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Welcome Back Apathy

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    A Terror of Terror Mountain!
  • Birthday 09/10/1987

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    Oboe, musical theater, humanitarian work (including hospice and animal shelters), teaching/tutoring math to students with disabilities

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  1. Welcome Back Apathy

    Help me defeat the Battle Faerie

    You know, I just went to check on the Battle Faerie and see what it's like to fight her, and I realized, I cannot fight her. She doesn't show up in my list of opponents, and she's not listed as a challenger on any of the battle sites. I feel crazy now, because I feel like it's been a thing in the past to be able to challenge her, but...is she even a challenger anymore?
  2. Welcome Back Apathy

    Welcome Back Transition Gifts Now Available!

    So...did Premium members get anything at all for the fact that we've been paying but not receiving the product? Because I had only one space faerie scratchcard (today's--still missing previous), SSW still is not working properly, Battledome is getting worse, Food Club is still not working...nothing that I use on the site is working properly, including the things that I pay money for. Are we going to get an extra few weeks of Premium added on? Mine has the same end date as before.
  3. Welcome Back Apathy

    When Neopets comes back ! talk about it here :)

    I didn't actually know until after the site went down that Habi wasn't going to be a thing anymore. I had not played it in a while, and I started it up again over the weekend. Oooops :P Oh well. IS there going to be a prize for Habi users? I haven't been reading updates that closely. Silly me. I guess I'll get one even though I haven't played very seriously for the past year.
  4. Welcome Back Apathy

    Are there any ZYDP members on here?

    No, but I'm your fellow Terror Mountaineer :P (Karina here)
  5. Welcome Back Apathy

    The Darkness is Upon Us

    The weird thing is, when it happened, I actually thought "The darkness is upon us!" Those precise words. It wasn't said by TNT, was it? And I just read it and forgot I read it and thought I came up with it on my own? Otherwise, we're creepily on the same wavelength :P
  6. Welcome Back Apathy

    Will I get a game trophy now the servers are being transfered?

    I'm curious about Food Club--I placed my bets, not really thinking about it.
  7. Welcome Back Apathy


    In Neopia, you feed kadoaties. IN SOVIET RUSSIA, KADOATIE FEED YOOOOU.
  8. Welcome Back Apathy

    I found the truth about my Grandfather.

    :( It's really hard to talk about something like that with children, so I understand why your parents wouldn't want to say anything about it. But it's hard finding out, no matter when it is that you find out. It is good to know that it happened, though. If there's a history of depression in your family, it's something you should know about and be prepared for. In the meantime, *HUG*
  9. Welcome Back Apathy

    Desert Diplomacy Bewed Up New Staff!

    I'm using it now. 2 air, 3 fire seems to be the norm. I checked it both while my opponent was frozen and while my opponent was fighting me, to check if it also blocked anything, but nope. 2 air, 3 fire. EDIT: I said water at first, but that's because the icon was so hard to read against the background. I looked a little closer, and it was air. Whoops.
  10. Welcome Back Apathy

    Desert Diplomacy: Claim Your Prizes!

    I think the prizes are great. And honestly, I don't think we did enough work for an avatar or site theme. This wasn't a full-on plot; this was tiny. And I think with a mini-plot this mini, a stamp is also too much when we already have a book. ...I *like* books. I think the tunic is fantastic, I like that there's a weapon that's wearable, and the plushie is really cute. I don't know what the oasis tonic does yet (it heals and is limited use, is all I know), and the other one is useless but cool-looking--but I'm cool with one useless item in a sea of more useful ones. Especially for a plot so small. EDIT: Oasis tonic heals 35 once per battle. That's actually pretty good.
  11. Welcome Back Apathy

    Bony Grarrl Club Acquired!

    WOOHOO! Congratulations to TDN! I didn't realize how close we were. I knew there was a huge donation that put us way closer, but we still had 20 mil or so to go, and that's not quite pocket change. I was lucky enough to be lent BGC a long time ago, so I don't need to worry about it. But I'm glad everyone else here has the chance now I like this idea. Maybe we could have a daily game challenge that's obviously not mandatory, no prizes, but you play 3x five specific games and donate half the points.
  12. Welcome Back Apathy

    Desert Diplomacy: Who? When? How?

    I had the menuscript :laughingsmiley: I solved the whoooole thing before I found out you only had to answer for one. And for me, the easiest one. Well, I'm glad I did, because I find it a little unfair to people who had harder ones to deal with.
  13. Welcome Back Apathy

    Counting...with a twist

    76. trombones hit the counterpoint...
  14. Welcome Back Apathy

    Retired / Rare Books ?

    I think hoarding it in a gallery is cruel :P The entire point of a book is to be read. Someone should get that privilege! If it were mine, I'd read it, since I'm going for book award. Currently #60.
  15. Welcome Back Apathy

    Counting...with a twist

    49. Zzzzz |\ _,,,--,,_ /,`.-'`' ._ \-;;,_ |,4- ) )_ .;.( `'-' '---''(_/._)-'(_\_)