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    library fairy, draconic neopets, Habitarium (sneef), science.

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  1. WeyrCat

    Welcome To June!

    Gah! AC is here and I still don't know whom to choose. (And, that makes it almost a year since my main was stolen... I discovered it stolen the day the Prize Shop opened. Ticket still hasn't been read.) Hmm, do I go with my usual team (I [used to] live on Mystery Island) or use this as an opportunity to choose a new team... ponderings.
  2. WeyrCat

    Day 18: Barf Boat

    Ugh, I thought this one would knock me down from Silver to Participant! Like a fool, I selected Chadley before I tried it (because I liked the look of the Tea). Took forever to get above 450! This seems like all luck!!
  3. WeyrCat

    The Runway

    OH my GOSH @ ShadowStarEmpress I ADORE your entry! Labyrinth is my favorite movie, and there was a time that I could recite the whole movie from memory. (I haven't tried in a while, heh.)
  4. WeyrCat

    Advent Calendar 2015 Begins!

    I did not get the theme. I don't think I missed a day, but I was traveling a couple days (getting Advent on my phone) and am not 100% sure. :( Been refreshing and haven't seen it pop, so came here to check. Looks like I'm not the only one out of luck. :( Edit, after going through the Advent gift list, apparently I did miss two days.
  5. WeyrCat

    "Hello, little lupe .. BOOM!" help

    This is the only topic I can find for this one, and I'd rather gravedig that make another thread. Having a bad day with avvies today. Tried Wishing Well, forgetting that I'd already used all my wishes. Then fought and lost to Balth, only to not get the avatar. What did I do wrong? I certainly didn't already have it (I recently reimported to poke for next avvie goals). I didn't get an avvie notification. I have been refreshing both my lookup, for an increase in Avvie county, and the neoboard preferences, popping through all the "H" and "L" avatars. No dice. :( I tried a lower level pet on Ghost Lupe, and no avvie there, either.
  6. WeyrCat

    Turmaculus Alert!

    How does the Turmy alert on the Dailies page work, because he CAN be woken up now. I got an axe shrub.
  7. WeyrCat

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 96!

    I still need most of the avatars on my new main, and Sway seems to have heavy support across all the boards, so I'm going Sway.
  8. WeyrCat

    Happy Pteri Day!

    The colorations in the water is cool, but, why do the 8-bit wear clothes? I presume they can't wear other clothes, so maybe they need it. He looks ANGRY though. :(
  9. WeyrCat

    Trade Mediation

    Hey, sorry I'm having a hard time finding it, but I thought TDN had trade mediation. Could someone link it to me? I'm trying to buy a Controller charm for 2.4m, but they won't accept items, and refused a split trade (2m on the charm, and 750k on a stamp selling for 350k), and say they won't split because of scammers. I get his worry, but, am I missing something? Did the 2m trade cap get raised while I was in grad school? And then he tells me I can buy it for more than 2m on the AH. DOH. I never used AH before, so I have that on my side. But way to be dense, Kathryn. Ugh.
  10. WeyrCat

    Welcome to October!

    Interesting: From the Monthly Freebies, one of my pets got a Neopets 7th Birthday Bundt Cake. It's not especially expensive (only 900 NP) but it's neat that I got an event specific item. Has anyone else got event specific items? (I didn't know it was a thing!)
  11. WeyrCat

    I lost two of my accounts :'(

    I'm so sorry :( Having mine robbed and frozen in August, I know how you feel. I'll keep my antennae crossed for our tickets.
  12. WeyrCat

    Stolen Webkinz Cuddly Koala

    I'm so sorry to hear about the theft. I've had packages stolen too, and since the post office doesn't seem to care or feel responsible for it, I tried to create hidey barriers for them to stow boxes behind... and they still leave them in front of the door in full view. :( My condolences and commiseration to you.
  13. WeyrCat

    The ALP

    Searched this thread but didn't find an answer: I see in the Item Lending that the Meowclops (currently unavailable) says "Regular or Plushie". I presume that means other colors won't work. (There's two blue on the TP.) I don't think I've heard of a way, but, how would one repaint a Meowclops to "regular", or would the only option be to paint to plushie?
  14. WeyrCat

    Happy Skeith Day!

    I don't quite get the ears, but I like what they did with the wings and tail. Little waves breaking. <3
  15. WeyrCat

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 91!

    I have Seekers, so I'm game for the others. Voting is still EARLY but I'm throwing in for Sway.