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  1. Great Advice HrtBrk! I managed to beat Chadley's score thanks to it!
  2. Wow, what a lead-up to your main question! LOL So there's this article that was submitted by a TDNer to the Neopian Times that I do believe will answer your questions on Defense. I'll try to answer that later as I'm fighting the urge to sleep (it's early morning here right now). That being said I think your math is probably right. I'll check it later today. In the meantime, this terrific article should help. Secondly, I think you might find TDN's damage calculator useful. You don't have to look up the boosts/multipliers then. Though TDN'S BP does have the list here. It's also in that Neopian Times article I linked you to with the first link. As for your MAIN question, it's a really GOOD one. I don't personally know. I was wondering the same thing awhile back. Right now the boosts for Pets, maxes out at 750, which gives it a multiplier of 16 x # of Icons int he attack or defended. It doesn't make sense to give the 1p opponents a massive advantage that keeps them from being beaten. For example, the Space Faerie. She's tricky at 450, her lowest difficulty level, but if you go Medium or Hard difficulties with her. It's like tackling a boss from a war plot. (To look at the collected stats in TDN's BP profile of her) that's what I've determined anyway. Long story short, I don't think anyone other than TNT knows exactly how damage is calculated for opponents with such HIGH difficulty settings. TNT's view on things with the BD, historically have been that even if the 1p opponents have an advantage we players can't do in battle, such as multi-using once per battle or once per day items or abilities. It's up to us to get creative to deal with whatever the 1p opponents dish out. It's not really FAIR in that sense, but it does make for a more interesting challenge. As for Vira, looking at her profile... If you're really uncertain if you want to try her on Medium. You could get some equipment that will help specifically with her weaknesses. Both attacking and Defense. In this way, you can hedge your bets a bit. Downsize! Is an excellent if you don't already have it, blocks 50% of all damage once per battle. It seems to me like it'd be useful for testing your jubjub against Vira. If you need some set building advice. I'd be happy to help. Oh yeah, looks like your JubJub is just a couple of Strength points away from the 85 - Boost/Multiplier. It would definitely be helpful to get that before trying Vira on Medium. *yawn* Ok, I'm gotta call it a night/morning. Try to get a couple hours of shut-eye. I'll check back later though. Sorry I couldn't be of more help right now.
  3. Awww man! Those 12-hour fasts are BRUTAL. :( Best of luck! I hope they use a small needle, like a butterfly needle! And that the nurse doing the blood draw has a good "sticking" technique! My advice when dealing with a 12 hour fast (I'm assuming your's is 12 hours because that's all I've ever experienced). Eat during the last hour before you have to start fasting, as long as it lands within what your doc orders you to do. And then try to sleep shortly thereafter. I tend to not wake-up hungry if I have something to keep my stomach rumblings at bay before bed, and try to make myself sleep. But yeah, fasting just kinda blows in general. Even though it's for accuracy of the blood test. Also, maybe pack something small but tasty in a purse or pocket for AFTER the blood-draw appointment is over. Like a granola bar or some such thing. That way you'll have something to take the edge off of your hunger until you can fix a proper meal for yourself. Or if you're married, your spouse can fix the meal while you rest. ;) Even chewing a piece of gum can help after the blood-draw. Anyway, you may already have something you do for Blood-Draws, but I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents in hopes it might give you some possibly new ideas. ;) Best of luck! I hope your tests come back with the best possible results!
  4. I've got a LOT of experience with bullying and cyberbullying. Being on the receiving end that is. One group of twits, actually used to stalk me online. posting links to an old blog I had and directing it's members to go after me. Geocities, where their site was, refused to do anything. But that was before cyberbullying laws. Though by the time those laws started to exist their little "church" had disbanded. Yeah, they actually set themselves up as some kind of "church". Really ticked me off, especially since their leader's character was the one it was set up to "worship". Which, if you ask me, is pretty darn PATHETIC. Anyway, reporting is the best, and it's sad but probably a good thing your friend quit that community you were both in. It stinks because it ruins the fun for both of you, since you can't be on the site together. But something else you might be able to do, is to look up cyberbullying laws whereever it's still coming from. As there may be some LEGAL actions she can take. The internet, while an awesome thing, has it's darker side, and that includes the feeling of anonymity that allows cowards like the bullies, to pull off their bullying without having to reveal whom they are. At least bullies IRL have to face you directly. Whereas the net allows people to be jerks without giving the victim a chance to face them down. I'd say, she should block ANYONE still trying to message her to bully. If she knows them IRL, I'd look into local laws that she could go to the authorities about. REALLY give THEM a scare when their parents get called, or whatever their procedure is. And if they are bullying via e-mail, or social media. Report to the medium they are using. If it's Facebook, report it to FB, likewise with Twitter and other companies where it happens. They can lose their accounts, maybe even permanently. Your friend should try to stay strong, and not believe anything they say. They don't know her, and they're just getting their sick "kicks" from thinking they are hurting her. So, if she doesn't show the pain, and can battle back they can't get off on their twisted games. Nobody should HAVE to deal with this garbage, or garbage like bullies. It's bad enough bullying is often something learned, but it really sucks that dealing with bullies is a skillset that is harder to learn. Because most people start off nice and they don't expect most, or any people to be such jerks. So victims of bullying are usually blindsided and don't know what to do. IRL I was the type to keep getting up, no matter how often I was knocked down. You never give up, you can be hurt, have tears streaming down your face, but you don't give up, you never give them THAT satisfaction. Bullies react to any perceived weakness. If your friend has a strategy as to how to deal with them and can stay strong, at least seeming online. She should be able to outlast them. It's definitely an endurance thing. Also, you mentioned she sings covers. That's pretty awesome. It takes a lot of GUTS to post yourself singing, especially publicly. Tell your friend that if she's strong enough to do that, she's strong enough to deal with those jerks. She may just need to figure out a different way than how she has been dealing with them. You're clearly a good friend, sticking by and trying to help your friend out. Encourage her, empower her, and be there for her. Since you two are in different countries, it's about all you can do from afar. I know it sucks not being able to hug your friend, and tell her "It's alright" in person. I hope something of this post is useful. Best of luck to you and your friend.
  5. Way to go on the fix! Nice sword graphic too! XD For a sec I thought there was a new sword in the game. LOL Silly me for scrolling so fast. ^^;
  6. LOL Vilela, that is the PERFECT animated gif to sum up the election choices! LOL
  7. Yes, "civility" is a necessary component that is ALL TOO LACKING right now as far as politics goes. I think what everyone needs to do, take a break from the politics. Take a deep breath, and just sit in the quiet for a bit. There is just too much out there regarding politicians from BOTH sides that is more than likely simply not true. But people react and post things online, or on TV news with less fact-checking than they used to. I've seen it on both sides, and I too, am sick of it. This will be the 6th President in my lifetime. One thing I've learned so far, is that things ebb and flow, like the ocean. Especially when in politics if one party goes farther to the left OR the right, then a swell is created that will eventually turn the tide and flow back to the other side. Besides, if he.. forgive the pun, bombs, he'll be a one-term president. If he REALLY messes up, *shrugs* who knows, maybe less than 4 years. Also, in a couple of years, there are many house and senate seats that will be in play. Whether you agree or disagree, I'd say if you want your voices heard, and this is what former President Obama said to the Republicans, 'If you want a say in laws, win an election', just before the 2010 election cycle I do believe. I had to paraphrase because I don't recall the exact wording after nearly 7 years. Right now though, I think we have to hope he has some success at least. Why? Because if he can succeed with his economic strategy, supposedly there should be more jobs and such. I'd say, give him 6-12 months, see what he actually DOES and what ACTUALLY happens. The president is sworn to uphold the laws, he cannot write laws, nor is he supposed to pick and choose which laws to enforce. Who knows? If his ideas work, perhaps our national credit rating will go back up to the top quality. For those who may not recall, the nation credit rating was slashed down a level by Moody's, and some other global rating whatever during President Obama's first term. First time ever, to my knowledge. Anyway, yeah, try not to freak out too badly. If it helps, Trump has been a Democrat much longer than a Republican. Not sure if his kids are still Dems or if they finally got to changing their party officially. (Which is why they couldn't vote for their dad in the primary.) Also, it sounds like his daughter Ivanka, is pushing for better maternity-leave, mental health-care etc. IF, as some speculate, she gets an office in the White House, she'll probably continue to push for such things. Which is indeed sorely needed. My point is, they're pretty much all Dems I think, just maybe not on their voter IDs (figuratively speaking). Anyway, right now, I'm staying mostly off of social media, and trying to limit my News-watching. I've seen too much HATE and Demonizing each of other, long-time friends are even getting torn apart, it's all VERY sad. :( So, I'm trying to avoid it. If I DO happen to see something that gets my ire up, it's hard NOT to step in, especially if the post is just Bullplop hatred of someone toward whichever side they don't like. Frankly, thanks to instant media, I think it's probably the closest this nation has been to an all out national BATTLE since before the Civil War began. Tensions, and blind accusations just seem THAT bad to me. Like or dislike what happened, we're ALL Americans and I firmly believe that we'll get through this in the end. This will may/probably be my only post on this subject. I enjoy a good debate, but I get MORE than enough of that IRL, seeing as how my views differ from a number of my friends. lol I don't even know HOW that happened, except that I try hard to look beyond the differences, especially if I didn't KNOW they were of any political persuasion beforehand. Gotta try to find the good in people, you know? ;) Well Firaplays, I know you're worried, I wish I knew what to say to help you stave off the anxiety and dread you feel. But hey, our nation has survived worse, right? We can get through this too. I try to remain optimistic. And finding little things to laugh about, that can help too, or at least it helps me. ;) Take care. :)
  8. All those links in the chain. LOL One could say "The chainmail mote is only as strong as it's weakest link". XD When I was in high school, a friend made some chainmail, the part of the mail that goes over the head and neck, under the helmet. MAN was it heavy! (I got to try it on once before Graduation) XD I don't know if he ever finished the whole thing or not. XD
  9. The BEST thing, imho, about it being the 25th consecutive day of spinning, is that every so often there will be a month where, if you spin every day, you should get 2 100k payouts. Because months are longer than 25 days. ;) I love the Free NP too. Because I can't RS and haven't had a ton of time to play games lately. ;)
  10. Yep, the more info I have the better I can try to customize the help. :D I'm glad you've found the TDN Battlepedia guides, weapon entries, and reviews helpful! When writing reviews we try to include alternatives, upgrades, and downgrades to best help players. Answering questions that people perusing the BP may have as they look up a specific weapon or BD item. :)
  11. I believe the MAX for the BD stats page is 750, because the other 3 stats; str, def, movement, max out at 750. Well, I don't know of anything that needs more than 201 movement, but 750 fills the bar completely green. My peophin's INT is 2161. And has been higher than 750 since before the new BD was introduced. So I can't say that with FULL knowledge, but based on the other stats, I'd say it's a reasonable approximation. ;) A number of my Peophin's INT points did from reading books of course, but I've gotten a LOT of INT increases by visiting Coltzan's Shrine. It seems that the higher your pet's level, the more limited the stat increases the shrine gives out. I've never checked to see how many points the INT increase IS, but I get them pretty frequently when I check it while doing my dailies. There is at least 1 Battle item that requires 750+ INT for it's special power to kick in. Crisp Blue Tunic And 1 I know of off-hand that requires 1000+ INT to work it's "magic". Heavy Blue Tunic Good luck working on your INT stat! :D
  12. Rynarok, I totally agree with you on Charelan's piece! A shame there weren't more contestants, for contest purposes. ;) I hope next year you get a bigger contestant pool! Take care man! :) Have a good year! Charelan, Congratulations!!! It sure is a nice, strong entry you created! ALL those layers of paper! Phew! That kind of attention to detail, and the great job you did with coloring, really turned out an impressive piece!! Good luck against the Space Faerie!! :D
  13. Hey, PRE-CONGRATS! LOL I'll try to not spoil any of the story for you. ;) I've got Pokemon Sun. It's pretty good! First pokemon game I've played since the originals, Red and Blue, came out for the old Gameboy back when Pokemon was still new. ;) In fact, getting either Sun or Moon for Christmas is good timing. This link explains.... A free and special pokemon, just for getting the game AND REDEEMING the offer before January 11th, 2017? When your Munchlax/Snorlax learns it, definitely keep Happy Hour, as it doubles the money you receive at the end of a battle with another trainer, in-game NPC trainers only. Just use it ONCE and it will do the job. But it does no damage, just doubles the lovely money. lol Also, make sure when you get Giga Impact, Keep that ability too, as the special Z-Crystal for Snorlax that you can get, only boosts the Giga Impact ability. ;) If you played the Special Pokemon Sun/Moon demo, you can actually transfer your Greninja from the Demo to the actual game too. Also, there are Global Missions, like events for all trainers. One ended shortly before I got Pokemon Sun. It was a world challenge for trainers to capture 100,000,000 pokemon. They didn't even get close. Only about 16.4 million captures happened. Then there was a tournament. That, kinda stunk. Pokemon over level 50 were reduced to level 50, but I think the stats were left at whatever high level they were at. Because I got knocked out with one shot an unfair number of times. :P Pokemon I figured were end-game captures, you know, only available at the end of the game or after the end of the story. For the Global stuff, you need to register your game and 3DS here. There's an event calendar, and stuff. Basically, there is a TRUCKLOAD of stuff to do. I haven't been playing very long, so I still have a lot to figure out. One last bit of advice. If you have the opportunity to press the Y button after a battle? Do it. You'll be able to attend to your pokemon after the battle. Either clean it up, cure it's bad status such as Poison, etc. Without using an item. Also, if you pet them afterward, you can improve your relationship with them. The better your relationship, the more fun little things MIGHT happen during battle. Such as you shout and the pokemon will dodge an attack. A pokemon might also be able to rid itself of a status condition on it's own, to keep you, it's trainer, from worrying. So, yeah, LOTS of stuff. Some pokemon with familiar names have NEW looks and abilities, that fit the Alolan area in which these games take place. For example, Vulpix and Ninetails, are ICE types in Pokemon Sun. Anyway, That's most of what I know, actually. LOL If you get stuck or need some pointers, I recommend the FAQs and Walkthroughs here. This is the link to Pokemon Moon, which you said you were getting. There are message boards there too, though you'd need to register to post, you can look and search them without registering. I hope you enjoy Pokemon Moon! And yes, the story IS interesting, though I've seen some complaints about the number of cutscenes in the game, I've found them to be interesting and HELPFUL in progressing the story. :)
  14. When I was born, we had a mutt with a heart of gold, and a Half Irish Setter/Half Golden Retriever. I've also had 2 Irish Setters growing up. My last one, passed away in 2009. Setters love to range in front when you walk them. It's bred into them. So that probably wouldn't probably be as good of a service dog candidate as another breed. But I've heard some positive stuff about Golden Retrievers being decent with the right training. The Half Irish Setter/Half Golden Retriever we had when I was really little, was so complacent, she'd ACTUALLY let me stand on her, like a step-stool, so I could see over the dining room table. LOL Granted I was like, 2 at the time! LOL But yeah, as has been said, consider mutts as well as breeds. Since you have certain disabilities, you might check online for groups, like non-profits and other groups, that train dogs attuned to people with your disabilities. I wish you the BEST of luck, as well as a VERY Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year! ^_^
  15. LOL Candy cane tail!!!! The Christmas Jetsam had better be careful, or it'll be CHOMP CHOMP, no more candy cane tail! ;)