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  1. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    Looks like they drew her Iris too big in the eye screen-right, with that bit of hair over the part of that eye, you can't really see any white of the eye except on the other side of that bit of hair. So, it looks like she's part dark faerie now.... lol Kidding, or one could query if Fyora gave her a shiner. Also joking there. Fyora's got more patience than that. ;)
  2. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    Ah! Thanks for the correction! I totally missed that on the map! LOL Yeah she was a great villainess. LOL I forgot about the full opening vid for the PS2 game! It's been YEARS. ;) lol I wonder, could we POSSIBLY be in for a recreation of The Darkest Faerie, on Neopets? That would be WILD-COOL! I do wish they could've made the cutscenes look less like stop-motion animation, since it was CGI. ;)
  3. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    I just checked the ruins map where old Maraqua once was. And the Darkest Faerie statue is not in this map. I thought for a bit and remembered that after the Battle for Maraqua war event happened. That the new maps of both Maraqua and the Ruins, didn't have the darkest faerie statue in them. Now I'm wondering if her statue isn't guarded by the giant sea slug in the Ruins of Maraqua. More speculation, but who knows where TNT will take this new plot they are hinting at?
  4. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    Hmmmmmmmmm I was wondering last night, MAYBE this has something to do with the Darkest Faerie? Just with as dark and PURPLE as the place where the Faerie Festival was being held got, it SURE reminds me of a few areas controlled by The Darkest Faerie, in the Playstation 2 game, Neopets: The Darkest Faerie. Good game, except when it glitched/froze. LOL First PS2 game I beat. ;) PURE Speculation on my part though. LOL ;)
  5. Faerie Festival Is Here!

    Darn, didn't get the avatar either. Just checked the news, and there was mention of getting our pets battle-ready. I wonder how long they'll make us wait from this time they mention "battling" until the next time they mention it, without any actual battling opponents being revealed? LOL At any rate, my recommendation would be to train. I believe it to be more useful than simply buying expensive equipment. ;) The site theme chance is indeed suspicious! Here is a link to TDN's battle articles. There are good articles and advice for training pets there. http://www.thedailyneopets.com/battledome/index I heartily recommend checking them out for those who are new, or newer to training their pets. The other articles are also excellent reads depending on your experience with battling. If there are any questions, head on over to the Battledome and Battlepedia Chat on these forums and feel free to ask. Staff and users alike here are friendly and knowledgeable. ;) If there's a new event a-brewin' and battling to be a-doin', then let's all have some fun preparin'. lol Ok so that last one doesn't exactly fit the rhyme. I can only do that part of the time. ;)
  6. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 116!

    Going with The Awakened this round. As are the couple of the remaining active members in the guild I'm in. So 3 of us. LOL
  7. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 116!

    Maybe, I'm not sure yet whom I'll join. I am leaning toward The Awakened, just for a chance at some decent boons. but I've not decided for sure yet.
  8. Huh, I'm not familiar with that weapon, I think it must be pretty new...Do you happen to know the icon types and number of icons for it? I kinda reversed the numbers for your new combo of the Scroll of the Scholar plus the Tyrannian Sceptre. If it's your Kacheek that is your battle pet. then it's strength boost is 4.5. As the Scroll of the Scholar has 10 icons, that would be 45 max damage. Subtract 45 from the 108 that you posted about dealing, and you get 63. Divide 63 by 4.5 and you get 14. So I'm guessing it has 14 icons based on what you've said. I don't see it in the Battlepedia. So if you could reply with the icon-types it does. That would be great! :) As for battle opponents. I've heard that Koi Warrior is good for Codestones, and it's been talked about as being a good source of codestones for quite some time since the new BD was released, so it's quite possibly true. I don't know for certain that difficulty plays a role in what the rewards are for beating him, or the other 1p opponents. Of course, I can't say that it doesn't either. lol But yeah, try battling Koi Warrior for awhile and if you get the stones you want/need, then I don't see much reason in going after other opponents since you need codestones. :) Happy battling! :)
  9. I spent a few hours on this Taelia picture

    Beautiful work! Though, and I might be wrong here for the angle you used, but wouldn't her skull and hair come down a bit more in the back? Maybe the ear would come down just a bit too? Maybe it's the angle you used, it just kinda looks that way to me. That little query aside, it's really a very well done piece! The lines are nice and you kept her neck and hand slender, perfect for a faerie! LOL Though maybe that's why she needs the warm coat? I wonder if she lost her scarf at some point and now it's hidden in the deepest parts of the Snowager's cave? lol Just felt like saying something a little silly like that. ;) I hope you'll share more artwork in the future! :)
  10. Help/advice with BD Set

    Sounds like your battling is going pretty well. :) The strength and defense boost system confused me when I started battling. It is a different system than I had ever seen before. But the TDN battle articles are really good for helping people's understanding of how the BD works. Happy battling! :)
  11. Help/advice with BD Set

    I fully recommend training HP, Str, and Def evenly. While some focus on Strength and HP, I can only imagine that it's mainly beneficial to them in the long-run. As pets without defense, will get hurt more when attacked. Unless they have full icon blocking armor in their set for most or every icon type, but that's less than likely unless they are also pretty rich. lol Jellysundae is right about Movement being pretty much a waste right now. The only worthwhile reason to train movement, would be for when TNT gets the stealing glitch fixed in the BD. Currently stealing does not work. So the best equipment that has a movement requirement of 201, the Heavy Robe of Thievery, which steals a random item from your opponent once per battle. Doesn't work right now. So definitely focus on your HP, STR, and DEF. You don't need to steal to enjoy a good battle. ;) Though the Sticky Hands that can also steal, don't have a movement requirement, but they are also not guaranteed to work, and then your opponent gets the sticky hand to use against you. Hence why I like the Heavy Robe of Thievery. 100% chance to steal, and your opponent won't get a chance to use it. I've more than met the movement requirement, I just wish TNT would fix the stealing glitch. ;)
  12. Battle Set Upgrade?

    Looks like you've gotten some good advice already. So let's see. You want to tackle the S750 Kreludan Defender Robot, correct? If you haven't looked up his stats, here is the link. http://battlepedia.thedailyneopets.com/index.php/oneplayer/viewprofile/189/ TDN Staff has worked hard to compile as much info as possible about the opponents including their prizes. SO many spreadsheets! LOL But we're looking at his equipment. Patched Magic Hat is not a great shield for this opponent. So keep it for another opponent that matches this item's icons better. For a shield similar to Patched Magic Hat, you might consider a Leaf Shield, (the green one) https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/leaf-shield as it will protect you from his a large amount of his water, earth and Physical icons. He seems to have mainly those 3 icons, with an possible exception of Fire icons mainly from his Neutralising Ray. though that is Fire, OR water OR a couple of the other icon types combined. Also, a MUST is Downsize! https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/downsize Once per Battle, it reduces ALL damage by 50% for 1 turn. Then it disappears until the next battle. It's usually pretty cheap, under 10,000np for sure, but I believe it to be around 4,000np presently. You should also have a healer. At your current HP of 53, you could go cheaper for the short term, with a Lesser Healing Scroll, which can heal up to 25 hp, once per battle. https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/lesser-healing-scroll Or, if you're thinking long-term and don't mind the expense, there is the Greater Healing Scroll. Which heals 50hp once per battle, but is about 200,000np. https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/greater-healing-scroll Balloongal247 gave a great suggestion in getting a Yooyu Knuckle Duster. https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/yooyu-knuckle-duster 14 constant icons for 70,000np is an INSANELY good deal! SOME people have 2. Not me, I just have 1, but STILL! LOL I'm also going to recommend something for Fire icons. Since the robot has a few fiery weapons too. Flaming Oven Gloves. https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/flaming-oven-gloves They defend 5 Fire and 2 Light icons. Light isn't an issue here, but Blocking Fire might just help if you use it at the right time. That leaves us with 4 or 3 slots left. 4 if you only get 1 Yooyu Knuckle Duster, or 3 if you buy 2. ;) Of course that's not counting your current 2 pieces of equipment. If you wish to leave Patched Magic Hat and Scroll of Ultranova equipped that's fine, but you won't really need them for this battle. With the remaining few slots, you can load up on some battle muffins, preferably the 15-icon ones like Dung, Brain, Darigan, Icy etc. You can check out all of the Muffin items here. But the ones I named are cheapest for 15 icons. https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/search?q=Muffin&description=&image=&min_rarity=&max_rarity=&shop_id=&has_tag=&not_has_tag=&nc_mode=&per_page=28 To both you and to @juliakare Agility isn't used often, there are a few items that do use it. The main one being the Heavy Robe of Thievery https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/heavy-robe-of-thievery Which a low intelligence requirement and an agility requirement of 201. This will then defend 2 light icons and steal 1 random weapon from your opponent per battle. However, the last I heard anything, Stealing is currently NOT working in the Battledome. So even if you bought it now while the price might be a bit lower because it's function is glitched, it would be pointless to equip it because it would just be taking up a slot. I thought I would mention it though, given the convo about Agility you guys had. A bit on Freezers, they are nice, and can be important. However, they are pretty pricey. However for your level a Randomly Firing Freeze Ray, like the Kreludan robot has, would be a good start. Especially since it has a 50% chance of freezing when used. Then it vanishes for the rest of that battle. I JUST checked out the Trading post to see if there were any listed with a price, there are 2 and the asking price for one of those trades is 125k! I recommend trying for that one if you can! 125,000np is a fair amount, but I actually haven't seen them that low before. If you're playing Trudy's Surprise every Day, you should be able to earn more than 30k a day between gaming or whatever else you do to earn NP. :) https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/randomly-firing-freeze-ray Also, here are few battledome article links you might also find useful. The 500k battle sets. Basically, some recommended and relatively cheap equipment, with prices that are updated every now and then. To give an idea about how much each of the suggested items costs, roughly. Think of them as guidelines as there is other equipment out there too. http://www.thedailyneopets.com/battledome/500k-neopoint-weapons/ This next article is the Basic Battle Weapon Sets. Very similar to the 500k sets, but this goes further, giving an idea how much battle "sets" might cost and various recommended items for sets ranging from Beginner to Elite! http://www.thedailyneopets.com/battledome/basic-battledome-weapon-sets/ Lastly, the list of battle boosts. And the stat points you need to train to in order to gain those boosts for your pet's Strength and Defense. http://www.thedailyneopets.com/battledome/strength-defense-boosts/ Weapons are pretty good, but if you ask me, the REAL way to unlock the power of a weapon, or the abilities of a shield, are best unlocked through training. My set would probably be intermediate, as my strongest multiple use weapon is only 15 icons. But with the maximum strength boost, which you get at 750 strength, is 16. So 15 icons multipled by the boost of 16, gives me a max damage of 240 hp, provided my opponent doesn't block any of it. Ok, so one more link, Faerie Abilities. Since you are level 29, you should have access to 4 faerie abilities by now. Here is our guide on them. When you get to level 50, learning the Ability Lens Flare is HIGHLY recommended. As it will stun your opponent on the turn it is used. They will not attack or defend and your attack will go uncontested. Here is our guide on the abilities. http://www.thedailyneopets.com/battledome/faerie-abilities/ I hope this helps! Feel free to ask any questions if you think of new ones. Happy battling!
  13. Upgrading My Set

    Alrighty, sounds good. If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. :)
  14. Upgrading My Set

    Ok, so you're just looking for a rounded upgrade. Balloongal247 made a good recommendation with the Yooyu Knuckle Dusters. As you can see, it's a 14-icon weapon. https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/yooyu-knuckle-duster So, 2 of them means you're playing with 28 icons! My Stone Foam Finger is 15 icons, But the last time I checked, the Stone Foam Fingers cost more NP for 1 of them than 2 of the Yooyu Knuckle Dusters. So go for the Knuckle Dusters as replacements for your Scrolls of Knowledge. ;) Your Helm of Recovery is fine for now. Definitely keep that! Same goes for Downsize! The parasol is decent, especially for the price. ;) And if you go against an opponent with a lot of Light icon-weapons, you're pretty ready. The Virtupets Shield is good, but not for every opponent. I would recommend Leaf Shield (the green one from Illusens quests) and/or Patched Magic Hat https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/leaf-shield https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/patched-magic-hat They're about in the same league, just mainly different icons. I'd recommend keeping your current shield, and switching that out with either the Leaf Shield or Patched magic Hat, you don't need to buy both of them. One thing that isn't generally recommended, but I recommend it for opponents with Fire/Light, Flaming Oven Gloves. It only blocks 5 fire and 2 light, but I've used it over the years for some opponents. https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/flaming-oven-gloves Keep the Golden Compass in case you need some dark defense. Although, if you want to splurge, Hanso Charisma Charm does 10 icons and blocks ALL Darkness. Though, on the TP now it's looking like it's 1 mil. https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/hanso-charisma-charm I guess that leaves your Scarab Ring. It's weak, and no longer recommended. But, depending on your opponent, it could help shave off a few points of damage from your pet while inflicting a bit of damage of your own. I budget battle, and I learned from that, that even with Neopets weapons, most of them have their uses, even the some of the weaker ones like Scarab Ring. ;) Also, weaker weapons are easier to collect one or two of them, and switch out depending on the arsenal of the 1p opponent you want to fight. I was wondering, are you looking for a bomb type weapon? It's pricey, but Ghostkerbomb, is still arguably the best in the game. 21-30 icons of damage, once per battle. You can buy it for 7.5 mil in the Hidden Tower, often though you can find them for sale by other users on the TP or Auction house for a little cheaper pricetag. https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/ghostkerbomb If you want a Freezer, Randomly Firing Freeze Ray is probably the more efficient freezer for the price. The 100% freezers are usually around 4 mil. https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/randomly-firing-freeze-ray Probably the best 100% freezer would be the H4000 Helmet. https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/h4000-helmet The only one on the TP with a price is asking 4mil. I recommend training over high-icon weaponry. but the Yooyu Knuckle Dusters are a STEAL at about 67,000np! Serisouly, that's CHEAP compared to 14+ icon weapons that've been released in the past! If you want to talk reflectors, I can list the 50% reflectors sold in the Defense Magic Shop. All of those break eventually though, and then need to be repurchased. There is also an item known as a Thick Smoke Bomb. It's on the shop wiz and blocks ALL damage for 1 turn, then it needs to be bought again. (Just like Downsize Power Plus, but without the insane retired pricetag). Thick Smoke Bombs can be bought from an NPC shop, but you need a pet at least level 250 to gain access to the Secret Ninja Training School. So if you want Thick Smoke Bombs, the shop wiz is your current best bet. I hope this helps! If you've got any other questions, feel free to ask.
  15. Upgrading My Set

    Hi! I was wondering, are you planning on fighting 1p opponents, or 2p against other neopets players? Also, do you have any specific 1p opponents in mind that you'd like to work your set on specifically to beat, or are you looking for a general, well-rounded set that will be effective against more 1p opponents? Some advice I'll give now, is that you should work on your training. Right now you're in the annoying gap between the 125-200 boosts for Strength. I'd recommend getting your Defense to 125 as well so your defense items will serve you better. Strength and Defense boosts are the same for both, and if you didn't know, here is an article that displays the boosts and the stat numbers your pet needs to get to in order to gain more strength or defense. http://www.thedailyneopets.com/battledome/strength-defense-boosts/ Think of the boosts as multipliers. Number of icons, Multiplied by the boost, = maximum damage. If the opponent defends, then of course your damage will be less than the maximum. Hence why freezing items or faerie abilities like Lens Flare and Warlocks Rage are ALL the rage when battling. lol Training really can help. My pet's stats are maxed as high as counts for the final level of boosts, at 750 for Strength and Defense. My best constant weapon does 15 icons with the Stone Foam Finger, multiplied by the final boost, 16. So with that one item, I do 240 damage if nothing is blocked. I suggest you work on training, because right now your strength multiplier is 3. When you get your strength to 200, it LEAPS to 4.5. That's a HUGE jump for a multiplier, as you can see from the above linked article. It's the largest gap, but it's also the largest boost increase. I'll check back to see if you've answered my questions, if I know more about whom or what you're going to fight, I can better think about what equipment might be a good fit for your pet. :) With thousands of pieces of equipment, it's always useful to be able to trim down some of the excess equipment. ;)