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  1. So far, I'm completely unimpressed. Sure, there were a few cute items, but they all look like things I already own. At least Dyeworks is still nice. Hopefully we're able to recolour GMC Lulu/Isca Wigs soon... That would be awesome. I should note that I have not played, nor will I play. I'm slowing down on my NC any how... I own/have spent way too much.
  2. http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/729980 How about this? I almost want (absolutely must have) one now... :O
  3. Oh my goodness! Pastel Peos are darling... UGH, can we PLEASE get Pastel and Transparent for Draik day already!? PLEASE!
  4. I think all of us gr'ups can agree that Neopets for us isn't just a game, it's a community. Whether we pet trade, spend to much on NC, lose-win-lose-win-win-lose-lose-lose-win with FC bets, chat on boards, play KQ, feed Kads, RP or whatever your niche is... Neo is our little safe haven. That's why you'll see so many of us return, after big life events, hiatuses, rage quits, because well, sooner or later, we all start to want for our home away from home again. :)
  5. Welcome back :) It make seem as if not much has changed, but that's certainly not the case! http://www.neopets.com/~arentipretty Is a good hiatus fact guide. It lets you know what's happened since you were here. There certainly are a lot of adults who play Neopets. *pokes* I'm 22 going on 23 and can't get enough of it!
  6. *wishes she could draw well* :worried: *hides overly amateur Neopet sketches*
  7. Seeing this makes me that much more excited for Draik day! (: *hopes* Please let there be Transparent, please.... Please!
  8. Forgotten Shore: Nothing. May I say that I've never received a PDE from my Forgotten Shores? Ever! Some people have gotten three, four, don't want to know how many more. I've finally had some good luck today. My BD paid off, 4 Red Codestones today. I use FQFCs, so I always have daily Faerie Quests. Sold a bunch of my KQ prizes in my shop, and just waiting (hoping) for a FC win. Let's go Hugo! ( neopets.com/~myfoodclubbets ). I am sorry you've having some bad Neo luck. It does happen to everyone once in a while. :(
  9. (clearly they do not like fun..) I chuckled at that one! Welcome back Danielle! There has been much you've missed! http://www.neopets.com/~arentipretty ^^ Is an awesome hiatus guide. It gives you just the facts about what you've missed each year, but at least it's a start! :)
  10. I'm just going to have to. I really want this avatar! That and the Dubloon Disaster one. I've been as close as 15 points away... I've never seriously tried for that avatar since... :/
  11. 9 points away!? I would have flipped a glass table and had to be done for the day! You're far closer to getting it than I am. Here, I'll be your Faerie Bubbles Cheerleader! You can do it, yes you can! If you can't do it, I sure can't! :rolleyes_anim:
  12. Even though I've been through enough of these lock outs, my heart still beats just a little faster when they happen. Especially first thing in the morning!
  13. Seems we're back in business! See you all on the boards. :)
  14. Thank-you! It's much appreciated. Really? I log out any time I finish with my computer. I guess that's just the way I am. :P I used to go to a boarding school, so I had tons of other people running around my dorm room (mostly uninvited) all the time. Logging out became a way of life. :laughingsmiley:
  15. Most of my tokens are from NC. I bought a plush once, but after paying shipping and taxes, well, lets just say it got expensive. I forgot how much I love playing KQ. I played a few games yesterday for the first time in months! No one quit on me, (to my absolute shock), I won some nice things, and I made some NPs... Although, the very last game I played, there was some sort of glitch. The game finished. I won my Gold Key and my NPs, however, when I went to unlock my key, I had no key to unlock! It was super bizarre! It was only my 5th game I had played that day too, and my 5th key I was trying to unlock. Sort of stopped playing after that... :(
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