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  1. @hrtbrk I'm not sure if this is a bug or what. But I just donated 10 Outdoor Pirate Flags, rarity 90, and only got 10 points. Also, last night I donated 10 Virtupets Energy Sabres, rarity 89, and also only got 10 points. By the math in the guide, I should have gotten 60 points for the flags, and 20 points for the Sabres. Do you think this might be a bug on Neo's end? Any advice?
  2. Not a bad "get"for it's market price! 9 icons attack and 5 light defense. It's not the best weapon, but it's certainly not the worst. 😉 Especially if you're battling an opponent that has a fair amount of light-based weapons.
  3. What species is your pet? There may be a species healer that could be cheaper than the GHS. And how much HP does your pet have?
  4. LOL More or less I guess. 😉 Sorry for the delayed reply. ^^; Wow! And, I've never heard of Godori, what type of game is that? Yeah, they say that a person with a high intellect is more likely to notice a mental decline, than one who doesn't have such a bright IQ. I don't have MS, but I do know I've lost at LEAST a "few" points over the years. 😕 So In can sympathize with you on that front. 😞 Ah, so you only were after a few Frozen Neggs for the neggery? Congrats on getting them! You must be training fast and furiously! Good luck with that and your battles!
  5. I have 7 points left from last year. LOL Last year I went with Bank Bribery, 2 inventory slot increases (So I can hold 60 instead of 50 items) and... I forget what else, if I had enough left over to do anything with. lol I would LOVE to see Bank Bribery back. It doesn't really matter which faction I select then for the skirmishes. So I can go with helping people who need one faction to win, or go with what my guild wants to go after, etc. It's a nice thing to take OUT of the equation when deciding which faction to join. 😉 There are some old Avatars I wouldn't mind getting, IF they'll be getable. Some site-themes too.
  6. Sorry for this reply being late. I haven't felt to well as of late. Ah! Alrighty! I've never gotten hold of a Frozen Negg, so BEST OF LUCK! Wow! I didn't realize MS could impair mental health as well as the physical. That sucks. 😞 That's gotta be SO frustrating for you at times! I mean, I know my cognition isn't the greatest, I don't have MS, but there are times I frequently forget things, or it can take me a longer time to process things, and I know that's frustrating like crazy for me. Anyway I'm rambling. Sorry about that. I hope my advice for the BD was clear enough for you to take in. If not I can try again. Happy battling!
  7. Well, Frozen Neggs look pretty cool... pardon the pun. 😉 May I ask why you are after them? I'm just wondering if it's for the NP or the Neggery Points? OK, I'll try to keep my BD-text as simple as I can go, if that will help. I didn't know MS could mess with the thought-process. 😞 So I'm looking at your Kacheek, and with a multiplier of 9.75 (at 450+ points of Strength) I think you should be able to win fairly consistently, with a little luck. Though it wouldn't hurt if you had a really good Bomb on-hand for round 1. Unfortunately, the Bomb I would recommend is the Ghostkerbomb, which in the Hidden Tower costs 7.5mil. It is however, one of the best bombs as it can do 21-30 icons of damage once per battle. Plus you can get them cheaper usually if you buy from other users. Like in the TP or Auctions. I greatly recommend it. If you aren't going to use any defensive items then you could stop training defense. Though, I might suggest you pick up a Downsize! spelled that way WITH the ! at the end of it's name. It will block 50% of all damage Once Per Battle. As for the slugfest with Snowy. Like I said, I got to round 6, and he KO'd me. I'm not sure HOW he froze me because his Snowager's breath, in the text, said it missed. But then when his 16 icon attack hit me, it hit me for over 5000 damage. An INSANE Amount of Damage for 16 icons. Anyway, good luck farming Frozen neggs! I hope you get some!
  8. I think TNT just likes to mess with us. Why else would they have unlimited use of items that are once-per battle or even Single-Use for us? I believe Duma is right about the HP. They don't all have the same HP as the difficulty. Maybe that's also to throw off people's assumptions about that being the same as difficulty and their strength and defense multipliers? I'm not sure. NOBODY but TNT knows why TNT does such weird things as they tend to do. LOL Snowy is a toughy, that's for sure. But it appears I haven't fought him yet in the NEW Battledome. *Trudges to the Frost Dome to try at 650* Yep! First battle in the Frost Dome for me it seems. (I pretty certain I've fought/defeated him in the old BD.) Ok, so depending on your stats, he's not as tough as I thought at his lowest difficulty setting. I usually go after foes around that difficulty rating, though it's generally their highest rating that they're as strong as 650-Snowy. So he went down in my first turn. Ghostkerbomb + Blazing Embers + Lens Flare and he took 715 damage. But my pet's STR is maxed out. That being said, I'm fairly sure my pet's HP isn't high enough to win an endurance-match against his stronger difficulties yet. I'd probably be better off with some upgraded equipment too. Although.... now that I've thought about it, I'm really tempted to see how long I can last in a harder battle before Snowy blasts my Peophin into a Peophin-pop. lol I'm probably not going to try that right now. LOL But it's kind of tempting. 😉 Anyway, if you've got some good constant-icon weapons, you might have better luck against him before your Lens Flare and Warlock's Rage rounds are up. If you have (or can get) a freezer-item on hand, that can give you a 3rd round without him attacking. If you're interested in opponents with similar difficulty/power. I'd recommend Tekkitu the Witch Doctor, Plumbeard, and Shadow Usul. All on MIGHTY difficulty of course. 😉 Some of them have some interesting exclusive prizes. 🙂 EDIT: OK, 6 rounds on medium difficulty! Though I don't understand WHY he beat me in the 6th. Actually..... BOTH Snowager's breath the ABILITY and Snowager's Breath the WEAPON were used, so that's PROBABLY why I got confused. Though I didn't know that Snowager Breath caused damage as well as a current-round freeze (like Lens Flare and Warlock's Rage). I knew the freezing part, but not the damage part. lol I had Leaf Shield, Blazing Embers and the ability REFLECT chosen. Below is the text I got in the battle log. Total damage done to me was 5425! To put that in perspective. My peophin's STR, as previously stated is maxed out at 750+. If he hit with 16 icons, he'd ONLY do 256 damage, maximum! Snowy did about 21 times that amount of damage in his single attack! What luck! The Snowager missed you with Snowager's Breath! x 6 x 10 The Snowager showers you with their icy Snowager Breath!
  9. I had an odd happening a few days ago with Trudy's Surprise. It surprised me when I went to spin it, and it acted like I already had when the page loaded. I was worried it had glitched/reset (again). But the very next day all seemed ok with it and since... at least for me. THANKFULLY it didn't reset back to "Day1". Because I visit Trudy's surprise daily, and I was only about 10-12 days away from the 25th day's payout. Now I'm down to waiting for 4 more days until the big payout. (So I guess it was more than a few days ago, more like a week ago. lol) When in doubt, you can always try sending a ticket to TNT to ask them about any glitch you might come across. I hope Trudy's Surprise works glitch-free for you soon!
  10. Agreed on the Brute Boons, not a great selection. But still fun to hope you pick the winning faction. lol And of course, if you can help people get the avatars/site-themes, that's always a good thing. 🙂
  11. For anyone looking for MORE quests. I thought I'd mention that the Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies in the NC Mall are ON SALE for 50NC EACH! That's HALF-PRICE! Great time to stock up if you augment your training with them! Info on these cookies.. Regular price is normally 100NC. They last for 9 days from the time you open one. 9x24hours. A countdown clock will appear on the Faerie Quests page in Faerie City when there is less than 24 hours left before the cookie's time runs out. You cannot build up quests, if you miss doing the cookie's quest one day, you will simply be out of that one quest for that one day. So try to do it daily. 😉 It will run out at precisely the same time it was activated, 9 days later. If you have the Quest Refresh boon from fighting in the Obelisk Skirmishes, and your faction won and HAS that boon, it can be used to randomly change the cookie-quests like with normal random faerie quests. I think that's everything. Just thought I would post, as I recall SOME people wondering when the sale would come back. Not sure when it will end, possibly with the end of the Daily Faerie Quests. That would be my guess at. 😉 least.
  12. I WISH TNT would do some kind of PC port. The game DOES look kind of interesting. But I don't have a smartphone, so maybe it'll work on my Kindle Fire. I'm not going to start now though. I want to wait until the bugs or whatever gets worked out a bit first. That annnnnnd maybe wait to d/l it until I know if it will be connected to the Neopets Site in some way, shape or form. Like some have mentioned, I don't really see a major point in signing up if it's just a standalone mobile game.
  13. "Meh" I say, "meh", and not just in the battledome. lol 😉 I've had good and bad, positive and positively toxic experiences around the net, even on Neopets. While it would be interesting to see a chart and which demographics were kinder, or meaner, or just didn't give a flip. I chalk it up to most people are nice, some people are jerks. And some, you wish you could shove an atomic bomb down their throats. 0;-) Of course some can become your best friend(s) too! Anyway, @Secretly A Pony I'm glad you've had so much positive experiences with Neopets. Regarding the TP, probably where I've had the most less-fun experiences on the site, (not counting getting sniped on an Auction though.) LOL But seriously, in trades, if people don't put anything in their lots as to what they want for an item or items, they should really EXPECT inquiries via NM. With or without offers. When I get one, I'm always polite and try to work with them to see if we can do business. However, most of the times when I'VE been the one writing an inquiry about a lot, either I don't hear back, at all, or they're pretty terse about PURE. (Like I'm bothering them or something.) If they say they want Pure, that's fine, I can usually wait for someone else to put up an item I'm interested in. It's just the attitude of many traders I've contacted or tried to contact that irritates me. I know not all traders are like that. I've had occasion to converse with some who have been VERY kind and helpful, even if ultimately we cannot do business for whatever reason. Although one thing on trade lots looking for Pure... It's never really "clicked" with me why they don't use the Auction house if they only want NP and no items. By definition, a trading post is a place to trade items and yes, as well as currency at times. Bartering, negotiations, all are part of trading. Some people, take such offense sometimes to offers of items with and without NP. Whoops! Guess I got into mini-rant mode. Sorry 'bout that! ^^; Anyway, been playing this game for 15 years and I while I check the TP every now and then to basically do a price-check on a couple items I'd like, when I'm feeling a little bored, I don't do much trading, or auctioning either. lol But don't take it because one or a couple players have had some negative experiences on a part of the site. Neopets users, for the most part, ARE as you've found them, NICE and HELPFUL people. One time I remember especially well. My peophin was once painted Christmas, then he got a random event where he was turned 'Baby' by Boochi and his ray gun. A friend of mine in the guild I'm in, who sadly no longer plays, gifted me a Christmas Paint Brush. I was so touched, it was actually hard to USE it. LOL I've made some good friends on Neopets, It's kinda sad too, at least for me. The guild I am in, used to be very active with a number of people. But, time moves on, people move on, some decide to quit playing for, whatever reason, and some just simply, pass away. 😕 Sorry, I guess I'm just remembering the old days. It's not easy, being one of the youngest in a guild. I've had a number of hiatuses from Neopets up until around the time I joined up here at TDN. The guild's active membership just kept getting smaller and smaller. I think there are 4 of us left who post somewhat regularly. We don't do the LC or MP anymore. Which I don't fully mind, because it was kind of stressful looking for the MP EVERY week. lol Sometimes a couple other members pop-in but don't usually stay. Though it's nice of them to touch-base when they do stop by the guild's board. Hard to believe... I've been playing Neo for so long.. Oh well. It's also somewhat hard to believe I still have interest in it! LOL Anyway, lol please take my post at face value. You'll have good times, and down times, but overall, hopefully your memories and friendships made through the game will last you a lifetime and be pleasant to look back upon.
  14. Welcome to TDNForums! I hope that you enjoy it here! 🙂
  15. Thanks! lol I found out the hard way that PSP6 has a layer limit of 100. With many of the projects I've started/done that have some element of motion to them, I usually work with one main file and put the different positions in different layers, like with the Unlucky Reindeer. However, reaching the limit makes things a bit trickier. 😉 Case-in-point, the only pic I hit the 100 layer limit on and had to figure a different way to finish. I call this one, The Witching Hour. I ran out of layers with about 13 more positions needed for the Witch flying across the sky. So I deleted a couple witchy-layers. Then I made a line that stretched the entire length of her flight across the sky. Like a plane needs to file a flight-plan before take-off, you might say, and then I put markings on the line so I could place the witch graphic into proper place going forward. That line was on 1 Layer. So when I was to the point with the layers with one position for witch's flight ran out. I made visible, the layer with the line and markings, and then on the layer above it, I moved the witch forward and up to fit within the markings. That's how I kept her flying straight, and got away with using 100 layers for a single image. This pic I started back in 2004, as you can see by the watermark, it was about 12 years before I got around to finishing it. All mouse-drawn. Except for the text of course. LOL Used the text-tool for that. 😉 Originally I wanted to make this an animated wallpaper. 800x600 pixels was a more common screen resolution when I started this, but now, since Windows has seemingly stopped supporting animated gif files as backgrounds, or even running them when using the preview function to display them, that ideas dashed. But it was still GOOD to finish this! LOL And it was neat trying to come up with different famous "movie-monsters" to appear in here. lol I THINK the wolfman is my favorite animated portion. His pixelated transformation at the top of the bluff as he looks up at the moon. Man that was tricky! but OH-SO worth the effort!
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