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  1. I'm not exactly sure how you can only go as far as the WL box? Surely you have to select the "Start trading!" button at the bottom, which the reminder is just above, or is there a shortcut I'm missing? Anyhow; yeah as far as I remember, Shops and the Trading Post are for sales only; there's notes regarding it on both the shop stock and create a trade pages. I'm sorry to hear that though, and despite it being a small breach in the rules, I do agree that 6 days is really harsh. :c I'd say 12 hours might be justifiable, but practically an entire week really does suck.
  2. Well, from what I gather they don't send you a neomail for the Art Gallery entries; the prizes should just pop up in your inventory (and the trophy on your userlookup of course) if you're accepted. Is it possible that the script is just lagging at the moment, then? ;o I'll definitely wait a few days in that case; hopefully it should pop by this time next week. And thanks very much, Angeló! ^_^ To be honest it's the first time I've ever even submitted to the art gallery. xDD
  3. OHHH. Okay, haha. ^_^'' I thought it was some sort of mistake. [/relief!] Thanks Xepha! I'll just wait and see when it pops up then! I wonder what I'll get. :happydance:
  4. I had submitted artwork that recently got published in the art gallery; my first time ever. :) The artwork's viewable here: http://www.neopets.com/art/gallery.phtml?place=1926 However, as stated on the gallery page, I shold have recieved "10,000 NP, a rare item and a trophy for your cabinet", however as far as I'm aware, I have recieved none of these. There's no trophy on my userlookup, no 10,000 NP on my person, and no item either. I've looked up the submitting a ticket form, but I have no idea what topic/subject/etc. to put it under. Any help would be super appreciated!
  5. I thought the discovery of brightvale wasn't until tomorrow? Or do they update on a friday of the date falls on a weekend? :C Reason I ask is because I submitted some Brightvale art into the art gallery yesterday thinking I had plenty of time! Also, those royals look lovely! :3 I'm thinking those items would be perfect for customisation when teamed with other things.
  6. ._. Hmm, that's so strange! I thought I was just missing something; I wonder why it doesn't at least show up on petpages? Oh well; I guess it's just one of those things that TNT were going to do something with and didn't; but that wouldn't explain why it's still an option when you go to create a pet. I wonder if there's an article in the neopian times about it... I'll have a look.
  7. I've tried posting on the help neoboard, but unfortunately I've received no help on this, so I thought you guys here at TDN might be able to help me out a bit more. :) Basically, upon creation of a neopet, you have the option to choose your neopet's 'habitat' ("Where does your neopet like to live?"). There's the option of Forest, Sea, River, Jungle, Town, City, Mountains or Wilderness. When viewing pets that are in the Pound, this info pops up underneath the pet as well, but how do you find out what your own neopet's habitat is? I've hunted high and low on the pet description page and quickref page, but I can't find this information anywhere! :( The fact that this information is retained from creation must mean that it's stored somewhere, surely? I have been told "It doesn't matter", by someone on the boards, but personally I'd just like to know so it'll help me choose what background to give each pet. I distinctly remember choosing Mountains for Luanolu because I created her, but I don't remember Eserix or Vulcaris because I adopted them both, and didn't really take a note of what their habitat was. Any help with this issue would be fantastic.
  8. Lozzie

    Site down?

    Oh! ;o I had no idea there was one; I don't know how I could have missed that, thanks for the link!
  9. Lozzie

    Site down?

    I can access the forums totally fine at the moment, but for some reason the official TDN website isn't loading up for me (and neither is the IM chat, for that matter). Are they down at the moment, does anyone know, or is it just my own computer that's holding some unexplainable grudge against them?
  10. My next attempt at a trophy will be for the art gallery. c: I'm working on a piece for blumaroo day. It's going to be my first ever submission so fingers crossed that it gets in! <3 I think the last trophy I drew tears at to achieve was my kougra's beauty contest trophy. I managed to get a gold, but I had to advertise all week pretty much non stop because it was a tough contest that week. x_x'
  11. Obtained the Mad About Orange and Blumaroo - Chef Bonju avatars today! :)
  12. I -finally- obtained piece 1 for the Secret Lab today! ^___^- Sets my bank account pretty much back to 0, but totally worth it! I'm so excited to try it out!
  13. Software: Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 Processor: 2.7 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory: 4GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB Hard Drive: 1TB And all on a yummy 27 inch built-in iMac display. <3
  14. Siniri: Ah, I wasn't aware of that. The issue on 'gay marriage' here at the moment is forcing the churches to allow gay marriages to be taken place there, and I'm pretty sure a priest was made to retire or was sued on the grounds of refusing to hold a marriage in his church upon the request of a same sex couple, who then took him to court over it (I'll need to look up the exact news article on that one; I'm not 100% sure). A private B&B was subject to a lot of negative media publicity on the grounds of rejecting to give a same sex couple a room, as well. Which yes, is discriminatory, but at the same time a private establishment is just that; private. So making a scene and going to the press about it is just as bad as the establishment in my opinion. I can certainly understand on the grounds of what you've said there; people should legally have the same benefits regardless of gender. But a religious centre shouldn't be made to change it's ways for the sake of anyone; else the title of 'religion' is then pretty much stripped from said place. And unfortunately due to circumstances over here in which protests towards the church and whatnot against gay marriage, it's just becoming more removed and alienated in a way, at least in my opinion. The more the press makes a scene about something, then it has that effect. And yeah, it's sad that the law is discriminatory like that. :c
  15. Oh, that's fantastic! ^_^ Thank you so much! Bookmarking that one; I'll definitely be trying this later on!
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