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  1. Solandres

    Happy Usul Day!

    AS PREDICTED Another year, still no elderly or stealthy or pastel The only good average thing that came out from this is the woodland and that's pretty much about it Her outfit is inspired from Mira, Aquaman's Love Interest (Justice League) Other than that, Another letdown for Usul day. As usual. Usul's never get the love they deserved
  2. Solandres

    Wraith Resurgence: Join The Fight

    Did all of the achievements already Now the most important question Where do i get myself an ectoplasm for the snow faerie?
  3. Solandres

    Help Needed D:

    Hello my darlings, (I do not know where to post this topic, but if it's on the wrong chat, darling moderators please move this to the accurate one) I have just created a look for my newly created Aisha, and i am one item missing from the completed look. The only one available in the trading post hasn't logged in to clear her neomails and it's really frustrating to look at. The item is..... Indigo wig Are there any kind owners of this item willing to sell this fashionable item to me? It will help my darling Lourve get her finished look. Please and thank you my darlings. Are there better ways to contact them? Also, can I listen to your story if you've been through the same problem as me? This post has been edited by a member of staff (Mouseykins) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please do not create duplicate topics. We already have a topic for buying items HERE. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  4. Solandres

    5th Pet Slot Added For All Accounts!

    Really? Right when i zapped my Steathy Mynci for a Green Meerca? This news should've come sooner *cries*
  5. Solandres

    Happy Bori Day!

    What in the devil's name is that outfit?
  6. Solandres

    Enter The Runway #45!

    Been a while since i entered this.. *considers joining again* Hmm, let my mind do the thinking for a day or two
  7. Solandres

    Faerie Festival Is Here!

    Soooo the prize of visiting everyday is the avatar?
  8. Solandres

    Faerie Festival Is Here!

    It's almost November. Can i already start predicting that i will be disappointed in Usul day again? On a side note: Still no luck on that game they call "Wings" Should be called "I have no idea what i'm doing"
  9. Solandres

    Faerie Festival Is Here!

    Okay i am usually one for always being displeased with Neopets, BUUT No matter how half-done this event is, i mean, on the plus side, we actually do have something right? Correct me if i'm wrong, but previous faerie festivals had nothing of of this sort. Or am i wrong? Ah well. Wing it is terrible waste of my time and i can't wait for that stupid fountain faerie to visit me again
  10. Solandres

    Last to post wins!

    Is this thing still on?
  11. Solandres

    Pet Zap

    Hey there TDN Community Major dilemma right now, i've been zapping my lab pet(s) a lot recently, hoping for any sense of Krawk/Draik and recently, i just got two zaps of a Stealth Shoryu & an Elderly Mynci Now i'm just baffled to which other pets should i zap, or are those "top tier" colours. Mind deciding for me? I'm not going to zap Ceilon ever because i've always wanted a Royal Usul and that's my dreamie for the longest time, and Merydiah looks so pretty i can't bear to zap her. Help! Neopets Username: Solandres
  12. Solandres

    The Runway Votes #40

    DID I SEE A FA MULAN REFERENCE RIGHT THERE! *votesthousandoftimesmentally*
  13. Solandres

    Happy Hissi Day!

    Preach fellow sister For your comment made me so happy
  14. Solandres

    Happy Hissi Day!

    I shall this post with a positive comment, since i've been dishing out negative comments about TNT work recently Love the wings. Now Spare me the horror of the colours and the atrocity of those boots. TNT, you failed again
  15. Solandres

    What is that one avie you just can't seem to get?

    One can dream about those pretty stamps avatar. I'll wake up one day, motivated to complete one set. Went through the shop wizard and about 1 hour in, i'll just glance into my gallery and go "Whatever" #storyofmylife