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  1. Avatars: What have you got?

    Ah my old account got that avatar that way. Sadly I was frozen(for reasons still unknown actually) and I wasn't able to get it on this account. Awe well :(
  2. Hi I'm New

    Welcome! I've used the ALP a few times, and so far I've really enjoyed it! I was super nervous the first time, but so far so good! Good luck on all of your avie goals and dreams :)
  3. The Runway Votes #48

    These are so fun! I voted! Best of luck to all entries :)
  4. Stranger Things 2

    I totally didn't catch that at all! I caught most of the other stuff, but this is pretty cool. I LOVED the last scene this season. I feel like there's way more a cliffhanger, on top of the characters getting some resolution as far as their "crushes". I like that the kids are getting older and having feelings for girls. It's freaking adorable and played out in a realistic way.
  5. Stranger Things 2

    How do you do that hidden comments thing?! I would love to discuss, but I don't want to include spoilers! I waited a few days before bingeing the second season. I know the seasons are short, and I did NOT want to finish it. Ya know? I absolutely LOVE stranger things! I thought season 2 was pretty good. Obviously I think I will always prefer the first season, but I think the writers did well on expanding on the story they already had, while also bringing in some new elements. A lot of shows really struggle to do that. It's like the writers get excited and can't function anymore haha.
  6. What Age Should Makeup Be Allowed?

    I think I probably started in 7th or 8th grade, but really I never wore a lot. I stuck to mascara and eyeliner for...well...forever haha. Sometimes when I was going to a dance or had a date I would do more, but for the most part I didn't care. I did have awesome skin though, so I never had a need to cover up. I have a 13 year old step daughter and I have NO issue with her wearing makeup as long as she puts it on correctly and it isn't too over the top. I feel like she's at that age that she just needs to feel older than she is. She keeps trying to go for crop tops, low rise jeans, and an insane amount of makeup. It is being shut down at every turn. I'm all about self expression, but I also feel like we have to remind kids that they're allowed to be their age for just a little longer. I would never go back to 8th grade(which she's in) for all of the money in the world, but being an adult is just no fun sometimes haha.
  7. Hang Out and Post

    I totally understand the bandage struggle. Minnie had both front paws bandaged to keep her from chewing on her stitches and I was the WORST bandage changer. At one point she went outside to do her business and one just flew off. I mean FLEW off and hit the fence. It was not my shining moment. I'm just glad I was outside and could catch it before she went to chewing on her stitches.
  8. Hang Out and Post

    Oh my gosh this is horrible! We've been dealing with the shaved bits on our pup lately as well. My girl, Minnie, was hit by a car and they had her shaved to give her stitches and and IV. The hair has ALMOST grown back, but man she looked pretty silly during the whole deal. I'm so glad what Mouse has is treatable as well!! Fingers crossed for your pup that she adjusts to the new diet :)
  9. Small Treasure Chest?

    Agreed. I've been pretty disappointed with the prizes for the advent this year...I hope it gets much better closer to Christmas
  10. Ban the person above you!

    Banned for having too much green in your signature
  11. Ah! I had a lot of fun playing! First year I've ever participated! Thanks everyone for all of the tips and help! :D
  12. Agreed!! I'm taking a break from Edna's. I can't get past 300 points
  13. Man I don't think I'm gonna finish. Still have Edna's Shadow, Nova Defender, Prerattack, Wicked Wocky Wobble, and the Evil Fuzzles/Lost In Space challenges
  14. I'm really struggling with Shenkuu Warrior II ugh
  15. Don't give up! You'll get it eventually! It took me MANY MANY tries and I definitely got angry, but it's that much more rewarding when you finally hit it