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  1. Ahhhhh!!! Thank you so much for your reply! I thought I was somehow missing something in my face. Hopefully the compatibility issues get hammered out cuz this place is mighty BRIGHT! /looks for sunglasses
  2. I may be a total ignoramoooose...but, I'm not seeing a 'paintbrush' ANYWHERE to click? Help?
  3. Caption Contest Rejection Club

    You are most welcome, Deb! I want folks to enjoy the CC so that it sticks around and is not put out to pasture again! I try to put in a couple a day from the day the image is posted until captions are up for voting. Of late, this means I have run out of 'good ideas' LONG before the captions go up. /grin Rather than putting in the same caption more than once...try re-wording it. Or presenting it from the viewpoint of another of the 'characters' in the image. That way it is still the same idea but NOT a duplicate that might 'annoy' any of the judges. The only other 'bit' of advice I can think of is to try to come up with captions for EACH of the characters in the image. That way, IF they base their decisions in part on how many captions from each character you are covered (and it is TOTALLY an 'if'...I have NO clue if they do so). Good luck! and...most importantly...HAVE FUN!!
  4. Caption Contest Rejection Club

    Hey there! First and foremost...DON'T GIVE UP!!! I've been a regular CC submitter for a long while...while I have wins, I have way more losses! They get TONS of entries...so many that I have NEVER been convinced that they all get read. As such, it just comes down to WHEN you entered your submission and what 'chunk' of submissions the judge(s) decides to read through. When it comes to submitting captions, I try to mix it up. I've not yet come across any sort of 'best time' to enter (and I'm really bad about remembering WHEN I have entered any particular caption), but spreading your submissions out might help? There are always going to be great captions missed (and, the other side of the coin, captions that 'we' may not find that funny will always make it in). Don't take it as personal offense, though, it is probably more about the timing than about the caption. So, yah, I will close as I started... DON'T GIVE UP!! (and good luck!)
  5. Gift Box from NetDragon: Scorchio Party Pack FREE

    Off the bat...good on 'em for doing it. A little gift never hurts. That having been said...why did it have to be not only species specific but gender specific as well? I feel like males pets already get the short end of the stick so far as wearables in Neopia and this just reinforces it. Ah well...again...they do get an 'A' for effort. Perhaps it is a sign of more effort to come?
  6. The Return of the Caption Contest (w/ New Rules)

    Thank you for the welcome back, Angelo! /smile I've pretty much been stuck in the Neopian 'just do dailies' rut for MONTHS (years?). I was frozen 'for my own protection' for 6 months in 2015 and that sorta kicked off my long absence here. I missed a Charity Corner event (and avatar) while frozen and was kinda bummed/bent with Neopets in general. That lasted until last Fall I guess...and I've gotten more and more involved since. I'm excited by the return of the CC. I hope they also decide to return Key Quest to us (though that might be being a bit too optimistic!). I'm also happy with the small improvements they have been making (such as the Gallery fixes that removed the apostrophe glitch and the sorting glitch). I'm seeing slow but steady improvement after YEARS of stagnation and it gives me hope for the site. Hope this finds everyone happy and healthy!
  7. New plot in the works!

    I'm a regular Charter Board participant and I'm pretty sure the only place Scrappy has shown up is on the Charter CC Board when in the midst of the CC relaunch a couple weeks back. I don't see her 'making home' on Charter (though she is always welcome!)...I've seen her more in Q/A sessions on the regular Neoboards. My experience with her has been overwhelmingly positive...she answered every question posed about the CC and even with the hiccups/kinks/gremlins/glitches that plagued the first round back, she has followed through with everything she said. I'm neither a Neo-Optimist nor a Neo-Pessimist...I'm a Neo-Pragmatist. As such, I say we give her credit for putting herself out there in the Community. It has been a long time since we had as much direct contact with TNT and I, for one, am appreciating it. I've seen more positive forward movement in Neopia in the past few months than in the 2 years prior...I'm hopeful it continues.
  8. The Return of the Caption Contest (w/ New Rules)

    Well, while I TOTALLY agree that 3 weeks seems long for voting (even if the contest is once a month)...since the ONLY advertising allowed is via your sig, at least the site won't be inundated with vote boards. That having been said, I think 1 week is plenty for voting even if the contests are monthly. So far as folks 'constantly reminding' ANYONE to vote for them...if it is on a board, it will be considered SPAM and they will be dinged by the monitors. If it is via NeoMail, they will either be blocked by individual users (even NFs might get sick of it!) and/or reported to the aforementioned monitors. I think it will actually have a LOWER profile in the long run than the BC does. I'd not be surprised AT ALL if there were more tweaks to the contest during the first few months. All we can do is wait and see!
  9. Hey y'all! In case ya didn't know, the Caption Contest has returned! Currently we are awaiting the fix of a glitch (the captions up for votes disappeared 2 days ago and they are SUPPOSED to be returned 'soon')...but, I PROMISE it is back! Captions are back up! With its return came a new set of rules. Last week's Editorial had an overview of the new CC rules. Also, Scrappy stopped by the Charter CC Chat and added some more info. I will post the new rules, but wanted to highlight a couple other things first. 1. Both July AND August CC Contests are to be avatar rounds (Hurrah!) 2. Going forward only ONE caption per user will be eligible for voting (but you can still ENTER as many as you want) Caption Contest Rules: - New image released on the 1st of each month. - 1 week (7 days) of caption submissions before chosen captions are posted for voting. - Voting open on captions for the last 3 weeks of the month. - Winners announced end of month/before new image is posted. - Avatar round every 10th contest (approximately once a year) - CC vote advertising allowed in signatures ONLY. NO boards allowed (not even on Charter or Games). NO SPAMMING (you WILL be warned and dinged by the monitors). - Advertising NOT allowed on Neopets Social Media (Faceplace/Twitplace/Instaplace/etc) - Advertising NOT allowed on other Neopets sites (whether sanctioned sites or not) (yah, that means boards/sigs here on TDN are now frowned upon) Now, I see the last rule as being the hardest to police...however, I do think there are ways to discourage it (beyond just asking users to play fair). One of the obvious would be for TNT to freeze the votes or remove the caption of a user guilty of it. Community policing and a sense of fairness will be key here, I think. Hope this finds everyone happy and healthy... Cheers!
  10. Neopet's should hire me as an artist.

    I said this in another topic, but it applies here so I shall say it again! :D
  11. Ugh I don't know why this bothers me so much

    The new art of late has been LOUSY. I'm CONVINCED that the only good lookin' items that have been released in the past couple months are ones that the old artists had already drawn and were shelved for later release. A good example of the difference in the quality of artistic talent/drawing is in yesterday's News (2rd Sept). The Papayanana and the Berrybiscus Tartlet look like the results of an elementary school art project while the Shadow Kougra from the UL Contest winner was drawn by one of the original Neo artists. The VAST difference in skill is striking. And yes, not only is the actual talent seemingly now lacking...they also seem to be LAZY. As with the two new books...just changing colors and/or copy/pasting different images on top of existing items (point and click art, no real drawing involved). Things like adding 'stitch lines' on top of existing pets/petpets to make them 'Plushie' just make me shake my head. Sadly, the well drawn items that were shelved for later release will run out sooner or later and we will then be stuck with whatever the new 'artists' can manage to crib together. /shakes head
  12. One of the cool kids for a moment

    I think that the faerie quest fortune cookies are the most 'cost effective' cookies. You get stats added daily for 9 days and you have the chance of a Fountain Faerie Visit! So, if I were y'all...that is what I would purchase. Have fun! :P
  13. How to become really rich on neopets?

    Dailies - I use the TDN Dailies List and I daily do about 20 of the ones available. Battledome - Battle each day until you get 15 prizes. If you have Premium, battle in the Premium Dome to get Nerkmids. If you don't have Premium battle Kelpbeard or the Koi Warrior for greater chances at Codestones. Food Club - Pick one of the bettors who shares their bets (Garet, Phoenix, etc), bet your max (depends upon acct age) and copy them EXACTLY each round. You WILL profit. Even if you lose a few days, in the long run your winning days will more than make up for it. Play a few fast games for easy NPs (like Fashion Fever) - even if you only play a couple games a day, it adds up Remember to do the new Trudy's Daily EVERY DAY - you get about 19k a day, and if you go 25(?) days in a row w/o skipping you get 100k on day 25(?) Enter contests (NT, Storytellling, etc...CC if it returns) if you are creative- you get both nps and prizes for doing so Participate in any Events/Contests/Plots that happen - the bonus prizes add up Those are my best tips... Good luck! :P
  14. Nice Items but SHOCKING Pet Colors!

    Color me VERY unimpressed with the new artists. In fact, I bet that the good looking new items are just remnants from the old artists! Items that had been created but not yet introduced to the site. The new art looks almost incomplete to me. Sorta sketched out rough draft doodles. The color saturation is poor. The lines are weak. I mean, look at: Oooph!! "I" could probably do better than that and I can barely color inside the lines! I first noticed it with the Stealth Gelert Clothing. Now, those who know me know I love Gelerts...and I REALLY liked the IDEA of the clothing. But, it just looks like they got as far as rough drafts then turned it in. The line work seems sloppy and sketched and the color saturation is beyond poor. Just looks like someone quickly sketched out their idea for a Stealthy Gelert clothing set...but that the items were never really worked on/filled out. And, yah, the new pet colors are...oy. Seems to me that the reason they have introduced so many new Dyeworks items is cuz all they have to do is change the color of items that were drawn well by the original TNT artists. Ah well...yet another part of Neopia that is, sadly, in clear decline. :(
  15. Key Quest

    I've recently returned from a summer hiatus. I was saddened to find that Keyquest has not yet returned. While I hope that TNT is sincere in their intent to fix/return Keyquest to the site...I noticed that it had been removed from the Games menu, so that does not instill much confidence in me. I'm still a member of a Keyquest Guild...so, I continue to hold something resembling a shred of hope. I miss it a lot...my wife and I used to play against other alllll the time for fun. It was just a bonus that we got prizes from it as well! :(