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  1. Aquamentis12

    Why do you choose to support your AC team?

    LOL Yeah, I pretty much give up on the goalie most of the time. 😉 Awwww man! Sorry to hear that! 😞 Do you use a mouse or a keyboard to play YYB? You can use either, but I'm much more comfortable with the keyboard controls. Also, changing the direction of play might help too? Like, I prefer going from Right to Left, instead of starting on the left side of the field and going towards the right. NO idea WHY, just, feels better. lol At least, for as long as I can sit before my back or my backside start to complain! LOL I'm not sure how points work really, but a win for you is a win for your team. I DON'T think TNT counts goal-totals, except for maybe for the team forwards, for the Goals Per Game average section of the standings/rankings. Frankly, I wish that goal scoring had more of, or any, reward for it. Scoring ISN'T easy and even the routes/plays I use things can go wrong FAST. So I think there should be a prize, or at least some extra points for decent scoring in a game. It might also help motivate people to play more YYB. lol I like the game, just, not having to play it for an entire month. lol 😉 Good luck with whatever and however you decide to deal with the AC this year.
  2. Aquamentis12

    Inkblot Paint Brush Idea

    Cool pics and idea!! Have you ever heard of the game, Cuphead? I haven't played it, but the WHOLE game's animation was entirely hand-drawn and done pretty close to traditionally. Except they had computers to help too. lol But yeah, it's all based on the same 1930s cartoon and animation concepts. Since it's Neo-inspired, I don't think Disney would or could sue. After all, Neopets, and other games do their own "takes" on certain items or materials that were not their original ideas. Even a number of their games are much like other games, except with Neo-skins. XD If you're familiar with Artixgames, like AdventureQuest, or DragonFable, that's their bread and butter for new job/classes, enemies, items, etc. Like you, I would LOVE to pitch an idea to TNT, for a game. But, I doubt they could take a suggestion from a non-staff member, and I don't want to move to CA to apply. lol (Last I checked you've gotta LIVE in the area where their HQ is to work there.) Anyway, I loved Neoquest 2, so much so that I had an idea to combine my favorite pet-species and give it a role in an idea I had for Neoquest 3. Kind of continues the story from Neoquest 2, in my head at least. LOL The ideas used to be clearer in my noggin, but I wouldn't mind drafting up some map designs. Chapter ideas, etc. I'd love to see an NQ3 game someday, done in the same vein as NQ2 was. So anyway, good luck if/when you submit your inkblot brush idea into a contest! I'll be rootin' for it!
  3. Aquamentis12

    Why do you choose to support your AC team?

    Everyone's right about picking their teams. Just go with whichever land, or team roster you find appealing. I've been a Maraqua supporter since the first AC. Last year, they finally made it to the podium! The games DO get tedious and a bit boring after awhile. So I try to find ways to challenge myself a bit more. In the case of Yooyuball, mainly the game I play. I try to see how many goals I can make in a single game. My best is 17-0. But over the last two ACs, I think I've only gotten that 4 times. So now I'm trying to see if 18 points in a game is possible. I also have developed a habit of taking a screenshot of the scoreboard of every time I score 10 or more points in a game. Not so I can PROVE my scores, unless it's to TNT for getting some kind of submission error. That was HOW it started, but now I mainly do it for my own records. I may not get in a ton of YYB games played, I've only made All-star ONCE, in these many years. But my Goals and Goals per game average is pretty good. Also, the more goals I score, the more I help Maraqua's forward, move up in the Goals per game Average. There are NO prizes associated with that ranking, but it's fun to try and get him higher. 😉 The main thing I dislike about YYB, aside from how long it feels when playing, is Maraqua's goalie. Either he tends to miss the Yooyuball entirely, or he fights the controls and misses. An interesting trick though, to score a goal WITH the GOALIE. Works best to have a Fire Yooyu, and grab the enlarging power-up. If the goalie has the yooyu and if nobody intercepts his shot, the yooyu CAN fly across the field into the opponent's net. This will count toward the point total IN the game.. BUT, it does NOT count in your ranking stats, neither in total goals, nor does the goalie get a bit of text saying he scored a goal. So it's a pretty pointless trick, but it's kind of fun because it isn't something that you'd think was possible. lol 😉 Good luck with deciding on a team. 🙂 And best of luck in the AC in general!
  4. Aquamentis12

    Daily Dare 2018: Claim Your Prizes

    I agree! Goparokko is EVIL! I couldn't beat it, and like you I THOUGHT we had another day. So, my 19 OTHER challenges really don't count. Got a Participation Trophy, the slushie, 1000np and the site theme. >_> I stupidly thought we had to challenge AAA or his sis before we loaded the game to send the scores, (For them to count I mean). I was going for challenging AAA for all games this year, and I just couldn't get over 4500 in Goparokko. 😞 ALL the OTHER AAA challenges I beat fairly quickly, surprisingly even Zurroball. *sigh* Well, there's always next year!
  5. Aquamentis12

    Day 16 - Goparokko [Team Challenge]

    Ugh. 1 min until Midnight NST and I still can't beat AAA. >_< I'll have to try the Team Challenge thing tomorrow, if I can still do it tomorrow. My eyes are crossing from this game. Although I was able to increase my best score by about 1200 points to around 4800, still nowhere near enough for AAA. >_< Anyone have tips not in TDN's guide? Man, I should not have gone for a gold trophy this year, I won't get it now anyway.... Maybe next year! LOL Later guys and gals!
  6. Aquamentis12

    Share some happy!

    I'm working on a sketch based on the lyrics at 2:00-2:08. I've also learned some history behind the song's origins. I only knew it before as a song my late Dad performed that he learned from one of the legendary Folk music groups of his day. The Kingston Trio, who popularized the song around 1959. Though it was originally written for a political campaign in 1949, and the candidate's name was Walter O'Brien, not George, like in the Kingston Trio's rendition of the song. But that's how Folk music often works, people change up lyrics at times to fit their style. Anyway, this is the song. Hope you guys enjoy. If you'd prefer childhood cartoons, there are PLENTY I could rattle off and find links for on Youtube. LOL I'd also like to recommend this Youtube Channel Playlist! https://www.youtube.com/user/BProductions12/playlists?shelf_id=0&view=1&sort=dd I do share this one occasionally. 😉 The only surviving video of my Dad, Uncles and Grandfather performing some great examples of Irish, Folk and even a little Western music for a St. Patrick's Day gig in a church basement in a rural Irish community in my home state. This was from 1984. There are 25 clips, one for each song. I received a dvd my aunt made of it from the old VHS tape for Christmas after my Dad died. Come the following March, and thanks to a Christmas present from my Mom, I was able to play the video on the computer, and Hack it up into these clips. It's the whole thing, minus the intermission. Which is just people talking. I was... about 2 and 3/4s old, and I remember the old guy doing the camera work... Clearly he wasn't used to it, as you can tell by the way the camera is moving, sometimes they have disembodied heads, and sometimes he's zoomed on the wrong person. It's a neat coincidence that my OLDEST memory of my Dad's performing, would be the ONLY recorded gig that is known to have survived all these decades. LOL Again, if you guys mean more like childhood TV shows, I can post youtube videos in spades. LOL Lots of great cartoons, especially in the 80s. 😉
  7. Aquamentis12

    Day 15: Turmac Roll

    Another tough game. Finally got the score after a couple dozen plays. Remember, you can push the left arrow button, or hold it down to SLOW down, almost to a crawl. This can help when overjumping berries SOMETIMES. By holding Left in Mid-air you still slow and drop almost like a stone. But you can never go backwards. So your timing has to be quick and precise. For me though, the WORST part are the 3 trees. They almost always appear after getting a decent score built up and after a BIG jump with a tiny spike of land sticking up. Then after clearing that there appears a little tree, a BIG tree, and another little tree. 9 times out of 10, my game will end when they appear. My first game ended with not only me at about 650 points, but with an Aquaberry coming up into view just beyond where I crashed! Talk about a tease! Oh, and another control thing that is interesting, is if you hold the Up arrow key, Turmy will try to jump continuously. Sometimes it helps and sometimes it's ruinous. But if you feel your going to land on some spot that you're not going to make it over, Like one of those spits of land sticking up like a stalagmite, I'd chance it and hold UP until you're passed it, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't, and then you should hold the Left arrow key to slow down so you don't lose control of Turmy for TOO long. Since you don't know what kind of terrain will show up next. But speed of course is essential to make it over the coming jumps so don't stay slow for very long! My best score is a bit over 2200, but I managed today to get 1,173. Not too shabby for missing some very nice berries. LOL Anyway, hope some of what I've typed helps. I'd forgotten some of these tricks until I got playing today. Getting the rust off. lol 😉
  8. Aquamentis12

    Day 13 - Nova Defender

    THANK YOU TDN GUIDE! LOL Another game I haven't played in awhile! But finally managed to better than triple my best score from about 149k, to 460,963! Had to do it on Hard mode and I turned the game quality down to LOW, because periodically things would lag, but that and following the gameplan in TDN's guide worked!
  9. Aquamentis12

    Day 12 - Dungeon Dash

    Kept getting "caught" in the Ice Cream level with Abi with scores between 2400-2800. Tried AAA a couple of times, just to see. Managed a score of 3011 on my 2nd or 3rd! So I beat AAA today, WITH AAA! LOL AAA's levels seem longer and a bit harder. Plus like the guide said, he needs to spring over the larger hills in the Turmac Roll area. Something interesting, in the tips part of the guide, Konata talks about using the bubble after the spring for a little boost of speed. I tried combining the tips, holding down the Bubble-button and the right arrow button and it seemed like I was moving a little bit faster than when I was only holding down the Right arrow key. But since I'm pretty inexperienced with this game, it might just be my imagination.
  10. Aquamentis12

    Day 12 - Dungeon Dash

    LOL Thanks for highlighting the advice!! I'm not overly discouraged, just need some sleep before I tackle the guide and the game. ;) lol Have a good night when you get there!
  11. Aquamentis12

    Day 12 - Dungeon Dash

    LOL I think I'll need the guide for this one! I must've played it just to try it once, because my score is a pathetic 122! LOL Oh well, that's something for tomorrow. XD
  12. Aquamentis12

    Day 11 - Pterattack

    Hmmm.. Had nothing MAJOR change up with power-ups from what I remember from whenever I last played this game. Just took a few tries before I finally got a 2nd Fireball, managed to get to about 900 points before I finally got hold of the 3rd Fireball, but couldn't make it until I found a 4th Fireball. So my score was about 1,300, just a little below that. I prefer the Fireballs because once you get the 3rd and 4th, it's pretty easy for protecting yourself, except from behind, until the enemies start flying in at hyperspeed. lol Then it becomes a matter of how long it takes between getting the shots off and if there are any open spaces to dodge. ;) I didn't know there was a max level to this game, if I ever got there, I know I didn't beat it. Probably because I accidentally snagged a different power-up and could no longer take out most enemies at whatever level I was at. ;) lol I see some prefer the purple power-up, and the purple power ups are fine, but I find the game sometimes lags a bit using them as quickly as possible. The Green one is okish, seems weakest, but great for getting the Grarrl from a safe distance. And the default blue shot, it's good for clearing a path head-on, but won't protect you from getting clipped by the wings of the enemies. I've tried all of them maxed out, but I still prefer the fireballs. LOL
  13. Aquamentis12

    Day 10 - Moon Rock Ramage [DOUBLE DARE]

    Crud! I didn't know there was a code for extending the clock! LOL I got 1331 using the trick for Level 6. Although, I don't just block those 3 points marked in the guide. I block between the spawn volcanoes too. It takes about 15-20 seconds to do that and collect 3 of the 4 parts, but it keeps them mostly in a singular line, so, when done correctly, there is a higher chance that the blocks with smash into all 5, or more if they spawn quickly enough in the line of "fire". Getting some nice additional points. Most I've gotten was 100 for the last monster in the block's chain, which means one spawned at just the (right) time. lol Just watch out for what I'm dubbing, "phantom blocks". Where after sending a block flying, the block graphic stops where it normally would with a normal shove, but for some reason the game might treat it like the block isn't there. Which means that even though you can send other blocks over the space, the monsters can walk over it too. So that's something to be on the lookout for.
  14. Aquamentis12

    Day 9 - Kou-Jong [Team Challenge]

    LOL Yeah! Even the first stage, I've had multiple-resets because of no legal moves remaining. Generally, I play games on the harder modes. But for sake of SANITY and my eyes, I stayed away from Hard mode for Kou-jong. LOL Yeah, getting those last few hundred points, especially when there are prizes on the line. I totally get that! lol I wish we could choose from various designs for the tiles to be stacked as. Like when I used to play Mahjong on this touch-screen game thing called an iTouch 8. It had tons of games to choose from! Many of them were almost identical to Neopet games. Just different themes, graphics and in some cases, physics. Some I saw before TNT rolled out with some games, and some were After TNT had rolled out their games. Whack-a-Kass, now Kass Basher, on the iTouch 8, was a polar bear batting at some fish as they jumped out of a hole in the arctic ice. LOL Same principle though, even getting the extra couple of bounces in.. That one was AFTER TNT had released their game. Man, I wish one of the local eateries would bring back one of those games! I think across the entire game selection, I had over 115 high scores, including pwning the ENTIRE Top 10 scores for some games. Man that was a fun Summer! LOL If it was fairly quiet, I'd play Mahjong on it, since Mahjong requires some concentration after all. I haven't seen one of those machines around here in probably close to a decade now. Too bad! With such a wide variety of game selection, it was SO much fun!
  15. Aquamentis12

    Day 9 - Kou-Jong [Team Challenge]

    FINALLY Got my score, found a partner and got my prizes! After over an HOUR of resetting and redoing level 3, kept running out of legit moves, I finally ended up getting through, with a score of 443. 3 times, that's how many more times I had to reset with a stack of 2 tiles, obviously the ones that I needed to clear the game. Ugh, this is worse ratio of "no moves left" than ANY computerized Mahjong game I've ever played. And I was an avid player back in school. ;) OH well, at least THIS one is over. lol Good luck (to everyone who still needs it for today's challenge)!