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  1. I feel like I have been on a roller coaster for months but it hasn't even been a full month since I have posted here in the forums. It has been a CRAZY few weeks and I just haven't had the time or energy for neopets, or showering. But I missed you guys so I made it a point to carve out some time to come say hello. Life has been insane, as some of you might remember me, my husband, and my kids (my 4 year old son, my two nephews 11 and 14) had to relocate to a nearby city to care for my father in-laws state. Meanwhile our house was being cared for by our roommate and a renter we had to supplement our income while we were away. We have a lot of animals at our house, I like to call it an urban farm, we live in Austin, TX but own a nice little chunk of land and we have two goats, 4 chickens, a blind dog and three cats. So leaving all this behind was very stressful, so you can imagine how delighted we were when the last thing keeping us in this city (living with my father) sold! My father in laws house sold within 3 HOURS of being put on the market. While we still have a lot to do getting the house on the market was the most involved process. Unfortunately when we drove up to see our house which we hadn't seen in months, we learned that the previous night during a storm instead of being brought inside (the garage usually, its huge) the goats were left outside and as goats do the climbed the roof and in fear they destroyed 3 of our solar panels and destroyed our roof which in turn caused some of the framework of our old home to collapse. So basically our home is unlivable until we can fix it, which will probably take close to six months. But we can't stay with my father so we rented an apartment. We signed the lease today, which was exciting, but unfortunately since Austin's rent has gone up so MUCH we could only afford a two bedroom apartment with a small study since we also have to get a storage unit for most of our belongings, we have a five bedroom house with two living rooms, a study and a 'library' which is really just an air conditioned attic with a lot of book shelves and chairs, so yah, a lot of stuff. Now remember the animals? well luckily my dad has agreed to care for them in the meantime at his ranch, well except for the goats :< my dad hates goats. So now we have to sell our goats. But in all reality everything is turning out great, we really needed to do some serious remolding on our house and now insurance is paying for almost everything! Anyway I have a decent amount of free time the next few days since the kids will be with my dad taking a mini road trip and was really looking forward to going hard on some neopets! Haha what great timing I have. pffft. How have you all been?
  2. minniemeggie

    Instructions on leveling up

    I would only suggest using both the lab ray and training if you have loads of neopoints. My stats are all over the place because I do both, I often get bumped in and out of my leveling grid and have to pay more :<
  3. minniemeggie

    Tarla's Toolbar Treasures

    Lucky you. Tarla dropped a few things on her way out. Quetzal http://www.neopets.com/freebies/tarlastoolbar.phtml
  4. minniemeggie


    hehe its okay! it happens to the best of us! I had been trying for the neomail addict avatar for YEARS when I realized I could just refresh :facepalm:
  5. minniemeggie

    Chefs and Bakers...can I get some advice?

    Definitely ask your family what they like first, and when you first set out to bake for someone's birthday with a new recipe buy enough ingredients to bake two. Whenever I start off with a new recipe I always bake a miniature version first, so if I was baking a 9inch round I would make a small batch of cupcakes or a 6inch round. That way I can taste and test the recipe first and make alterations. If you decide baking is for you I highly recommend you invest in a spring-form pan! The black velvet cake sounds delicious but it also seems like a specialty cake that may not be for everyone. I always ask someone what they want and go for there. I usually find great new recipes that way! I asked my sister what kind of cake or treat she wanted for her baby shower and she said either cheesecake or strawberry cake. So I made her a three layer cake. Strawberry cake on the bottom, cheese cake in the middle and strawberry cake on top, with a homemade blueberry puree between each layer and whipped blueberry icing. So by asking I came up with an awesome recipe by combining some of my tried true favorites and a whole lot of experimenting. My husband and kids love it when I try new recipes because they get to eat treats every day until I perfect them. Good luck and I hope you love baking as much as I do!
  6. minniemeggie

    Trouble with Habitarium

    here's what works for me, I found that when I logged into my habi on my husbands computer it would work, I would put all my little guys in their homes/nests and then reopened habi on my computer. I have been locked out several times.
  7. minniemeggie

    Restocking Food Vs. Books, which is better?

    Well in that case I would probably go with books. Personally I have never had that much luck with selling food. When I did restock food I probably made about 30-40k. I like the profit I get from Uni's a lot more ;) good luck!
  8. minniemeggie

    Restocking Food Vs. Books, which is better?

    Well a number of factors will count here, how often have you restocked currently? If you are brand new to restocking I would suggest books, since from what i remember the main bookstore restocks pretty often and you are almost guaranteed a profit. I also recommend restocking at the AAA if your account is at least three years old. A lot of the items there are worth a lot and the boards usually have restock times that can help you gauge when to start refreshing. Restocking at the AAA was the best newbie experience for me, i got a lot quicker and you don't have to haggle so it is a good stepping stone. After the AAA I went to books and now I restock soley at Uni's but I might changed to a smoothie shop soon.
  9. minniemeggie

    Habi Help— No More Soldiers?!

    You have several options, let all your P3's die and the professor will give you more or here is what I would do if I didn't have any solider eggs harvested. Keep in mind my method works for me but I am level 50 and have 20 nesters. I would have my workers repair all nests to perfect condition then I would purchase a decor item (I mainly use the tooth) and completely fence in my nesters until I get some solider eggs. I already fence in my workers around whatever resource they are collecting and I fence around my resources. While pests can sometimes still attack resources your remaining p3s will be safe until your nesters have time to produce more solider eggs. If you haven't already upgraded your nests and p3s to their top level I would suggest doing so. If you need more neofriends to help with rebuilding resources or nests feel free to add me.
  10. minniemeggie

    Score Review?

    for me it's usually about a day, but I have had it take up to a week before. I'm currently waiting on my Hannah and the Kreludor caves to be reviewed, been about 3 days. but it was a really highscore, I just played level three for a looooong time over and over again until I was at trophy level. But it's been so long I'm only at a bronze level now :< next time I am going to have to play for much longer and hope the review it faster. :evil_notsmiling:
  11. minniemeggie

    Nay for close-minded people

    I don't work anymore but when I did I rarely went to any social events except for when I worked at the dating abuse hotline. I had such a great relationship with all of the workers and volunteers and we had a lot of charity events that were a lot of fun (since we were all like minded similarly aged people.) But I have never worked anywhere it was forced to go to holiday parties or whatever, sometimes I would go just for the free food and booze, but I usually kept to myself. At my last office job I hardly spoke to anyone outside of the office, and would spend my lunch breaks walking the hiking trail behind our office alone. I'm pretty shy at first so it took a while for me to warm up to people but I eventually made some office friends but we never hung out outside of work and I only agreed to go out to lunch with them once. People are usually pretty respectful if you politely decline their social offerings.
  12. minniemeggie


    Congratulations! She's a beauty! Your lucky someone neomailed you! I try to remember to neomail the notable neopet owners, but I forget unless I happen to visit that page! I love her outfit!
  13. minniemeggie

    Ways to get secret lab map?

    Again, I can't really phase it any better than Rune. To be honest I have always felt that the lab ray map was pretty cheap. A few hours gaming and a few hours restocking and your golden not to mention habi. What pieces are you missing?
  14. minniemeggie

    So, what are you listening to now?

    I have been listening to Little Fang non-stop lately, we finally unpacked our vinyl records and I haven't stopped playing it since this morning. That and our friend just uploaded the videos from Pysch Fest when we danced non-stop for this set. <3 Dave Portner
  15. minniemeggie

    Your thoughts on legalizing marijuana?

    My opinions on this matter are very biased. I was brought up by hippies, my mom and dad weren't even married or in love, they were best-friends who hadn't found 'the one' but wanted children, so they had three kids together. Some people think my home life was dysfunctional but my parents never fought, had separate bedrooms, and we generally had a fantastic childhood. I was unschooled until I asked to go to a traditional high-school to experience what it was like, when I took my tests to place in my high-school at 15 I could have been a senior but I chose to stay with my age group. Most of my life was spent traveling in a RV. We had a home in San Francisco but being unschooled my parents felt it was important for us to get a hands on learning experience in the world, we traveled the U.S. several times, we spent three years traveling in Europe, two years in South America and 7 months in Australia. We made money in two very unconventional ways, we made soap and my father sold marijuana we would grow. I grew up with marijuana, I was taught to treat all of mother nature with a cautious respect, you abuse and disrespect earth and she will bite you back. Now before I continue with what I have to say next some people (unfamiliar with marijuana or natural medicine) would consider this next part to be child abuse or endangerment and before you say anything negative about my parents reactions and solutions please check them at the door and keep those opinions to yourself. When I turned 8 years old it was discovered that I had severe scoliosis, so bad that I had nerve damage all along my spine that would only get worse as I grew. Nerve damage can have a number of effects the most common being numbing or pain. I had the latter. By the time I was 11 and when I stopped growing due to my scoliosis (4'10 and what!?") I was in so much chronic pain that existing was so painful I would vomit and pass out from pain multiple times a day. My parents tried every natural remedy they felt safe with and gave up after a short while and took me to a doctor. This was the one and only time I ever heard my parents argue. At the tender age of 11 I was getting prescribed narcotics for my pain. My parents fought at the doctors office over whether or not my prescription for morphine was safe. It is commonly given to child cancer patients with severe pain. Obviously the dosage was small but here were parents being forced to decide whether or not relieving my pain was worth pumping me full of chemicals and opioids. That night my mom made me ganja tea for the first time, and for the first time since I could remember it wasn't miserable to exist, sure the pain wasn't eliminated but it was subsided, I was no longer continually nauseous and could spend a day being active and having fun without passing out from pain or being bedridden. Marijuana isn't always the answer and although I no longer eat/drink/or smoke marijuana it was the stepping stone to help me learn to live and function with my body, I have seen it help many and I have seen it lead many down a dark path. A path I believe would have a lot more lights if it was legal and readily available. Those that have fallen into dangerous drugs usually start with marijuana and friends I used to know who have gone down that road have one thing in common, the same dealers that sold them marijuana led them to the harder drugs. My husband smokes still and although it isn't aloud in the house or around the children I will never hide his use because marijuana shouldn't be looked at as evil, it should be treated with respect and not abused or made into a villain.