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  1. My son has two of them, and likes them. He goes to a private autistic school (he is high functioning), and a lot of the kids have them. They are fun I know a lot of scolls have banned them.
  2. The Sway it is, based on everyone's response and the voting results. Go Sway! I'll fight my buns off you ya!!!!
  3. Thank you, @kayahtik so much for your help!
  4. Thank you so much, Jelly! I was up late This should help our cause. The war is not yet won, but the battle turns in our favour. For your efforts, Bisbee66's defence, strength, and health have increased! Hey...can you help me with a Fountain faerie Quest? Thanks Oh dear, are you having trouble? I'm sorry to cause problems! *sniffle* You are supposed to bring me: Scarabug Hilt Sword
  5. Can anyone help me with a Battle Faerie Quest? Thank you! I need: Strawberry Marshmallow Grundo.
  6. It's okay, the FFQ is totally worth it! Thank you!
  7. Yay!!! A Fountain Faerie Quest! Can you help me find: Hullo! Thanks for stopping by again. I hate to rush you, but I really do need that item soon. You are supposed to bring me: Golden Violi
  8. I know how you feel! It took me FOREVER to get The Brutes avie. Awakened it help people out there that need this avie! *and the boons*
  9. Finally! It took me forever to complete this I am very lazy... Something Has Happened! You are now eligible to use 'Top Gamer' as an avatar on the NeoBoards!
  10. I love you too, Jelly! Also, I can't cook, so that Pepto is perfect! Hahahahaha!
  11. @jellysundae well, maybe! It is my hubby's birthday today! Bwa hahahaahhahahahahahaa!
  12. I won this in the Battledome. It made me laugh so hard. I was like, what in the heck is this? Item : Large Grundo Toe With Lint Side Order Owner : tk421beth A large meal to fill your young ones. Toe lint now available as an extra bonus.
  13. @Scoobert_Doo! We have a lot of thinking to do, no? I'm totally excited for the Cup! I am hoping to get a higher rank than last year! I was Level 7 last year My sista @rntracy1 This year I promise to rise in the ranks! Even that *yawn* Slushlie Slinger game
  14. Hahahaha! She sometimes drops books on you too. Yahhhh! Where is Lawyerbot when you need him/her?
  15. A Joint of Ham suddenly falls from the sky and lands in your lap. The Space Faerie must be in a good mood! Thanks! It's almost lunchtime here, so yippee!