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  1. What are those wings called? Are they expensive? I should probably save for a while since I just spent 2mil on the bg I bought for Hydraea (and I still think I overpaid xD). I really want to buy some necklaces for her though since I only have the PB ones. It looks a lot more glittery in the non-animated picture xD. But I must say I am absolutely in love with every single piece on her and it makes me very happy :)
  2. I'd highly suggest you read some habi guides to help you level faster. Knowing more will also help you make more np once you do hit level 50. There isn't really much to levelling faster except have as many workers as you can (I do 3 soldiers, 3-5 nesters and the rest workers when I level up, and it takes about a week to reach max. Probably 2-3 days to get to level 22). The other thing that helps is to use your resources on building and upgrading nests as this is the most efficient way to get exp with your resources. There are also tons of gifting boards on the habi board that you can get free buildings from.. so you can get the exp from building those without spending resources! Place food out so pests will attack and that will increase your exp a bit too. For level 50 guides, I suggest http://www.neopets.com/~NailGuard. It explains how to maximize your habi once you do hit level 50. The setup that I use is really nice because I dont block any of the gem-spawning squares in the game, and have enough storages out to carry over 100k of each resource (I use storages to block off my P3s too, instead of useless decorations :3). If you're interested, once you get to level 50 I can take a screenshot of it. Habi makes around 50k per 8 hours that you leave it on (6.25k per hour?). You also make an extra 4-5k from buying and upgrading nests per 8 hours of resources... so about 150k+13k per day. I think the most you can make is around 170k in 24 hours but it also depends what browser you use and how laggy it is.
  3. I haven't even played a single game during scores galore xD. But I'd be interested in what games there are that are quick and easy to play because I'd like to take advantage of it too but I have no clue what games to play since I only ever play games for avatars and trophies :(
  4. Grats on your new draik!! She's beautiful. I really love the wings and wig on her especially! Water PBs are down to 3mil! Crazy! You would've been better off just getting a draik MP and then painting her xD. But I paid almost double that for my water pb just 2 weeks ago :/ And yay! We're reviving the topic sort of :) By the way... the new Zylphia wig is SO ADORABLE on draiks. I think it's my favourite wig at the moment. I'm not sure if that's just from the novelty of having a new wig that I really want though xD. But I have an extra one and wont even trade it for a healing springs wig which I also really want so I guess I like it a lot :[ Everything looks so nice on draiks. I need to get another one :<
  5. I haven't heard of Tombola giving out PBs either but they also had a revamp so maybe? I didn't realize fruit machine was giving out THAT many paint brushes. I wonder if there are more REs. Oh well, it's not too bad because what comes around goes around right? Maybe I'll land my luck on fruit machine too. I had never heard of people winning high end PBs from fruit machine before so maybe that's new. I managed to sell my grey pb for 3mil so I'm pretty happy! Before the price plummets even more... I feel like there are a lot more pbs around now though. I mean.. there are 11 maraquan pbs on the TP!! I paid 11mil for mine a few months ago because there was only 1 or 2 at a time. And there are LOADS of grey pbs. It seemed like they just popped up overnight because when I put mine up, there were only 4 or 5. The contests like art gallery and gallery spotlight have always given out high end PBs though. I imagine they gave out pretty much all the PBs since they have always given out maraquan and plushie which used to be the highest end ones
  6. Hey everyone! I was wondering, does anyone know why paint brush prices are dropping like crazy? Like, are they being given out more by RE's, fruit machine, etc? I mean I've heard some suggestions as to why, but I'm simply curious if there is suddently a much higher rate of PBs being given out. I got a grey pb last week and the price has dropped from 4-4.5mil to almost 3mil already!! Also, I was ecstatic when I found out water pbs had dropped to 6mil 2 weeks ago.. I got one for 5.5mil and though it was an amazing deal but they dropped even lower than that overnight, and now they're like 3mil less than 2 weeks later!! SO yea I'm just curious partially because I'm panicking about not being able to sell my grey PB, but also because I just feel a bit like the neo-sky is falling and I just want to know what's going on! I've heard it's because of the fruit machine.. did the fruit machine not used to give out PBs, or did it only give out desert pbs? Are there other things giving out pbs too??
  7. When I came back to neo after quitting for 7 years, the first month was really difficult. After that, I started entering the AG and got some decent prizes from there (like PBs under 800k) so that pushed me up to 2mil in like a week but then that stuff comes in bursts. Later, I found out about key quest so I started playing that for around 2 weeks and it makes around 80k a day so that was my next million. I think I hit 3mil after 4 weeks of coming back, and that was with a lot of struggling and not knowing how to make np. I literally hadn't gotten past the 10k mark in my first week and was struggling just to pay for dailies xD. Although I was really motivated at the time because the owner of my old draik said he'd trade him back to me for a pirate krawk, and that was going to cost me 3mil so I was desperate. I didn't end up making the np in time though and I never got the trade. After that, I found out about Habi and started making 150k a day from it. I had done tons of research into habi before I started it so that I could figure out how to get the maximum I could once I hit level 50. So I started making around 4.5mil a month just from habi. The first time I had 10mil actually IN THE BANK was after 3 months, but I had already spent at least 6mil before that. Since then, I've never had 10mil in the bank because I like collecting things too much to keep my assets in liquid form xD. And I'd rather hold on to items as an investment than sell them right away. For example, I put 1mil into retired books 6 months ago and now they're up to 10mil in value but I'm not selling them for at least another year. But there are lots of ways to make np, and it's also easier to make np when you have np. I like having habi because it's steady and is a nice backup for when I have dry periods. But then, habi alone is too slow for me because I spend almost all of it (150k per day) on training now xD, so it's nice to also have those big bursts.. and those only come from restocking or entering contests. If you like to draw or write, you could try to enter the poetry competition or art gallery.. things like that help a ton. The neopian times SOMETIMES gives out prizes too, but only on special issues. But if you have the patience for it and a good connection, restocking is the easiest and quickest way to make np. You could get to 10m very quickly that way. If you dont restock, the only way I can see is to very slowly, day by day, get to your goal, which also takes a lot of patience and persistance xD
  8. Oh, also I'm looking to buy codestone of all sorts. If you have codestones you'd like to sell me please neomail me! (and neggs! only ones that can be redeemed for points)
  9. He's adorable! Saxen you have such awesome/gorgeous pets!! I'm so jealous xD!
  10. These are the guides that I have used: IDNQ and Winnie_1964's guide. I'd suggest you look over Winnie's guide! The battle guide section in there will explain what you should do in a battle for the best effects. Also, if you're having difficulty with NQ2, I'd recommend Winnie's skill guide too because the skills are aimed at boss battles. So you will level up a bit slower using those skills, but boss battles will be a walk in the park (I used this for insane and the final boss was insanely easy xD). It's true you should not purchase wands for Mipsy. You will notice that for weapons you buy, they only have a damage stat. That means that the only thing your weapon will do is add damage to your physical attacks (or the "Attack" command). Since you dont use physical attacks with Mipsy, any amount of weapon damage won't help. Wands that you find will have additional skill stats, and you should use this to judge which weapon you want to use. If you levelled up group damage with her, look for wands with +group dmg. If you leveled up single-target damage, look for wands with that. Generally, I look at how many GOOD +stats each weapon has, vs how many GOOD stats are taken away. For stats that you dont use, just ignore them. For example...this wand has... - Damage Shields: +4 - Group Direct Damage: +3 - Group Haste: +3 - Slowing: -2 - Direct Damage: -2 So if I levelled Group Direct Damage, this would be a good wand. the -2 Direct damage is negligible since I don't even use that skill. Also, I probably didn't level slowing, so the -2 there doesn't matter either. However, if I already have my group direct damage maxed out, then this wand loses some of its effectiveness. You cannot go above the maximum for that skill (which is 15). So just look for how many useful stat points a weapon or armor adds or takes away, and remember that skills you dont use don't matter, and any points over the maximum don't matter either. The same rules apply for armor. The armor you can buy only comes with a defense stat, which is useful on everyone. I'd skip out on buying weapons for Velm too since his attack isn't that helpful, but if you have lots of gold to spare and attack with him quite often, feel free to buy him weapons. ------ As for seconds during the fight, it doesn't actually count seconds in real time. Even if you leave your NQ2 screen there for 2 hours, it won't make a difference in the time elapsed. How the seconds work.. each of your characters/enemies has a certain "wait time" after they attack before they can attack again. So for example, if your battle time is at 5s, and the next move (either you or enemy) is in 2s, then your next screen will update to 7s elapsed time. This is how the battle clock works. It's not really significant.. in fact you can just ignore it but if you learn how to time potions for hard boss fights, it will make them easier. The time between your character's attacks depend on if they're hasted or slowed. You can also decrease the amount of time between their attacks by levelling their innate haste. Also, the time will vary depending on what kind of attacks you use (for example, Talinia's group attack has a longer recovery time than a normal attack). Hope this helps and makes sense! Let me know if you have any other questions.
  11. Hey Draik Lair!! Wow it's been dead in here... Sorry I poofed! I've been super busy this summer and I totally forgot about checking TDN for ages! Anyways... my draiks have gone through quite a few changes since! First, I painted Hydraea DESERT... and this was my temporary customization that I had for her: Then, I realized that water pbs were down to 5.5mil so I bought one a few days later (I think I actually overpaid xD)... so now she is WATER!! FINALLY!! Here is her current customization (left) and her final customization (right). ( http://impress.openn.../outfits/242019 for the animated version) Also... I updated Levithien's customization too! I love all these new underwater items that have come out lately since when I first got him, there was a really small selection of items for maraquan customizations! I was worried that my future maraquan pets would all look the same xD. Spritzie: The maractite Kazeriu is really pretty and fitting! I'm not sure I LOVE Kazerius so I might keep looking and pray for more water/maractite petpets to be released (I'd love a ukali for her!). As for now, I gave her this new friend: Meet Wintere the Candychan!! I got her from the Art Gallery today and I panicked a lot/almost had a heart attack xD. I was already overly excited because I was getting my Iscas Dress to finish my customization which I had been searching for for a while now... and when I went to my inventory to send the trade, I found this sitting there! I'm actually growing really attached to it because it's SO CUTE, but luckily, it doesn't match my pet at all so I should be able to separate myself from it sometime in the future. So anyways.. I've just been been sitting in a glow of happiness all day and as a result, have done nothing at all xD. I actually got a grey PB from the Art Gallery too which AT THE TIME, was the best prize I had ever gotten (out of like 55 wins)... then I got hit with the Candychan today. On top of that, I found a SLM#1 just an hour ago!! I don't know what is with my luck.. but I've been so ecstatic all day that I've given myself a huge headache and I don't know if my nerves can take any more of this xD ------------- Soooo sorry for the really long post. I'll try to drop by here a lot more! I hope everyone comes back too :(. I really love this place and seeing everyone's beautiful draiks! I also created Monstrae today, who I am zapping for a MSP to trade, but also thinking about morphing into a zombie krawk or draik. And if a transparent draik ever comes out, that will be the next thing on my list! I really fell in love with transparent pets after drawing one, and sadly realized that I have no spooky pets!
  12. Selling: Kauvaras Potion - r99 Grey Paint Brush - r101 SLM#1 - r99 Also have these items... but not in a rush and I'm probably going to hold on to them for a while, but I thought I'd post them in case someone was looking and is interested in them... Candychan - r99 (although I am getting rather attached to it already xD) Neopian Times Writing Quill - r101 ------------------------ SEEKING: Faerie City Balcony Background
  13. I'm trying to pick out a petpet for Hydraea. She's eventually going to be water, so something to suit a water draik, and even better if it fits the desert draik nicely too sicne she'll be a desert-water crosspaint.
  14. I've never noticed having lag from having habi open for a long period of time. At least, it doesn't lag more after 10 hours then right after I refresh it. Anyways, I reverted to flash player version 11.1 but now flash isn't working in chrome so I'll try a different version when I'm less lazy xD. I have low quality flash installed on both chrome and firefox, but I only use it to prevent lockouts. Anyways, I stated that I never had a problem with habi lagging before on the same computer so I was trying to figure out what caused the problem :P. Anyways, a solution has been found so feel free to lock this topic, mods :P This topic has been edited by a member of staff (Neomysterion). The original topic had been answered. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this topic. Per the reason above, this topic has been LOCKED. Please contact Neomysterion if you have any questions regarding this action.
  15. Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'NeoQuest - Wise and Powerful' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
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