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  1. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 69!

    Joining Thieves in hopes of being part of the majority ^o^;
  2. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 64!

    I'm going with the Seekers, since it's the one Spritzie's joining :P
  3. I'm in the Caption Contest!

    Voted! I though it was really clever :P Good luck!
  4. NC Trading Advertisements

    I need more stuff (despite my neo-drobe already being filled to the brim)! :O My wishlist is here - I'm especially looking for the Isca Wig Dyework recolors and the Sunshine Wig :) I'm also looking for some of the current buyables, (not yet listed on my wl): Autumn Market Background Glittering Leaves Garland Burgundy Striped Pullover Pine Striped Pullover Midnight Striped Pullover Edit: Whoops, forgot to add my UFT. I also have GBCs. PM or neomail me if you're looking to trade any of these, please :)
  5. When Your Best Friend Steals Your Things...

    Your best friend has such a pretty name! And she's really beautiful :) Not that that's a valid excuse for acting the way she's acting, but I'm guessing she's gotten accustomed to being treated like a spoiled princess, because, let's face it, how could you not ;)
  6. I did it!! :D

    As have already been pointed out, you're amazing and inspiring! I think it was a really great thing that you did (and for personal reasons, it makes me really happy to see/hear that there are good people out there, too - though Iknow that there are a lot of those around TDN, so I'm not exactly surprised ^o^) (You're also absolutely stunningly beautiful with a shaved head, just saying!)
  7. I think you've already gotten some really good advice, and as I'm not a mom myself, or have ever been in a similar situation, I don't think I have anything useful to add :( I just really wanted to say that I think you're such a sweet friend, and overall good human being for being there for your friend and really trying to help him!
  8. Pitter Patter Patapult!

    I think the game is so cute and I actually really like the prizes (and, being an NC addict, I already have one of each I wanted... *cough* ) :) A big plus is that you get to choose among the prizes for each tier, making it much easier to get what you want. especially in comparison with Shenanigifts.
  9. Faerie Quest Help

    Searching for 'Sick Kyrii', matching 'Sick Kyrii'... dentest321 - 2,050 NP siamese_cat - 2,100 NP mo69 - 2,200 NP _hockeybabe_14 - 2,260 NP Here you go :)
  10. Yeah, listen, listen, got to dash... things happening. Well... four things. Well... four things and a lizard.

  11. I have all the avvies (finally!), so I'll probably just join whichever faction that seems to have the most followers later this week.
  12. Illsae or Illsaeth?

    I like both, but for some reason - and I can't really explain it o_O - I prefer Illsaeth over Illsae. And I love your customization for her! So very pretty! Edit: I (sort of) agree with Marr, Illsaeth sounds "tougher" or "harder" than Illsae, but from the looks of her customization, she kinda looks like she could handle herself in the jungle (with the quiver and Fingerless Asparagus Gloves) :P
  13. Yay for being unfrozen!

    Yay! :D I'm so glad you got your account back, Duski! I think I've heard this Tony fellow's name spoken (or, you know, typed), with a touch of adoration before - seems like a good guy! ^o^
  14. Faerie Quest Cookie Record

    Finally got a FFQ from a cookie (in all honesty, I've gotten a FFQ twice before from the cookies, but it was a good while ago) and she asked for a Ramtor the Advisor Plushie (which is roughly 200k on the TP). A bit more than I would've liked seeing as a special day is drawing near which will require a good deal of NPs being spent, but it is a Fountain Faerie Quest and that's too good to pass up on :)
  15. Hypervigilance.

    Hi Curly, I can't imagine having to deal with hypervigilance, it sounds exhausting, for one thing, and terrifying :( I suffer from anxiety too, I have a severe social anxiety which often leads to panic attacks, so I'm rarely out alone without someone I really trust, like my Mom or my best friend. Does your family realize how severe your hypervigilance is? For me, it's often difficult to divert my thoughts from what causes the anxiety, more often than not I'm not even sure what triggered it. I've found that it helps me a lot to exercise, though, to physically exert myself, it keeps me "out of my head" for a while. Like Kay was saying, are you on any medication? Or in any other kind of treatment? Are there any treatment options that you've looked into?