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  1. Aquamentis12

    Battledome is Laughing at Me

    LOL A day without a good prize? My dad would've said that "You got skunked!" XD Because the, in this case the BD prize thing, was being a little stinker. 😉 Good luck getting better prizes tomorrow! 🙂
  2. Aquamentis12

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 142!

    Going with The Seekers as well. Hopefully they win! 🙂
  3. Aquamentis12

    Nay for Tornados

    *nods* Yeah, that must be it. Tornadoes per square *insert measurement unit here*. I hate when I forget useful bits of info like this. lol I must be getting old or something. lol
  4. Beautiful drawings!!! I'd say your first Alien Aisha is more accurate to the Neopets' design. But I think I like the one with the pink ears a little better, because it's a nice contrast to the green fur. Your Cybunny pic is also really nice too! Keep on drawing! It's fun to see what other people create!
  5. Aquamentis12

    Hiatus Return~

    Welcome back to Neopets! Breaks sometimes NEED to happen. Sometimes short breaks, sometimes long ones. Some of the breaks I've taken have been almost a year long, though I THINK I would tend to come back for the Advent Calendar in December. lol Can't beat free stuff. 😉 And of course to check in with the guild, see how people were doing. That kind of thing. 😉 I haven't had an actual hiatus now though, in at least several years. lol XD There have been a LOT of changes. So hopefully looking through the content may feel like an adventure. 😉 I hope you enjoy your time back on Neopets.
  6. Aquamentis12

    Yay and Nay

    Yeah! And here I thought reaching 10 mil took a neo-lifetime! I've seen it for cheaper over the years. But.. man, there's just no way. 😞 With longtime-players who are great at RSing? I'm not surprised. Though this account is only I think about 47 months old, just under 4 years. Hard to believe they could've accumulated so much NP in 4 years time. Yep! I think the first set, or one of the expansions shortly after the neopets card games came out. You CAN find the boosters online, but they can get really pricey. You can still even input the codes from the code-cards in the booster packs. There they have a little thing where you can go through 3 choices. You can't go back, so if you choose poorly, you could get a pittance of NP or a junk item. I'm not sure which icon would indicate a Skarls Sword, maybe the Paintbrush... anyway, I don't even know if you could still GET something as old as Skarls Sword there. Even with the right booster pack code(s). We used to have a book store here that sold the boosters, so I've tried a couple. Got mostly junk, but had a couple decent prizes. TCGs even a Goo Blaster, weapon, but nowhere NEAR as valuable as Skarls Sword. I used to know a guy who got a Dull Stone Axe from a booster, but that was probably a decade ago by now. Some of the stuff I got was pretty junk-like, but seemed to be newer, than the date the boosters would've been made. So, I'm not sure if some prizes were replaced or not. 😕 Frankly, I wish I knew someone with a Skarls Sword, and maybe I could get it "willed" to me if they decided to quit playing. lol Or heavily discounted as I would not ever sell it. I know it's not the BEST weapon, not even very close. But it's ability and power aside, it's also one of the coolest darn weapons TNT has ever drawn! 😉 I have other battle equipment I'd desire, but that stuff is junk-priced compared to 725m. LOL I'll just have to save, save and keep saving, and hope Neopets is around long enough for me to attempt to trade or buy one. Even if I could only use it on Neopets' LAST day of service, it would be that WORTH-IT to use in battle. The 2nd best thing to owning one, would be if they fixed the Stealing ability in the BD, and sent us an enemy WITH a Skarls Sword! I'd love to steal and use it against the 1p opponent! Just like I thoroughly enjoyed stealing the Prismatic Mirror from Envy during the Obelisk war! That was SO much FUN and allowed my peophin to fight a few more rounds each battle. 😉 Sorry for going on and on, I'm tired, and rambling. LOL Later!
  7. Aquamentis12

    Nay for Tornados

    Huh! I must be remembering what I heard wrongly then. Maybe they meant per-capita for the US? I mean the size of both nations are very different. I wonder where I could find out exactly what that thing was I heard about the North American continent having so many.. Oh well, if you say it's the UK, that's OK with me. They may have been talking more than just tornadoes... but dang it's frustrating when I can't recall more about something like that. Sorry, I must be getting old or something. lol See? Late night/early morning and I'm already rambling nonsense. lol
  8. Aquamentis12

    Yay and Nay

    Yay for finally seeing one of my dream-weapons on the TP! (It's been AGES since I saw it on the TP) Nay for seeing the pricetag. 725m! >_< If I never spend 1np and just save, save, SAVE, maybe I can buy one in a decade or so. >_< I know they are EXTREMELY rare, but YOWZA! The seller even has an Attack Pea, and THAT'S only 325m! I guess there would be more of them than the Skarls Sword I'm interested in, given their sources. But dangit, I wish the price were about 700mil np lower! *sigh* Wishful thinking, I know. Oh well, just had to vent a little. 😉
  9. Aquamentis12

    Nay for Tornados

    WOAH! I'm glad your house wasn't leveled! Amazing that the neighbors garage was IN your yard too. I live in WI and I think around the time you posted this, we had a LOT of tornadoes. Initially the count was 3, but then it was studied further, and the count rose to 16, and could maybe go higher. Fortunately, no damage where I live, but when I was a teenager, we had a tornado kind of skipping through the town. Lots of damage, mainly in old, beautiful and LARGE trees being downed. Power was out for about 4 days. We lost a few LARGE tree limbs at home, and got a small hole in the roof. Tornadoes are such a pain, and we in the US get them more frequently than pretty much any other nation in the world. I don't really recall WHY that is, but it was some report I heard about last year I think. I don't mention my hometown by name, but we are one of the cities that, if Tornado Alley were to continue and extend to the Northeast of where it stops, I'd be practically in the middle of it at one point. The REALLY odd thing about ALL those tornadoes in the same storm, is that I can't recall hearing ANY tornado warnings for the area THIS YEAR. So to sudden;y have over a dozen at pretty much the same time is a bit of a surprise. I hope the insurance will cover all your damages. And hopefully clean-up and repairs are either well underway or done by now. So you and your family can get back to a sense of normalcy. Best of luck!
  10. Aquamentis12

    Rate my BD set please

    Duma really gave you some excellent advice! The ONLY bomb I could see that MIGHT be useful to you would be the Moehog Skull, as it's pretty much an all-in-one battle bonanza. I mean it attacks, defends AND freezes. Of course being bomb-like, it's only once per battle. You probably already know it's stats, but I'll post the link for ease and for those who don't know of it yet. https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/moehog-skull Duma also has a point about a healer. If you can't afford a Bag of Healing Dust (50% heal) or greater, I'd recommend Velms Healing Potion. https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/velms-healing-potion If you've beaten NQ2 on Normal, you may already have one. It either heals 10% of max HP, or if your HP is 10 or below it will give you a full heal. Sword of Lameness can heal, but as you know it's very random as to what it will do. I say this looking at the numbers as I've never owned one. https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/sword-of-lameness Another cheaper full heal, but a risky one, is the Ice Scorchstone, as it heals only 24% of the time, and does nothing the rest. IF you decide to do 2-Player, you could always make an Everlasting Crystal Apple in the Cooking Pot on Mystery Island. It's not a GREAT healer, only 30hp, but it is multiple use and will display your opponent's equipment so you know what they have. https://items.thedailyneopets.com/items/everlasting-crystal-apple I'm surprised the entry doesn't have the ingredients listed. If I recall correctly, Everlasting Apple AND Jhudoras Crystal Ball. Combine them in the Cooking Pot. OR You COULD just get a Jhudoras Crystal Ball for 2-player. It still lists your 2-player opponent's equipment, just lacks the minuscule 30hp healing. So it takes up a slot. I would say, since you say you are low on NP right now. a Downsize! would be cheap, otherwise I would suggest a Thyoras Tear, which is full defense once per battle instead of the 50% block once per battle you get with Downsize! I would agree with your assessment about Sword Of Lameness. It's a bit too random to be relied upon, I could see it being a hindrance in 2p. I don't 2p battle anymore, never did much of it anyway, but you need something more reliable for that slot. Moehog Skull is really pricey so probably not that. Maybe Downsize! or a Healer? It's a shame that stealing is still not working. I would suggest a sticky hand or Heavy Robe of Thievery, provided your pet met the low INT and the 201 Agility requirements. You could put a 1-use item in there. Such as a Thick Smoke Bomb. Since it would defend you entirely for 1-turn, then you'd have to buy another after 1-use though. Really, it depends on your opponents and whether they are 1p or 2p. Like Duma said, both should be prepared for differently. I hope this helps, if you have further questions feel free to ask.
  11. Aquamentis12

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 140!

    Looks like the Thieves have the advantage here. Just joined them!
  12. Aquamentis12

    Vote for Obelisk War! Round 140!

    You must win 10 battles each round in order to win the boons! Vote and GOOD LUCK!
  13. Aquamentis12

    Faerie Abilities

    The "highlighted" areas have a light yellow around the icon for that ability. The others just have white around them. The TDN Guide had help from a Neopian who is listed/given credit at the bottom of the guide. I don't know when he last updated his petpage on Faerie Abiltiies, but here it is. He uses a star-rating system placed beneath the ability's icon. http://www.neopets.com/~_mariokart_ I think I chose Shroud, but I don't use it much so I don't know if it's working or not.
  14. Aquamentis12

    I'm back!

    Welcome back Wildbreeze! A year and a half? Well, you missed a very LOOOOOOONG plot that gave out some really decent no-trade weapons. And of course the Daily Dare and the Altador Cup just wrapped up at the end of June. Right now there's a Dragoyle hunt going on because apparently Meridell got a new map face-lift! If you haven't already, you might wanna check it out. I missed day 1, but the TDN guide gives info on the event. http://www.thedailyneopets.com/articles/dragoyle-hunting/ That's about all I can think of right now.. Happy gaming!
  15. Aquamentis12


    What makes you think that? I certainly hope not. I might have to get a "smart phone" then to play! Not really something I want to shell out hundreds of dollars for, even if it were the platform of choice for an NQ3. 😞 Someday, I might have to write, or rather, type up my ideas for an NQ3. Just so I don't forget them with the passage of time. lol 😉 But yeah, first chapter could either deal with Rohane and his crew exploring a planet, or Chapter 1 could take place planetside before Rohane and his crew arrive. My original idea is the latter. Though it could be changed easily enough I guess to the former so that NQ-devotees could start off with some familiar faces. Although, the way Chapter one would start out in my head would be SIMILAR to the beginning of NQ2. Just a different storyline and plot stuff. I only have an outline really. No sense in creating specific characters or naming them unless they were actually going to be used. lol Most of the ideas are involving Chapter 1. I have environmental ideas, main character(for chapter 1 anyway) figured out, and the goal that will allow the character to complete Chapter 1. TTFN Ta-ta for now! XD