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  1. :O Let's see how it unfolds :) > Stand your ground, crouching slightly seeking whatever is making the noise If it's something big that will pounce you, you are in a good position to move out of the way or if it is something peaceful, you are in a non-aggressive position :)
  2. The Battle Faerie at the Faerie Weapon Shop has begun to stock new bows fashioned after the Air and Dark Faeries. Hopefully they will be as powerful as their sister bow, the Bow of the Fire Faerie! Please contact us if you have any information regarding these weapons.
  3. I need more weapon power!

    If you do decide to spend alot of money on a hidden tower weapon, and not a freezer, I highly suggest Kelpbeards Trident for constant power. Skarls Hasty Mace is another option that can do less damage, OR more damage than Kelpbeards Trident depending on how lucky you. Another alternative is the famous Ghostkerbomb. This is the most damaging one-per battle item in the game. For the turn that you use it, you'll see your max damage for that turn greatly increased. I hope this helps!
  4. It seems the pawns in this great war have fallen. Each faction has brought out bigger tougher foes that will not hesitate to throw Ice Muffins at your knees! March over to the Obelisk and conquer these new foes! Information on what these fighters hold can be found here. Let's hope those new weapons and faerie abilities of yours are enough to fend off these foes.
  5. Official Brute Squad Discussion Thread

    Brute Squad! Silly mages, as bad as those pesky thieves! They sit and study such non existent nonsense! True strength comes from brawn! The result of hard days work towards battle As a veteran battler, feel free to neomail me with any questions regarding battling or the upcoming war. I'm glad to be of service http://www.neopets.com/neopedia.phtml?neopedia_id=288 The Brutes have entered the Neopedia! come take a look at our clans history
  6. Official Brute Squad Discussion Thread

    Greetings fellow Brute! hail and well met soldier. Your pet will be absolutely fine in the war! Be ready to crush the weaklings who oppose us! your set is great! To be honest though, honey potion is out of fashion ;) you should sell it and grab some shields so you can withstand blows from enemies.
  7. As a battler in the battledome, I chose to go Brute Squad. I mean this is a war right?
  8. It is hard to wait, knowing our enemies are too blind to see our strength and fear it. But we must strike at the right moment. BRUTE SQUAD!!!! MADNESS?!, MADNESS!? THIS. IS. BRUTE SQUAD!. WE WILL GO HOME WITHOUT SHIELD! OR ON IT! NEXT WEEK WEDNESDAY NIGHT AND WHENEVER THE PLOT ENDS, WE DINE, IN..... o.o GIVE THEM NOTHING!!!! TAKE FROM THEM... EVERYTHING!!!
  9. You don't always SEE when you get a faerie quest. Sometimes for example, when you post on the boards, your screen will automatically scroll down to read the posts, but you could have gotten a random event at the top! http://www.neopets.com/quests.phtml
  10. Finally! a boy wig yes :D I love it! It's on my kacheek right now! (Zaphling) though I still don't know if it should keep the wig, or put the bandana back on :/ I like it so much, and my faith in TNT is lacking so I'm considering buying 2 for future reference :D Best of all, the maraquee looks INSANE!!! I'm a bder, so I know for a fact he is using Hanso Charisma Charm which is one of my favoritest weapons EVER!!! Lastly, I'm a pretty big hanso fan. I have my kacheek wearing his thief jacket already, and for the arm wraps I bought the elegant kacheek warrior ones, whose blue match this wig quite nicely!
  11. Next person to friend me gets a present.

    1. Crimson


      Can I delete myself and readd? :P

  12. Other Worlds Mystery Capsule!

    :glasses: Actually according to my sources nc mall items are released near midnight. Therefore the capsule will be released in 9 hours and 32 minutes, 33 hours and 32 minutes, or 57 hours and 32 minutes :happydance: :dance:
  13. Happy Ruki Day!

  14. Petition to get Venged uniced!

    Hi everyone. My name is AJ, and I signed this petition without a second thought. Whether you know Venged or not, please help this cause. I trust Venged more than most anyone on this site. (No offense to my other friends :P) He has lent dozens upon dozens of people a BGC and MSP for the avatar, lent weapons to help battles, but even more importantly, he has brought warm smiles to my face, and has made me laughed. Clearly one of my best friends on neo. I believe he was unfairly iced. For anyone who wants to read what I wrote when signing his petition, feel free, otherwise, rock on :rock: :happydance: TNT is :devil: I want to :axehead: them :P :geeky_evil: <--- evil kitty :P me very :angry: I, AJ Borden, believe that the user: Venged . Was unfairly frozen in the game of Neopets. They have been an extremely fair and hard working player who has reached a level in the game that many dream to be at one day. He started from the bottom just like everyone else and worked his way to the top. Recently, he lent out his BGC and MSP to a lot of people, I asked him why he would trust so many users and his response was: "I knew how frustrating it was, and how much it stunk when I tried to get lent these items for the avatars. What I did to get them, I just didn't want anyone to feel the same way, I wanted to put smiles on people's faces and make friends." Recently how ever, Venged was frozen, why? I'm not sure. If it was for his account's protection, please do everything you can for him, he has spent a hundred dollars on neocash and a premium membership in this game that all went down the drain which is clearly unfair. If frozen for different reasons, please recheck his ticket, recheck his history, and see for yourselves that he is innocent. Thank you. -AJ