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  1. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    @balloongal247 Makes sense. Thanks :) This topic has been edited by a member of staff (hrtbrk) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep posts 7 words or greater. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  2. Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    You don't need to wait! I reloaded the page and it let me go. I then got it on my second try with a few misses. Then, after I got it, I did it again with 0 misses and unlocked the achievement.
  3. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    I'm glad things finally seem to be starting up or at least being more prepared. I have been looking forward to this plot. But the silence on the Faerie Festival page has been driving me insane! I keep thinking that I must be missing something! As for training my pets, I never really *understood* the Battledome or how to fight in Neopets. I get the basic concept - battling pets/challengers. What I didn't get was the system for it. Maybe this plot will finally force me to learn it.
  4. ever zapped the wrong pet ??

    Yes! I zapped my Shoryu, Princess_Imaginative and that resulted in a gender change! I had to keep zapping until it changed back. Thankfully, when the gender did finally switch to female again (which felt like a month later), she was still a Shoryu, but a Christmas one. It was around October or November, so I decided to keep her that way through the holiday season. And then proceeded to keep her that way for another year or so because I couldn't decide which color to repaint her as.
  5. Pets and Colours You Love

    I am a HUGE fan of Mutant Draiks! They look so classical dragon-y to me. Very fantasy-y. I'm not the biggest fan of the piece of their brain sticking out the top end, but I put up with it because I think that they are such a strong concept. LARGE NOTE: I don't really dress my Neopets up in clothes or customize them very much (at all!). Just not my thing. Although I'm not sure why. Mostly I just throw backgrounds on them. So I don't mind that the Mutant Draik is hard to dress up.
  6. Rank 18 is awesome! Great job, Angelo!
  7. And... this year I got too busy to play. =/ I guess that is a part of being an adult. I thought I would have more down time on vacation to play, but I mainly ended up helping my parents move. Hope everyone else met their goals!
  8. I have not been playing as much as I would like! I am shooting for 10 YYB games by the end of today. I remember liking SOSD better last year anyway. :) School got kind of busy (had to resubmit a big paper); but now it's just summer work, which is like normal work hours. I am very confused by the scoring, too. I haven't tried to understand it. Maybe that's the best way to go.
  9. I forgot to play yesterday! Been distracted by work and whatnot. Oops! Let's go Shenkuu! I will have to play extra today!
  10. This gets even MORE bizarre because mine said: You've become a Shenkuu supporter. Thanks for believing in us... we won't let you down! A team background is now in your inventory. Welcome back! For your 3 years of dedicated play you have earned the prizes below: Congratulations! You've been awarded the Altador Cup site theme. To apply your new site theme, click here or visit your preferences to set the theme yourself. But I have been playing for the same number of years as JellySundae! Something's off..
  11. I will be on Team Shenkuu again! Excited to be playing again!
  12. Daily Dare 2017 - Claim Your Prizes!

    I got all of the prizes. I tend to squirrel the stamps away in my SDB. They do typically start out high, then drop. But they slowly rise. For example, the Brains vs. Brawn Stamp has a price around 4m on the TP. I am really excited to have gotten the stamp this time.
  13. Daily Dare 2017!

    I completed all of the challenges! I beat Chadley for every one! Congrats to everyone else who participated! Some of those scores were really tough! Good luck, Mouseykins! And I hope you can submit your Barf Boat score, d_artemiss! I would be so frustrated if I were in your shoes!
  14. Daily Dare 2017!

    After two hours of playing, I have FINALLY beat Chadley's score. I was really worried that this challenge would cause me to get silver! I really should have been doing my coursework... If only I could give that the same determination as I do Daily Dare...
  15. Daily Dare 2017!

    I agree that a gold medal should involve beating AAA/Chadley every day, but I think that there should be more levels of trophy - like in GMC. Like the next level could be beating AAA/Chadley more than half of the days and Abigail the rest, beating AAA/Chadley less than half of the days and beating Abigail the rest, etc. Or even making it so that a person doesn't need to play all of the days to get a silver trophy if they have mostly AAA/Chadley wins. It's a really harsh punishment to go from Gold Medal to participant by forgetting to play on the last day. The event is 20 days long! More levels of prizes/more nuance of prize levels could really help the event. Years ago, the AAA Daily Dare scores seemed so out of reach! And now, they are usually under my highest score for the game prior to the event. Assignment 53 has been the hardest game for me to get the score so far! (Kou Jong took a while, but it was relatively low stress). Kiko Racing was also tough, but I got into a groove eventually.