at levels Hit points 217 attack 216 defense 216 agility 213 intelligence 192 I am currently training hit points. I am no longer training agility, but I have done a few of the faerie fortune cookies. So far I have static cling. I have about 2mil to spend. I am thinking Lens Flare and An Icicle first. Then Burrow and start saving for Warlock's Rage for when I hit level 200. I looked at the Battelpedia section but it doesn't offer opinions on what is better and why. Any advice or suggestions are welcome. Thanks!
  10. Red Codestones Deflation

    I find that I frequently don't get a picture, but I do get new items in my inventory. Personally, I am buying a few red codestones a day and saving all the ones I win. I also would need to spend 3 months to level up to the ninja school and who knows what they will cost by then. If they are still cheaper when I hit about 18 hours training time, I will level up then and train at the ninja school.
  11. several battledome questions

    Thank you for the help. I got 2 red codestones and 6 tan ones fighting the pant devil just now. I have an elephante and the elephant healer. I didn't know you could buy potions at the healing springs. And the ones I get for free from the faerie usually don't heal much. Now that I know I can buy the stronger ones for cheap, I will do that whenever I heal and get a stock pile for when ever the next war is.
  12. HI, I mostly do 1 player battles and I have several questions. Does everyone give away red codestones, and is it only on a certain level - say medium or hard? Has TNT said if they will bring back stances? Have they said if we will need to rebless our pets with faerie abilites? For two player battles, if you steal, you now get a random item and not necessarily the first slot item, correct? Thanks in advance. I was away from Neo for a while and I'm trying to catch up. I forgot to add, what's the best way to heal outside of the battle dome now that you don't heal after winning a battle? I have 200 hit points currently. This post has been edited by a member of staff (Spritzie) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please don't double post. If you would like to add something, use the 'Edit' button. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  13. Can't unlock Eyrieki

    I can't get in either. I sent another ticket explaining that I am unable to navigate through the temple. Hopefully, that will help. I got Eyrieki as a challenger on all my sides on the first try. :P I tried three different browsers and also had the cookies cleared and no joy.
  14. Best Battledome Species?

    I looked at morphing my battle pet into a lenny, but I can't find the lenny healer for sale at all the the lenny freezers are equally hard/expensive to find. I will be morphing to an elephante. The healer it not the cheapest, but I like the elephante better than the other species with the species healers.
  15. Lab Scientist Challenger

    I have had a lab on each of my five accounts for over 3 years. I zap a pet, on average, of six times a week. I have the lab ray scientest on two of my accounts. :P I have him on my main account and that is the one I care about, but still.