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  1. paperdoll66

    Happy Kau Day!

    I like the Eventide, but I wish the clouds started lower so that they can be seen better. I always seem to want that, so I think it's more of a complaint about the color generally. Is that supposed to be Loki?
  2. paperdoll66

    Maraqua Support Thread - AC XII (2017)

    How was everyone's first day? I'm happy with how I did. I got YYB maxed and an addiction to How To Get Away With Murder. I'm seven episodes into the first season. My GPG is a little low, but I played a good number of side games. I am going to play two more games of Slushie Slinger before bed so that I can reach rank 3.
  3. paperdoll66

    Happy Lupe Day!

    I'm such a sucker for a cape that it alone swayed me towards thinking this was a decent pet day.
  4. paperdoll66

    Happy Cybunny Day!

    These are great. I love the smiles. They did just enough. Sometimes they can go a little overboard with the mouths on Elderly pets. The female outfit is better, but the male one comes with nice basics. I think you'd get a lot of use out of the pants and shoes.
  5. paperdoll66

    Happy Kougra Day

    This is great. I don't love how they did the tuft of hair, but the concept is so good that it doesn't matter to me.
  6. paperdoll66

    Happy Lutari Day!

    I actually love all of the pinks. It's the yellow that I don't like.
  7. paperdoll66

    Happy Shoyru Day!

    The outfit is cute. I think it will be very versatile. I love that the headband is a separate item. If this had been their example of a marble pet, I would have been much more enthusiastic about it.
  8. paperdoll66

    Befriending Dome...? Is this the April Fool's Prank 2017?

    As someone that loves dating sims, I would be all about this.
  9. paperdoll66

    Happy Gelert Day!

    I like both of them. The Maractite is really great. I like that there is a lot of dimension to it. The bark pattern isn't my favorite, but I still think this is a great pet day.
  10. paperdoll66

    Vote For The NEW Paint Brush Colour

    I keep liking marble more each time I look at it, but I don't think that it would have ended up winning me over completely. I'm not into those round bits. I voted for candy. I wouldn't be thrilled if they ended up using the same pattern for all of the pets, but I do like the texture it has compared to the Christmas pets that are intended to look like candy canes.
  11. paperdoll66

    2016 TDN Christmas Wishlist Gifting Post

    I am so glad that I ended up having time to participate this year. I thought I was going to be cutting it close. Here is my wishlist: http://items.jellyneo.net/mywishes/paperdoll66/130817/ This year I'm going to say from the beginning that I spend a lot on gifts, but I never buy anything interesting or exciting for myself. This is the only time I ever buy anything fun, so I go overboard. I do not at all expect anyone to spend as much on me as I do on them. I never even have any idea what anyone spends on me. Thank you! marjolein71 systemic_anomaly spritzieblue charelan rejoyce_20 teganrose1 neverfallinloveagain mouch30 decchild twiggy321177 Musical_Shoyru nicolelouise life_eclectic firaplays midnight_spell360 comynn I know that I missed a few people. I'm still getting used to getting a lot of neomails for stuff related to the guild I'm in, and I got flustered and refreshed the wrong page.
  12. paperdoll66

    Paint Brush Recommendations?

    The is a lot less of a supply of Grey Paint Brushes than Royal ones. You can still get one for about 2 million, but you would need to be patient for that price. I like the versatility of Royal. I've started to appreciate Grey pets a lot more after having one on my account for a few months, but their facial expression is too limiting for me. I like dressing my pets in a different styles of customizations and that is harder to do with a Grey pet. If you would be interested in adopting a Strawberry Cybunny, you'd probably have good luck at Zap Your Dream Pet or another pet wishlist. Strawberry isn't a very popular color, so someone might end up with a Strawberry Cybunny while zapping that they'd be happy to see go to someone that wants it.
  13. paperdoll66

    Games Master Challenge: Heroes vs Villains!

    Is anyone else having problems with Neopian Battle Legends? After I click on "Enter Battle!" on the screen that has you pick towers, whatever comes next doesn't load.
  14. paperdoll66

    anyone else too attached to pound a pet?

    I would not feel bad about changing your pet into the species that you want, and I like giving away pets. If you send her to the pound, she's most likely going to get picked up by someone that plans on zapping her. Desert Eyries aren't so popular that you wouldn't be spending quite a long time waiting for someone that specifically wants that species instead of just wanting her name. It could be months. It isn't hard for people to get most of their dream pets now, if they're willing to ask someone like ZYDP for them. I've only every pounded pets that I've known someone would be happy to have and would be scooped up quickly, like a Grey Draik.
  15. paperdoll66

    Happy Kyrii Day!

    If the necklace is separate from the arm band and necklace it might not be bad. I think there is one artist that has a style that really doesn't fit with the rest of the site's art and they're who made this. The colors are very blah.