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  1. Your priorities are mixed up

    It really is sad. Especially when you consider what is going on in the world and with laws being passed. You actually have to "search" for the latest and greatest because the majority of the stories are just celebrity gossip.
  2. I'm soooo happy!! A very nice person on the avatar forums lent me the Faerie Queen Doll today for free. Now I got the avatar. Nice people still exist on Neopets. :)
  3. How does trading pure NP above 800k work?

    I never knew about the auction. I've always traded through the TP. Good to know. :)
  4. Secret Lab is being weird again..

    Only weird thing that's happened to me was 60+ days of status and gender changes. Then suddenly this week I get a species change, a Maracite change and a Spotted change. Why can't my pet into a Halloween Ruki. ;)
  5. Do you guys Bagatelle/Coconut shy?

    Ever since I got the avatar for Coconut Shy, I really haven't played. It seems easier to buy the coconuts separately.
  6. How do you make your $$$'s?

    I try to make 15K a day in games. I also aim for 100K a day in Habitarium. Finally, I get about 3K in interest daily.

    Way to go! In the past 6 years of Neopets, I think I only beat the game twice. Very random and very annoying. Perhaps I should start playing it again.
  8. Neopets Christmas/Holiday

    This would be the ultimate Christmas gift and chances are it won't happen without a tremendous amount of work on my part, but I would LOVE to have an uncoverted Plushie Skeith. I think they are just awesome looking and I can kick myself for not investing in a plushie paint brush when I had the chance. Too cute!!
  9. Since I haven't seen any information on this, I figured I would post the prizes from this year's Stocking Stufftacular. Minshue (my fire Blumaroo) decided to model all the prizes. :) Dec 8th: Candy Cane Sword Note: This can not be equipped as a weapon (at least for now).
  10. Goal Achieved!!!

    One of my goals for 2011 has been achieved! I made it to Level 50 in Habitarium. Thank you so much to everybody that has helped me by giving me hints, tips and wonderful gifts. :)
  11. Lever of Doom Avatar Help Please!

    I think it took over 15K before I got the avatar.
  12. NC Stocking Spectacular

    Since I can't seem to find a 2011 stocking guide, should I use this thread or create a new one?
  13. Wishing Well Avatar Solution Found!

    Thanks for posting how the solution was found, Alice. I tried several methods myself, but I was leaning towards random NP at the Wishing Well and a specific phrase to enter in order to trigger it. Example: I wish for the hidden avatar.
  14. Team Brains Board

    @Sweetdang - I love the shop idea! I did something like that years ago for the Tales of Woe Plot Prizes but I took it down because my other themes needed more room and I was too cheap to invest in more space. I can't wait to see all the prizes you've received. :D @Mysterion - Ooooh! Good idea. Now that my challenges are complete, perhaps I should try and make a dent in them by attempting to knock out another thirty or so games tonight. That will make next week a lot easier. BTW I still have 5000+ points left over from the plot. If anybody wants anything let me know. :)
  15. Habi thank yous

    Way to go! I'm at Level 33 at the moment, but I haven't really been running my computer all day long. I like to at least "see" what's going on (instead of leaving at 6am for work and coming home at 9pm after all my classes). Now that some of my classes are done, it should be a lot easier to log into Hab before work and come home a few hours later. :)