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    Slorgs, squid, eating and ummm socks, well actually not socks, but I couldn't think of another S ;)

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  1. muppetelle

    Faerie Quest Help

    The Battle Faerie appears before you. "Neopian, I need your aid. My spell lacks Magma Gelert Plushie." This seems to be only on trade, so expensive, however totting it up, it might still be worth my while, I was wondering if anyone had any clue how much I should offer for it on trading post (obviously if it's really expensive I won't bother!) . I know this isn't quite what this board is normally about, so if you want me to delete/move it just say :) Thank you kindly!
  2. muppetelle

    Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    I have just got a Woodland Acara on the second zap of a new pound arrival, so I'd really like to give him/her (don't even know ha ha!) to a loving home, so I can get on with zapping more! Anyone interested? http://www.neopets.com/petlookup.phtml?pet=xMoochox I shall go to the boards *shiver* if nobody here wants it :D
  3. muppetelle

    Pound, Adopt or Trade Your Pets

    I have a Darigan Kacheek (zapped recently to Darigan) up for adoption, I'd really like for her to get a nice loving home, I don't really want to give her up but I do like to zap, and so I need to move her along and zap something less snazzy :D You can see her here: http://www.neopets.com/petlookup.phtml?pet=Ledallack Let me know if you are interested, I don't need a trade for her, just a loving home :D
  4. muppetelle

    Which faction are you joining for the 17th round?

    Thank you Duma, that's really helpful! I've actually set an alert on my mobile phone calendar, to hopefully remember - I really want the avatars!!!
  5. muppetelle

    Age of players on neopets?

    Haven't had time to read everyone's posts but I was 39 last month - I obviously didn't play as a kid, I found it the year my son was born and it kept me busy while he was having those looooooooong lunchtime naps whilst I was on maternity leave! I don't go on the boards much, because I notice the age gap more there, but I use the TDN resources a lot, even when I don't post, but I'm trying to get back to posting ways, after a crazy "moving house" kind of a year :)
  6. muppetelle

    Back on neopets

    Hi Peter! I've been playing for 8 years (I think) since I was ahem cough thirty ahem cough! Neopets is fab, I have patches where I don't play much, but no matter what, I always try and get back for the advent calendar lol, I love that advent calendar! I hope you achieve all your goals :D
  7. muppetelle

    Which faction are you joining for the 17th round?

    Is there anyway of being reminded/knowing when you can next re-sign up, I didn't even know you could! If I go to the page it says 133 hours until next sign up... Having said that, on a really REALLY great note, I also just realised that I've not yet spent any of my plot points.... whoooo spending spree!
  8. muppetelle

    Games Master Challenge: Get Your Prizes!

    Hi everyone - it's been a dreadfully long time since I posted (sorry!) But the only way to get back to posting, is you know, post! So here I am to say I got level 4 Moon trophy, which I'm quite chuffed with, I never get the top one, because I never find time to work on the games I find hard, I thought this year was particularly hard, did anyone else? :D
  9. muppetelle

    New feature for Premium users!

    Oh this is awesome! Yay, it's the one thing I asked for on the boards (as did many others) :) this makes me happy squeeee :) :)
  10. muppetelle

    So what are you reading?

    Oh I loved the Odd Thomas books! They're fab! I'm currently reading the first Kim Harrison book, called Dead Witch Walking, can't remember whether someone here recommended it, or I got it cheap on kindle, it's okay, I'm not totally taken yet but it's readable!
  11. muppetelle

    Imposter Apple - wahoooooooooo

    Ughhh me too, I hate that lever so much... kicks lever.
  12. muppetelle

    Imposter Apple - wahoooooooooo

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, I am in general the UNLUCKIEST neopian ever (ahem according to me) when it comes to random avatars, so was completely surprised and chuffed to finally get this! (still haven't got Jester, and many many others after 6 years of trying :S )
  13. muppetelle

    Imposter Apple - wahoooooooooo

    Thanks everyone for the gratz! <3 you're great :) It was sometimes the only thing in my inventory and sometimes not, but yesterday there was a rubbish book and the apple, when I got the avvie!
  14. muppetelle

    Imposter Apple - wahoooooooooo

    Me too! I am soooooo excited! I had to sit and just look at it for about 3 minutes! (sad LOL) ;)
  15. muppetelle

    Imposter Apple - wahoooooooooo

    Yes, I would do it, you've got nothing to lose, I've had it sitting there for months, but finally it worked! :)