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  1. I will be on Team Shenkuu again! Excited to be playing again!
  2. I got all of the prizes. I tend to squirrel the stamps away in my SDB. They do typically start out high, then drop. But they slowly rise. For example, the Brains vs. Brawn Stamp has a price around 4m on the TP. I am really excited to have gotten the stamp this time.
  3. I completed all of the challenges! I beat Chadley for every one! Congrats to everyone else who participated! Some of those scores were really tough! Good luck, Mouseykins! And I hope you can submit your Barf Boat score, d_artemiss! I would be so frustrated if I were in your shoes!
  4. After two hours of playing, I have FINALLY beat Chadley's score. I was really worried that this challenge would cause me to get silver! I really should have been doing my coursework... If only I could give that the same determination as I do Daily Dare...
  5. I agree that a gold medal should involve beating AAA/Chadley every day, but I think that there should be more levels of trophy - like in GMC. Like the next level could be beating AAA/Chadley more than half of the days and Abigail the rest, beating AAA/Chadley less than half of the days and beating Abigail the rest, etc. Or even making it so that a person doesn't need to play all of the days to get a silver trophy if they have mostly AAA/Chadley wins. It's a really harsh punishment to go from Gold Medal to participant by forgetting to play on the last day. The event is 20 days long! More levels of prizes/more nuance of prize levels could really help the event. Years ago, the AAA Daily Dare scores seemed so out of reach! And now, they are usually under my highest score for the game prior to the event. Assignment 53 has been the hardest game for me to get the score so far! (Kou Jong took a while, but it was relatively low stress). Kiko Racing was also tough, but I got into a groove eventually.
  6. I have a Chadley score ready to go if anybody wants to team up! :)
  7. This is frustrating because I was a few days away from my 100k. I am not really irritated if I have to lose it though. It's just free Neopoints that I would squirrel away. But I am relieved to see that it was not my personal problem, and that a lot of us are in the same boat. I got the notification that "Trudy's Surprise has reset and is waiting for you!" All I could think was "Trudy's Surprise has NOT reset."
  8. This event has also been sucking me in! I was thinking that I would sell the items that I have stocked up. However... That has not been the case. I have donated several times. I think my best 2 items have been A Superior Reflection Shield (last price on JN was 6mil, but seems to be on the TP for about 2-4 mil) and a Meerca Spy Stamp. There have also been some items in the 100k+ range. And some below that too. I have been needing to clear out my SDB, I've got just 3700 items (2,300 unique) items in there... So this event is good.
  9. When I clicked on the qualifying games link on the TDN Game Guide, for some reason it took me to the 2015 GMC challenge and had the prizes pop up (but I didn't get them because I got them last year). Could yours have also done that?
  10. I also found this! I guess I thought that the challenges earlier this week had been too easy. Like a score of 1000 for Neopian Battlefield Legends is insanely low. I enjoyed today's challenges because most of them took a few tries for me.
  11. Hope day 2 has gone well for everyone! In the GMCs in the years past, there has been a challenge on the last day to send scores in 50 (or 60 in 2013!) qualifying games.I am anticipating this again this year, so I have been making sure to send scores in about 10 new qualifying games each day.
  12. I went with Team Heroes because I know that I can eventually figure out and solve any puzzle game, but action games are a bit tougher for me. However, villains was tempting because they definitely have more fun!
  13. I also had a bit over 5,000 points, so I got the stamp. I will also get the Shenkuu armor. With the remainder - probably Knuckle Dusters and books. A while ago, I got a Water PB from the Fruit Machine and I never bothered to sell it. I hope they don't drop in price now...
  14. Ah! The second half of the tournament did not go as planned for me! Two of the fingers were sore... Probably from all of the SOSD and some of that YYB. And, I just didn't get around to it after the travel. Good job playing in the tournament guys!
  15. Woo! We swept Moltara! I actually managed to play yesterday. I am burned out but after a couple day break, I hope that I am back to playing at my normal rate.