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  1. All-Star Groups

    I would like to clarify everything that has been said about Altador Cup that people seem to have questions about. 1. Team sizes are scaled to match each team. For example if a team has 100 players and the other has 10, that is a clear 10:1 matchup, this is an obvious advantage over the smaller team. TnT [before jumpstart] realized how tantalizing this is because obvious small teams wouldn't even play that day as there was no point. This was easily fixed to balance in a manner where the games had a weighted average and if one team had more players the total amount of games were scaled to an equal rate. Basically 10:1 ratio is scaled down to make 1:1 for each team, and points were more obligatory than amount of games. [Hence why goalkeepers were originally thought of to keep track of teams players scores] This topic was discussed in an editorial during the first few Altador Cups. 2. Scores matter for your team winning as well. This just means that if head to head 2 players both played a game, and one got 5 points in yooyuball, and the other player got 10 goals, the player that got the most goals individually earned more points [in calculation] than the other. As with number 1. This again has smaller teams in mind because while a bigger team may think that everybody on the team maxing out that day will guarantee a win, it wont. Quality over quantity. This as well was explained in an editorial. 3. Individual Game Scores do not affect your rank. This was asked and I would like to clarify. Each game gives a certain amount of rank points. As far as I am aware, only Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise have minimum scores to get a rank point. [Yooyuball, and Shootout Showdown only require 1 point to get a rank point/win] These rank points affect INDIVIDUAL rank and have nothing to do with your team, and will always give you the same amount of prize points at the end of the cup as long as it counted as a game towards rank. HOWEVER, if you did the bare minimum in every game possible and the other team made sure to do better than that, you can't expect to win, can you? 4. How do ACGs win. Because I am in the field of Programming/Video Game Design I know how the cheaters cheat and what they do. They can get more points than the average player and can max out every game every day that a normal person [for sanitys sake] can't do, all without lifting a finger. This however should not discourage you to do your best. I pulled my hair out because I joined Kiko Lake when ACGs were on it, but the next year we proved we didn't need those cheaters to consistently have good scores or win games. Plain and simple cheaters are cheating for NP, why they all are hella obvious and join the same team I still haven't figured that out yet. I also wanted to touch base with what neilo said about my definition of time consuming. So I get 12~ goals a game. 10-11 goals still means it's less than 2 hours to max yooyuball a day. I commute 10 hours a week, work, AND go to school full time during the summer and I still can manage 2 hours. Time consuming has nothing to do with it, most people just get too bored, too quickly and say it's a waste of time. Team spirit and being together as a group is not a waste of time, as my high honors president would say in college, working as a team is leadership development and you will take every example of your best self with you wherever you go. Added Clarification: I also forgot to add that 1 and 2 are very good examples but you need to remember that Quality is always better. An example could be Team 1: 900 Players 1500 Total Yooyuball Games[after 1:1 scaling] 9 Goals Per Game AVG Team 2: 1000 Players 2500 Yooyuball games [after 1:1 scaling] 5 Goals Per Game Average You would think the team that scored more games would win but the average goals means they did not. Team 1 scored more points per game and earned more points even though they made less games and this matters more than the total games does. Hope this helped anyone with questions. -Matt
  2. All-Star Groups

    Coming from someone that has had 1000 wins in Yooyuball I would like to say that it's not super time consuming. It used to be 68 games to max a day, if you are getting at least 12 goals a game it takes less than a few hours a day to max, for a good chunk of rank points. I know everybody isn't as coordinated but I am able to play YYB without even looking at the screen because it's muscle memory from playing over 7 ACs. I usually just watch anime and peek over every once in a while.
  3. All-Star Groups

    Hello, not that It matters to me but I have more than a few friends that are wondering if anybody knows where the ASGs are going this season. My friends want to know so they can counter balance the ACGs. Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated, especially direct links to ASG signups or what not. Thanks very much! -Matt
  4. Hi everyone!

    I have been playing since 2001 I've taken many hiatuses and have had many accounts [some either frozen for silly things or silenced] but I always come back as it's something to do when you have the free time. If you have any super complex questions feel free to let me know as I can answer pretty much anything! Welcome back! -Matt
  5. It would have to be the notorious Angry Tax Beast (25% of your neopoints out) and Sloth's Tax Invasion. I have collectively lost between all my accounts at least 10 million from those two and maybe the regular tax beast on another account. I still ONLY have the silver trophy for angry tax beast and gold for invasion. I usually am hit more when I have a lot of NP in the bank, in fact when I had about 60m I got tax beast 3 times in a month. Not like it really affects me but it really does slow down my R99 Gallery progress! Greenblink_Side [4 Angry Tax Beasts] Angry Tax Beast 467,825 Points Grand Master [2 Sloth Invasions] Sloth's Invasion Tax 1,227,682 Points Grand Master
  6. No, Super Attack Pea still holds highest average icons at 32 constant, and Faerie Slingshot has the highest possible icons [up to 60 icons] but 33% chance of a strong hit and 66% of a weak one.
  7. Question about 1 player Battledome Challengers

    1P Challengers have the Strength Boost that is the amount of their proposed difficulty, therefor Easy Space Faerie has 450 Strength Boost. 1P Challengers always have 1 Speed (You always go first) 1P Challengers always have 1 Defense (You do the same amount of damage per icon always) Reflected Icon uses your opponents Strength Bonus against them (If you reflect 10 Icons and they have 750+ Boost you will do 160 damage) I hope this helps, the only thing that matters in 1P usually is your stats rather than the opponents, however recently with the new battledome some things like stealing are no longer working properly, not sure about reflection as well.
  8. You have given Fearsome Gladius to User 'charelan'. Click the button below to continue. You have given Water Powered Pistol to User 'charelan'. Click the button below to continue. You have given Thick Smoke Bomb to User 'charelan'. Click the button below to continue. You have given Jade Elixir to User 'charelan'. Click the button below to continue. You have given Scroll of Freezing to User 'charelan'. Click the button below to continue. You should be able to beat her with that setup. Get her to half health without using any type of freezers and then freeze her 3 times in a row.
  9. The Yooyu Knuckle Duster is only better in 1P, there are so many things that outdamage it, heck even the Fearsome Gladius shuts it down to just 4 icons. In 1P (which it's worth having one around for wars alone) items that do dual duty on some of the harder icons to block like, Fire/Air and do a good number of icons will be detrimental to surviving a war. However, since battledome challengers don't scale in HP anymore, I fail to see how a war nowadays can affect high stat pets, so defense isn't necessary at all when you can just do large amounts of damage and the battledome challengers would never even land a hit anyways. (4 Freezes, Full Heals/Blocks, 16+ icon weapons)
  10. Hello! Most of you know me from my giveaway I do every Christmas for Space Faerie Challenger as some sort of giveaway or contest. Today 03/29/2017 Daily Dare Released a Weapon, Water Powered Pistol that is a Dual Duty Weapon that does 13 icons, and blocks 5 fire. Why is this a big deal? Well, recently people have been still struggling against beating The Space Faerie as she just does ridiculous amounts of damage and has several ways of just overpowering and outlasting you due to having JSS, a 100% freezer, and tons of annoying icon damage that is somewhat hard to block and even if you do still punctures more damage than you can dish out. HOWEVER, this weapon tweaks some rather peculiar iconage and can alleviate icon blocks from several different categories and leads open weapon groupings such as Fearsome Gladius, 7.5-11.5 Icons of Damage and blocks 5 light and and 5 physical. This means that unless she gets max hits on her wand (5-10 Light Icons) or uses weapons that use same like icon grouping for ex; Exploding Space Bugs (5 Fire, 1-5 Physical) and Space Faerie Helmet, (3 Fire, 3 Light) if for instance she used both of these weapons, only 3 fire would get through and she would only block 4 physical icons between your 2 weapons. Her Faerie Tabard, Jade Scorchstone, and Tempest are the only blockades to this strategy, but I (even though my pet is ridiculously overpowered compared to her now) used no abilities (no freezes) just those two weapons and she was getting maybe 22-33 damage through unless she used tempest, so with abilities, freezers, healers, etc. Should make this now a cakewalk. Discuss. Edit 2: I forgot to also mention that on very rare occasions the most Space Faerie will get through is at max *8 Light (Super Rare 1-5 Light icons on one weapon and she rarely uses wand+helmet together) *3 Fire *2 Water *2 Dark *3 Physical (Rare/1-5 icons on one weapon) but never all at the same time. Edit 3: I forgot she uses abilities that may do icon damage, but even so I still think this is better than just trying to outdamage her and see who dies first. -Matthew Edit: Because of Charity Corner, I would like to mention that Fearsome Gladius is also 1m, which is a bit of a steal for beating her without having to invest a ton of money into training if you can just surface scratch her to whittle her down to win.
  11. Anyone noticed this before?

    It's quite possible that the NC mall is using other versions of the JubJubs eyes and was never reworked in the NC Mall when they did their last update of the Jubjubs. I looked at several explanations and the first I thought NC Mall was giving "angry" version of your pet, but it wouldn't explain the eye color change, just the expression on his face/eyebrows. However, looking back on even that, there never was an expression quite like this one, which makes me believe that the NC mall has an item bugged on your pet, or it has it's own artwork for that particular Species/Color, which still... makes no sense. (look at rainbow pool for how your JubJub is supposed to look without anything on eyes)
  12. Outdated Rules Revamp

    It's very strange, I wasn't even worried about the the filter in which I broke a rule, I was more so worried about the rules in general. I've been playing neopets for nearly 17 years, and as far as I have seen they have not updated the rules [in general] in over a decade. To prove the point, go find any one other Disney/Family/Child Oriented affiliated game and look at their rules and tell me the difference between ours and theirs, the different is that not only are the rules outdated, but the process in which we are warned, threatened, frozen etc is as well. As well as the ticketing system, ways of getting help, and honestly 90% of the site is outdated. They seriously need to overhaul a lot of the more outdated functions and the rules imo is up there at the top. I could deal with a lot less materialistic events that people barely enjoy for the game to look and feel nicer.
  13. Outdated Rules Revamp

    -sighs- I mentioned beer, I'm pretty sure you aren't allowed to use boards if you aren't over 13, and if you don't know what alcohol is by 13 you live a sheltered life, if you can't see from the standpoint of the fact that the rules in place aren't relaxed enough, and something like a warning wasn't necessary, especially threatening of someones hard earned account over someone using A WORD that nearly every child even knows about is silly. Edit: Also, after looking over the rules, even though it should be a given (could not find the rule) where it says "Discussing Drugs or Alcohol is forbidden" I checked Terms, and Chat rules. Edit 2: other information that we deem, in its sole discretion, to be inappropriate for this site. Oh okay got you, you can get in trouble for just about anything with that clause.
  14. Outdated Rules Revamp

    Oh, you got me wrong. I know that I had broken a rule and I own up to the fact that it's an understandable rule. However MY problem is, that I said "beer". I was not [discussing it], or even going to elaborate further. You have to remember that they relaxed all of the most "obvious" chat filters a while back because the subject in which people were slipping up and saying some words was not worth having to deal with unfreezing people for the occasional word or two when no rules were TRULY broken. Had I been talking about beer, discussing in further details, talking to other people about it etc would have been different. I said as much as you can find and is discussed in any PG-13 Movie (which mind you has tons of adult content) TV shows, even the disney channel has moderate mentions of alcohol. The only reason I even bring up the issue is because the warning was for and I repeat, [DISCUSSING] Alcohol, not slipping up and saying "beer" If someone is going to get a warning for this, you might as well have the word blocked. Just saying.
  15. Outdated Rules Revamp

    I want to talk to everybody about Neopets and it's outdated rules that many many many people have been frozen for and it being absolutely ridiculous, whether it's just saying one time a subjective thing etc. For example, I received a warning today on a post today, because I was utterly surprised after getting a (R100 Beam Me Aboard) Booktastic Book from the Wheel of Larceny (Extravageance), I said one time [it was not being discussed or talked about] that I had had a few beers and had I not I probably would not have been AS calm as I was after getting it. If you know anything about how the board works, to get a warning from TnT you usually had to have been reported by someone for them to look it over. ALL Warnings from TnT are done by staff themselves. This comes to the question, that since we all know a vast majority of the players, [Probably close to 60-70%+] are over the age of 18, do you think stuff like this is absolutely ridiculous? Do you think jealousy comes to mind for the person who reported me? Let me know what rules you find outrageous and in need of change. -Matt