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  1. It's quite possible that the NC mall is using other versions of the JubJubs eyes and was never reworked in the NC Mall when they did their last update of the Jubjubs. I looked at several explanations and the first I thought NC Mall was giving "angry" version of your pet, but it wouldn't explain the eye color change, just the expression on his face/eyebrows. However, looking back on even that, there never was an expression quite like this one, which makes me believe that the NC mall has an item bugged on your pet, or it has it's own artwork for that particular Species/Color, which still... makes no sense. (look at rainbow pool for how your JubJub is supposed to look without anything on eyes)
  2. It's very strange, I wasn't even worried about the the filter in which I broke a rule, I was more so worried about the rules in general. I've been playing neopets for nearly 17 years, and as far as I have seen they have not updated the rules [in general] in over a decade. To prove the point, go find any one other Disney/Family/Child Oriented affiliated game and look at their rules and tell me the difference between ours and theirs, the different is that not only are the rules outdated, but the process in which we are warned, threatened, frozen etc is as well. As well as the ticketing system, ways of getting help, and honestly 90% of the site is outdated. They seriously need to overhaul a lot of the more outdated functions and the rules imo is up there at the top. I could deal with a lot less materialistic events that people barely enjoy for the game to look and feel nicer.
  3. -sighs- I mentioned beer, I'm pretty sure you aren't allowed to use boards if you aren't over 13, and if you don't know what alcohol is by 13 you live a sheltered life, if you can't see from the standpoint of the fact that the rules in place aren't relaxed enough, and something like a warning wasn't necessary, especially threatening of someones hard earned account over someone using A WORD that nearly every child even knows about is silly. Edit: Also, after looking over the rules, even though it should be a given (could not find the rule) where it says "Discussing Drugs or Alcohol is forbidden" I checked Terms, and Chat rules. Edit 2: other information that we deem, in its sole discretion, to be inappropriate for this site. Oh okay got you, you can get in trouble for just about anything with that clause.
  4. Oh, you got me wrong. I know that I had broken a rule and I own up to the fact that it's an understandable rule. However MY problem is, that I said "beer". I was not [discussing it], or even going to elaborate further. You have to remember that they relaxed all of the most "obvious" chat filters a while back because the subject in which people were slipping up and saying some words was not worth having to deal with unfreezing people for the occasional word or two when no rules were TRULY broken. Had I been talking about beer, discussing in further details, talking to other people about it etc would have been different. I said as much as you can find and is discussed in any PG-13 Movie (which mind you has tons of adult content) TV shows, even the disney channel has moderate mentions of alcohol. The only reason I even bring up the issue is because the warning was for and I repeat, [DISCUSSING] Alcohol, not slipping up and saying "beer" If someone is going to get a warning for this, you might as well have the word blocked. Just saying.
  5. I want to talk to everybody about Neopets and it's outdated rules that many many many people have been frozen for and it being absolutely ridiculous, whether it's just saying one time a subjective thing etc. For example, I received a warning today on a post today, because I was utterly surprised after getting a (R100 Beam Me Aboard) Booktastic Book from the Wheel of Larceny (Extravageance), I said one time [it was not being discussed or talked about] that I had had a few beers and had I not I probably would not have been AS calm as I was after getting it. If you know anything about how the board works, to get a warning from TnT you usually had to have been reported by someone for them to look it over. ALL Warnings from TnT are done by staff themselves. This comes to the question, that since we all know a vast majority of the players, [Probably close to 60-70%+] are over the age of 18, do you think stuff like this is absolutely ridiculous? Do you think jealousy comes to mind for the person who reported me? Let me know what rules you find outrageous and in need of change. -Matt
  6. Your creation was absolutely fantastic, I can not express in words how much I enjoy every little detail of it is carefully thought out. And that's most people, they don't realize what amazing things they can make with a spark of creativity. Unfortunately there is only one participant, so that means there can only be one winner! Congratulations, you earned it! I'll post you the code very shortly~ Have a great Christmas everyone! See you next year~ -Matt
  7. You can only collect interest on one account, much like you can only have stocks on one account. Link to an editorial which explains in details : http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=522422&week=506 Hope this helps.
  8. I'm kind of sad there is not as much interest in the contest this year! I would advertise it on Neopets if contests weren't against the rules, but it kind of ties down to submissions, as I'm aware of there is only one person that has been interested in even participating. If they are the only one that submits, then I will possibly think of extending it, or just declaring the only winner since there is only one submission. I just hope people that feel they don't have any artistical value to think they shouldn't participate, because again it's not the quality I want! I want heart and soul and eagerness to win something that you would thoroughly enjoy! :)
  9. Ah man I should have tested it when I got one after questing a few weeks ago. I believe the assessment is like this, You take both 10 dark, and 10 light First of all, it turns all icons into Dark So now you have 20 Dark Icons, this makes it easier to calculate NOW 25% of those light icons, are unblocked damage, so... 2.5 icons are NOT blocked, and are unblocked dark icons, since the calculation is AFTER blocking, so first, you blocked the dark, then you reflected transitioned light into dark icons, you are hit with only 2.5 icons total, out of the 20 icons. Edit: Also you'd be reflecting 7.5 Icons as well, so you'd be doing a little more damage if you know they are going to be using light icons. It's either that, or 5 icons through, I could be wrong but I think it's the first.
  10. @firaplays Yes! There is always next year~ :) On a bigger note, I will be making finalization's to the contest and you can then send me submissions. I'm still debating on if I'm going to do judges (like 3 staff members that can be very unbiased in terms of quality but more-so in the heart of competition) I need to make sure everybody understands the rules before participating, and do fact checking. I can possibly lend a battle set this time around, unlike the last 2 years good weapons were still expensive, but now icon inflation is around and I easily have a ton of weapons that do icons to loan, mainly turned tooth, yooyu knuckle dusters, and plenty of other things that knocks space faerie into the next year. ;)
  11. Hey Fira! Two very important questions, since there is no requirement on Avatar/Account age, none of that matters. Unfortunately, after further inspection of your pets there would be no way of you to beat her. That is however, unless you met the Avatar pet requirement that TDN has for loaner of a Battle Pet HERE. If you meet the requirements to borrow that pet you qualify for the contest. However, as I clearly stated before, it has to be an originally inspired song/piece that you created, not a song that you are just singing. That would mean you would have to compose, and then sing your own song! Sorry, hope that I answered your questions! -Matt
  12. I would like to let everybody know that I have completely revamped all sections of my original post, including the ideas for the contest have been finalized. Any contest ideas that are submitted as of right now, will never change. However, I will be adding more if new ideas arise. This in turn means that you can start working on a submission for the contest right now if you want to work with the categories listed.
  13. @charelan Yes, I'm going to edit the first post and everybody can then submit their application to be entered for the contest, that way everybody can engage in the contest/planning to feel more enthusiastic about it! I will message anybody that said they are going to enter on both Neopets and TDNforums so that they don't miss the application phase! (but you'll have a whole month to do it) @Aquamentis Yeah! I've literally had this avatar picture since I created my TDN account, (well that's not true, I did have it on Killua for the longest time) I want to mention that HxH is probably my favorite anime of all time due to character development, storyline, and overall likable and engaging characters, I'm glad you finally have started watching it! I'm starting to feel that I really will do a separate Contest to win some other prizes, The PRIZE pool on this is SO beta, I'm probably going to add so much to it it's not even funny. I thank everybody that is willing to help, it really means a lot to me!
  14. Thank you once again Mousey, you know I always come out of hiding for everybody! I'm a ritualistic person, and I love bringing cheer and happiness to people! :D With that aside, I could use some ideas for contests while we are still planning, I want it to be a very fun and exciting Giveaway/Contest this year, with many participants, but I really felt that not everybody benefits from avatars, so I may end up making a seperate giveaway that anybody can participate. What do you think? -pokes at last years contestants- Where is everybody hiding off at? :D
  15. Ah man I just remembered, that this is now forming into more of a contest than a giveaway, I wonder if I can get one of the site staff to rename the topic to "Contest" instead of giveaway. XD