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  1. Aww, I am so sorry, Saxen! I'm sure you won't have to wait that long though. :) By the time they want to feature another sandwich gallery, yours will be so amazing, and you'll definitely get in. :D
  2. Since a comment just like this has gotten you warnings or silencings on Neo before, I would say that there is a good chance it'll happen again.
  3. You will have to upload it to an image hosting website. I like tinypic myself, since there are few worries of accidentally deleting it later. Then, you have to put it on a petpage. In case you don't know the html for that, it's below. Then, once it is on your petpage, you can neomail the owner and link them to the petpage. They can collect the image, and you can remove it from your petpage after that. :) <img src="IMAGE URL HERE">
  4. Best of luck! Getting your first job is such a pain. Even the most entry level jobs want experience, which makes it super difficult for people that are just starting out. You're not completely out of luck though! Ask any adults in your life- parents, other family members, teachers you're close to, etc- to read over your CV and give suggestions. Writing CVs and resumes can be tough- there's a reason why some people make a career of writing them for other people. You have nothing to lose by getting ideas about other things you can put in there. Don't minimise any work you've done previously- if you have babysat kids, that's a huge perk. It shows you're responsible and attentive, and bonus points for minor first aid and feeding kids and stuff like that. Same if you have worked with kids in your schools to do tutoring at any point. As for places to apply to, this is one of the times when it's worthwhile to just throw as much against the wall as possible. You can apply for positions working with photoshop, but it's unlikely you would be considered for those. If you're really interested, you should look into some classes. Hit up every retail place you can find though- A lot of bigger chain places have online applications, which makes things really easy. No longer do you have to spend hours going from place to place. (Personally, I've always had luck with grocery stores, and they tend to pay quite well, are often in unions, etc. The major downfall is how ugly the uniforms always are). As said already, if you have a strong preference for clothing stores, make sure you show that on your resume. Talk about your interest in fashion. Interviews are pretty terrifying, but unless you're really unlucky, your interviewer is going to try to put you at ease. They'll ask you questions about why you want to work there, and a lot of general kind of getting to know you questions. At the level you're at, they just want to get an idea of who you are, how you will fit in, and what your work ethic will probably be. You can google common interview questions, but many of them are for higher level positions, and may just end up worrying you! There tends to always be questions about something you found difficult and how you worked around it, or dealt with it, situations where you had to work with someone who was difficult or you didn't like, something you consider a flaw, etc. Never (ever ever ever!) actually say anything bad about yourself. Talk about a flaw you used to have, but have taken steps to rectify (ie, I used to have a lot of problems getting to school or other lessons on time. I would wake up with only ten minutes before I had to leave, and I would rush around trying to get everything together in time. Since then though, I have started preparing everything I need for the next day right after I get home, and I haven't had to rush since!) or a flaw that's not really a flaw, or not much of one (ie, I sometimes take too long working on a project because I want to make sure that it is the absolute best quality that it can be). As for clothing, I have always dressed quite smartly in interviews. I tend to be dressed more professionally than the people interviewing me, but I feel better going in that at the very least my outfit won't be the reason I didn't get hired. A pair of black dress pants, and a simple button down shirt or other nice blouse is simple, not too dressy, but looks smart and professional, and is sure to make a good impression. If you do get an interview at a clothing store, it would be smart to wear some items of clothing from that store, but still try to make it as smart as possible. Even if they sell ripped jeans and club wear, it may not be the best to show up at the interview in that clothing- maybe pick some accessories from that store, or a similar store, with accents that show you know (and like) their style of clothing, but that you're classing it up. Sorry if this is just a big wall of text. There is so much advice floating around about how to get jobs, and a lot of it is contradictory. It may take some time to get a job, especially since the economy isn't the best, but you will get one. :) Make sure your CV is the best it can be (without falsifying anything), and practice some interview questions, and you'll be grand. :)
  5. Most pets that get deleted are done pretty quickly, it seems. Older pets are often 'grandfathered', which is why you do see some pets with questionable names on old accounts. So there isn't a lot of danger of established pets, that have been trained or painted to be deleted. But yes, I agree. :D We're all on Neo to have fun- and the rules are in place to make sure that we all do.
  6. Capirinha is also an alcoholic drink (well, super close to it at least- the p and i are switched in the drink). I once had an account deleted that was named nicotine, so I'm not surprised that drinks aren't allowed too. And LGBT definitely doesn't fall in their guidelines. I wouldn't say they're any more delete happy than normal.
  7. Wow, it's absolutely gorgeous! And great job with pastels- I always made a horrible mess when I tried to use mine! XD I voted!
  8. Oh goodness, that is absolutely precious! :D Pandas are just too cute. ^_^
  9. I just did simple descriptions of their personalities. Just a couple sentences in third person. :) I used to have some art of them on there as well, but then I morphed one of my pets and I didn't want to redraw him. XD
  10. I agree! Her items are gorgeous, and it's not like you're being forced to spend your NC. :D
  11. That is amazing! Congratulations! :D Clearly you had nothing to be worried about (though goodness knows it's hard not to be!) Congrats again! :D
  12. Nope, you're not doing anything wrong. Defenders of Neopia just isn't working right now, and hasn't since the new BD was released. I expect that it will be up and running again when the BD is out of beta, but it is anyone's guess as to when that will happen.
  13. I can't say that I've received upgrades after going over the 5k limit (frankly, I'm not sure I've ever hit it!), but I don't see why that would stop you. You're still able to win avatars in Bilge Dice after hitting your max payout, and you can still upgrade your trophy (and win the avatar) after hitting 5k in Cell Block as well. I'd be really interested to find out for sure, but I would be really surprised if you couldn't. :) Here are three easy trophy guides that I had bookmarked. :) They definitely helped me get a tonne of trophies, so hopefully they help you too! http://www.neopets.com/~paravidya http://www.neopets.com/~emma_katie_k http://www.neopets.com/~glitterjay
  14. Best of luck! I hope it goes swimmingly for you. ^_^
  15. I really like Stealthy! Both outfits are gorgeous as well, WOW. :D
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