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    Anime/Manga (Kyo+Tohru Fruits Basket!), Club Penguin, Kitties+Puppies, Adventure Time (Fiolee!), and (obviously) Neopets

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  1. sasarahsept

    Happy Halloween: Trick or Treat Locations!

    Can I still get a bag if it's Saturday?
  2. Avatar the Last Airbender is one of my favorites. Right now I'm watching Korra, and Free, Blue Spring Ride and Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Yeah, I watch a lot of anime ^_^. Yet I don't watch much tv.
  3. sasarahsept

    Altador Cup: Winners And Prizes!

    I got all my stuff right after it came out, and I had clicked the free thing, and it wasn't in my inventory. I should've known it would be glitchy. Or maybe I'm just stupid, and it wasn't an item or something? EDIT: I'm just an idiot :P
  4. I am completely confused on how we sweeped Kiko Lake. Did we suddenly gain really amazing players that dedicate their lives to AC, or is it something else...?
  5. sasarahsept

    The Coincidence

    Am I the only one that feels like this is Neopets just trolling us? Since, you know, April Fools Day is coming up. Also, I don't think I'm going to be able to finish this thing >_<
  6. sasarahsept

    How to Get Usukicon Goodie Bag?

    aww well. the day is almost over, (for me anyway) and I haven't been able to find it so I give up. Maybe I'll just buy it off of someone. I'm just surprised TDN didnt announce in the news or anything
  7. sasarahsept

    How to Get Usukicon Goodie Bag?

    Did you get one yet? It's so hard to find it and I have horribly small amount of patience. And do we need to get a pass to get it?
  8. I checked the New Features today and it said that today was the Annual Usuki Doll Convention, AKA Usukicon. I'm not really clear on how you get the goodie bag. I tried refreshing at the toy store and usukiland but I can't find it. I'm not sure if its not released yet or whatever, but I don't want to miss Usukicon this year.
  9. sasarahsept

    Daily Dare 2013!

    When I looked at Daily Dare today there was a popup where Abigail said that we need to alert AAA by finding a Secret code that stands for Save Me, Bro and click it to send a score. I have no idea where this code is but it might be obvious to someone else.
  10. sasarahsept

    The big manga and anime club :)

    I loved fruits basket and I think it was the first i ever watched. I have also watched ultra maniac, Ouran High School Host Club, chibi vampire, rosario+vampire, kodocha (i love this one almost as much as fruits basket), naruto and naruto shippuden minus fillers and im gonna start watching gakuen alice. the only reason i didnt watch it b4 was becuz it said online that there was an unresolved love triangle and i thought that was just messed up but im gonna start watching anyway :)
  11. sasarahsept

    Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream!

    I feel so plain saying this, but i love the chocolate shake with whip cream. Honestly, I love anything chocolate! :laughingsmiley:
  12. sasarahsept

    What's your 'personality type'?

    i got isfp. im not really sure wat it means, but ill assume its a good thing :)
  13. I just hope my team (Maraqua) will break the tie and at least come in eighth.
  14. sasarahsept

    Play Plushie Tycoon?

    It's too hard for my childish brain. (Cuz i am one). Now I know I will never be able to manage a business. :p For tips, look up Plushie Tycoon "Cheats" or help on thedailyneopets or jellyneo and websites like that. Good luck on your journey of becoming a Tycoon! :D
  15. sasarahsept

    What Rank are you?

    I'm at Rank 1 right now. I'm aiming for Rank 5 by the end of the Cup :D