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  1. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    That just seems like way too far away. I'll forget that the entire event even exists by then! There should just be MORE steps that they release at more frequent times. Still keep it to 2-3, but just more...haha
  2. Games Master Challenge 2017: Living vs Dead BEGINS!

    You've probably got the right idea here haha. I mean I did end up with a decent amount of extra NP. Bought a few of the Five Dubloons to train my pet, so all wasn't lost entirely.
  3. Games Master Challenge 2017: Living vs Dead BEGINS!

    I wish I would've seen this earlier. I literally played 100 games in the last 3 days just in case. *facepalm*
  4. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    I'm getting really impatient. Haha I wish it were time for the next update already. At least the GMC is happening at the same time to keep everyone occupied.
  5. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    That's my assumption. I know that I've done everything that I can so far. I could be wrong, but I think that means that it's completed.
  6. Games Master Challenge 2017: Living vs Dead BEGINS!

    I completely forgot about having to play at least a 100 games. I should start doing that...good idea! I absolutely LOATHE advert attack. It is probably my least favorite game on Neo.
  7. How much are you battling?

    Woah I didn't even think about getting more rewards for a higher bonus. I guess I'll need to battle more. I'm starting to train my pet, so I have to battle on easy. I get about two battles in and have to heal. I'm level 24 with HP of 15, so I could definitely use some training haha. I think I'm at like 105% maybe?
  8. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    I noticed that too. I was hoping that these glitches were fixed when I woke up, and could get some more prizes. I guess TECHNICALLY they were fixed...haha, but definitely not in the way that I was hoping.
  9. Games Master Challenge 2017: Living vs Dead BEGINS!

    I totally feel this same way. The step daughter will be on a cruise with her Mom all of this week, so I have a BUNCH of free time, BUT it could've been the exact opposite! Can't please everyone though. I chose team Dead. My hubby tells me my heart is black and dead, so it seemed appropriate.
  10. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    I've played Neo for over 10 years, but never actually participated in a plot like this. I finished everything that's required as of right now and I'm stoked for the whole thing haha. Thanks to everyone that posted on here for being so helpful! I was lost at the beginning for sure :)
  11. Avatars: What have you got?

    Ah my old account got that avatar that way. Sadly I was frozen(for reasons still unknown actually) and I wasn't able to get it on this account. Awe well :(
  12. Hi I'm New

    Welcome! I've used the ALP a few times, and so far I've really enjoyed it! I was super nervous the first time, but so far so good! Good luck on all of your avie goals and dreams :)
  13. The Runway Votes #48

    These are so fun! I voted! Best of luck to all entries :)
  14. Stranger Things 2

    I totally didn't catch that at all! I caught most of the other stuff, but this is pretty cool. I LOVED the last scene this season. I feel like there's way more a cliffhanger, on top of the characters getting some resolution as far as their "crushes". I like that the kids are getting older and having feelings for girls. It's freaking adorable and played out in a realistic way.
  15. Stranger Things 2

    How do you do that hidden comments thing?! I would love to discuss, but I don't want to include spoilers! I waited a few days before bingeing the second season. I know the seasons are short, and I did NOT want to finish it. Ya know? I absolutely LOVE stranger things! I thought season 2 was pretty good. Obviously I think I will always prefer the first season, but I think the writers did well on expanding on the story they already had, while also bringing in some new elements. A lot of shows really struggle to do that. It's like the writers get excited and can't function anymore haha.