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  1. MME18 Just Released!

    when there are multiple IDs they can have different stages, and come out with different items. some stages may be the same, but usually there will be one stage where the items are all different. you will need to have at least one of each ID to receive all the different stages. the awarding of bonuses is random, and so someone who bought one MME may get one bonus, and someone who has 7 MMEs may get none. its a limit of one bonus per MME though :)
  2. Stocking Stufftacular 2013 is Here!

    i was a little sad to hear that the mittens disappear this year once used, last year we got a lovely wearable, undecided if i want to melt any of mine :/ forgot about the snowglobes xD they were so lovely last year ^_^
  3. Stocking Stufftacular 2013 is Here!

    they usually have some holiday theme to them, but its a surprise what you get :D it does continue until the 1st of Jan so usually something new year themed as well :) you can have a look at last items given out here: http://customize.thedailyneopets.com/index.php/articles/viewarticle/stockings-2009 http://customize.thedailyneopets.com/index.php/articles/viewarticle/stockings-2010 http://customize.thedailyneopets.com/index.php/articles/viewarticle/stockings-2011 http://customize.thedailyneopets.com/index.php/articles/viewarticle/stockings-2012
  4. I can't customise my Neopets!!!

    i suggest taking out even more as well it depends a bit on your computer, but most people get it to load at under 300 items these days, mine i had to get it below 100 to get it to load, i know of one user who can get it to load at 800 items but i think thats very uncommon. as its was a silly thing to just have only 100 items (still can't remove paintbrush items which doesn't help) i now only put in the items i need to change the customisation in my closet, and just use Dress to Impress to keep track of all my clothing items, their wardrobe section is excellent, i have about 1500+ items, so the closet limit borked for me ages ago, i just keep them in my Safety Deposit Box. the closet issue is well known on the Customisation/NC boards but there is no solution, other than to remove as many items as you can to find out your own limit, use a few different browsers until you find the one that works for you, i use firefox, safari or IE depending on the computer, now my closet is below 100 items, it works in all of them, and chrome (but i don't use chrome very often)
  5. NC Trading Advertisements

    *cough* if you have a wishlist for a polka dot umbrella: let me know. have stacks of NC items ;) best contactable if you neomail me, real life is busy at the moment sorry :(
  6. *waves*

    *hug* i'm usually on the IRC chat, normally as Natalie :D welcome to the forums and hopefully you and i will be able to catch each other in the chat! i'm not great at being on when most other people are... evil timezone :P lurking is fun, but the best fun is joining in with the crazy :P *hugs*
  7. Transferring NC Items From Side Account

    you are welcome ^_^ glad it was helpful! I collect the goodie bags, so usually i trade for an extra bag if i really like the item :) should be interesting if the contacts are nice, still broken i think. edit: TNT have fixed the contacts.. ooh pretty! ^_^ they are very nice for a freebie :D
  8. Transferring NC Items From Side Account

    the halloween bags and the toy neggs gave out NP items, and so you weren't allowed to collect those on sides, however nowadays the NC goodie bags contain NC items, and TNT have stated you are allowed to collect those on side accounts :) http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=editorial&week=554 gift boxes aren't reuseable unfortunately the gift box mystery capsules cost 200nc (you just missed the half off sale) and give out 1-5 gift boxes when opened. they are on sale until the end on the month, and will retire, typically GBCs (gift box capsules) are for sale in the mall the last few weeks of the month. you can also receive boxes by redeeming a physical NC card, the number of boxes you get varies depending on how much the card is worth, i believe there is currently a promotion in the US for $5 off $25 Monkey Quest (which is also Nickelodeon, and NC based) in Gamestop stores until August 4th. i think the $25 cards give you 5 boxes. bear in mind NC expires after 2 years once redeemed. you need gift boxes to send all NC items, excluding grams and selected item based cookies which are special and don't require boxes. this also includes if you want to send a gift box capsule to your side. i would suggest as this goodie bag gives 2 items, to send across the intact bag, and then open it on your main otherwise you will need 2 gift boxes. otherwise i'm sure if you want to trade someone something NC for their goodie bag, the NC neoboard would be a good place to find a trade. it depends on the event... mostly these days NC events are designed to be separate from the NP components, and so often you can do them on sides. if you ever you get any kind of NP advantage from them, generally its not allowed. but in the past events like Daily Dare could only be completed on your main account due to the game challenges meaning you earned NPs a special allowance was made for AC, you have to join a team to participate, but it was allowed last year and this year, to join a team and participate on side accounts provided the NP items gained when joining a team were discarded. (see that event FAQ, which specifically answers that)
  9. NC MALL: Free Birthday Goodie Bag 2!

    the sparkler can only be used on the cupcake ;) and not on the rest of the Sparkler prizes (on the cake) make sure you open your goodie bag first then go to http://www.neopets.com/mall/birthday/ to claim your sparkler prize, you should click the cupcake in the bottom left of the screen the item you get is Sparkler Contacts, which are currently broken, :( the image is broken, and the contacts are apparently not showing up correctly in people's closet at this time. the contacts are a NC item, as are the icecream pillars. a reminder you ARE allowed to collect goodie bags on side accounts, the items are the same for everyone, birthday pillars and contacts ;)
  10. NC MALL: Free Birthday Goodie Bag!

    it will be the same item for everyone in the bag :) remember that since NC isn't the same as NP, you are allowed to claim the goodie bag on side accounts ^_^ pretty wig! :D
  11. Plastics: Ban or not?

    i say the paper bag argument because in the country i'm in thats not a popular alternative, most companies here use plastic and a friend in a previous discussion on this topic commented on how other countries tend to offer consumers the option of paper or plastic, but i consider paper mills often very toxic to the environment, this idea that paper is somehow significantly better for the environment because it comes from a renewable resource rubs me the wrong way (yes i know thats not the point you are exactly making, but it was the point she made which is why it came to mind when writing my previous post) because if you recycle/upcycle/reuse that is the best method for reducing environmental impact that we make with frankly, all our rubbish. most packaging if its paper here, is normally super fancy, with gloss/color/bleached white for boutiques and speciality shops not the brown paper which i believe is a alternative used to plastic bags in other countries. no large supermarket offers paper bags here, you'ld only maybe find it in the specialty organic stores. although there are cleaner paper mills, i personally feel its the same argument i can apply to alot of manufactured product: do i know where it comes from? because not all countries have the same standards. its a big issue at the moment where i am that imported product is not having to pass the same sort of standards as locally produced product in that manufacturing processes aren't under direct scrutiny, only the product may be subject to that (and depending on the product, not always depending on what licence its imported under). Reflex paper recently suffered some bad PR when it came out some of their paper was from native hardwood forests, perfectly legal but not a good image for a company which promotes that it also produces recycled product and promotes itself as a greener paper company with an attached brand premium for being locally produced and environmentally "friendly". yes i agree paper is less dangerous in an aerobic environment like the ocean, but i don't consider paper a viable disposable alternative is that makes sense? so yes although paper is a better alternative than plastic, its the attitude of society that needs changing, i believe our society is exceptionally wasteful as a whole and recycling although it reduces resources that have to be produced for product it also requires significant energy/resources to return it to a usable form. you should see the verge collection i drove past this morning, its the 6th one in that suburb this year (mine only does it twice a year), its ridiculous some people have so much large waste to throw away every single time. and that goes straight to landfill, they don't bother sorting out that stuff. change is slow and expensive as a rule, most landfills will not be exactly modern depending on your country but here although the rules about catchment for water etc apply, if you have older infrastructure in place, sometimes stuff is grandfathered its often incredibly difficult if not impractical to apply sealants and linings to landfill sites. yes newer stuff will be better in terms of aiding breakdown of organic material and in reducing risk of environmental impact, but honestly thats not my experience in my local area which *cough* getting a bit offtopic so i'll stop. so i do agree with you, but also disagree :P it kinda depends on your country, what would be a viable alternative, and how they chose to manage waste.
  12. i think you may have scraped by with just a silence, unless you got the second message from TNT? because i have heard of silences being for 144 hours and more (it depends on previous silences and the severity of the incident), as long as you can actively see the time decreasing you haven't been permanently silenced :) and good luck,
  13. Plastics: Ban or not?

    where i live its increasingly moving to plastic bag free that been said most things you buy these days are made of plastic :P most large stores are charging for plastic bags, here its anything from 10-20c, grocery stores don't because i think people will kick too much of a fuss but they generally don't give them to you now for 1-2 items unless you specifically ask for them, they are also hugely pushing the reusable bags which also are often given for free in promotional giveaways. selected townships can enforce trading rules and i know a few townships within the city i live which have a no plastic bag policy, which is usually for post-checkout as others have mentioned, meat seems to have had an exception because the plastic its in from the deli is considered packaging i think its generally a good idea to cut our consumption of plastic bags down, but paper bags aren't a real alternative, in the anaerobic environment of a landfill they take just as long to break down and the production of paper itself is quite toxic, requires acids/serious chemicals. plastic bags though are a major nuisance to wildlife especially though. i normally either carry my stuff by hand (it stops me from overshopping which is MY major problem) or i keep a couple of the fibre reusable bags in my larger bags.
  14. luckily thats not actually a permasilence :) you will be able to fully access your account again when the period is over, i have heard that if TNT feels the incident merited it, even though they have applied a silence period, for them to later up it during that period to a permasilence, if it was, you would receive a second message stating you have been permanently silenced. TNT tends to take reports quite seriously, especially if another user reports for harassment, i've seen people silenced for much less. especially these days where on a childrens site you should be aware that harrassment can also be equal to bullying and thats a touchy subject these days. to me there wasn't profanity in the message (hence no replaced asterisks), but you say a few things about them that TNT probably considers harassment/insulting of another user, calling them a noob, immature and probably also a minion/questioning them being a minion/saying they bring their team down. just be careful what you say next time on the boards and in neomail, neoboards are open to anyone who has an account listed as 13 years and up which is why the monitors are super strict on the boards, they can be viewed by anyone and that does include some young users. it would be difficult to tell but if the other user was harassing you its possible TNT also disciplined them as well, its not necessarily them who reported you, if all those comments were on a neoboard, anyone who considered them inappropriate had that ability, and mods would generally have a look at the other boards listed.