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  1. Today's Random Events

    Nothing special but I'll take it...I'm glad to see that SOME people (Shoot Em) actually DO get Petpetpets from this!
  2. Trudys Surprise bug?

    It is related to the DST change. This problem was discussed back in March when it happened then as well. I posted in that thread again today. That link is below. I suggest that anyone else post in that thread since this one may be locked later anyway
  3. Trudy's Surprise bug?

    It's happened again. We had another Daylight Savings Time (DST) change on Sunday. I got 18,500 yesterday (Sunday) which for me was day 12. I only got 1,500 today (Monday) which should have been day 13. I can't remember what time Sunday I logged on. I'm on Eastern time. If it was very early maybe I got the 18,500 before the DST change affected the Pacific time change of the Neopets servers.
  4. Today's Random Events

    YAYYY WOO-HOO! A Petpetpet ...Oh wait... ARRRGGG!!! Don't you hate it when they TEASE you like that!
  5. Today's Random Events

    Not bad for a Something Has Happened! random event.
  6. Official Neopets down/having issues board

    I just tried doing Kiko Pop, which worked for me yesterday. The graphic is gone, and on Wheel of Mediocrity, it also has just a white background with text. Is this a flash issue? I'm using Chrome for Neopets. I thought I didn't have to do anything with Flash anymore? Someone walk me through the steps to fix this please and thanks. EDIT: I updated Chrome. That fixed it. Flash plays fine now. I guess I didn't have it set to update automatically.
  7. Scamanders on Oct. 12

    It must be easier in the early morning. I didn't get any later, during the evening, not even the "wriggles away" message. I did get a map piece, so it wasn't a total loss. It also showed me that I hadn't used up all of my picks by then. I wish there was clarity on this though. I keep a list of daily picks but it won't help if I don't know if those count.
  8. Scamanders on Oct. 12

    You're probably right Suzan. I just saw several of them and grabbed at them. Sometimes I saw the usual sad Acara, and sometimes the "wriggles away" pic. If I have time today I'll try grabbing non-Scamander items to see if my count can still go up to ten. It's worth wasting the 10 chances to try to get one considering how valuable one is compared to the usual money tree junk. They seem to come in bunches, then go away and come back. So keep trying. Like I said in my earlier post, if someone does manage to keep one, make a screen cap of what that looks like and the message they show.
  9. Robinchan33's Art Thread

    Looks great, Robin. How do you make them? Is this all done with a program or drawn by hand first? I'm not up on computer art obviously.
  10. Do you know any Neopets artists?

    Thanks for starting this thread Hanso. I've always been curious too. A few brief Google searches ("Neopets art") over the years were flooded with amateur stuff (drawn mostly by kids). I wish I could add some names now but don't know any yet. I will be visiting this as it's updated.
  11. Scamanders on Oct. 12

    I have an old laptop too (maybe 8 years?) so you're not alone, JS. And I think my AV slows me down too. I remember this over the years. If you don't catch one, it shows up as the usual sad Acara, like when you miss any other item you grab for. I was able to "catch" some each year. But they always slither away. What I'm not sure about is when you do catch one that slithers away, whether it counts against your Money Tree total or not. I do remember seeing that graphic shown in the first post each time after I thought I'd got one. For those who get one to stay in their inventory, I'm curious as to how that happens for some and not for others. It would be interesting to read what someone that lucky can describe. Hopefully one of us will be that fortunate and get a screen grab of it as an example. The scamander, in case you were wondering, is worth over a million. The database lists several colors, but I believe the ones we're talking about are all just yellow. https://items.jellyneo.net/item/20605/
  12. Acara transmogrification potion?

    Out of curiosity I looked just now. First I searched just for transmogrification, and quickly found several people selling Acara potions mixed in with others for sale. Then I searched for "Acara transmogrification" and found at least one more. It seems to be going for 10 Million. I wonder if you were just typing wrong?
  13. Customisation

    Hi Luna. I've always loved Kaus too but don't have one yet. I may open a side account someday just to have some more pets to customize. It's early, so many won't reply until later. But here is a website you can have fun with by trying on different looks. You can input your pet's names or start from scratch. http://impress.openneo.net/
  14. Hang Out and Post

    It's OK, MK. You are busy and I don't mind the delay. Good luck with the home schooling!
  15. Heartbroken. Is there really no hope??

    I guess we'll have to see what the mods suggest. Good luck.