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  1. Games Master Challenge 2017: Living vs Dead BEGINS!

    Team Living for me and both challenges have been completed. Today's challenges weren't so bad. I have never played Imperial Exam. I found it super fun!
  2. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    Okay. So. What I have gathered from all these posts, is that I can battle all I want, but I still can not unlock the other two achievements. I'm going to bed! LOL
  3. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    Okay, I'm super excited about this plot! However.... I had three misses when opening the chest, so I take it this means I don't get a prize? And some people have been getting the Wraith Ectoplasm when they battle? So far I have none. Maybe everything will become clear in a day or so.
  4. Mysterious Magical Neggs!

    The items from this new negg would be great for my Moltara customizations. I like the smaller prize pool as well, all those items are great. And cue the internal battle on buying NC or not... lol Edit: Whoops! Spoke too soon! Hate those shoes and of course, they were the first thing I got. I also got Negg Shaped Terrariums. They don't work on my pets yet so I have no idea what the look like. lol Fingers crossed for the other items tomorrow. I guess you can only dust the eggs twice a day.
  5. Festival of Neggs 2017!

    YES! I love Festival of Neggs! I got the book, which I'm totally happy with. I usually splurge for the NC portion of this event but I'm not too thrilled with prize pool situations that make you spend more money than intended. We'll see though. Have fun everyone!
  6. Daily Dare 2017!

    Well, I managed Bruno yesterday which was surprisingly easy after I complained. And I beat Chadley today as well. Never played Kiko Racing before, but I found it pretty Zen and fun!
  7. Daily Dare 2017!

    Yeah so Bruno and I? We don't get along... This game is my nemesis!
  8. Happy Chomby Day!

    I was hoping for Stealth... I don't like either of these. :(
  9. Faerie Quest Help

    YES! Thank you!
  10. Faerie Quest Help

    Is anyone around helping with Faerie Quests? I can't as for help on the Neoboards because it won't let me type what I need. A Large Cucumber Breezes Smoothie. Help would be appreciated!
  11. Faerie Quest Help

    Awesome! Thanks so much!! I tried to Neomail my thanks but I forgot I can't neomail anymore for some reason that TNT can't explain. lol
  12. Faerie Quest Help

    I am looking for "Tears of the Water Faerie" please. Help would be appreciated :-)
  13. Welcome to December and Advent Calendar Begins!

    YES!! I always look forward to Advent. I really like today's prize and the animation. Super cute. Hope that helmet looks okay on at least one of my pets. lol
  14. Games Master Challenge: Heroes vs Villains!

    Something glitchy is definitely going on. I had almost all the qualifying games done when my browser quit. I go back in and now it says incomplete on ALL of the games! Even the ones I completed days ago! I don't know what to do... EDIT: OH NO!! I just got awarded prizes!?? What is going on?! It says I didn't complete any of today's challenges. I completed all but one. And I completed every other day! I guess I;ll send a ticket.... This is no fun... Edit #2: Sooo everything seems back to normal now and the "prizes" i was awarded are no where to be seen. Something strange is afoot! lol
  15. Games Master Challenge: Heroes vs Villains!

    I didn't finish yesterday... I was outside all day having such a good day. But I'm still like... :( And today, Smug Bug Smite! My nemesis game! LOL