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  1. The Official "I Can't Access My Account. Now What?" Board.

    Hi everyone, just providing a quick update. So Alice had responded to my tickets just recently and I have regained access to my main. I'm celebrating now! My ticket was submitted on October 23, 2016 and is officially unfrozen today. I did submit a lot of information but it seems like the MOST important information is the original email that you signed up with for the neopet account. It is definitely a good idea to log it. Thankfully, I located the original account activation email so I was able to confirm which email I used. This is an important piece of information she needs to obtain account owner verification. I still am unclear as to whether there was suspicious activity since my NC items seem to be moved around; I'll need a few days to figure out if anything is missing. But definitely do not lose hope if you are hoping to regain access to your account. I just posted my ticket to the help board and that was all I did. I was going to try out posting on Facebook but I didn't. I did also update my ticket twice since my first submission for additional information.
  2. Update

    I can't believe that has happened. And I had received the lend from here too. But I wouldn't hold high hopes for the TNT. My account was locked when I was still semi active (just doing dailies the day before) and I have provided a ticket since October of this year and it has been opened since then. I don't know how long this wait is going to be. Neopets really isn't how it was before. No fun plot events and now I can't even access my main. :( I'm not even sure if I'll get it back or if I'm going to lose anything. I did put a pin on my bank withdrawals. The only fun thing I have going for me is that I have a lab ray on my side...I can't even do battledome since both my battle pets are frozen with my main.
  3. The Official "I Can't Access My Account. Now What?" Board.

    I submitted a ticket since October and no response since then. I am certain my account is frozen. And it was shocking too because I was literally on the site the day before. Since I save my password to the browser I was surprised I was logged out but didn't think much of it since it has happened before when my auto log-in gets reset. But I was actually told I had a bad password. Then I tried resetting the password. Except I used another email address since I didn't trust Neopet's security so I avoided using my real email thus as a result the email I used (which I thankfully still remembered) was actually deactivated since it was out of use for so long. After I finally regained access, I could reset the password except it doesn't work even though it "reset" it. That's when I decided to go to my side and search my main and found it disabled, which is just shocking since I was literally still "active" although I was mainly doing dailies. If I had done something wrong, wouldn't there be a warning first? The only thing I can think of is someone hacked my account since my main has all my np, items and neocash. Because I had done everything on my main including my avvie collection. I do not want to give it up yet. Because I definitely refuse to restart since current Neopets just isn't like it was before. The only thing keeping me there is collecting interest and being able to play with my neocash collection, and trying to get more avvies.
  4. Cannot log in

    This is like my worst nightmare yesterday. I wasn't really that active, only doing dailies but I normally save my password so I found it odd my account wasn't automatically signed in. But when I tried logged in, it wouldn't let me in. I try to reset my password and that didn't work. I tried to log in through my side account and if I try to search my pet up, it says This account has been disabled. Does that mean I got hacked?
  5. Official Neopets down/having issues board

    It is back up but it's so slow. I'm having issues with receiving an invite I hope no issues arise when I try to send score =.= YES THE SCORE WENT THROUGH! with no issues. Thank goodness for game guides; I achieved a new highscore.
  6. Official Neopets down/having issues board

    In some ways, I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who couldn't get on...hopefully they extend the deadline then. I didn't even get a chance to try this game because I had to work.
  7. Space Faerie Code Giveaway Part 2

    I have tried using bath buddy and muffins together and it's not working. Because I carried 4 muffins I lost space for a constant weapon (was going to choose essence of esophagor) so I ended up with full life but only one weapon X(. I also chose the wrong time to use the elixir because space faerie used rejuvenate at the same time so I wasted 2 muffins for nothing. Also, the faerie tabard when used ends up blocking my water attacks (bath buddies deals 10 icons but not useful when faced with that). The only thing I'm glad about is that I didn't waste the smoke bomb since it looked like a losing battle so there was no point. Also lucky is that the scroll of freezing hasn't broken yet. I kinda missed the old battledome when I used to have sink and burrow and 50% freeze ray works because you can withdraw from a battle if it doesn't actually freeze. So now I'm considering getting a new weapon either with earth or air icons. I am also considering getting a fire and light shield. I'm also considering borrowing TDN's pet lol as my pet's level is too low to use any faerie abilities that I can train him/her for. Is there a place to get info on TDN's battle pet (like stats and faerie abilities)?
  8. The platform for NC trading is through neoboard. There's no neopet feature to facilitate trading so trading is done by exchange messages via neoboard or neomail and then doing the exchange through gifting. Gifting is the only way to move one NC item from one account to another. In case you are not already aware, 100 NC = $1 USD. The method of trading is through giftboxes. Hopefully you have spun Trudy's to obtain enough boxes. Otherwise, the only way to get giftboxes is through gift box capsules (GBC) which cost about 200 NC each. They are available monthly for a few weeks. Each capsule will give you at least 2 boxes. You should definitely research, for the items that you want, what others are willing to give them away for. Generally, people create a trade list and wish list on their pet pages and use that to facilitate trade. You can browse these tradelists through the neoboard as people would put them in their signature or in a board topic. You can probably try to google too. Some people use Dress to Impress and that website keeps a summary of who has that item for trade and who wants that item. That might be a good place to see who are the sellers you want to contact. Note that there are value guides around (usually based on a number of GBCs) but they are not always accurate because some are willing to trade for more or less depending on personal preferences. But supply and demand is not very clear because it's done over the counter rather than through something open like trading post. Depending on what items you want, if they were previously buyable, you maybe be able to get 2 items with one GBC provided that the person you're getting that from has both. So you should first determine what type of NC items you want. If they were from special tokens, events, collectibles etc, the price has likely skyrocketed if they are in high demand. The only way NC value deflates is if these items are re-released through capsules. You should separate your wishes into achievable, possibly achievable and hard to achieve. Aim for the achievable ones. You can keep hard to achieve on your list but I would just try to find a substitute or wait for new alternatives. I have wanted the elegant ballroom background because it was the only ballroom background at the time but now there are many other indoor dance related background that can substitute for that background because the price on that is way too high. TRADABLE ITEMS Easy to Trade (ETT, I made this term up lol) items include dyeworks potion (if you haven't used the dyeworks potion from the advent calendar, you can probably trade that now as there is a limited edition dyeworks event going on right now so there is demand for the potions) and gift box capsules. The other things that people will trade for are "custom" in other words, you are willing to buy NC items from the NC Mall (these are called buyables), in exchange for a retired item that the seller hold. I find these are popular when there are new things in the mall, like an MME (mysterious morphing experiment) or special NC events around special events (AC cup, Chrismtas (Stuffing Stufftacular), Valentines (assorted Grams)). You may have collected some freebies, if you didn't open the bags, some collectors may trade for those but they'd have to be older and retired bags that cannot be obtained for a newbie collector. There are these cupcakes that are consumables, so people will trade for those too if you don't use them. Good luck trading :) What are the items that you are looking for, maybe we can offer some of our knowledge to give you a starting point.
  9. Space Faerie Code Giveaway Part 2

    Thanks! I got the battle faerie challenger but I underestimated it. The first fight was a draw and second fight was a defeat. Time to train some more and research on some weapons.
  10. New Year's Giveaway!

    #TaffyTeam2016 That sounds pretty awesome :) I should also dig around my SBD as I have probably stored a lot of things.
  11. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 71!

    I originally chose to go with Brute but since everyone is going with the Order, I'm gonna change to Order too. Hopefully this time we will win because I want that avatar :K
  12. Random Event I've never seen before...

    Maybe you actually had another RE that you missed because you refreshed or something. There is one that just randomly rewards the np so you get more np in your np on hand but not directly to your bank. If you only have 23Mil in your bank, there's no way 12% interest daily is 72k.
  13. Super Attack Pea

    I recently just got a lend, and it's definitely easier now than before, but one of the factors is that my avatar count is now 280 instead of whatever it was before. And it definitely helps if you have a pea chia ready. You can always borrow one. Some lenders lend the pet for a month so you get plenty of time to look for a pea lender. Actually I applied to TDN for a pea chia lend and didn't have a response yet...not sure if the pea chia is still active. But now I can cancel that application. There are other pea chia lenders lurking at the AC board. I find making your own board is in some ways easier. I find being on a lending/lendee board, you can get get buried in the conversations people have. Though someone has told me she got lent through these boards and she has never made her own board. I actually got lent with some collateral ($2 mil plus some 5 paint brushes and a draik morphing potion). But I have heard some people get lent without any. I think having a higher avatar count or more trophies will definitely help your case.
  14. nc mall

    I'm not sure since I haven't opened a new account. It used to be a capsule from the mall with a star in it. I suggest you send a ticket to the tech team at neopets by going to help. On the help page, there's a place to submit ticket about any issues you run into. Just describe the situation, provide screenshot if you feel it is necessary. Hopefully someone will follow up on your case. If you got anything, it should show up in you inventory under the NC section.
  15. Best Weapons to Fight Koi Warrior?

    What I can say is if you need items to participate in the charity event, the items you get from koi is pretty good. The books have high rarity. Plus I hoard everything so I managed to donate 100 times without having to look too hard. I will give jelly chia a try; I have never battled him before. And level is not as relevant, my pet is level 5 right now XD but has 200+ strength and 500 hit points so with my Dr. Sloth Personal Bath Buddy and Hanso Charisma Charm, I can strike Koi Warrior down with one strike. My defense is low. And the other thing I do is use a healing potion so I pretty much don't leave the battle until I get 15 items. But where do you get nerkmids? I think I got it once but don't remember which opponent.