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  1. Selling RARE Usuki Doll

    I'm suspicious of any new account that suddenly posts something like this. Especially with no Neopets Username to see. I wouldn't be surprised if this gets deleted.
  2. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    Just so I'm clear: by going to the Faerie page, it doesn't give a free item each day, like some past events did?
  3. Hurricane Irma

    I know we talked a little about this in the Hurricane Harvey thread, but I wonder if anyone is being affected by Hurricane Irma now. If so, our thoughts and prayers are with you.
  4. Returned!

    Hi Kitty, and welkom terug. I'm from the U.S. as well but I have one or two Dutch friends here so you are not the only one.
  5. Always Check Before Buying .....

    You're welcome, MK. I'm thinking you may want to start a separate thread for that, maybe even a pinned one. Something like "Database Items" or "Database Searches" as a start. That way we can submit possible missing items and search issues and you can see them and add them at your leisure.
  6. Hang Out and Post

    Mouseykins, how are things at home now? I just replied in the thread about the database (you said how busy you are).
  7. Always Check Before Buying .....

    Wow, Mouseykins, I had no idea you were that busy! You sound like you need a vacation. No hurries, take your time. Life comes first.
  8. Hi (back after *I don't know how long*)

    Hi, welcome back. Hope you enjoy your stay. There are many nice people here.
  9. Always Check Before Buying .....

    Another nice feature of JellyNeo's database is they have links to the SW, TP, Auction House etc. on the same page for easy access. Obviously Neo does too on top, but I like starting with the history on Jelly's page for a valuable item and then going from there. I haven't really used the new TDN database yet, is it complete? I noticed that they also have the links on the item page but at the bottom instead of the left side. I just did a test to compare the two. A search of "paint brush" on TDN = 131 results. On JN, 149. I wonder why there is a difference and what is left out of TDN? Maybe a more thorough comparison between them should be (or already is) covered in another thread.
  10. Ok, own up, who ate my like button?!

    I found it! Programmers, just insert this .JPG into the code someplace. That will work, right?
  11. Hello

    Hi B.P., welcome. There are a lot of nice people here. Enjoy your stay.
  12. Hurricane Harvey

    Good to hear from you, Midnight! Glad that you're OK. Do you know if your location will stay high and dry or will you be flooded eventually?
  13. Hurricane Harvey

    I had meant to post this thread topic a day earlier. I think he was last on Saturday morning. I would have felt better hearing from him then. As for weather extremes in the U.S., yes, we have them. I'm not sure how much of it is due to the size of the country, or its exposure to two oceans and a gulf plus Canada. I wonder if you can tell if continental Europe has more weather extremes than the British Isles do? Or is it less than the U.S. because Europe is only exposed to one ocean and maybe the Mediterranean Sea is milder than some large bodies of water are? Can you recall any hurricanes affecting Atlantic coastal Europe? Babayaga67, please keep us updated on your family down there. My prayers go out to them too.
  14. Hi, I posted a message about Hurricane Harvey in the forum. I remember from the "weather" thread a few months ago you said you lived near Houston. I hope you are safe and well. Feel free to send me a message here or on Neopets anytime.

  15. Hurricane Harvey

    Is anyone here from Texas dealing with Hurricane Harvey? I know that midnight_spell360 is from near Houston, which is flooding now. I searched and didn't see any posts about this yet. I hope you can stay safe and dry and that everything will be OK for you.