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  1. Thanks for this advice. I usually read these threads first but somehow forgot. I'm not good at the "button" games (as compared to mouse games). I settled for the Abigail score, partly because I'd never played this before. However, I also noticed that the Abigail Team prize, the Seeking Arrow, may be worth more. Does anyone know why? (I too found a partner on the Neoboards and got the Seeking Arrow already)
  2. Thanks Hanso. After spending too much time on this today, I just settled for Abigail. I scored 283. I knew it would take a long time to get to 400. It's one of those I rarely play.
  3. By at the same time, I mean for me. I'd like to get them both done every eight hours, without having to come back 2 hours later for Grave Danger. If I knew it was only possible to do some of these say, every 10 or 12 hours, that would be fine. But I know that it can be done sooner so I try.
  4. I rarely play this game, so it's almost new to me. After having to reset many times this morning on Hard, I'm trying Medium now. I've got 215 and am about to start Stage 3. Can I get enough points on Stage 3 to get to 400? Now Stage 3 won't finish loading. Should I wait a while or give up? What causes this?
  5. Wow, I'm back on the long wait again. This time it will be 9:40! (That's 9 hrs. 40 m., not 9:40 PM) The reason this irks me is that it makes it hard to do the 8 hour things (like the Expellibox) and Grave Danger at the same time. EDIT: my next one was 7:16, so not as long. Coincidentally the same length as one I posted about earlier. EDIT 2: now I'm waiting almost a full 10 hours again.
  6. Working on it now. Will post some links shortly. :) This last link is a little more but there are 6 for sale.
  7. Thanks, posting times for comparison may be helpful. Today, my first one was 7 hrs 16 minutes (7:16) until completion. That is about 2 hours less than usual. If you do post a time, feel free to round it up or down, approximation is fine. And if you forget to post a time, that's OK too. Thanks.
  8. I've noticed lately that mine are always over 8 hours, and sometimes over 9 hours. Much longer than they used to be. Is this happening to anyone else? I'd appreciate if people would post what you consider your average wait time for comparison. I've been using just one petpet, maybe I should switch more often.
  9. Wow, that's a lot to deal with. Is there any way you can take a day off and just chill by yourself someplace? Just refresh your own batteries and take a deep breath?
  10. This post has been edited by a member of staff (Rune Valentine) because of a violation of the forum rules. Please keep your posts at 7 words or above. Please check your user inbox to see if you have been contacted regarding this incident, then review our rules.
  11. Read this post. The Psychedelic Wings are your prize for doing this ever day. Wrawk the Merciless
  12. I don't remember the day they said. But I assume it's today. Otherwise, why would they give the prize a day early? They don't know if we'll click it tomorrow.
  13. For those of you wondering, the prize for participating every day was awarded even before I chose to do a quest. The prize is Psychedelic Wings. I haven't tried them on yet. I'll let others post pics of the item and what it looks like on your pet. I didn't get an extra prize for fulfilling all the quests. Just stats. For those of you that missed a day, this is probably not going to be worth a million. I'm sure it's nice but not too expensive to buy. Already it's listed at under 100,000 on the Shop Wizard, and we still have all day for many of these to get unloaded. So wait a few days and pick one up for 10,000-20,000. EDIT: OK so I went ahead and put them on 1 of my pets, Saff1re the Water Uni on the Dress to Impress test site. (The wings move)