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  1. Well, I managed Bruno yesterday which was surprisingly easy after I complained. And I beat Chadley today as well. Never played Kiko Racing before, but I found it pretty Zen and fun!
  2. Yeah so Bruno and I? We don't get along... This game is my nemesis!
  3. I was hoping for Stealth... I don't like either of these. :(
  4. YES! Thank you!
  5. Is anyone around helping with Faerie Quests? I can't as for help on the Neoboards because it won't let me type what I need. A Large Cucumber Breezes Smoothie. Help would be appreciated!
  6. Awesome! Thanks so much!! I tried to Neomail my thanks but I forgot I can't neomail anymore for some reason that TNT can't explain. lol
  7. I am looking for "Tears of the Water Faerie" please. Help would be appreciated :-)
  8. YES!! I always look forward to Advent. I really like today's prize and the animation. Super cute. Hope that helmet looks okay on at least one of my pets. lol
  9. Something glitchy is definitely going on. I had almost all the qualifying games done when my browser quit. I go back in and now it says incomplete on ALL of the games! Even the ones I completed days ago! I don't know what to do... EDIT: OH NO!! I just got awarded prizes!?? What is going on?! It says I didn't complete any of today's challenges. I completed all but one. And I completed every other day! I guess I;ll send a ticket.... This is no fun... Edit #2: Sooo everything seems back to normal now and the "prizes" i was awarded are no where to be seen. Something strange is afoot! lol
  10. I didn't finish yesterday... I was outside all day having such a good day. But I'm still like... :( And today, Smug Bug Smite! My nemesis game! LOL
  11. So, is there an extra prize for playing all the games every day? Or should I just play the ones for the team I chose?
  12. It's my fav too! I get morphing potions all the time. I especially like treasure chests.
  13. Seeing as there are no wearables, mine are going straight in the old SDB. I'm glad they did something for Halloween though. I say it every year, but I miss Masks of Dread...
  14. I'm sorry this has happened to you. I also didn't mean to imply that you were breaking the rules. I know you are allowed to have more than one account for certain things, I'm just too nervous to do it. I really hope it all works out. I can't imagine what this must feel like...
  15. Oh no! This is my worst nightmare!! I'm so sorry... I've never had multiple accounts because I'm terrified of being Frozen...