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  1. This is called the Law of Unintended Consequences. It's a real thing and has been studied for centuries. I noticed that Jellyneo had listed the old random change to Invisible as a "Good" random event. I'm not sure why it wasn't in with the "Bad" events list instead.
  2. Sorry to hear that Jelly. That's happened to all of us. But put it in perspective: several years ago a random event changed my originally Yellow Kougra to Invisible. I've gotten used to it, but imagine if someone had spent money on a paint brush and THEN that had happened--especially if they were a kid. At least getting a few points back is easier. I still haven't decided if I'll keep him invisible or not. I do like seeing an unobstructed background.
  3. I'm no avatar expert, but I got the Snowager - RAWR! avatar a few years ago. But maybe I visited him more often than most do.
  4. Does Grave Danger offer any real danger? to a petpet? Or is that just some fun drama? -- The catacombs below Neovia are full of treasure, with the danger to match! The chance of being cursed is currently at 93.7%. Savvy adventurers are advised to train Petpets to seek out glorious riches in their stead. Everyone knows that Neopet curses don't work on Petpets. Pfft.
  5. I've been playing for years, maybe since I began but with a few interruptions. I'm at 500 now. As far as valuable items, I have received very few, if any, ever. Only occasionally were they ever worth 1,000 NP or over. However, in an ironic twist of fate, a lot of the scrolls and other things from the Fishing Vortex that are usually low value shot way up in price during the recent Charity Corner. I had stuffed dozens of them in my SDB. Some I used as donations and many more I sold. So, it was worth it, after all. There are many threads about the Fishing Vortex. One I started is here:
  6. Is there a thread or page somewhere explaining Pet and Petpet compatibility? I like the look of a Bloop so I tried to give him to my Kougra "J88KK" (who went from yellow to Invisible several years ago after a random event, and I decided to keep him Invisible for now). Here is what happened when I tried to "introduce" them. This happened all 3 times I tried. What Petpets cause this? How can I find a good match? Prior to this he had a Yullie for several years with no issues.
  7. On the top of any page, where it says Community go to Neoboards. Then go to Preferences. Your Avatar list shows up next. On top are the various Pet avatars that anyone can choose. Scroll down. Avatars that you earn are shown below the dotted line.
  8. Two of my four pets are adopted, so I can't change their names. I am finally getting around to changing their petpets, which I didn't care for that much. I decided for a Turtmid for my Lost Desert Eyrie (unfortunately named mycrazyeyrie by his previous owner). Lacking originality myself, I named him Pyro. Here is what he said today. Quite sassy, eh? Should I or my pets be worried? (If anyone has experience with Turtmids, let me know)
  9. Have it already then. Thanks for the info.
  10. Which avatar is this exactly? I am looking at my list and can't tell for sure if I have it already. Does it show up as "I Love You" or something else? And are you certain it doesn't have to be sent on what Neopets says is Feb. 14 (west coast time)? If I don't have it yet (after almost 8 years) thanks for the reminder.
  11. Hi Karina, I sent you a Neomail. If someone else contacts you and replies before I do, go ahead and do it with them. Good luck.
  12. I'm not a big avatar collector, so it wasn't a priority for me. However, I got it after my 35th donation grouping today. The "Something has happened!" message popped up and there it was. I think getting it may have something to do with the rarity level you donated with. I believe all but 2, (that is, I think about 33 up to that point) of my donation groupings were in the r90-r99 category. Will I get a trophy or anything else now too? As for whether I should keep donating and hope for another big pay off, or try to sell everything while I still have time...maybe some of both. Today has been mostly unlucky so far, with most awarded prizes being clothes worth a fraction of just one item if it were sold. If I didn't have dozens of these items in my SDB, I wouldn't have even tried this event. I'm usually very frugal, but I figured I never paid for those dailies and so why not donate and see what happens. I wouldn't recommend people spend a lot and hope they get lucky. Unless the gambling thrill appeals to you, like the Wheel of Extravagance does for some I guess.
  13. The first part of what you said answered one of my lingering questions: that r90s can get you an r99 and vice versa. That happened to me a few times. Before that I had assumed that your prize would match the donated items rarity level exactly, or go higher. Everything else you say matches my experience as well. I only had those items because it was quicker to drop them in the SDB. Plus, I've noticed over the years how cheap items can inflate during special events. I've been doing a mix of selling and donating, with some good results. It's been worth it. My only problem now is finding the time to either keep donating or keep pulling things up from the SDB and pricing them for sale. I wish I had done more sooner. For a few years now I've been limiting myself to just dailies and a few games, but I'm making exceptions for large paying events.
  14. Has anyone had good luck donating 5 of the same item in the r90+ range? It seems when I do, I don't get as good of a prize as when donating a mix. Maybe it's still random, and I have only donated 31 times so far, so my results may not be as fantastic as some. I just wonder if the program locks in on the one rarity number and maybe doesn't look at as many options as when sending in a mix of rarity values. Or are all the potential r90-r99 item prizes in the same pool together? My second question relates to quantity vs. quality of donations. If I start donating lower items, to get a higher number of total donations, will that dilute my end of Charity Corner reward value (assuming I may be able to get to a prize level by tomorrow)? I think out of my total of 31 donation times a couple were in the 80's range. Another edit: are there any valuable enough items in the lower brackets worth doing this for? My two 80s donations of books yielded just books of similar value. Third question: I've been hedging my bets by selling some of the desired donation items from my SDB. Will the prices go up even more tomorrow?
  15. This is my first year doing Charity Corner. I've been trying this the last 2 days with mixed success. In baseball terms, some are strike outs and some are home runs. Does anyone know if donating 5 of the same items has any different results (better or worse) than a mix? I just gave 5 Casket Table (r94) and only got a Balthazar Action Figure. I did better yesterday giving all r90 items once, but a mix. Should I sell my remaining Casket Tables or see if I have better luck next time with them? Should I tried another Casket Table x 5? Would it work better mixing them with other r90+ items of different types?