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  1. chibi_chibi_tsukino

    Avatars: What have you got?

    Space Faerie!! Finally! Many thanks to the ALP and their battledom pet!
  2. chibi_chibi_tsukino

    I could use some advice

    Its great that you take good care of your pets. To me its sounds like Neopets is a bit of an escape from real life for you (I might be wrong here, that's just how I understood you). You are going through difficult times and its good to have something that you enjoy. As long as it doesn't control your entire life I wouldn't be too worried :)
  3. chibi_chibi_tsukino

    It's Eventide Day!

    o.O Boah, this really wowed me, especially the Hissi! So beautiful!
  4. chibi_chibi_tsukino

    Favorite Avatar?

    Meowclops! It's my new 'standard' avvie (used to be CHokato).
  5. chibi_chibi_tsukino

    How old?

    I'm 24 and I've seen people in their 50s and older on the website so don't worry
  6. chibi_chibi_tsukino

    Unpopular Neopets Opinions

    - Neopets was better before customization - Battledome is pretty useless - Customization isn't that great - I dont think Mellissah (just an example) is a VWN pet .... my Aramis_Windom is! - Most faeries are ugly - I don't think Draiks and Krawks are THAT great
  7. chibi_chibi_tsukino

    Help me find a petpet for a Faerie Grundo

    Some nice ones! I found these: Cirrus Angelpuss Feepit I kinda wanna keep it cheap, too, so the painted Wains (although they look very nice!) are probably too expensive.
  8. chibi_chibi_tsukino

    Help me find a petpet for a Faerie Grundo

    Any suggestions for a petpet for a Faerie Grundo? I find it hard to find something that fits.
  9. chibi_chibi_tsukino

    What the heck is this a opportunity of a lifetime?

    I actually found this funny. Better than the other silly jokes they pulled today. Unfortunately I didn't get any neomails from them =(
  10. chibi_chibi_tsukino

    Lucid Dreaming

    I had a dream within a dream last night. Only the 2nd level was lucid and I tried to get back into it from the first level (I woke up in my dream and tried to go back into my lucid dream totally unaware that I was still asleep and dreaming).
  11. chibi_chibi_tsukino

    Lucid Dreaming

    I never practised it but sometimes have lucid dreams. But actually I don't remember the vast majority of my dreams. Funny thing is, that in most of my dreams I have superhero-like abilities (eg. jumping from building to building). When dreams turn into nightmares I use a sharp object to pock my eyes out (in my dream of course, not in reality), that always wakes me up, lol.
  12. chibi_chibi_tsukino

    Neoquest 3!

    I wish this was real NQ 2 was so much fun!
  13. chibi_chibi_tsukino

    Would you complete the FFQ if the item is Blue draik egg?

    I would do it and get a Maraquan pet.
  14. chibi_chibi_tsukino

    Yay! My Article Made it into the times. ^^

    Nice! And your right, reality is lagging BADLY. Finally someone realized whats going on!
  15. chibi_chibi_tsukino

    What is that one avie you just can't seem to get?

    I have 243 avatars but there are still heaps of game and daily avatars i still dont have. After 6 years!