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  1. I said this in another topic, but it applies here so I shall say it again! :D
  2. The new art of late has been LOUSY. I'm CONVINCED that the only good lookin' items that have been released in the past couple months are ones that the old artists had already drawn and were shelved for later release. A good example of the difference in the quality of artistic talent/drawing is in yesterday's News (2rd Sept). The Papayanana and the Berrybiscus Tartlet look like the results of an elementary school art project while the Shadow Kougra from the UL Contest winner was drawn by one of the original Neo artists. The VAST difference in skill is striking. And yes, not only is the actual talent seemingly now lacking...they also seem to be LAZY. As with the two new books...just changing colors and/or copy/pasting different images on top of existing items (point and click art, no real drawing involved). Things like adding 'stitch lines' on top of existing pets/petpets to make them 'Plushie' just make me shake my head. Sadly, the well drawn items that were shelved for later release will run out sooner or later and we will then be stuck with whatever the new 'artists' can manage to crib together. /shakes head
  3. I think that the faerie quest fortune cookies are the most 'cost effective' cookies. You get stats added daily for 9 days and you have the chance of a Fountain Faerie Visit! So, if I were y'all...that is what I would purchase. Have fun! :P
  4. Dailies - I use the TDN Dailies List and I daily do about 20 of the ones available. Battledome - Battle each day until you get 15 prizes. If you have Premium, battle in the Premium Dome to get Nerkmids. If you don't have Premium battle Kelpbeard or the Koi Warrior for greater chances at Codestones. Food Club - Pick one of the bettors who shares their bets (Garet, Phoenix, etc), bet your max (depends upon acct age) and copy them EXACTLY each round. You WILL profit. Even if you lose a few days, in the long run your winning days will more than make up for it. Play a few fast games for easy NPs (like Fashion Fever) - even if you only play a couple games a day, it adds up Remember to do the new Trudy's Daily EVERY DAY - you get about 19k a day, and if you go 25(?) days in a row w/o skipping you get 100k on day 25(?) Enter contests (NT, Storytellling, etc...CC if it returns) if you are creative- you get both nps and prizes for doing so Participate in any Events/Contests/Plots that happen - the bonus prizes add up Those are my best tips... Good luck! :P
  5. Color me VERY unimpressed with the new artists. In fact, I bet that the good looking new items are just remnants from the old artists! Items that had been created but not yet introduced to the site. The new art looks almost incomplete to me. Sorta sketched out rough draft doodles. The color saturation is poor. The lines are weak. I mean, look at: Oooph!! "I" could probably do better than that and I can barely color inside the lines! I first noticed it with the Stealth Gelert Clothing. Now, those who know me know I love Gelerts...and I REALLY liked the IDEA of the clothing. But, it just looks like they got as far as rough drafts then turned it in. The line work seems sloppy and sketched and the color saturation is beyond poor. Just looks like someone quickly sketched out their idea for a Stealthy Gelert clothing set...but that the items were never really worked on/filled out. And, yah, the new pet colors are...oy. Seems to me that the reason they have introduced so many new Dyeworks items is cuz all they have to do is change the color of items that were drawn well by the original TNT artists. Ah well...yet another part of Neopia that is, sadly, in clear decline. :(
  6. I've recently returned from a summer hiatus. I was saddened to find that Keyquest has not yet returned. While I hope that TNT is sincere in their intent to fix/return Keyquest to the site...I noticed that it had been removed from the Games menu, so that does not instill much confidence in me. I'm still a member of a Keyquest Guild...so, I continue to hold something resembling a shred of hope. I miss it a lot...my wife and I used to play against other alllll the time for fun. It was just a bonus that we got prizes from it as well! :(
  7. I'm all excited about Gelert Day. :D It looks like Stealthy will be one of the new colors. If so, I will be painting Hotai Stealthy...at least long enough to get the clothes! If I can find Contacts I like, I might keep him Stealthy. Otherwise I will probably return him to Pirate (that base color looks really good with his normal custom). I'm stoked, though, because I have a visit to the Fountain Faerie that I have been saving since before LAST Gelert Day! Just a few more days! Hope all are well... Cheers! :P This post has been edited by a member of staff (Ruto) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please stay on-topic. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  8. Meep! Just added a_ramsel! Sorry, Rami! I get lost when scanning the list...there have been contests where I did not see my OWN name and had to be alerted by another! If I have missed anyone else...PLEASE gimme a holler so I can remedy it. Cheers! :P
  9. Sadly, I think what is being seen...is evidence of the fewer numbers of users actually ON Neopets. There are just fewer and fewer users available (and willing) to battle the LAG week by week. I mean, I reckon someone has to REALLY love me (or think my caption HYSTERICAL) in order to have the patience required to fight the lag to vote for me! /grin Hopefully I'm somehow wrong...or, alternatively, hopefully the Lag and glitches are remedied soon. I'd be really bummed to see the CC go the way of the Random Contest due to lack of user participation. Good luck, all! :P
  10. I added ya Lamppost! :D Kody: Do we have the same grandmother? /grin Good luck, all! :P
  11. I think that the group CC topic is a great idea now that we pretty reliably have 3-5 TDN CC contestants each week. Great idea, sinri! :D I actually had a hard time coming up with captions for this week's image...what kept poppin' into my head were those creepy pictures of the Last Supper or of Jesus where the eyes follow you no matter where you are standing (might be showing my age here...I think they were most prevalent in the 70's). :P But the thought of the Stealthy Grarrl cowering in the corner because the eyes from the Neopians in the picture were following him...well, it made me laugh. Good luck, everyone! Cheers! :P
  12. Hey gang! Here are this week's CC image AND the entries from TDN members! There are always great captions to choose from...remember that you can vote once every 4 hours! Every vote is appreciated. :P By snm08: Stealthy Grarrl: It's Friday night and I'm standing in a corner holding flowers. How has my life come to this? Space Faerie: Would you rather be dropped from the sky into someone's lap? Because I can arrange that. Vote for me here! By kodylaurentia (aka Kodyakawolf): Space Faerie: I can't raise your stats for completing my quest if I can't find you! Vote for me here! By darkobsession (aka Angelo): Mira: As a museum guard, I'd say you're not doing so well.... Vote for me here! By fullonparanoid: Space Faerie: No, I don't think you look like a woodland Grarrl.... Vote for me here! By dragonsfriend1021 (aka Lamppost): Space Faerie: I can see you! Stealthy Grarrl: Perhaps, but can you see my Invisible Doglefox? Vote for me here! By a_ramsell: Grand Commander [To Stealthy Grarrl]: She can see you, you know... oh, and she can also read minds. You should probably just leave now. Vote for me here! Gimme a holler if you are in this week's CC and I missed your name! Good luck, all! Cheers! :P
  13. Hiya Rami! :D Good to see ya...I think you will like the folks here, it is a laid back bunch. /smile The weather here is wet and cold...we don't have any flooding going on, but we are supposed to get more snow tomorrow and on Thursday. Goofy foogy weather. I hope everyone is staying warm and dry...Good luck to everyone in the CC! Cheers! :P
  14. I play Neopets on Chrome and I keep Chrome on MUTE. The ONLY Neo-game I will play with sound is Sutek's Tomb (I play it when I want to zone out and the music is TOTALLY conducive to a good zone out session!) :P
  15. In the first week of the Coincidence being up and running I got a Dragonfly Nymph that I was able to then sell for 2.5m NPs. Since then I have gotten over 40 points in various stat increases (even counting the times it DECREASED my stats). I've also gotten a few random robotic petpets and an unknown (but not overly large) amount of NPs. MOST days I get nothing. I can usually find what is asked for in my SDB...but, even if it cost me 5K a day for the items, it would take me a LONG time to eclipse my profit from the event. So I still try to do it Daily (though, tbh, the LAAAAG has kept me from my dailies of late) Basically, for ME, the Coincidence has been a positive daily and one that I intend to continue doing (when I DO my dailies!). Good luck! :P