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    Playing piano, animals, reading, listening to music, baking, chemistry

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  1. sam101

    What's your favourite show?

    Only one???? I have so many favorites. But if I was forced to pick one I'd probably say stargate SG-1. I love sci-fi and this show had an amazing run of 10 years. But I also love stargate atlantis, friends, the closer, major crimes, house, Seinfeld, the office and sooooo many more.
  2. sam101

    What do you spend your np's on?

    I'm constantly saving because I have such expensive taste :P Right now I'm buying higher end battledome items, the next one I want to buy is the Leaded Elemental Vial. But I use to always save for pbs and morphing potions for my pets.
  3. sam101

    Something Has Happened!

    I've been going to the Symol Hole every day all summer just once a day and I FINALLY got the avatar last week! I was so shocked I stared at the page for two minutes straight haha. But I am still trying that Wheel of Knowledge one with no luck :( Maybe one day...
  4. I would say that both took me about a month or two and that's with maps, guides, etc and playing everyday. I'm almost positive if I didn't have those things I would never have finished. The worst part of NQII is that the avatars come at the endish of the game so they force you to play through it.
  5. sam101

    Wheel of monotony's trolling me xD

    I don't think my spins have lasted more than four hours. But I also haven't spun in a while, I don't have the patience anymore xD
  6. sam101

    Battledome Temporarily Down

    I know! The battledome is a huge source of income, selling nerkmids. None of those for me either :(
  7. sam101

    Official Neopets down/having issues board

    Is anyone else having problems with the battledome? The whole website works for me except for creating battles and and fighting pages refuse to load.
  8. sam101

    Last Thing You Ate

    I just had raspberry greek yogurt but I wish it was a grilled cheese :P
  9. sam101

    Cleaning & Magic

    Wow. That is an intense dedication to Magic. Both my bf and his brother are into magic and they also have thousands of cards. My bf organizes his into decks. Like his decks will be themed like squirrel or water and that's how he organizes his. But I don't think it was ever as intense as you did it. I feel like you should organize them in cuz i mean you spent so much time on the other cards, i feel like it would eat at me if i had a super organized binder and then a few cards out that weren't organized. That's just me :)
  10. sam101

    What made you smile today?

    I just got a facebook a few days ago and have been catching up with many old friends...lots of smiles :)
  11. sam101

    What's your Zodiac sign?

    Woah whats the difference between star, moon, and rising signs??? I'm a Capricorn but idek what category it would go in now but i determine it based on my birthday XD I don't believe in horoscopes at all. Honestly they make those things so vague something has got to match up to you. And they don't always collaborate too. Like one will say that you're outgoing and fun and the other will say you're shy and withdrawn. Like really?
  12. sam101

    What's your default avatar?

    The one avatar I have on always in the Queen Fyora one. It's just really pretty and elegant so I always have it as my default. But right now I have the kiko pop one cuz I'm in an avatar contest :P
  13. I'm looking to sell a Purple Picnic Hamper and a Draik Archer Hat.
  14. sam101

    Anyone else struggle to spend neopoints?

    I honestly have no idea but there has been so much inflation that a million neopoints isn't really worth much anymore. I guess a good amt of neopoints would be like 5 mil?? But I've got no clue how many people have that much :/
  15. sam101

    What's your favourite Pokèmon?

    Mine is squirtle for obvious reasons :P I absolutely love tortoises and squirtle looks just like one. When I played the game I always picked squirtle and named him after my tortoise, Hank.