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  1. Aquamentis12

    Am I being irrational?

    Muscle weighs more than fat. So, your exercising and watching your diet is awesome. It could be a number of things. If you are stressed or have a lot of anxiety, that can cause weight gain, or weight retention even without changing your diet or exercise routine. Also, medications, medical for either physical or mental can have weight-gain side effects, depending on the med and your susceptibility to side-effects. Hormones in your body can do it too. I've heard about one called Cortisol(sp?) That while I've been told it can be good for the heart, it can definitely cause some fat build-up. I don't know a LOT about that stuff, but they might be good starting points to ask questions to a doc. Definitely don't try any kind of meds, even over the counter ones, without talking with a doctor first. I'm sure someone who's as responsibly monitoring herself like you are know that. It's mostly there for anyone else who might want try a diet pill or something. Sorry I can't be of more help. 😞 Good luck with busting through where you're maintaining and reducing more! You're doing well so far!
  2. Aquamentis12

    It's trophy time!

    Congrats to all players! I'm a little disappointed Maraqua didn't do better, but with so many teams putting in so much effort, it's not a major surprise, those last few days were murder. (We lost so much. lol) Tyrannia coming up and beating Meridell was probably the BIG surprise for me for this AC. I mean, Meridell seemed to be dominating pretty much the whole way! So congrats to anyone here who helped Tyrannia pull off that upset! The top 3 really did play very hard! Got me a silver trophy, but because I couldn't play many games this year, only 4,320 prize shop points. At least I can afford the stamp. 😕 My Staff Tourney points were much higher, around 30,000. I've got my eye on a few items there. 😉 Anyway, way to go everyone!
  3. Aquamentis12

    The Fireside (All teams welcome)

    That, WOULD be kind of interesting. Like qualifying try-outs for the teams. Hmmm.... Interesting indeed. But since the AC as it is takes about a whole month, I don't know if TNT would want to add qualifiers. (We've seen what extended plots can be like with the Wraith Resurgence one) Although, it would be nice to kill the bots. I don't think it's possible to completely eradicate them though. If TNT could either clean up some of the oddities that can happen in YYB, or maybe update the "sports announcers'" dialog, that would be nice. I believe the copyright info is out of date too. Since the AC is over, we can't check YYB, but I believe the copyright notice at the bottom of the initial screen for the game lists the year up to 2012. Which might've been the last time they updated the game. I can't say for sure, I didn't pay TOO close attention to it. lol Anyway, it's an interesting idea to have some kind of qualifier. You could always pose that question to the Neopian Times Editorial, see what TNT says if they answer it. 🙂
  4. Aquamentis12

    The Fireside (All teams welcome)

    lol No worries, I tend to overthink things as well. lol XD
  5. Aquamentis12

    The Fireside (All teams welcome)

    Well, what's good for the team is personal rank, and visa versa right? I mean, the more wins you get helps the team, even draws help the team and give points toward the team's victory and by how wide of a margin. So, if your goals count toward helping the team anyway, I don't see any reason why getting some prize shop points for higher scoring would be a bad thing. Maybe I'm missing something, but high scores, wins, and ranks seem to go hand-in-hand-in-hand. 🙂
  6. Aquamentis12

    The Fireside (All teams welcome)

    Maybe! I hadn't thought of that! But any of the options you or I've mentioned would, I would THINK, encourage people to keep working to improve their game. Instead of maybe getting a goal or two and then playing Keep-Away from the computer-controlled team so they can't score. And if it didn't count toward personal rank, or team rankings, then I would think it'd be pretty FAIR. I mean just some prize shop, points should be fine, considering the players who probably regularly get All-Star, double All-Star or higher.
  7. Aquamentis12

    The Fireside (All teams welcome)

    Exactly! I just got done looking back at previous AC folders. Going back to the 7th AC, when I returned to Neopets from hiatus. And it was kinda crazy to see the scores and number of saved screenshots. I did find a screenshot of my stats from the 9th AC in 2014, the ONE TIME I made All-star. 1328 wins, with 15,038 goals. Which is only a bit over 11 goals per game on the average. I had a handful of support games played that year too, 12 SS, 18 MSN, and 4 SoSD. If I could get All-Star WITH how I've been scoring in more recent years, well, like you said, it wouldn't count toward prize points, so it wouldn't matter. But if scores COUNTED for prize points, that would be so sweet! I'm not necessarily advocating EACH GOAL count for prize points. But, perhaps in tiers. Like, every 4th goal gets you say 10 extra prize points, 8 would get you 20, 12 maybe 30, 16+ 40. or SOMETHING like that.
  8. Aquamentis12

    The Fireside (All teams welcome)

    Wow! Looks like a lot of you did FANTASTIC! I copied my stats just before midnight when the AC ended. So here are my results. So I didn't have much time to play as many games as I wish I could've. But at least I broke triple digits for 13 goals in a game. lol I WISH we could earn prize shop points for goal-scoring skills. *sigh* I might even be able to get the AC XIII stamp if that were the case. Oh well, maybe the stamp this year will be cheaper than last year's? I can hope! In previous years, when I had more time and the cap wasn't as restrictive, I had more games counting triple digits for various 10+ scores. I still have those screenshots for those previous years. lol I wasn't able to get to 18 this year, but maybe next year.. That's my theory anyway, that 18 might be possible. 😉 My GPG went up pretty nicely from last year. I don't recall what it was off-hand, but I know it wasn't this good. LOL
  9. Aquamentis12

    Average Points?

    I've scored 17 goals with no issues, except for an error in sending the very first 17 goal win. But that was the only time and I probably needed to refresh the game's page or something. The error code was the one where it advises the player to close and re-open the pop-up, or in this case, the Window. I have screenshotted every scoreboard with 10 goals or higher. So, I can say with certainty that I only had ten games of 9 or fewer goals out of about 360 games that I got/had time to play. This year anyway. lol Still one of my better seasons, score-wise. Wish I had had more time to get more games in though. As the opponents usually get more difficult after every 4th goal you score, I have different ways of approaching the yooyu. Basically, for the first 4, I go get the yooyu first, move around long enough to build up power and fire from about mid-field to the goal. For yooyus 5 on up, I generally LET the other team grab it first. Since when they tackle/steal, if they are close enough they WILL SUCCESSFULLY steal from you pretty close to 100% of the time. I have different "routes" I take depending on the type of yooyu, how far into the game it is, time remaining, and my instincts for where the rear defense will go (up or down). I don't always guess correctly. But it IS possible to score 12 points in the first 2 minutes of play. I've done that, where each shot takes 2 seconds off the clock, and then there's the 8 second loss that occurs after EVERY goal, regardless of which team scores. I usually "choke" during that second minute. The final minute, only slightly less. lol I had a couple of games where it LOOKED like I might have a shot at proving or disproving my theory that 18 is possible, but then I choked, including a player for the other team off-screen that intercepted the yooyu, and lost precious few seconds, which kills the chance for even trying for 18, letalone 17 usually.
  10. Aquamentis12

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 136!

    Going with The Sway, as well, this round.
  11. Aquamentis12

    Training Stats Help!!

    Your circumstances are different from those who train only level to get to the Red stone range. And you're already at 249, so definitely go for 250 and good luck getting your stats back in order. Remember there are other ways to train besides the Secret Ninja School. Some may be cheaper, and can be done while your pet is in training. If you'd like to pad your stats a bit. Kitchen Quests for the Flotsam Chef on Mystery Island is a decent way to go. He'll give you a random, cheap, item, or a paltry amount of NP, OR, a random Stat point. So I would say, set a cap of 5k-6k np as the total for his quests. Completing his quests count toward your 10 on-site quests that you can complete a day. At midnight NST this counter resets. I know the Snow Faerie Quests also count toward that counter too. It only counts if you complete the quest, so if one is too pricey, just wait for the timer to run out and you can try the next quest. Levels can be gained by a number of scratchcards. Terror Trove is probably your best bet, as far as price in user shops go. Some of Kayla's potions in Meridell can sometimes give you some stat increases, as can some of the neggs in the neggery. Also, if you use NC, you could by some Faerie Quest Fortune Cookies. They allow you 1 randomized faerie quest per day for 9 days. For 100NC, which basically amounts to $1. ANY random faerie quest giver. Including Fyora, Space Faerie, even the Fountain Faerie! If you miss a day of accepting your random quest, it's gone. They don't roll over, and at the end of the 9th day (24hours multiple by 9) the same time you activated the cookie, the benefits of the faerie quest fortune cookie end and you'll have to buy/activate another one if you wish to continue. I hope this info helps. 🙂
  12. Aquamentis12

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 136!

    Which faction are you joining for the 136th round? Voting time! Remember you must win in 10 battles each round in order to win the boons!
  13. Aquamentis12

    The Fireside (All teams welcome)

    LOL Ok, so it wasn't a compliment. That's ok, they were just doing their job. lol 😉 Hey! 15-2 is AWESOME. I'll say what I said to a guide-mate. If you can play well enough to get a total score of, in your case 17 total points, then YOU CAN GET 17-0! Just a little luck and practice. It's hard, but it IS doable! Clearly your 15-2 score proves that. If I got a 17-1 score, then I would finally know if 18 points in a game is possible. Moreover, I would know my trying for 18 points isn't an impossibility. So far I've never seen a total score of 18 before. So keep playing and I BET you can at least get to 17-0! Maybe even THIS AC! Rank 19?! CONGRATULATIONS! You're sure to get AS! XD I hope you have fun with earning more shop points! XD Since you're Terror Mountain, it looks like your team might just win the AC. lol *nods* You have some great dedication there with all your scores. It's incredible, (to me), that people play thousands of games of some of the support games. In the older days, I used to play the support games. I don't know what it is, but in recent years I've focused on YYB because I found myself struggling to play enough to reach the cap on YYB. I figure, if I can't max out YYB, then there seems little point in doing the Support games because I still would have more YYB to play. I don't care for MSN, my fingers and wrists start aching after a few games of that, and the SoSD, I'm fair at, but it does require the most plays to equal one YYB game's worth of points. Slushie Slinger, I'd play more of, except it takes forever to move up to a good and then overwhelming speed. Plus it takes longer to play I think thank YYB. I still respect Slushie Slinger as being the first game I can recall to have peophin in it, even though they're NPC, it was still awesome to see them in a game. I tend to overthink things, but as long as I struggle in my attempts to max out YYB, then I don't see much point in playing the support games, which tend to feel more frustrating to me than YYB. 😉 Yeah, or maybe broken up a bit more. Like, maybe Saturday AND Sunday could be bye-days. Although it would be nice if we could still play for prize shop points on those days! I always used to use the bye-days to play "catch-up" on my YYB ranks. lol Nah, I think you're right about the goalies. Sometimes they seem a LOT more competent on the computer-controlled side. I mean, hitting the V-key is supposed to switch your control over to the Goalie. But if any of your teammates are close, then they pull the control back to them. Even HOLDING the V-key down almost never works for me. It's VERY frustrating. As for the goals. I'm pretty sure they are the same. The difference in whether a shot bounces off the wall, or goes in, from standing at the same firing position. IS often the amount of power you use when you shoot. Maxed out power can make the YYB fly a bit "higher" so it might be easier fielded or bounce of the wall. Less power, and the ball will go a bit slower, be easier to be caught by the goalie, but is more likely to go in depending on the distance of the shot. I couldn't give you numbers on that, it's just observations from all the YYB I've played over the years. I also find that like Golf, following through after the Yooyu leaves your character, holding the arrow keys (for keyboarders), seems to help.. I MIGHT be wrong there... But it's a good thing to do ANYWAY, imho, in case the goalie gets the ball or your aim was slightly off and it bounces off a wall. That way you're at least still moving toward it and that can mean the difference between getting there to stop or steal it from the opponent, or them clearing the ball away from you and possibly past your goalie. Kiko Lake hasn't won a match?! I feel bad for their (honest) players! I never like going against Kiko Lake because Maraqua has a Kiko on the team and SOMETIMES he gets too mixed in with the other kikos. Camouflage! LOL Yeah, I don't know if it's Kiko Lake's karma, or maybe they've been sidelined for their past "crimes"? Now that you mention it, I'm curious. lol I wonder, could there have been some kind of THING that was going on with Kiko Lake that could have been the cause of that indefinite suspension of Sign-ups this year? That is still a mystery to me. Never saw them announce a halt to sign-ups like that before. Oh well, speculation like that doesn't accomplish anything. lol
  14. Aquamentis12

    The Fireside (All teams welcome)

    LOL @Angeló, YES! She is quite good at annoying me with her smooth yooyu-stealing moves! It was still a good match though! 🙂 LOL @rntracy1! Glad to know despite you getting a good "workout" from Maraqua that you managed to score your best scores yet! I managed some good scores against your team as well! A couple of 15s and reclaimed my 17-0 score, this time it went through and was counted. Although I must admit, it's the first time I've gotten a 17 with an assist from the opposing team! (darigan yooyu lol) That being said, 13 and 14 are no scores to sneeze at! It's kind of odd this year. First Maraqua played all the teams with 2-2 formation, then 1-3, and now 3-1 formation teams. Weird, imho. Each formation has it's weaknesses and strengths, and as the AC goes on, some teams, like you mentioned, get a little more aggressive before the first 4 goals are scored. I've noted this over the years, the opposing team USUALLY gets more aggressive at intervals of every 4 scores. I believe every 4 scores the player makes. So you're close to finding out how crafty they are at 16. 😉 My "goal", pardon the pun, is to see if 18 points in a game are possible on the player's side, or a combination of player and opposing team's scores. I've been VERY close in previous ACs, but usually during the 2nd minute of play, something happens to eat up a precious couple of seconds. The first minute of play, I can USUALLY get 5 or the max of 6 points. SOMETIMES I can get to 12 by the time the 2nd minute is up, but I can't close on 18. 17 has been my best score the last few ACs. So I ALSO try to see if I can keep my goals per game average high, and try to improve that. So far, I'm doing MUCH better than last year. Of the meager 182 games I've had time to play so far, my Goals per game average is 2,305/182= 12.6648 (Rounding up to the 4th decimal place). Last year I was about 11.5 I think for most of the AC. I also just tabulated my progress so far for games so far with 10 goals or higher. Of my 182 games so far, 6 have been 9 or fewer goals, which I don't screenshot. But here's a breakdown of my 176 game scores of 10+ so far this year. 10 goals 11 games 11 goals 17 games 12 goals 40 games 13 goals 57 games 14 goals 26 games 15 goals 19 games 16 goals 5 games 17 goals 1 game, not counting the score-send that glitched. (The glitched score was against Meridell). I'm still annoyed that that one didn't send. 😜 These are NOT all without being scored upon. I've allowed no more than 3 points in a single game, and that one time they got to 3, was a fluke due to lag. lol Sometimes it's 1 or 2, but rarely either. For MANY years I've been wanting to "trade" our goalie for one that can actually STOP the yooyu and that won't fight me for control of the character when I use the V-key on my keyboard. lol I may not look forward to the AC, but when I start to take part, I do like the challenge. 😉 Btw, congrats on your team beating Maraqua yesterday. 😉 Terror Mountain IS looking like it could win the cup this year! I don't know when you take on Meridell, which appears to be Number 1 right now, but good luck when you face them!
  15. I've had those issues too, it's just weird that it's starting up in the middle of the competition. I don't recall having these issues last year, not sure about the year(s) before last. Because these have happened before in the past. Even so, it's exceedingly frustrating! I hope your team starts "listening" to you soon. Usually, I have the most issues when trying to control my Goalie. I even HOLD the V key down sometimes and STILL it's a massive fight to get him into position! >(