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  1. Hi Julia, welcome! Sorry but sometimes we're slow in seeing these Introductions. There are many great people here who are willing to answer questions or just talk.
  2. I apologize for causing some confusion. I said it was happening by refreshing Firefox. It is actually on Chrome. I use Firefox for most sites, including Neopets for several years. but switched to Chrome for Neopets some time ago. Thanks for your responses. I hope it gets fixed soon.
  3. The Shop Wizard http://www.neopets.com/market.phtml?type=wizard function seems to be changed. I seem to remember being able to update a price search by simply refreshing my browser. Now when I do that, it goes to the Market instead. For example, I'm putting in the Triple Tier Space Faerie Cake. The Shop Wizard gives me one page of results as usual. But now, when I reload Firefox, it shifts to http://www.neopets.com/market.phtml . Normally this wouldn't be a big deal, I could just re-input the search into the SW again. But if I was on a Faerie Quest, I wouldn't be able to keep using even a separate browser window which I often keep open for just such situations to make sure I find the real lowest price. Am I doing something wrong or different than usual and just being absent minded or is this really a change?
  4. To answer your question: I reside in the palm. Which is actually below the..... (You spelled Upper Peninsula wrong ) And for you would-be-tourists: a link. Enjoy. http://www.michigan.org/
  5. When people think of Michigan weather, they immediately picture long snowy winters. While that is true, we have pretty Springs, usually moderate Summers and colorful Falls. After a week of warm and humid weather in the high 80s F, it's about 72 today and fresher air for a few days. Our Summers can range from cool to warm to hot. But they are much more tolerable than much of the country, which swelters from May through September. Plus we can literally go jump in a lake--and not just the Great ones. Almost anywhere here you can walk to a source of fresh water large enough to boat, fish or swim. So come up here if you get tired of the heat down South.
  6. How many times did you try it until it worked? If I remember correctly, I tried my Bloop a few times and it still didn't take. But maybe I should try again. Or maybe Bloops are just THAT terrifying.
  7. This happened to me a few months ago, so I made a cap. I wanted my invisible Kougra, J88KK, to have a new petpet, so I chose for him a Bloop. I should have asked him first I guess. As kayahtik said, both of their names have 5 letters, so that could have explained it. I looked up firaplays Buzz, and the name is Reukky which is obviously the same number of letters as a Harris. Mystery solved.
  8. Midnight, I'm not sure how you got the Babaa with Flowers and Neggs for just 125? I had to buy the dust 5 times. Can you explain? Here is my adopted Xweetok HayleyAW with the same. I'm trying different backgrounds with this. https://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1360888
  9. About the Mysterious Magical Neggs. Can someone answer some questions for me, or point me to where I can find the info? I just read the guide about them but it didn't tell me everything. Basically, I'm considering getting just the Babaa with Flowers and Neggs, (and maybe one other item, but to simplify I'll skip that for now). Is there any way to just get the Babaa? I've never traded for an NC item before. (Maybe someone should link me to info about that and what I would have to do to get one). If I don't get one by trade, but have to use NC, how many days left do I have to use one of the Magical Neggs? Is it too late to get the Babaa? Any info and suggestions are appreciated, thanks.
  10. I've done both. For example, I was able to sell one of the Avocado Cookbook for 34,000 early the first day they came out. Some people may have sold some for even more. I know someone who sold a garland for 45,000. Since the prices were already dropping, why not sell instead of holding on to an item that will be worth so little 2 days later? But I've kept some of each too, and have the option of saving them forever or selling if the price ever goes back up someday. Hedge your bets. But if you didn't already sell when things were high, the prices now for most things aren't worth getting just a few thousand for now when the future upside is there. If you want to see the current values of past years Negg Festival items, try this link. Note the years at the top. http://www.jellyneo.net/index.php?go=festival_of_neggs
  11. For the second time in one day, Neopian nobility* has blessed me with a slightly valuable item. This one has the oh-so-appetizing name of Blancmange Yummm... (I'm pretty sure that Clarence Chichester Coggeshale is an English Earl or at least a viscount. I'll ask Jellysundae to confirm. )
  12. I have a Third Place at Tax Beast Trophy as well. I just did some searching, and found this old thread about it. Yes, apparently on some day in the past, each of us got robbed enough to merit this distinguished honor. One more reason to bank your NP as quickly as possible. (This is a case where winning Gold means losing a lot more gold!) I usually keep less than 20,000 NP on hand at any time, partly because of this and similar random events that steal NP.
  13. Well it's not much but it is...different.
  14. Unless I'm mistaken, the only prize still worth more than a few thousand NP is the book. So, I keep picking the Willow Negg. So far, just the dress and the foreground for me. I was looking at the past festivals on Jellyneo. Is it just me, or do the past prizes current values seem much higher than ones from this year's event will likely be in the future? Also, if more people play this year, does that increased supply depress prize values, or increase demand and raise their values?
  15. I had used Firefox for years on Neopets and still do on most sites. However, I eventually switched to Chrome for Neopets. It took care of some issues I was having with Firefox and flash games not working properly. I haven't played those individual games you mentioned, but I suggest trying them with Chrome, despite what it says. I believe Chrome updates automatically from Flash, which may explain why it works better now for me. For example, the Expellibox is much quicker now. It was very sluggish with Firefox. But you may find some games play better with Firefox than Chrome. I know you mentioned Shockwave, not Flash, but I believe they are both helped by using Chrome.