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  1. Faerie Quest Help

    Working on it now, check back and I'll post some links soon. EDIT: About 600 NP each. Good luck. http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=jennifer_24ar&buy_obj_info_id=19615&buy_cost_neopoints=595 http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=bethbeth56&buy_obj_info_id=19615&buy_cost_neopoints=660 http://www.neopets.com/browseshop.phtml?owner=instructeur&buy_obj_info_id=19615&buy_cost_neopoints=666
  2. Last to post wins!

    Windsor Castle Post Boxes. Not the latest in mail technology, but a lot more charming.
  3. I'm adopting a kitty!!!

    I hope you don't mind that we will be adding cat ideas, suggestions and memories as we think of them. Here's something to keep in mind: they LOVE human clothes. Not to wear, but to LAY on. Sometimes your smell on something will be enough to attract them. You may even set aside something you've worn but don't need right away as a type of "Linus" blanket. I've even heard of cats sucking on people's underwear . They also like to lay on freshly washed items, still warm right out of the dryer, since those clothes don't have their hair on them yet. Consider having a separate warm blanket from the dryer to put them on instead of the clean hair free laundry. And a big roll of wide tape will be helpful too for removing hair from clothes, bedspreads and furniture.
  4. I'm adopting a kitty!!!

    I'm not sure but I think your link is broken. I'm getting a 404. Maybe try an image host: EDIT: I see her now ADORABLE https://imgbb.com/ https://postimages.org/ I had another thought. If you have any window blinds with string pulls on them, sometimes a cat can get a claw caught on one of those. If so, place the string high enough so that it won't happen. Just like parents with small children, you'll have to cat proof your place. But try not to obsess over it, most cats aren't accident prone. http://www.humanesociety.org/animals/cats/tips/cat_proofing_your_house.html
  5. I'm adopting a kitty!!!

    Yes. For starters, they LOVE cardboard boxes, baskets, and anything they can get inside of (even if they have to squeeze into it). For cheap thrills, try some Christmas wrapping paper on the floor and watch them attack it. Also, they sometimes will claw at hanging toilet paper and shred it into little pieces.
  6. I'm adopting a kitty!!!

    And another added benefit: now that you have a cat, you'll finally have something funny to post pictures of on the internet!
  7. I'm adopting a kitty!!!

    Thanks for that suggestion, Duma. I haven't had a cat in my house for several years, so I was thinking of it from my perspective. I also live in the country with many mice coming into the house from various unseen holes, and so it was once a problem that needed more than a cat to solve. (Although maybe they wouldn't have become a problem in the first place if some felines had free roam of the place! )
  8. I'm adopting a kitty!!!

    That's great, K! Welcome to the family of current and former cat owners/caregivers/friends. I don't currently have a feline, but I grew up with several in the house over many years. One of the first things you'll need to do is to talk to other cat people, who can give advice based on their experiences. While no two cats are the same, there are some commonalities that they share. For example, will it be an entirely indoor cat, or will it have outdoor access? You'll have many other questions to work out, so good luck in your new adventure. Welcome, Josie! If you have a mice problem, there are various types of poison that work pretty well. I have used pellets in my basement. I can check the brand later. I pour some into plastic lids I don't need and set them on the floor. I have also used plastic traps with bait inside which work too. Another quick thought or two: not all cats are natural "mousers" but most are. One of my "indoor only" cats would catch them, but not know (or want) to kill them. That can be awkward watching them wear down a mouse like that...Also, it may not be possible in your situation, but I feel most cats are happier when they have another feline friend to live with them. Just something to consider down the road.
  9. A total Doh! moment

    Sorry about that Sunny. I guess we all do things like that sometimes...Do you post your photos someplace?
  10. Last to post wins!

    No, I haven't seen the show. Or the last post in this thread, either.
  11. Yay for New Printer!

    I'm no computer expert, but your comment about Windows updates caught my eye. I've had to deal with that slowing down my system for years. I've been meaning to install the fix for that (I think there is one) but keep forgetting to. If you search (Windows update high CPU, for example) you'll see a lot about it out there.
  12. Keeping a Shop Wizard tab open.

    You're much more of a veteran than me... Confession: I sometimes forget to have the wizard open too, or accidentally close it!
  13. Last to post wins!

    Actually, I was combining the impression given by the funny GIF you posted of a large horse kicking the small fake one and then looking at the sad pony avatar. I was attempting to make a psychological comparison for humor. I hope it was taken that way. Both of us are using young animal avatars so I posted the pic of the adult leopard comforting the cub as a suggestion of healing. I should have found one of an adult horse with a colt or foal. I didn't know about your petpet until now, sorry about that. I hope there are no hard feelings?
  14. Last to post wins!

    Scoobert, based on your avatar...I wonder if this may reflect on some family issues you have had to deal with? Some repressed childhood memories perhaps? I suggest some therapy. It worked for me.
  15. Keeping a Shop Wizard tab open.

    Us "old timers" have been using this trick for years. I've posted about it in the Faerie Quest help thread before, as have others. It's good to hear that new players keep discovering it. Opening up a separate Shop Wizard tab is something I try to do first each time I'm on. Tell your friends. How often one gets a Faerie Quest seems to vary. I used to be on a lot more, so I got more in the past. Or maybe they give fewer now.