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  1. Space Faerie!! Finally! Many thanks to the ALP and their battledom pet!
  2. Its great that you take good care of your pets. To me its sounds like Neopets is a bit of an escape from real life for you (I might be wrong here, that's just how I understood you). You are going through difficult times and its good to have something that you enjoy. As long as it doesn't control your entire life I wouldn't be too worried :)
  3. o.O Boah, this really wowed me, especially the Hissi! So beautiful!
  4. Meowclops! It's my new 'standard' avvie (used to be CHokato).
  5. I'm 24 and I've seen people in their 50s and older on the website so don't worry
  6. - Neopets was better before customization - Battledome is pretty useless - Customization isn't that great - I dont think Mellissah (just an example) is a VWN pet .... my Aramis_Windom is! - Most faeries are ugly - I don't think Draiks and Krawks are THAT great
  7. Some nice ones! I found these: Cirrus Angelpuss Feepit I kinda wanna keep it cheap, too, so the painted Wains (although they look very nice!) are probably too expensive.
  8. Any suggestions for a petpet for a Faerie Grundo? I find it hard to find something that fits.
  9. I actually found this funny. Better than the other silly jokes they pulled today. Unfortunately I didn't get any neomails from them =(
  10. I had a dream within a dream last night. Only the 2nd level was lucid and I tried to get back into it from the first level (I woke up in my dream and tried to go back into my lucid dream totally unaware that I was still asleep and dreaming).
  11. I never practised it but sometimes have lucid dreams. But actually I don't remember the vast majority of my dreams. Funny thing is, that in most of my dreams I have superhero-like abilities (eg. jumping from building to building). When dreams turn into nightmares I use a sharp object to pock my eyes out (in my dream of course, not in reality), that always wakes me up, lol.
  12. I wish this was real NQ 2 was so much fun!
  13. Nice! And your right, reality is lagging BADLY. Finally someone realized whats going on!
  14. I have 243 avatars but there are still heaps of game and daily avatars i still dont have. After 6 years!
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