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  1. Aquamentis12

    My Neopets Art

    Pretty nifty art! For some reason when i highlighted your link to Sophie's Ruined Stew, it wouldn't open as a link. I have no idea why. So I did a search in your gallery and found it. Thought I would post the link in case any other viewers had the same trouble. I hope you don't mind. https://www.deviantart.com/celinedgd/art/Sophie-s-ruined-stew-770700940 Good luck with your future artistic endeavors!
  2. Aquamentis12

    Art and Animations

    Thanks guys, been awhile since I last posted in this thread. Haven't had a lot to share lately/sadly. But here is my Halloween project for 2018! Didn't even know I was going to do one until last Friday night! LOL Enjoy!
  3. Aquamentis12

    Why was Jade Scorchstone Retired?

    I don't know when the Jade Scorchstone was Retired, didn't even know it's HT price until your post. Anyway, I've been playing for almost 15 years now and I THINK it, may have been retired before the time I started playing. (Or maybe not). Some items don't last all that long in the HT. Fyora's Looking Glass I think was only available for a week or so. Seemed like it was retired AWFULLY fast after it had been JUST released! if I recall correctly, I think it's HT price was 4 mil, or around there. It'd be NICE for those of us looking for a good deal on great/rare items if TNT were to do some kind of limited re-release. but that would totally upend and DESTROY the player markets. I can't hardly RS, so my methods of NP income are much more limited than a talented RSer. I'm always up for a good deal, and if I have some items I can apply to getting an item instead of Pure NP, I'll try it. "More Bang for the buck", as they say. So like I said, it'd be nice for the consumers, but terrible for the players who are shop-keepers. Now, perhaps a variant of an item with a slightly altered graphic or something. Not necessarily something like Stamps, but other items, different but similar. Might be something to consider. However, TNT would have to probably be limited in those releases as well, so they don't ruin the market for sellers who have the originated items for sale. You can't make everyone happy, and so TNT and other game-sites have fine lines to walk to maintain game-balance. I for one, would LOVE a Skarls Sword, but that'll likely NEVER happen. It's not even the greatest sword, stats-wise, but it looks AWESOME and WOULD be an upgrade for my battle set. Though the LAST time I saw one on trades, the player was looking for 725mil for it. I know it's rare because it was from a certain set of cards from the IRL Neopets Card Game, put out by Wizards of the Coast. But 3/4 of a billion NP seems excessive to me. So I'll most likely never get one.. 😞 Anyway, yeah, TNT isn't wrong by not doing a re-release of retired items, but it stinks for those who were playing before the retirements and missed out, as you did, or started playing after the retirements of a number of neat items, like happened to tons of players, myself included. 😕 It's just how things go.
  4. Aquamentis12

    Can't Equip Leaf Shield

    Glad Duma's advice worked! There was a similar issue when Velms Healing Potion was a new item, back when Neoquest 2 was new. You could equip it as well as another healer. TNT fixed that though. I'm wondering if it might be a similar glitch with your Potion of Healing..
  5. Aquamentis12

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 145!

    I've joined the Awakened to help a guildie who only needs that avatar/site-theme. Best of luck to all battlers!
  6. Aquamentis12

    What is it like where you live?

    I live in what they refer to as "North-Eastern Central Wisconsin"... try saying that 3 times fast. 😉 I like it here. City size is about 6000 as of the last census, but the Summer gets STUPID crazy with the darn tourists. Don't get me wrong, it's good for the economy, but there are always SOME tourists who forget their manners. That they are visiting here, not running the area. Unfortunately, this tourism seems to be running up the cost of living around here. It's the lakes in the area, beautiful natural spring lakes. Some years the boat congestion is appalling, also, the LAKES ARE NOT TOILETS! I wish tourists especially would be made aware of this! >_< Anyway, I like the small town feel. Been here practically my entire life, though I live in an apartment now, instead of the house I grew up in. 😕 There's quite a lot of nature around smaller cities like this one. Including several surprisingly Ancient wildlife. Such as an abundance of White-tailed deer and Sandhill Cranes. There are also wild turkey, coyotes, hawks, wolves, bear and Bald Eagles, among others. (I recently learned how "ancient" White-Tail Deer and Sandhill Cranes actually are) http://listverse.com/2015/07/02/10-species-that-are-surprisingly-ancient/ I've never seen Coyotes, wolves, or Bear, but my sister has. A Summer or two ago, a black bear started to saunter toward her place while she and her BF were cooking outside! And where they used to live they had to worry about Coyotes and their chickens. Coolest animal thing I can recall seeing off-hand, was a bald eagle, swooping down into traffic right in front of the car in front of me, to snatch up a squirrel and carry it off. They were almost extinct in this area when I was little. I saw one flying overhead when I was around 5, but nowadays, they are not uncommon to see riding the air currents overhead. Some cities placed cameras aimed at their nests, when found, so that EVERYONE could watch video of these majestic birds, and of course these days, webcams. lol Since it's Autumn, we have some of THE MOST VIBRANT leaf colors you will EVER see, provided there was plenty of water during the year, of course. 😉 A teacher of mine in High School used to live in Japan, and nobody really believed his stories about leaves in the area. So, when he returned to the area, he sent them an envelope FULL of leaves. Apparently they were stunned at the brilliance of the colors. 😉 So I feel relatively confident in saying we have some of the most vibrant colors. 😉 UNfortunately, it's been raining here SO MUCH, that I don't know if we'll get a chance to see the sun shining through the leaves, setting their brilliance ablaze this year. 😕 With the rain comes the winds, and the wind and rain knock the leaves down and mash them into the ground, not very pretty in that state. 😞 We've had almost a solid week of on-and-off rain. Lots of it. The only thing I don't like about Winters around here are the Icy roads. Blah!!
  7. Aquamentis12

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 144!

    I joined The Awakened since it's the last avatar/site-theme a guild member needs.
  8. Aquamentis12

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 144!

    A member of the guild I'm in is going to try for the Awakened, it's the last avatar/site-theme she needs. So I'll probably join them this round.
  9. Aquamentis12

    Faerie Festival

    The only NEW thing I see regarding faerie quests is a new entry for Shenkuu Faeries. Naturally, there's a pic of Kaia. http://www.neopets.com/quest_help.phtml It's hard to believe it's been about a year since the Wraith Resurgence plot started. I wouldn't mind some battling, or some puzzles, but as long as WHATEVER event(s) TNT has planned for the Faerie Festival, I hope they don't drag out like the plot did. Or at least they've got the bugs out of whatever it might be, at least. 😉
  10. Aquamentis12

    Battledome is Laughing at Me

    LOL A day without a good prize? My dad would've said that "You got skunked!" XD Because the, in this case the BD prize thing, was being a little stinker. 😉 Good luck getting better prizes tomorrow! 🙂
  11. Aquamentis12

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 142!

    Going with The Seekers as well. Hopefully they win! 🙂
  12. Aquamentis12

    Nay for Tornados

    *nods* Yeah, that must be it. Tornadoes per square *insert measurement unit here*. I hate when I forget useful bits of info like this. lol I must be getting old or something. lol
  13. Beautiful drawings!!! I'd say your first Alien Aisha is more accurate to the Neopets' design. But I think I like the one with the pink ears a little better, because it's a nice contrast to the green fur. Your Cybunny pic is also really nice too! Keep on drawing! It's fun to see what other people create!
  14. Aquamentis12

    Hiatus Return~

    Welcome back to Neopets! Breaks sometimes NEED to happen. Sometimes short breaks, sometimes long ones. Some of the breaks I've taken have been almost a year long, though I THINK I would tend to come back for the Advent Calendar in December. lol Can't beat free stuff. 😉 And of course to check in with the guild, see how people were doing. That kind of thing. 😉 I haven't had an actual hiatus now though, in at least several years. lol XD There have been a LOT of changes. So hopefully looking through the content may feel like an adventure. 😉 I hope you enjoy your time back on Neopets.
  15. Aquamentis12

    Yay and Nay

    Yeah! And here I thought reaching 10 mil took a neo-lifetime! I've seen it for cheaper over the years. But.. man, there's just no way. 😞 With longtime-players who are great at RSing? I'm not surprised. Though this account is only I think about 47 months old, just under 4 years. Hard to believe they could've accumulated so much NP in 4 years time. Yep! I think the first set, or one of the expansions shortly after the neopets card games came out. You CAN find the boosters online, but they can get really pricey. You can still even input the codes from the code-cards in the booster packs. There they have a little thing where you can go through 3 choices. You can't go back, so if you choose poorly, you could get a pittance of NP or a junk item. I'm not sure which icon would indicate a Skarls Sword, maybe the Paintbrush... anyway, I don't even know if you could still GET something as old as Skarls Sword there. Even with the right booster pack code(s). We used to have a book store here that sold the boosters, so I've tried a couple. Got mostly junk, but had a couple decent prizes. TCGs even a Goo Blaster, weapon, but nowhere NEAR as valuable as Skarls Sword. I used to know a guy who got a Dull Stone Axe from a booster, but that was probably a decade ago by now. Some of the stuff I got was pretty junk-like, but seemed to be newer, than the date the boosters would've been made. So, I'm not sure if some prizes were replaced or not. 😕 Frankly, I wish I knew someone with a Skarls Sword, and maybe I could get it "willed" to me if they decided to quit playing. lol Or heavily discounted as I would not ever sell it. I know it's not the BEST weapon, not even very close. But it's ability and power aside, it's also one of the coolest darn weapons TNT has ever drawn! 😉 I have other battle equipment I'd desire, but that stuff is junk-priced compared to 725m. LOL I'll just have to save, save and keep saving, and hope Neopets is around long enough for me to attempt to trade or buy one. Even if I could only use it on Neopets' LAST day of service, it would be that WORTH-IT to use in battle. The 2nd best thing to owning one, would be if they fixed the Stealing ability in the BD, and sent us an enemy WITH a Skarls Sword! I'd love to steal and use it against the 1p opponent! Just like I thoroughly enjoyed stealing the Prismatic Mirror from Envy during the Obelisk war! That was SO much FUN and allowed my peophin to fight a few more rounds each battle. 😉 Sorry for going on and on, I'm tired, and rambling. LOL Later!