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  1. Thank you so much! I went with Abigail's score this round. There are some games I just cannot play well. I am glad I tried a bunch of times, since my original score was 30
  2. I beat my old score of 300-something to 461, so I beat Chadley, whew! Good luck, everyone!!
  3. I am horrible at this game. I will spend an hour trying to play it, and if I cannot beat Chadley's score, I will have to go with Abigail this time, no biggie
  4. I am so crappy at this game! I haven't picked Chadley yet, I need to get better before I choose him. I'd rather play Kou-Jong anyday Edit: Oh my goodness! I got a score of 1055! I am so glad I chose Chadley! Yippee! Good luck, everyone!
  5. The Polka Dot Chomby is to CUTE! I it! The snot one is so gross!
  6. I am not a robot Believe me, it takes FOREVER to get that score. I have to re-start mostly every level when I get stuck/cannot complete the level. You have to have a lot of patience! I have a boring life, and have time to play
  7. Whoa... did it actually work? Sure looks like it. Your Petpet has been transformed. Imagine that.
  8. I kicked booty today and got a score of 1113. Kou-Jong is a game I play every day. Believe me, I'm not good at the other games...I doubt I will be able to beat Chadley every day...
  9. I also had my score in the 300's as well I am so happy I beat Chadley! *fist pump* Way to go, everyone!
  10. I got the same random even on the 17th. :)
  11. I did the same thing, and got last year's results as well. I LOVE the DD! I guess it will be starting soon...hopefully! PS: and Hello, fellow Arizonian! I live in Show Low!
  12. Good afternoon! I'm excited to tell you my input about your topic... Last year I got my DNA Ancestry done. My hubby bought the kit from Ancestry, and I cried when he presented it to me. It meant a lot to me to do it! I was adopted when I was nine months old. I have no information in regards to my biological family at all. I've always wondered what am I? Spanish? English? French? Greek? Hmmm... My Mom was excited when I sent my kit off, and I was thrilled to see what I will "be." I even posted the results on my Facebook page. Believe me, this was so exciting! I do not know about my medical biological history, but maybe I can get that done later. I am thrilled to know what I am now. I loooove St. Patrick's Day, and was thrilled of the Asian and Jewish info as well. I guess I'm a mutt! Here are my results: REGION APPROXIMATE AMOUNT Europe 97% Europe West 29% Ireland 25% Europe East 23% Italy/Greece 10% Trace Regions 10% Finland/Northwest Russia 4% Great Britain 2% European Jewish 2% Scandinavia 1% Iberian Peninsula < 1% Pacific Islander 1% Trace Regions 1% Melanesia 1% West Asia 2% Trace Regions I loooove St. Patrick's Day, and was thrilled of the Asian and Jewish info as well. I guess I'm a mutt
  13. Did anyone keep their pet info before and after they did the Faerie Quests? I did. I also had a FQ fortune cookie going the whole game: 02/28/2017 03/20/2017 Level: 215 Level: 235 Health: 378 Health: 397 Strength: 401 Strength: 428 Def: 348 Def: 369 Movement: 299 Movement: 320
  14. This just happened, so WooHoo! Happy Friday! ^_^_ While out for a scroll, Bisbee66 looks down and finds 17,058 on the ground. Today looks like a luck day!
  15. You have awoken the great Turmaculus... and now your pet is a little stronger thanks to Turmaculus!!!