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  1. Sorry, im hi-jacking your post to ask a question. I invested in bottled faeries to get Burrow Sink and Drain, but when i go into the battledome to try and use them, they wasnt on my attack list? Nor was the other ones on the inbetween. Is that normal? x
  2. sugagem01

    Need help getting Extra Thick Goggles...

    You can get Minor Healing Ointment they are going for about 30k on shopwiz, ive got blurred vision too but im just going to keep going to the healing springs x Edit just searched again and they are 10k, much better haha x
  3. sugagem01

    I'm really not understanding the clockwork Negg..

    Can you have more than 1 of the same symbol on each line? or does each horizontal line need to be different? Edit: Ignore this ^ one of my clues clearly state that 3 of the same symbols r on the same line.. Edit: I did it Thanks :) your explanation cleared it up for me and once i got the hang of it quite simple really lol x
  4. The first bit im understanding, match the symbols and work out where the clues they've given you go, bt, how are you coming to the conclusion of the the empty slots? Guesswork or is there a way to work it out? x
  5. sugagem01

    Just a little favour please x

    Yeah sorry about this guys, i now realise why i confused you. i didnt realise you'd need my email address to send it, i thought u clicked on the username and it would be linked directly to my neo account if you understand :S probably not. Basically i didnt realise it would be the same as sending an email to myself. Its 11:30pm and my brain obv still hasnt kicked in today!! And it doesnt help that one of my worst traits is i am one of the worst people in the world at explaining things. The only person who truly understands me 90% of the time is my mum haha.
  6. sugagem01

    Just a little favour please x

    because even though i have got into the email account, after however long of me not using it, i have no emails or anything so i wanted to make sure that emails are getting through and like i said from what i heard, neogreetings go through to emails accounts
  7. sugagem01

    Just a little favour please x

    Hi, i dont know if any-one readig this now read my topic last night, my little situation with my email adress. If you did then great you know the back story, If not no probs you could still help me anyway. Can some-one please send me a neogreeting? ive read that you get a email when you recieve one so i figured its a good way to check i havent just randomly broke into some1 elses email adress. Many thanks if you do x
  8. sugagem01

    Oh gosh..

    i have just realised, after logging in months ago and getting the computer to remember my password i have promptly forgot what it is :S, not a problem so far you might think, just get a reminder sent to your email. Problem. I have no access to that email address no more, i dont even think AOL does email anymore? i havent heard of them for years. Should i send a ticket to neopets explaining my situation and see if they would send my p.w to my, id say newest email address but ive been using it for like 5yrs. Or just leave it as it is and just hope i dont log out automaticaly one day :S I dont want to send one just yet until i get an answer off you fine people just in case they think im trying to hack and freeze my account
  9. sugagem01


    This might sound so silly but how much are they and how many Nc's do u get, Also whats the diff between pink and blue? x
  10. I decided to go ahead and buy the dress and save back up. But then.. went to get it on trades and he's sold it already.. Gutted!! i am not paying over 500k though haha. So thanks for all your help but, in the end it didnt matter. Im so gutted.. :( Oh well thats what happens, now i can save up for the next bargin i see haha x
  11. No not really, and i have seemed to make the 270k back up in a few days, dont know how but i did it lol x
  12. sugagem01

    Best Day Ever!!!!

    Well done, Congrats. I have never been so lucky to win on either of these, let alone both on the same day haha :) x
  13. I recently hit my goal of having 1mil, then to celebrate i spent 270k on most of the Lotus Xweetok Outfit. Im now back up to 970k so nearly back up to a mil, But just had a neomail saying someone eould sell me the dress for 475k which is by far the ceapest ive seen it, Average being 545k. I dont know if i should buy it now and go waay down past my goal and work my way back up, Or just keep on going and buy it for 500k+ when i got 1.5mil.. Argh lol, i just dont know :S
  14. sugagem01

    No-Brainer Games

    Fashion Fever you can start the game not do anything just click end and send score. You still get the 300 points. Dont know if anyone knew that, i just tried it one day i got bored trying to put on different outfits everytime haha x
  15. sugagem01

    No-Brainer Games

    My additions are.. Imperial Exam, even if you guess a few by the time you got the spelling wrong a 2nd time, you remember. Unless your keyboard sticks like mine its just a look and either up or down game. Also Splat-A-Sloth. Very easy 400nps for me and i dont have the best reactions x