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  1. NC MALL: Third Free Birthday Cake!

    The cupcake is pretty, the item is pretty, the stat raise is handy. BURP
  2. Your Fashion Counselor!

    @YuiinaOh it's ok, every day feels chaotic for me xD I'm usually multi-tasking in between posts and the worst thing is DTI doesn't work on phones. Interesting choices; don't think I'm familiar with some of them- will most definitely play with some of them later. @kayahtikThat's exactly the reason I didn't suggest the hammock: it blocks out so many parts of an outfit. Otherwise it would have been a lovely item- it looks so nice and fluffy by itself!
  3. Your Fashion Counselor!

    @jellysundae Aww thank you <3 You've nailed it spot on with words about the sea shell while I was just frowning and FROWNING at it. A lot lol It's exactly that; I keep wishing there are more pearls or starfishes spilling out of the shells. I love the delicate shades of those shells and looking for a way to use them. I'm glad you think so too- that swing is one of my personal fav The world will end without those eyelashes! May I refer you to Exhibit A: The Christmas Tree where a conifer is a temporary resident indoors. Also various other exhibits where there are numerous indoor decorations involving pine, mistletoe, leaves, fruits and some such. I thought the indoor swing seat is a thing nowadays: .....or maybe not and it's just my brain thinking of a vacation xD Well, glad you found some food for thought :)
  4. Your Fashion Counselor!

    Hello, Ellava is pretty! I love how you use those items to accentuate the turquoise of her stripes I'd suggest the following: Ack, it looks nice at DTI with the animations. Anyhow, I've used the Snowy Suspened Plant Garland to give the room a more beachy (I think of beach > sand > golden colors) feel and to match the shells in your foreground. I find the lights soften/warm up the room color while the branches match the blue/aqua color scheme. The full list of items used: http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1408728 For a small handheld item, I like the Crystalline Flower Bouquet. It's small, it's shiny (in a subtle and classy manner) & it matches your color scheme. I also think of hammocks and swings when I think of beaches so ta-daa introducing the Tropical Island Swing. I've also thrown in a Shining Princess Magic Swirl for that last pinch of salt shiny because she's a princess. And Magic. And shiny. List of items: http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1408733 I'm not much of a dresser; hopefully they can give you some ideas instead of sending you running away in horror PS: I had worked on a female base but somehow it changed and became the male base. Sorry about that!
  5. Your Fashion Counselor!

    Lots & lots of ideas. My head is spinning with all the possibilities. I feel like I'm in a candy store. On Christmas Day I'm ready to call it quits and trade away the BG but now, I'm hiding it in my closet. A big thank you to you & deborahtibi <3 http://impress.openneo.net/outfits/1407177 ......Can I put this on Peri's lookup? If I could, I'd squish you into a huge hug. I'm going to refer to this whenever I'm tempted to cram a million items into an outfit or when that feeling of bare-ness creep onto me again <3
  6. Your Fashion Counselor!

    She's Peri; I created her mainly because I like the Christmas Zafara's color scheme and that halo. I had planned for her to be a lady who swishes about in grand and sombre halls and such. Welllll.... that didn't work out as I couldn't make the BG work so she's romping about in the forest instead lol Sorry I didn't indicate the name of the items used and whether they can be swapped out- that was thoughtless of me /facepalm That Candy Floss wig has totally distracted me me too and I'm saving it for reference and outfit ideas I LOVE those candles; most definitely will try them! Thank you, you've provided me with lots of outfit ideas- Peri won't be bored, that's for sure The chandelier garland and bouquet box combo looks great- I'll be saving that on DTI :) I'll snag those NP items too. I missed the Negg Festival but that BG is full of beautiful, intricate details. I often try to pile as many items as possible (FG, garland, animations etc etc) but this works really well by itself. Tiny, hidden details FTW! I tend to do that too hee I'm fine with NP or NC items or a mix of both. Foreground, garland, the full works, the more the merrier lol I'm open to other BG suggestions though I'd rather not as I'm trying to put this BG to use lol
  7. Your Fashion Counselor!

    Just call me Zeph Those are great choices! I bet your pets will be very happy with their new companions! This has left me stumped: I love the background but the foreground is so bare. The more I look at it, the more bare the whole setup becomes >_> Help!
  8. Your Fashion Counselor!

    This thread is an oasis! None of my outfits have been feeling right so I'm sure I have a ton of things to ask later. I have a soft spot for cloud gnorbu <3 My vote goes to the feepit. May I also suggest the Polarchuck and Christmas Slorg: I think their color scheme (& cuddliness) would go well with Staralay too As for Maya, I did some searching and realized that there are not a lot of bird petpets in Neopia I would have suggested the Alabriss except it's not a bird so I'd go with the White Weewoo. It's very elegant :) I has wings too & can fly!!
  9. Favorite petpets?

    I love Drugal especially when it's in its Darigan color: & these few never fail to put a huge smile on my face
  10. Hey guys, I'm looking for: -Hanso Charisma Charm & - Brynns Legendary Sword of Wraith Smiting If anyone is letting go of them, shoot me a PM here :)
  11. Trick or Treat 2016!

    *sigh* I'm kinda disappointed by this year's items. Looking back at the past years, there were usually some nice wearables thrown in (even for the NC event, today's veil was just..... I choose to rotfl the silliness of it. And it broke when a wig is used with it). Oh well, free items are free items. At least the bags themselves are cute. Happy Halloween everyone :)
  12. Halloween/fall outfits

    I get that. While I don't have a mutant pet, I have a baby pet and while those outfits are cute..... that's it. I'm pretty much stuck staring at the same outfits most of the time lol I appreciate you bringing up your point nicely :) With the shootings that had occurred the last few Halloweens, I am concerned about the safety too. Nonetheless I enjoy watching the costumes (and occasionally dress up) and get in the spirit of things. Ah well, I'll turn my pets into hot messes where it's relatively safer xD
  13. Halloween/fall outfits

    Oooohhh very nice. Sefiy looks very majestic. If they were to come trick treating at my corner, I may just surrender all my candies to them xD Love the way you use the black veined contacts & makeup. I like it but can't get it to work in Dress to Impress.
  14. Halloween/fall outfits

    I remember them! Looking dashing as always :D ^ My zombie usul at her territory doing... stuff :ph34r:
  15. Is Food Club preparing for war?!

    With how this month has been, I'm sitting out October. With Food Club, you win some, you lose some. The key is consistency as in the long term the gains will usually cover the losses. But with how things have been going, this will remain to be seen. Whenever I feel uncomfortable with my losses, I'll just take a break for about a week and then bet again everyday for the next few months. I follow Garet & Lefty. When I'm feeling adventurous, I go with Phoenix. So take a deep breath, keep your fingers crossed and don't give up :)