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    Arizona, USA
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    Neopets, of course! Other stuff I do: learning Hebrew and Yiddish, listening to Howard Stern, I looove K-Pop, motorcycles, reading and cross-stitching nerdy and sassy stuff!

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  1. Hey guys! I know...it's been a while I was wondering...have any of the other Premium Account people opened this goodie bag? I was wondering if I should open it, or just keep it in my SDB. I checked the SSW and the regular SW, and they both could not find this item. Thanks! Item : Premium Rewards Goodie Bag Owner : tk421beth While we love all Neopians, we wanted to show our Premiums a little extra love today! We are gifting you with some free NC Game Packs! Each play is guaranteed one NC item prize. Note: Invitations must be activated in your inventory to play the game. Type Special Weight 1lbs
  2. tk421beth

    Faerie Quest Help

    Thank you so much, Scoobert!!! :) Yup, it's me!!!!
  3. tk421beth

    Faerie Quest Help

    Can anyone help me find this item for my Battle Faerie Quest? Thank you! You are supposed to bring me: Hot Dog Water Bowl
  4. I see you Beth! Really glad to see you, and I hope all is well. :heart:

    1. tk421beth


      It' s great to be back! I got a new job, which takes up so much of my time. No more playing NP at work :( But I'm finally on a great schedule, so I plan to play when I get home. I hope you are doing well :)


    2. jellysundae


      How awesome! We've missed you and it will be great if we're gonna get to see your happy shining face around again. :D

  5. tk421beth

    Terror Mountain Support Thread - AC XII (2017)

    I am SO PROUD of our team, and especially proud of @Scoobert_Dooand my sista @rntracy1 for making *ALL STARS* I mean, WOW I was trying to get rank 12, and at 11:35pm...the last day of the AC, I could not access the games! I was sooo upset-I only had 5 more games of YYB to get 12. BUT...they "gave" it to me. I am happy I got rank 12, with everything that has been happening at work. I wonder if they knew I was playing when it "shut down"? Also, this is the highest rank ever for me! GREAT JOB, EVERYONE!!!! Here are my stats: Yooyuball Goals Scored 1,215 Goals by Prytariel 392 Goals by Rinok Fitel 211 Goals by Evrem Guilako 416 Goals by Osielle Lidel 196 Saves by Minae Mitora 293 Number of Wins 126 Number of Draws 0 Number of Losses 0 Slushie Slinger Games Played 36 Top Score 659 Make Some Noise Games Played 52 Top Score 6,961 Shootout Showdown Games Played 2,686 Top Score 1,200
  6. tk421beth

    Faerie Quest Help

    Thank you so much, Jelly! You have a noble heart, kind Neopian. Do not think that you go unnoticed. For your efforts, Bisbee66's level, strength, and health have increased -- a lot!
  7. tk421beth

    Faerie Quest Help

    Can anyone help me with my Queen Fyora Faerie Quest? Thank you! The ambassador is here? Tell him I'm not in! Ahem. Neopian, please find my item soon. You are supposed to bring me: Illusen Day Hot Dog
  8. tk421beth

    Terror Mountain Support Thread - AC XII (2017)

    Just made it to Rank 9! I am catching up, whew! I am hoping there will be no more rest days!!! GO TM!!!
  9. tk421beth

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 110!

    @midnight_spell360you make me laugh so hard here "What say you?" OMG, from one of my favorite movies, LOTR! Anyhoo, of COURSE I will choose Seekers! Let us BATTLE OUR BUNS OFF!!!! Let us get those wonderful boons!!!
  10. tk421beth

    Forgotten Shore

    I finally got something! A deserted shore stretches along in front of you. What's this? It looks like you found something buried in the sand... You have received a Grundo Veggieballs Coin
  11. tk421beth

    Terror Mountain Support Thread - AC XII (2017)

    I finally made it to level 8 a few minutes ago. I am trying hard to make it to level 9 by midnight tonight. I made it to level 7 last year, but I want to blow my old score away! LOL, I thought I was level 8 last year (I just checked) So, WooHoo! I beat my last years score! I hope everyone has a fantastic day! Goooooooooooooo TM!!!!
  12. tk421beth

    Forgotten Shore

    The Forgotten Shore has not worked for me in the past week...is there anyone else having the same problem? I may go a few days and it says there is nothing there/nothing to be found (whatever it says)...but this time it has been a while.
  13. tk421beth

    So, what are you listening to now?

    I am in total LOVE with the music from Hamilton! I have not seen it (I do not live in New York), but LOVE that music! Is there are more Hamilton fans out there?
  14. tk421beth

    Is premium worth it?

    I have been premium for quite some time. I LOVE THAT THERE ARE NO DANG ADS!! I do like that I can have 5 pets, and also, the Space Faerie Scratchcard every Friday. When you play games, you sometimes get a bonus on NP's, which is nice. Also, Every day there is a new Premium game featured, so when you play it, you get extra NP's! The SSW is great!! Every month you get a free Wearable item to use (or put in your closet for later) and a monthly Premium NeoDeck card. I hope this helps you with your decision!
  15. tk421beth


    I am so happy for you, Tracy! Mazel Tov! I know you must be so proud! This is awesome news! I want to "like" this status, but I used up all my likes? WTF, I hate it when that happens!