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  1. Team "Codex"

    This is the main idea that [Removed]ians are attempting to make; using available (free) programs to do things is to save time, TNT is now promoting this very thing (saving time) but making profit off of it. So who is cheating who here? First off... how on earth is anyone taking advantage of other humans? You NEED to clarify this audacious claim. The only thing that is being taken advantage of is time. Your first point "You guys don't have to deal with painful butt cramps, hand injuries and headaches." clearly not, this makes anyone taking advantage of the time saving simply smarter players and healthier to boot. "You don't deserve those points and your All-Star trophy." For all you know those points and trophy are earned by either A playing smarter or B playing unhealthy amounts... so who are you to say who does and does not deserve them? That seems an extremely harsh attitude to take on the matter. "You completely ruined the one of main point of the AC. SPORTMANSHIP" I thought the main point was to have fun? "What about those young people who does not know about Score Senders and play fair and square." They should be better informed I think?
  2. Team "Codex"

    You've not read this thread, have you? Take some time to read it through, slowly and carefully. No need to get upset about anything, if this is your first year participating in the Altador Cup that is great! Go for it, have fun, and enjoy your team spirit. Personally I am with Krawk Island.
  3. Motivation?

    Personally I play 5 of each game in rotation, I really detest Slushie Slinger, so I save that for last. I do that whole pattern 3-4 times before I quit for the day, it gets old after a while.
  4. Team "Codex"

    Auto Buyers such as Abrosia stabilize the economy for numerous reasons, this ties in with the use and functionality of the Item Database and the NeonAP, I'll highlight the mains ones to focus on (also covering benefits of a cheating community; IE [Removed]): Fighting Inflation Stabilizing Market Trends (Such as not deflating the value of everything on Half Price Day) Providing a Market via Offsite Forum to trade for other various Neopet goods. Stabilizing values of UC's, High Ends, and various other notable Neopets Items, Pets, Petpets, ect... Using an Auto Shop Pricer, such as NeonAP, you can mass price everything in your shop by checking it X amount of times against the SW to get the most accurate price possible, these values found update the Item Database (as does the Auto-pricer that Abrosia utilizes). This directly affects the economy as this is the most direct way to fight inflation (by lowering value of items), saves time (key point that keeps coming up) in pricing each of your items, and it updates the Item Database to more easily stabilize a value for that particular item and thus prevent the value(s) from getting disrupted heavily, if at all, on days such as Half Price Day. Forgetting that you're talking to real people who cheat, not the machines themselves, is the viewpoint many of the [Removed]ians have been taking. Forgetting that you're talking to real people who don't cheat, not mindless repetitive button clickers, is the viewpoint many of the TDNers have been taking. Everyone should just take a minute to reflect on that point, we're all real people here, we're all having a rather substantial conversation to better inform each other on our perspectives on this matter. Woah now, hold on, those are GIF images actually not JPEG:
  5. Team "Codex"

    Have you taken into consideration the fact that there are those who play legitimately when they have the time available to do so? Most people do not cheat 100% of the time, on the contrary many don't cheat unless time constraints prevent them from participating whereas they would otherwise be. Just something else to think about, seems to have been an overlooked aspect in this conversation.
  6. Team "Codex"

    This is a large reason why many [Removed]ians choose to use programs not to cheat but to do what time constraints do not otherwise allow. In order to be succesful, truly succesful on Neopets you must devote a LOT of time into it (restocking for example generally takes hours) and that is time that many people do not have. I know of an individual who restocks legitimately when he can, but he has a full time job, he is a full time college student, he is a full time single father (technically), he is a full time significant other, and he is Administrator for two different websites. He wants to continue to be successful on Neopets so in the times that he can't normally devote to restocking, due to family/life circumstances and demands, he uses the Main Shop Restocker that [Removed] provides free to the public. This allows him to still be making a modest, yes modest, amount of Neopoints and still devote his time elsewhere as needed. I personally do not see anything wrong with how he chooses to better devote his time by making use of a tool readily available to make his life easier. I am not "justifying cheating" merely giving an example of an individual who takes advantage of the tools he has at his disposal. When he has free time to do it himself, by all means he does, but that doesn't mean he can daily. That is when [Removed] comes in and saves the day. This is the wrong reason to cheat, as you've so blatantly stated, if you are trying to be tactful surely you can do better than that.
  7. Team "Codex"

    [Removed], contrary to what has been said here is not "Hacking" anything. [Removed]ains aim to use Score Senders (which have been glitching) and/or Array of Bytes to make the games easier to play. Racking up high numbers of wins to see if the Altador Cup is rigged or not, it is an experiment to see how true TNT is staying to players. In regards to the Item Database, the Item Database won't benefit anything from you searching in it, if you need an UB updated because you have more accurate information you will have to make an account and post about it in the Updating Item Database for Non-Advanced Members thread. The Item Database updates automatically from the users who actively use Abrosia (Main Shop, Igloo, and AAA Autobuyer) and the NeonAP (User Shop Auto Pricer). It runs in the background using your SW searches to hit items and update them, hence the [Removed] Item Database is the most accurate on the web. I don't understand why [Removed] gets such bad rep, there are plenty of legit players there and there are plenty of good guides and data there that benefit everyone. Just because [Removed] has programs available to allow you to cheat doesn't mean you have to cheat. That choice is yours, the community itself can be beneficial to all.
  8. Set Help?

    I should probably add that to my weapons review thread. I had almost completely forgotten about it until you mentioned it.
  9. Are you smarter than a Chimpanzee?

    How many attempts did it take you to score the 8/10? Has anyone else successfully managed to get a 10/10?
  10. Free web browsers

    Netscape is another old one that you can use. Keep in mind that it is only okay for you to access these other accounts as side accounts and not as additional main accounts.
  11. Try the limited-hold memory task here: http://games.lumosity.com/chimp.html to see how well you do. If you do bad, don't worry, I did too (I managed to get 7 out of 10 correct my first try). Apparantly if you want, you can train your brain by playing these sorts of games. The chimp in the video was 7 years old at the time and trained in a Japanese Lab. It is now 11 years old and still going strong. Anyone who can match the monkey without cheating (you can screenshot if you time it right, there is no time-limit to how long it takes to answer) It took me 10 tries and here is a screenshot of me getting 10/10:
  12. If you had one million NP....

    I have to agree with you here. If ever I drop below 10mil I feel as though I am poor and I focus on restocking even more than normal. So for me 1mil to spend in a day isn't really going with the things that I need or want at this point. Nothing in my BD set costs less than 1mil as I use Ring of The Lost instead of the Hanso Charisma Charm which would be the only alternative to the set I currently have. If I had to spend it then I would get some Altador Strength Potions.
  13. Thank you very much for point that out I have made the necessary corrections. It is good to have something relevant that is substantial to add to a topic. I am trying to determine how best to present the data I have posted here and would appreciate input on formatting suggestions.
  14. Sithis' Weapon Reviews

    Here I made it bigger for you: This is a work in progress but there is enough to get started here. I will be adding more content regularly so please stay tuned. I am only going to be adding useful/common Battledome Items to this list so don't expect a review for every Battledome item available because you will only be disappointed. This post has been edited by a member of staff (Neomysterion) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please don't post in a really big font size simply to get other people's attention, that is considered being rude. I had to shrink the text a little. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  15. Sithis' Weapon Reviews

    Defensive Equipment: Reflection Items: