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  1. Kaia Battle Stats

    Hi @enitul, I'm not really sure. You should be able to see it in your inventory and equip it. However, the lag is pretty bad and as I was changing some of my equipment. I clicked on unequip twice instead of once, and ALL my weapons SEEMED to vanish. I mean they were not displayed on the equipment change page. Pretty scary. ;) However, when I went into battle, chose an easy opponent, just in case my set was actually gone, I found my battle set still intact, save for the item I was unequipping. So it might be a small glitch like that. My suggestion, if you haven't tried it already, would be to go to your change equipment area of the battledome. Which can be found on this page, below your list of equipped equipment. http://www.neopets.com/dome/fight.phtml If you've got all 8 slots filled, you'll have to unequip an item first. Then click on the Green button with the + sign in the corner of the empty space. And see if Sword of Malum pops up as an item you can equip. You should be able to equip it. I hope this helps, and if it doesn't show up, now or SOON. You might consider sending a ticket in, just in case. Hope this helps! Good luck against Kaia!
  2. Kaia Battle Stats

    You're very welcome! Always glad to try and help. Happy battling!
  3. Kaia Battle Stats

    Hi Kute, if you use the Throw Pillows strategy until Kaia is defeated, then you shouldn't have to use a Thick Smoke Bomb. Using it also takes up a weapon slot, so from what I can see, it might mean you'd need to use Throw Pillows possibly an extra time, plus you'd be wasting the Thick Smoke Bomb if you used it during the same turn as Throw Pillows. It's a good idea in some cases. But if your pet isn't strong enough to do a lot of damage with only 1 weapon and 1 faerie ability, then I'd recommend not using the Thick Smoke Bomb and just stick to the Throw Pillows strategy. It would be quicker. If you wanted to stop using the Throw Pillows strategy then sure, Thick Smoke Bomb would protect your pet that one round. But Kaia COULD potentially block your attack with her defensive equipment. For example, while fighting/testing her, she's reduced some of my pets attacks down to under 50-damage. Pretty impressive considering I'm working on getting the stats for one of her currently exclusive items. If I were serious, I could take her out in 1 or 2 rounds. This nifty little gadget is TDN's Damage Calculator. http://www.thedailyneopets.com/battledome/damage-calculator/ Enter your pet's strength range from the drop-down options, and type in how many icons your weapon does. It will give you the maximum damage your pet can do at the strength level and icons that the weapon possesses. You can then input your 2nd weapon's icons and then just add 'em together. That's how much damage you should be able to do while using Throw Pillows. Some weapons, Like Malum's Sword and Blazing Embers have some variable icons, so they won't be exactly the same every time. Though both are fairly strong at, I do believe, over 15 icons each at this time. Anyway, if you want to risk having to start over again, you can risk a 2nd turn to attack with 1 weapon, Thick Smoke Bomb and 1 Faerie Ability, but I would not recommend it. I applaud your thinking though. I like trying to fight stronger opponents too. ;) Best of luck with your battles!
  4. Kaia Battle Stats

    I just struck with ONLY Blazing Embers and she finally used the ring. So it IS Pulsing Ruby Ring. Here's the text from the log.. Blocked 4 icons of physical and 4 of Fire. Doing 206 damage to her. But, then the defended icons appearing on my side of the log suggest that she reflected 5 Physical and 4Fire at me with the ring. I used "meh" and that takes out 1 icon of fire and physical, still doing 125hp of damage. Hmmm looks like the darn ring is going to be a doozy to figure out. A shame we can't steal it. >_< Her other weapon was Focus of Imminent Destruction, but it did nothing except glow red and not do anything. EDIT: @hrtbrk So far against me she hasn't blocked/reflected 20 Physical icons, even when I combine Stone Foam Finger with Blazing Embers. But that's "so far". Seems that she blocks and reflects 4 fire pretty consistently when I use Blazing Embers. I'm amazed she can reflect physical though. I thought that wasn't an option in the BD? I wonder if TNT is throwing us another curve ball? Perhaps a sign of things to come? Anyway, I've been looking at the icons blocked. Most of the recent battles and rounds when she's used the ring, it's been with another weapon/shield that dulls other damage. So I don't have a full grasp on the actual damage for the most part. This is what I have so far. It's after 2am now, so I'm about to head off for the night. The lowercase "d" for all of the twice I was able to get it, is the damage she did against my pet with the reflected damage alone. Along with the damage that was done to her with the listed weapons. If this helps with figuring out it's abilities, great. "P" and "F" are for Physical and Fire icons. Just in case. If anyone gets some good data/notes, feel free to post it here. Otherwise I'll pick it up again tomorrow when I can get back on.
  5. Kaia Battle Stats

    So, are you thinking that maybe I'm not attacking with the right types of icons? I'm using Sword of Malum, and defensive items/abilities, trying not to kill her too quickly. She's still a bit too "squishy", for using 2 weapons per turn. I suppose using Blazing Embers only might provoke a reaction. I'll give that a shot next. I like to heal before I beat her, so I use my lens flare or freeze her with my freezer so I get to heal the last round. About the 4th or 5th round, depending on how much water she blocks from Sword of Malum.
  6. Kaia Battle Stats

    If the item doesn't activate though, then it won't. I always leave the combat log open during a fight so I can look at the info, even when it's not a new opponent/item or a weapon test. The ring hasn't activated when it's been in one of her weapon slots in battle, not for me so far anyway. Unless there's some other battle log you're talking about?
  7. Kaia Battle Stats

    OH! LOL I was thinking you may have been referring to a weapon or some kind of program or something. LOL I feel a little silly for not thinking of that. Probably because my brain is more battle-focused right now. XD That's a really interesting theory! It WOULD make donating more "rewarding" at the end. Someone in my guild got the new CC avatar, apparently you can get it with 100 donations, though I haven't checked yet to see if it's donating 100 items, or 100 times. LOL I'm hoping it's the former. ;)
  8. Kaia Battle Stats

    Yeah, something I'd certainly be interested in learning, as long as it's all above board of course. I'm not familiar with the term CC, what is it? I'd LIKE to see what happens if we ALL have to take on the DF. I've played/beaten the PS2 Neopets game where she almost succeeds in taking over Neopia, but it's been so long now that I can't recall her actual fate at the end of the game. lol Yeah! I was wondering if they fixed Stealing in the BD on the sly, but I haven't changed my equipment to try that yet. If we do have a site-wide boss battle, it would be nice to have stealing back in action. LOL While it CAN prolong the battle, chances are we're gonna get defeated anyway. lol Still, it's more fun to see what you can grab from the opponent. ;)
  9. Kaia Battle Stats

    Thanks Scoobert. I wonder how they got the full name? I checked the media with Firefox and all I could get was the image URL. Anyway she's had a number of chances to use it in my battles with her, but nothing comes up in the combat log so far. Makes me wonder if it's glitched.. And so far the Focus of Imminent Destruction hasn't done anything for her either, which makes me wonder if it's like an over-priced Sword of Lameness, where sometimes it doesn't do anything.
  10. Kaia Battle Stats

    To get your new opponent, follow the guide and thread here. This is what I have for Kaia's stats so far. Keep in mind, she has some POWERFUL weaponry. If you can't beat her outright, don't be shy about using the "Throw Pillows" strategy. Also, I do NOT know the stats of her "Ruby Ring". Not what it's actual name is as of yet, nor what it does. I've only seen it once and it didn't seem to do anything that one time. If anyone knows, it's full name or it's stats, please post here or PM me. I am including it's image URL though too. Thanks! Kaia Faerie Image URL http://images.neopets.com/dome/npcs/00688_3d82695cb8_fwr/portrait_688.png Difficulty HP 89 89 579 579 740 740 Meditate Healing Fire Shade Irritable Minions Leaf Shield Grapes of Wrath Ruby Ring? http://images.neopets.com/items/wea_ruby_ring.gif Skarls Sword Shield of Faerieland Wand of the Dark Faerie Amulet Of Darkness Focus of Imminent Destruction Notes: I'm pretty amazed she has such rare weaponry. But given her true Identity, it makes sense she'd have an old awesome weapon like Skarls Sword. Focus of Imminent Destruction is brand new in the Hidden Tower, don't know what it does, but it seemed to "fizzle" the one time she's tried it against me so far, and didn't do anything I could see. Good Luck!
  11. Wraith Resurgence: The Note And Forgotten Graveyard!

    My first round, i went against Harry the Mutant Moehog so I could heal my pet fully before fighting Kaia, and I got this attack... 5Fire 6Earth 5Light 3Physical = 290 Damage My guess is that like the other weapons we've gotten from the plot, that the Sword of Malum does a specific attack against Kaia, like other weapons did to certain wraiths. and all other opponents the weapons have a different attack. If it hasn't be compiled yet, I'll start trying to figure out Kaia's weaponry and their stats if she's using some unknown weapons. Wow, I wasn't expecting this (boss)fight to come at the start of the week, more like nearer the end of the week. lol TNT is so sneaky! lol EDIT: Just started attacking Kaia on easy, to figure out her arsenal. Sword of Malum did 4 air and 15 water. So @Lamppost I think that Water will be a constant. I was a bit surprised she has Grapes of Wrath, gonna get back to testing her out. XD EDIT2: Just posted Kaia's stats here. Along with her weapons and abilities. She STILL doesn't seem strong enough, in this form, to be the final boss. I wonder if we'll get to fight her in her true form to really have a time taking her down. lol
  12. Kass Basher: Unable to unlock the bat

    I too used to be an avid player of Kass Basher... still not happy about the name change. I took to it quickly as it was almost identical to an i-touch 8 machine at a local restaurant/bar I frequent. It was as touch-screen interface with dozens of different games. One year I looked through and counted the times my name came up on the high score displays for multiple games, I had over 100 high scores across the game selection. LOL LOTS of firsts. Of course, being sober, and a sober (half)Irishman at that, I probably had an advantage. lol The game that resembled Kass Basher, had a Polar Bear with a club and he was ice fishing. The physics were almost identical to Kass Basher, not just the wind, but also where you hit it, and touching the screen when the fish bounced to make it go farther. First time I played Kass Basher, I believe before I played the itouch 8, it was a fairly simple game to figure out, the trouble is getting those scores to unlock the better whackers. LOL lol But yeah, the changing payout ratio can really be a bummer. So I just don't play the games as much as I used to. I mean, at least make some games capable of a good payout when you score HIGH. So that skill and hard effort earns a reasonable and decent reward. I believe I was on a hiatus from Neo when the changing payout ratio started, I still LOATH it. Because yeah, there are a few games I like(d) to play, but if they payout is near worthless, there's no real point in playing until it happens to go up. I've had the tree, maybe 3 times since Kass Basher launched. And I've missed EACH time. I'm just not sure where to hit WITH the tree when Kass is falling, so.. yeah. My high score is.. I believe it's 1,172, but yeah, you pretty much NEED the tree, and/or getting on the high score boards early in the month might help, even without the tree. Meh, sorry for the stroll down memory lane. Old memories can be quite fun to recall at times. LOL ;)
  13. Hulking Wraith Advice

    Glad to hear you like the advice. Yep! It was in the Neopian Times Editorial and an announcement was in the regular news when I looked a little while ago. They haven't said WHAT, yet, but that'll be revealed sometime tomorrow. :)
  14. Hulking Wraith Advice

    Ok, one last tip for Sam, at 35 Defense he will reach the next boost for Defense. So he's close. ;) I don't know how long you've been borrowing the level 52 pet, but maybe write the person who lent it to you and tell them what's up? You could even ask if you could borrow it a bit longer. Keeping in communication is probably a good way to help ease your self-consciousness and make sure the pet's owner knows your intentions. Best of luck with your battling! If you haven't seen the news, apparently TNT has some new steps planned for the plot and there will be something new for it tomorrow/Monday. Good luck!
  15. Happy St. Patrick's Day! If you don't observe it, then Happy Day everyone! LOL I thought I would share this. 6 years ago, the St. Patrick's Day after my dad passed. I received a dvd made from the ONLY surviving recording of my Dad, his brothers and my Grandfather, performing in a church basement of a rural Irish community in WI, back in 1984. It took me about 12 hours to cut it up into clips, and upload it to youtube, including video processing time because I couldn't add a description before that was done. Anyway, the music selection is a mix of Irish, Folk and Western. Some things I'm sure were changed or tweaked a bit. That is the Nature of Folk music after all. Of the dozens of performances they did, this tape was the ONLY known to still exist. We don't know what happened to recording of other gigs at other places. Anyway, I hope anyone checking it out enjoys the music, the fun and Grandpa's "Terrible" jokes. ;) The Volume is pretty quiet, I didn't know how to amp the clips up when I cut up the video. So feel free to crank the volume on your device. There will be NO surprise increases of volume in any of the 25 vids! ~_^ Running time is about 90 or so minutes.