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  1. Just barely made 398 wins, giving me a Rank this year of 12. I got to rank 16 last year, but Oh well. Just for fun, my stats for this year. I did manage to get to rank 12, here are my stats for this year. I generally JUST play Yooyuball, and rarely try the support games. YYB is a faster, more efficient ranking option imho. ;) Yooyuball Goals Scored 4,889 Goals by Elon "The Black Hole" Hughlis 4,210 Goals by Oten Runeu 223 Goals by Lamelle Turow 235 Goals by Barit Jowes 221 Saves by Tonie Plessix 324 Number of Wins 398 Number of Draws 0 Number of Losses 0 10 Goals = 28 11 Goals = 60 12 Goals = 65 13 Goals = 86 14 Goals = 68 15 Goals = 45 16 Goals = 10 17 Goals = 01 Total 363 games of 10+ goals Also improved my Goals per game average over last year decently. AC 2016 = 12.06514657980456 per game, AC 2017 = 12.28391959798995 per game. Maybe I can do better next year... If you are curious about other people's rankings, you can also go to their lookups and click on the Altador Cup XII trophy to see their stats. Though you won't see how many times they scored x# of goals. That's something I keep track of during my AC playing by taking screenshots of the scoreboard just before submitting my score, but only if the score is 10 goals or more on my side. It eats a bit of time, but it helps me keep track of if I'm getting better or not. Apparently I improved in my goals per games, both in average and in actual games, compared to last year. I'm glad you found a good way to play Geoterza! I don't know what rank you got, but I hope you do even better next year! Being competitive is fun, but since we aren't all in DIRECT 1 on 1 competition, more indirectly playing against each other. We can certainly be good sports enough to hope everyone improves for next year. However they figured things this year to keep the game more fair than it may have been in the past, I hope next year will be like this year in that regard. That being said, I also hope they let us improve our personal (not team) ranks on Practice Days again, it STINKS that they didn't allow that this year. :(
  2. Bah! Only got 4680 points. :( That's even fewer than that Absolute Corruption petpage said I should have for 398 games. So I guess their page was off this year. I might have to wade into the trading post to get a stamp. Since there are some other items I definitely want. *Looks at the TP* I wish the stamp had been a little cheaper this year. :( Can't believe people are already going nuts with asking prices of 2 mil for them.
  3. Bank Bribery! I haven't had a lot of time to play a lot of games like I used to, so What little I have in the bank, I want it to get a boost. Trudy's Surprise is my main NP earner at present. lol But I sometimes get some items from the BD worth selling, or from site events. Quest Refresh is GREAT if you are trying to get a specific stat raised, though you can only refresh a quest once, it's still giving you a 2nd chance at getting the faerie you'd really want. :) The one where you can spin the wheels on Neopets twice isn't too bad. Spin a wheel once, get prize, refresh, spin again at the same price, and hope for a decent prize. :) Scratch Master, is similar, buy a card, and then refresh and buy a 2nd. You can scratch up to 5 cards a day either way, but if you can't be on at every interval, you can stockpile some cards. Cartographication, leads you through the faerie caves, but the NP prize is pretty random, most I've found was 10,000np, with or without this boon's help. Lowest was just several hundred NP. So it's kind of a toss-up each day whether it will be good or not. For the premium, I always go with the one associated with the Space Faerie Scratchcards. I think it only adds 1000np to your NP winnings. If you get an item instead of NP, then it adds 1000np to the item you won. It's the 1k added to item wins that I'm basing my theory on how much NP it adds to the NP wins. Was so busy between YYB and other things that I missed battling this last round. Oh well, with these skirmishes, there's always the next time. ;)
  4. LOL I sometimes do the same. When/IF you get Warlock's Rage later on (Level 200), you can do a 3 round freezing. Lens Flare + weapon and Freezer, Triple attack while foe is frozen, use Warlock's Rage + weapon and weapon in Round 3. For abilities beyond Warlock's Rage, I haven't gotten much use out of Rejuvenation or Reflection yet, but I haven't really NEEDED them yet. lol I sometimes use Summon Monoceraptor ability just for fun. Since each of the final (Level 500) abilities can only be used once per day. Unfortunately for us. TNT makes the conditions, uneven or not, and we have to deal with them. But, otherwise, if things were a set pattern then it'd be super easy to beat all 1p opponents. It would get really boring and take Luck pretty much completely out of it. The silver lining is that it makes battles both more entertaining and more frustrating. lol
  5. Congrats everyone! I was shooting for 400 wins last night, only managed 398 before midnight NST. Even forgot to battle in the Obelisk skirmish this time around.^^; Whoops! I did manage to get to rank 12, here are my stats for this year. Yooyuball Goals Scored 4,889 Goals by Elon "The Black Hole" Hughlis 4,210 Goals by Oten Runeu 223 Goals by Lamelle Turow 235 Goals by Barit Jowes 221 Saves by Tonie Plessix 324 Number of Wins 398 Number of Draws 0 Number of Losses 0 10 Goals = 28 11 Goals = 60 12 Goals = 65 13 Goals = 86 14 Goals = 68 15 Goals = 45 16 Goals = 10 17 Goals = 01 Total 363 games 10+ Also improved my Goals per game average over last year decently. AC 2016 = 12.06514657980456 per game, AC 2017 = 12.28391959798995 per game. My mind is still blown that I was finally able to have 1 game scored at 17-0! That's one less, pardon the pun, goal to try for next year. LOL And now we don't have to think about the AC again for another almost a WHOLE 11 months! LOL
  6. Looks like you've gotten a lot of great suggestions and advice. So there's not much left to say, but if there is a specific opponent you are looking at battling? There may be some cheap items that would help VS some of the more expensive stuff. Although, if you have a decent and pretty steady NP income, then you could probably go for the better equipment. And 10 mil for your budget would allow for getting some really decent equipment. :) If you wanted to blow a good chunk of that NP, I'd recommend the Ghostkerbomb. While it stocks in the Hidden Tower for, I believe it's 7.5mil, you can usually find it at a bit of a discount on the TP or in Auctions. I do agree with Lamppost about training. With training even "weaker" equipment becomes more effective. My best multi-use weapon is a Stone Foam Finger, Does 15 icons total. But my pet's strength is maxed out, top boost is at 750, and the boost is 16. So 15 icons multiplied by 16 is 240 max damage. That, combined with an explosion from a G-bomb, takes out the Obelisk skirmish faction leaders in 1 hit. Provided you use Lens Flare or the Warlock's Rage faerie ability to keep them from defending or healing. ;) Speaking of the faerie abilities, if you have any questions on those feel free to ask about that as well. Happy battling!
  7. LOL I've had that happen too in previous years! It's harder if you try to get the "Goals Scored by" at the same rounded numbers, like 400, for example for your guys. Because you've gotta keep in mind who's reached the self-imposed cut-off and who still needs to do some work. lol Pretty impressive goal count for each player and for your total games. ;) Since you didn't get your numbers evened, you might as well earn more rank points, right? XD Got all of today yet to pile them on. XD Either way good luck!
  8. I know of that which you speak oh fellow Frustrated one! LOL The Mutant Yooyu is notorious for going AROUND a character, even around the goalie at times. The issue with them stealing or shooting before you can get to the ball, I had that happen a fair bit against Shenkuu last night. After 4-6 goals I tend to let them touch the ball first so I can steal it, but there were multiple times last night where their lead Forward shot before I was within a screen-inch of the yooyu at "kick-off". Maraqua's goalie also has little to no "hands", heck they're tiny fins! And then when we get scored upon, ,they got him face flat against the ground. I WISH we could trade the lummox in. He's next to worthless. And if other members of the team are close to our goal, you've gotta use the V button multiple times to TRY to keep the goalie selected. Very frustrating indeed! ;) When the other team starts swarming you, try to run an opposite direction, while charging your pass, then whip the yooyu into a wall or at an angle that will avoid most of the other team's players. It can sometimes work to give you some more breathing room. Also, the higher you score, the more difficult the other team becomes. I think it's intervals of every 4th goal. Or so it feels like all the times I've played. Good luck!
  9. Congrats all you all-stars! I'm only going to reach Rank 12 this year. I still have to earn that tomorrow. Just need 18 more games. But, I've managed to reach my most long-term goal, proving my theory that 17 goals in a single game is possible. And getting to rank 12, I'll be pretty content with my results this year. Of my 365 games played so far, 322 have had scores of 10 or higher. I just hope if there's a good weapon, that I can afford it from the prize shop. Or at least the stamp. Did pretty well with the Staff Tournament this year, maybe there will be some good prizes there this year. :)
  10. My ROUND 3 Picks SenorMalo = 1380 CherryBlossom = 1824 Dark Lord = 1830 Scrappy = 2440 Ehlo Froyo = 2348 Total = 9822 Slightly less good than the 2nd round for my team. Still a respectable total of 28153 points. I hope there are some worthwhile prizes this year! I see some really good/high scores in this thread, way to go everyone!
  11. lol I hope so! 11-0 is not something to sneeze at though. You must have got a good grasp on playing and where to shoot from. :) Actually, there are 2 main 2-second routes. 1st is grabbing the yooyu first, and then kind of circling up and then down just a bit. It's kind of like faking out the other teams lead forward, and it gives you time to charge up your guage to shoot when you get to aligned with the lower part of the center area. The diamond-like shaped area where the Yooyu appears. This works for the first 4 goals before the other team steps up their game. The 2nd 2-second route is waiting NEXT to the yooyu for other team to grab the ball, pressing space bar as soon as they have possession to steal the yooyu, and you RUN on the move so they hopefully don't steal it back as you run toward the goal. Firing as soon as you have enough of a charge. My 3 second routes, are basically get above or below the yooyu, let the opponent grab it first, and then steal it. Continue running up or down, you can go to the wall if you wish, and then turn and head toward the goal, all while charging of course. Then either aim diagonally so the yooyu goes directly toward the goal, or if you don't think you can get far enough over to do a direct angle shot, bounce the yooyu off the wall that you're running along to move it a bit forward before it bounces toward the goal. If you're along the bottom wall and using the arrows, you would press down and the right arrow. Since it's hard to tell at first where the good spots are to shoot at the goal you'll have to discover the exact areas for yourself, and then get accustomed enough to them that you can mostly get to them and shoot with very little thinking. I've gotten some of my best scores, including the 17-0 score, while I was on the phone. It's pretty mindless work, but it's good to be able to react to times when the opponents actually do something SMART to steal the ball or even score a goal against you. As your score goes higher, they get more devious. ;) Also, you don't always need to have the charge gauge full. Sometimes a fully charged yooyu will bounce off the wall when you'd think it should've gone straight in. Sometimes a weaker charged shot from the same position will actually roll in once it's no longer airborne. Just stuff that you get to figure out yourself through trial and error. Shooting from the dead center of the field though, the goalie would have a pretty easy time stopping that shot. One other tip, if it's man-to-man coverage and it looks like the ball might be stolen from you. Shoot it toward an isolated area with no other players near it, if possible. Sometimes the opponent will break off pursuit or act a little confused, because you don't have the ball anymore. These routes also require a fair bit of luck, and depending on the opponents formation may be more or less effective. A 1-3 formation is particularly annoying when firing from center field or further away, as there are 3 players you cannot see before you shoot, just like the goal cannot be seen for most of these routes. A 2-2 formation against you, is a little tricky too for stealing the yooyu right after they get it. Because you've got to watch the 2nd forward. Also, I thought I would include the link for TDN's Yooyuball game guide. There are screenshots of the field and other tips that look pretty useful too. :) http://www.thedailyneopets.com/neopets-games/yooyuball/ Best of luck all!
  12. LOL I did too. the other day, I had 2 games of 16 with 5 seconds left, and failed on both. Before that, in previous years, I've had 16 with 3 seconds to try and score, obviously those were failures as well. This time, I managed to somehow have 12 seconds left to score the 17th goal. Instead of going for the 2-second shorter, risky route, I took the 3 second longer, but safer route. Keep trying! I think this is my 6th year since I started playing the AC again, and I remember when I thought 10 goals was the best I could do. It's taken me all these years long to get to a single game of 17! Even though I probably won't do well for prize points, I feel mostly like I've accomplished something even though All-Star is out of reach this year. :) Although it's surprising I would reach that, pardon the pun, goal, against Kiko Lake. Since Maraqua has a Kiko on it's team, he sometimes gets camouflaged, with the kikos from Kiko Lake. lol Makes it a little confusing sometimes. ;) I don't know what advice I could offer specifically. If you're scoring 15-0, then you've probably got your timing pretty much down to scoring every 2-3 seconds, not counting Darigan, Mutant or Faerie Yooyus interfering. Here's some of my approach, maybe it will have something you could try? I use the 1-3 formation, going right to left, and using the arrow keys and space bar for controls. Elon, Maraqua's forward, generally gets the scoring done, because the other players can sometimes seem to "fight" for control when they get too close to the Yooyu. I like to keep them in the backfield. Sometimes it's useful to have a different formation, but I don't typically change from the 1-3 formation. Just keep a quick eye out for about how long your goals are taking. I tend to do pretty well in the first minute of play, 6 goals, the max, in the first minute. Scoring at 2 seconds each, and then 8 seconds after each score is deducted. from the clock for whatever reason. You should be able to get 5 or 6 within the first minute, and with luck, during the second minute as well, though I tend to mess up or get a little sloppy during the second minute. LOL Then I usually do ok in the final minute. If you don't mind if I spin a theory real quick... Though HIGHLY unlikely, I think 18 is theoretically possible. Since 6 goals is possible during each of the first 2 minutes on the game clock. If you could get a goal in 1 second, (Fire Yooyu + Enlargement Power-Up) and shoot instantly without missing or getting blocked, that would leave you, about 3 seconds at 17-0, that should, in theory be enough time to score an 18th goal. But you'd need a lot of luck, robot-like precision, and the luck of getting a Fire Yooyu and Enlargement power-up, close enough that you could score with only using 1 second according to the game clock. I've tried going for a goal with 2 seconds left on the clock, and it can't reach the net in time. But with 3 seconds on the clock? It MIGHT be possible. Anyway, best of luck with your scoring Angelo! You and everyone who strives to improve their game. No matter how far we go or what we accomplish, there is always room for improvement, so don't let it get you down if it's not as fast as you'd like. LOL I'm pretty impatient, but after these years of trying, I'll enjoy the fruit of reaching one of my goals, but that just means I have to keep practicing, see if I can improve enough to be more consistent with scoring. ;)
  13. OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!! I DID IT! I managed 17 Goals in a single game!!
  14. Slushie Slinger, I like it I guess, but it goes from slow-going, then it goes at an ok steady pace for a short bit, but then it gets fast almost too quickly. At least it has Peophin in it. I think it was the first game I saw that had any peophin in it, YYB too though, the Kiko Lake team's goalie. lol
  15. If you've got enough points for the AC shop, you could get 2 stamps and then trade for the Chadley stamp perhaps? Good luck getting to rank 17!