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  1. DID I SEE A FA MULAN REFERENCE RIGHT THERE! *votesthousandoftimesmentally*
  2. Preach fellow sister For your comment made me so happy
  3. I shall this post with a positive comment, since i've been dishing out negative comments about TNT work recently Love the wings. Now Spare me the horror of the colours and the atrocity of those boots. TNT, you failed again
  4. One can dream about those pretty stamps avatar. I'll wake up one day, motivated to complete one set. Went through the shop wizard and about 1 hour in, i'll just glance into my gallery and go "Whatever" #storyofmylife
  5. Okay i might have pushed it a little on the 3 years thing. But darling, the atrocity for the previous 2 years? 2015 NOT only did TNT delay on my beloved species special day, they gave an excuse that the art team is working super hard on a special design for Usuls & Xweetok. What did my beloved Usul get? An ABOMINATION. What new clothes did she get to wear that year? Snowager's Vomit. 2016 If i recalled correctly, there were 2 new colours released on this year. Elderly & Pastel. [And of course the long awaited Stealth] But what did TNT release for these wonderful creatures? http://images.neopets.com/items/usul-clay.jpg http://images.neopets.com/items/usul-custard.jpg Sewage & Variant Snot. I rest my case sweetheart, let me cry in the corner now
  6. I'm still not over that personally. All i can say now to the new team though,
  7. NOT trying to be always negative when it comes to pet colours but, Is this going to be a new trend now with TNT? One Subpar colour and an outfit that is just ..... ? I remembered the good old times with 2 colours At least if one of the colours was meh, the other would be something to talk about. What is up with the design team nowadays? Don't get me started on the past 3 years of USUL DAY. #stilllookingforjusticeonusuls (Btw the Lutari looks average, i'm basically ranting on the Clay colour released previously)
  8. One more year of waiting and dying of envy inside looking at the other pet colours. I was really hoping for a Stealth Usul, but, i forgot the phrasing, "Once bitten, twice shy" Silly me to keep hoping
  9. Why am i NOT surprised TNT decides to pull an iffy on Usul day again. Totally predicted this. I might sound bitter about this, but this is the second consecutive year Usul's seems to get no love. Clay & Custard, REALLY?
  10. Usul Day.. I've been disappointed for the past two years Please let this year be, groundbreaking
  11. Happy birthday indeed darling! To many more years!
  12. I always thought glowing was a primary colour ready for every pets in Neopia Oh well There's always next year
  13. Love the colour combinations. As having one as a neopet?
  14. Absolutely when things like this happens. Sorry about the loss darling, but the world is round. It'll hit them back sooner or later
  15. Correct me if i'm wrong, is the Woodland Meerca inspired by... a Potato? So it's a Meertato That's hot