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  1. Super Strength Potion

    Thank you for the answers! Just going to try my luck at offering it on trades such as Golden Nerkmids/Bronze Brightvale Coupons until somebody accepts I think .-.
  2. Super Strength Potion

    Super Strength Potion - r101 [special] This super strength potion was used to roll a large circular boulder out of the way. This Super Strength Potion is only available if you have a virtual prize code from the Leapfrog® Quizaras Curse game in the US! Category: Magic Item Release Date: March 11, 2009 - - - - Does ANYBODY have any more information about this mysterious artifact? What does it do? How much is it actually worth? Has anybody used one before?
  3. Last Thing You Ate

    A smoothie-type ice lolly. Only 81 calories! It was actually nicer than I thought it was going to be. -ihateyouhealthyfood-
  4. Cake mix

    Oh my God, it tastes sooo good. You've got me craving it now and trying to be healthy! D;
  5. Tombola

    Please give me something Tombola Guy :c
  6. The Fruit Machine

    Yeah, so do I!
  7. So, what are you listening to now?

    Does nobody else think those songs which are 800% slower are just amazing? This one is of Eastenders, a British soap, and it may sound like an odd concept, but something about it really intrigues me...
  8. Hello,all!

    Hello and welcome, Mimitchi! I'm Shelby ;* I do think Bruces are cute, but it's also the name of my Grandad, so it's a bit of a funny one for me. xD
  9. Old pets vs New pets

    This is genuinely the greatest idea I have ever heard! If only we could make TNT hear our cries :c
  10. Guilds..

    Whenever I join one, I always feel so out of place... I'd love to join one where I can make a load of friends/have a laugh. That's the only requirement I'd have for a guild really; it has to be full of hilarious people. xD
  11. Punchbag sid question

    I feel your pain on this one! I'm absolutely terrible in the BD, but I suppose it just makes it more of a challenge to get all the avatars. No idea if there's a thread regarding Sid, but it would also come in very handy for me... Good luck with it. :)
  12. Old pets vs New pets

    I don't doubt that TNT are just trying to modernise the site/keep things fresh and what have you, but it'd be great if they sometimes took into consideration that it would be nice to keep some of the old features that made us all love Neo in the first place. In regards to Faerie pets, I was also thinking the same thing before when I was looking at the Poogle, it's such a shame because, personally, I think Poogles are beautiful and so much more imagination could have gone into the making of Faerie ones. :c
  13. Old pets vs New pets

    I've never actually thought of it like that, I suppose it does give your pets a bit more of an identity... Hopefully soon I'll become a little less stubborn and hop on the bandwagon ;3
  14. Old pets vs New pets

    You are completely right, I was thinking exactly the same about the grey pets before... There's not :( I just hope they don't update the website I posted, that will well and truly abolish the memory! I can imagine a lot of people feel the same as you do... I'm yet to become a huge fan of customization though. D; Exactly :c and when a pet costs that sort of amount... It really disheartens me haha.
  15. Old pets vs New pets

    At the moment, all I can seem to think about is how old pets (or 'unconverted' pets) look so much better than the new. I've obviously been hiding under a rock or something, but I remember how I used to absolutely adore the Lutari, however I just looked at The Rainbow Pool and I couldn't help but think they've been almost destroyed. Par examplé - ... has become... It's probably just me being old fashioned, but I really think pets are slowly becoming to look worse. If you want to see how they all used to look, then you can go here: http://www.neopets.com/allpets.phtml but all it made me do is feel all overly nostalgic and such, so look at your own risk! :sad01_anim: