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  1. Farewell AIM, it's been an awesome 20 years!

    I use a PC. Windows 8. I have discord but it has several issues with Firefox and a couple other things that I really don't like. Now if there is a chat program that will connect to discord's network without having to use the program, that would be something I could use. As I recall.... AIM was originally created in AOL, then I believe they made it a standalone program for non-AOL users to connect with people who had AOL, but I heard you had to pay, unless you used AOL as your ISP, which we had to back then as there were no other ISPs in the area. After that though, when... I think it was Yahoo, made their IM program and made it FREE, then AOL had to follow suit with the standalone AIM program, making it free I mean. Since then AIM has been doing well I'd guess, and getting a number of revisions over the years. I have skype, but I've only used it a couple of times as a video phone for a few important things. Can you save individual chats/logs with it? I mean if you use it just for instant messaging and not for the phone/webcam thing? I'm not really a google fan, I have a couple e-mails with them for a few different things, and of course a youtube account, but I don't really like google's way of running things. That being said, I remember being in High School when I first heard of them. Although I almost always found what I was looking for using AOL.com's search page. Eventually they enhanced it with google, but before then, it was still more accurate for the things I was looking up than Google was. ;) I find that Bing is pretty good as far as search engines go though too. Woah! Yahoo! Messenger is STILL working? Do you know if/when it will be turned off by Verizon? *nods* Right, I had forgotten that Skype was Microsoft. Thanks for the reminder. WhatsApp? I haven't heard of that one. I'll have to look it up. Thanks! I remember ICQ, Pidgin seems to be able to connect to ICQ, but I don't really know how to find a single person instead of a chat room. lol I'm really out of the loop since AIM has been there for so long. ^_^;; Trillian, it would depend on the ads and how obtrusive they were. But it's another name I'll jot down and take a look at. Thank you all, I'll start looking into some of those programs.
  2. So, AOL Instant Messenger, aka AIM, will be shutting down forever on December 15th, 2017. I still remember when it first came out as part of AOL, and then later became it's own independent product. After Yahoo developed a similar program that it offered for free I do believe. ;) And then eventually AIM had to go free too. Hard to believe it's been around for 20 years, but in a couple of days, it and all it's data will be no more. :( I've literally had thousands of chats with AIM over the last 20 years. Good and bad times, but it's been a good little program. Anyway, there are a few people, very long-time friends, that I still keep in contact with via AIM, and I was wondering if anyone knows of any similar network? As Verizon has bought out BOTH Yahoo AND AOL, and will be turning them into a new identity, OATH. Both of those networks will be changing, hence why AIM will no longer exist. I've been looking around, and I've come across some interesting sounding programs, but not sure about networks, as they seem to connect to OTHER networks, not have one of their own. Pidgin is one I'm going to "test-drive" tonight. I've tried discord, but I don't really like it as it messes with me having Firefox open, sometimes Steam as well. There are a couple other things I'm not big on for Discord either. If there's something that can connect to discord's network but not having to use discord's app, that'd be great. Basically, I'm looking for something without a subscription fee, supports Instant messages, file sharing, like pics or video Works-in-progress that I'd like to share with someone, but not ready to be uploaded online for public display yet. Also something that doesn't take up the full screen or run inside of a browser window is preferable. And saving the chats to the computer is also a must. Not a mobile-app. I don't employ a smart phone, so phone-apps are no use to me. ;) Oh, and I'm running Windows 8 as my OS. Any suggestions? Thanks guys!
  3. Looking for advice!

    Congrats on reaching the next boosts for your pet! I really find that training can hone even the dullest weaponry into something much stronger. ;) Sounds like you've made some good changes to your set. I hope it carries your Battle-career far. Ah, I see. Yeah, I used to use a similar strategy when I was a lower level and then as an intermediate battler though I've always kept my defense balanced. In the Old BD, sure Berserk increased the damage you inflicted, but like with the other stances, it also meant you could be hurt that much more, unless you were using a normal or defensive stance. But then that is like what we have now, the "normal" stance. So it quite literally was a double-edged sword because it could cut both ways. Sometimes, if I knew I was going to lose, I'd go with Berserk, just to try and force a double knock-out, for a tie. lol I miss the species-specific abilities. I don't know where they'd be incorporated into the NEW BD, unless they shared the Faerie Ability selection slot, but If you needed to defend yourself and still chip away at the opponent's HP, two shields and a pet's natural attack abilities could be useful in such a situation. ;-) I don't know what they were for other pets, I only remember 2 my Peophin had, Peophin Trample and Splash. Splash was the strongest and the last peophin species ability, I think it unlocked at level 20... Though I can't recall for CERTAIN anymore, it's been too long. ;) Best of luck getting your pet to the next defense boost! Happy battling!
  4. Art Request

    lol Sounds like an interesting yet frustrating pic! Have you tried looking around for other Royal Kyrii pics besides the pet look-up pics? Like storekeepers or maybe caption contests? Or heck, other fanart, not to copy, I'd never suggest copy/tracing anyone else's work. But maybe to give you a different perspective on whatever it is making your Kyrii pic looking like Gnorbu one? Sometimes angles are very tricky. So multiple views, even if you can only find some fanart, can sometimes help to model your vision more completely. Anyway, hope that helps some. As for your thread still being here, I don't think threads in this subforum get locked very often. As long as the rules are followed of course. lol Best of luck with your pic!
  5. Oh, this'll be fun >_>

    Well, if you are up and online at midnight NST, you could always try to lose some levels by playing Deadly Dice with Count Von Roo of Roo Island. You could win levels or lose levels. If you roll the higher number, you win a level, If lower, you lose a level, if you tie, you can either play another roll for double the stakes, or quit for the day. I've lost up to 8 or more levels, and I've gained more than 4 levels at a time playing Von Roo. You can only roll the Dice once per day, not counting ties, as Von Roo is only awake from Midnight toi 1am NST. Movement is primarily useful for a couple items, the primary one being the Heavy Robe of Thievery, which with a movement stat of 201, and a low INT stat, I think about 35 INT, will steal one random item from your battle opponent once per battle. Though I think the Stealing function in the BD is still glitched/not working. The cheapest robe right now is between 60,000-70,000NP on the Shop Wiz.That's almost half of what I got mine for back in the day. LOL Granted, you can't use it's stealing ability now, stats-wise or BD-wise, but you could watch the price of it on the Shop Wiz and buy it when you feel you can get a good deal for it. Then you will have it when stealing is back and working, and your pet has the speed stat to use it. Just a thought, It IS a decent chunk of NP to buy one now. But the price could go higher, or lower, depending on when stealing starts working again in the BD.
  6. Looking for advice!

    Hi Erebos, Looks like you've gotten some very good advice so far. And I like your set's "vintage" look! Having some old school weaponry like the Garoo Elite Blaster is nice, haven't heard of anyone using that in awhile. ;) Garoo Elite Blaster is an 11-icon weapon. Charelan's advice on the Yooyu Knuckle Duster is definitely solid advice. As it's a 14-icon constant. Per rntracy1's advice, Defense does help. Always did as far as I'm aware. Some people though, prefer to spend their training NP on Strength and HP 3x the pet's level. And go with strength and endurance to survive and win their fights. From what I understand, this is more feasible for pets who use the Lab Ray every day, as Defense tends to be much lower for those pets. As the boosts are the same for Defense, as for Strength, you can calculate how much damage your defense blocks similarly. Though total amount depends on your boost and how many of the opponent's icons you can block. So it's a little more complicated than doing your Weapon's max damage. However, you may find the damage calculator to be useful. http://www.thedailyneopets.com/battledome/damage-calculator/ As far as your set goes, Elephante Unguent, I'm assuming your pet is still an Elephante, so that item is good. Psellias Fighting Fan only does 9 icons total, I'd recommend either another Yooyu Knuckle Duster (so 2 in total), or if you want a dual duty that blocks a little dark, Golden Compass might help. It's also a 9-icon attack, but blocks 3 Dark icons constantly. Downsize and the H4000 Helmet are perfect! Honey Potion, sad as I am to say it, should be replaced with the prize from the GMC that just ended. Thistleberry Pingrenade Should replace Honey Potion. It's still being tested due to some Fractional Earth icons, but it appears to be between the power of the Honey Potion and the might of the Ghostkerbomb. Right now, it appears on the Trading Post for about 225k NP, that's a pretty good deal for an upgrade to the weakening Honey Potion. Seems so far that it does about 17 constant and 6 fractional icons. Which would mean that it's got a max of 23 icons. Of course as I said, it's still being tested so this could change slightly. But considering the price of this per points, and the price of a Ghostkerbomb which can do a MAXIMUM of 30 icons for about 7-7.5million NP. I'd say 225,000 NP is a STEAL. The TWR Event weapons are ok, though the Staff of Devilish Laughter seems to only do it's max damage against the Wraiths. So you may want to stow that one in your SDB after the plot is over. the Corrosive Spear Wand seems to do 10.6-16 icons of damage. So probably more useful. ;) Hope you find this info useful. Happy battling!
  7. Games Master Challenge 2017: Living vs Dead BEGINS!

    Well, I joined Team Living. I don't know about TNT doing the GMC during this week to give non-Americans something to do while TNT is gone, as was mentioned previously. I mean, sure, it's a 3-day work week for TNT(probably), but they could do it any old week and not have it matter with whatever their normal week might be like. I mean if something goes wrong with the GMC that's on their side of the site. They have to fix it when they come back on Monday. And then by then they've got some frustrated players and the GMC would be almost over by then. I wonder what TNT would do then? I mean, like extend the GMC, reset it, or just call it as it was before any such glitch happened? Or.... lol For fun, here's a silly solution... They could give all participants a "I survived GMC 2017 and all I got was this lousy trophy" trophy. Could be any color or looking like any item. A DUNG trophy might be interesting. lol To be honest, I've never understood TNT's thinking when it comes to choosing annual times for certain events. But, they're TNT and I'm just a regular player in their world. LOL Like with the "unfair" item and ability rules in the BD ;) They dish it out, we have to figure out how to deal with it. lol (For those unfamiliar with the BD, certain items and abilities that are one-use or once per battle, can be used multiple times by the computer-opponents in 1-player battling. While they remain 1-use or once per battle for us.) Oh well, 14 years (on and off for me) of entertainment. LOL Even if I go on hiatus, I seem to always return. LOL Anyway, good luck to both teams! Looks like Team Dead is doing a really good job so far. At least from the tug-o-war style progress meter. C'mon Team Living, let's make it a good show/competition!
  8. Games Master Challenge 2017: Living vs Dead BEGINS!

    Ok, I GET that "Thanksgiving" is an American holiday, but why does TNT have to start the GMC, during a plot just a couple days before a holiday where it's projected that 50 million people will be traveling to visit family? Will TNT even have anyone at work this Thursday? I mean you know, in case something happens with the event(s) that are overlapping here? Anyway, with that Grumbling out of the way... I'll probably go with team Living. Just because Hubrid Nox can be annoying. lol Always stirring up trouble in the games he's mentioned or makes appearances in. ;)
  9. Should I keep training my pet?

    You'd be surprised at how long it can take. ;) Some items rarely drop. Pretty much all the Staff was working on collecting DATA for the prizes from winning battles against the 1p opponents. After several months of ONLY battling Tekkitu and Plumbeard, one at a time, I NEVER got a SINGLE Zed Codestone from either of them! I still have my tally sheets from back then. You can get some interesting items and I got all other codestones from them, just not a Zed. Those weren't the only ones I tallied, but they were the last two I worked on. I don't know if someone else got the Zed from either of them or not since then though.
  10. Should I keep training my pet?

    Hey Shei! Wow! You've got a lot of useful replies in a pretty short time. You MIGHT find this article helpful as well, Basic Battledome Sets. http://www.thedailyneopets.com/battledome/basic-battledome-weapon-sets/ It gives some good guidelines on weapons and shields in different tiers of expense and usefulness. Your Oversized Maractite Sword is still in that article, and the Parasol, because it can block ALL light icons and some extra icons for so cheaply, it's definitely a keeper. Though after looking at Koi Warrior's battle set, it won't help much against him, though some, not the Light icons, but the other icons it can block some of. Ah! I'm glad you know Kitchen Quests already! Not many people (over the years) I've told about them knew about them. ;) On the Leaf Shield, sure! I'll NM you. Regarding Training, it does get expensive in NP. However, you COULD, instead of saving your RED Codestones you win in battle, you could sell the Red ones and use that NP to buy the regular codestones. I don't fully recommend it because the Red Stones will be useful at level 250 for the final training school, and they cost a lot more on average. However, with your present level and stats, it will probably be quite a while before you can train with Red codestones. Some people prefer to train level, get to 250 and then "catch up" their stats using the 1 red stone course. 1 red stone will cost you between 8k to around 40k. You can cancel a course, but you also have to waste time then too, waiting for the time to end. However, I would hold off on that until you get to the 7 or 8 codestone training level. Why? Because the more people who need Red Codestones, the higher the price, as the Demand grows the supply will most likely dwindle, especially with hints of a battle plot from TNT. I got to the Red Stone range during the Obelisk War a couple of years ago. I was about more than halfway through the 8 regular codestone course and the time left for the war was shrinking fast. So I decided to train level for about the 8 levels or so I needed to get to level 250. Basically, it's up to you and what works for you. I'm just not a fan of this training method for the reason I've written. If you've got any further questions, feel free to ask, as you've probably noticed, there are quite a number of helpful people around to help answer your questions. lol I'll NM re: the Leaf Shield in just a minute.
  11. Should I keep training my pet?

    Greetings Shei, and welcome to the forums! Well, training is definitely worth it. Unfortunately with your current level you can't train at the Krawk Island Academy any longer. So Codestones are probably your best bet. I'm going to link you to a fast training article. It covers some basics in training, where to go, and some items that can help increase stats. http://www.thedailyneopets.com/battledome/fast-battle-training/ However, I didn't see several other methods for training. Granted I skimmed because I'm really tired. But I'll list some other ways to train as well. First, if you don't know the boosts levels for Strength and Defence, here is the article with that list. http://www.thedailyneopets.com/battledome/strength-defense-boosts/ Boosts are multipliers that combine your boost with the icons of your weapons to do damage. So it's Icons multiplied by Boost = maximum damage. Of course the maximum damage is only IF you deliver it without the opponent defending in some way. A Faerie Ability, such as Lens Flare would stop them from defending that turn, like a Freezing Weapon would freeze them the following turn. Anyway, training IS worth it. I trained my peophin to maximum(and beyond), but I only use what would probably be considered an intermediate battle set. My Stone Foam Finger is my strongest Constant (multiple use weapon with a constant attack strength). It boasts 15 icons total. With the Maximum Strength boost, which you hit for Strength and Defence at 750 stat points. The last boost multiplier is 16. So, for the Stone Foam Finger, 15 icons, multiplied by 16 boost, = 240 max damage. Not too shabby considering it is more of an intermediate weapon. If I combine the Stone Foam Finger, with the variable attack of the Ghostkerbomb, which has a variable icon count, it can provide 21-30 icons. Anyway, combined with the final boost of 16, that combo can take out an Obelisk Faction Leader in one round. Though I recommend using Lens Flare as a faerie ability that turn to make SURE that the opponent can't block or heal. ;) So let's see, your pet's strength is at 40, the next boost for it would be 55. You current boost multiplier is 1.5. Let's pretend, that you had a Stone Foam Finger with 15 icons. Let's see... 15 icons, by a boost of 1.5 = 22.5 damage. Some people prefer to get really strong weapons early on. Many were once known as Noobinators, people with weak pets but really expensive weapons, who would challenge new players in Neopets to battle, and then defeat them with their force. I don't know if anyone still does that or not. Never cared much for them, preying on New players doesn't seem fair, or right for that matter. But anyway, some believe stronger weapons are the key. But, as you can see from my example of the Stone Foam Finger, powerful weapons CAN help, but you can get more out of Training and using weaker weapons too. If you'd like I can look over your battle set if you'll post what you bring into battle with you. If you MAKE a ton of Neopoints, I'd still recommend training over powerful weapons. Since you mentioned running low on Neopoints, I think the best bet for you would be to build your set around the opponent you wish to defeat. Here is a link to the Koi Warrior battle profile. Here you can see his stats(that we can see), and his equipment. http://battlepedia.thedailyneopets.com/index.php/oneplayer/viewprofile/152/ Clicking on the icons of each piece of equipment will take you to the page for that weapon or armor. I'd recommend the Leaf Shield, from Illusen's quest for one of your pieces of equipment. http://battlepedia.thedailyneopets.com/index.php/oneplayer/viewprofile/152/ It's currently running at a little over 22,000 neopoints on the Shop Wiz. If you're interested I'm pretty sure I have a spare in my SDB I could sell or trade with you. But we'll see what else you might need for your set if you wish to post your current battle set. As for Training, there are 2 methods that I thought were covered, unless I was looking in the wrong place. 1st, Kitchen Quests. This can be done on Mystery Island, or by following this link. http://www.neopets.com/island/kitchen.phtml The Flotsam Chef will ask for several items. Return with them in the time allotted and you may be rewarded with a random 1 stat point increase. It can be any stat other than intelligence. And you can only do 10 on-site-quests per day. At midnight NST the counter resets. I recommend doing only quests that total about 5000 neopoints or less. You might also get a (usually worthless) item, or a small amount of Neopoints, under 1,000. So,shop wiz each item and open the shops in new tabs. There are no penalties for failing the Kitchen Quests. Just eats up time because the time given to complete them can be around 2 hours. The other way to train is if you buy NeoCash(NC) Which is purchased with REAL money. There are Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies in the NC Mall. They cost 100NC, about $1 if you look at the exchange rate. Open the cookie and go to the Faerie Quests area in Faerie City. For 9 days you will be able to get ONE random Faerie Quest by clicking to accept your quest for that day. You must complete or abandon a quest in order to accept a new quest and it's only one per day. If you miss a day of accepting it, then you've lost that day's quest completely. Pretty much ANY faerie will ask you for help, except the Tooth Faerie. These are the SAME quests you can randomly get by clicking through the Neopets site. You can't use the Shop Wiz for 'em, but there is a neoboard for those seeking help finding a quest item. I hope this info helps. If you've got any further questions, feel free to ask. Happy battling!
  12. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    Looks like they drew her Iris too big in the eye screen-right, with that bit of hair over the part of that eye, you can't really see any white of the eye except on the other side of that bit of hair. So, it looks like she's part dark faerie now.... lol Kidding, or one could query if Fyora gave her a shiner. Also joking there. Fyora's got more patience than that. ;)
  13. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    Ah! Thanks for the correction! I totally missed that on the map! LOL Yeah she was a great villainess. LOL I forgot about the full opening vid for the PS2 game! It's been YEARS. ;) lol I wonder, could we POSSIBLY be in for a recreation of The Darkest Faerie, on Neopets? That would be WILD-COOL! I do wish they could've made the cutscenes look less like stop-motion animation, since it was CGI. ;)
  14. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    I just checked the ruins map where old Maraqua once was. And the Darkest Faerie statue is not in this map. I thought for a bit and remembered that after the Battle for Maraqua war event happened. That the new maps of both Maraqua and the Ruins, didn't have the darkest faerie statue in them. Now I'm wondering if her statue isn't guarded by the giant sea slug in the Ruins of Maraqua. More speculation, but who knows where TNT will take this new plot they are hinting at?
  15. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    Hmmmmmmmmm I was wondering last night, MAYBE this has something to do with the Darkest Faerie? Just with as dark and PURPLE as the place where the Faerie Festival was being held got, it SURE reminds me of a few areas controlled by The Darkest Faerie, in the Playstation 2 game, Neopets: The Darkest Faerie. Good game, except when it glitched/froze. LOL First PS2 game I beat. ;) PURE Speculation on my part though. LOL ;)