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  1. ssarah

    What is that one avie you just can't seem to get?

    You'll get it eventually!! Don't give up!!
  2. ssarah

    What is that one avie you just can't seem to get?

    Hahaha, I spent sooooo much time repeatedly playing with it with my pets every single day. Then I stopped for a few days, then tried again and got it on the first try.
  3. ssarah

    I need votes! (again)

    Voted for you! Love the color scheme and the detail you put into the tail and the mane. I hope you win!
  4. ssarah

    As promised, the ring!

    Ahhh congratulations!!! Absolutely beautiful and unique ring. Wishing you a long life of happiness and love together :) :)
  5. ssarah

    Back after like 6 years Boy Howdy

    It's going to be sooooo weird years from now when I look back on things like this. I'm 19 now and grew up with the internet and social media and stuff. It's cool but also quite embarrassing to look back on the things you said and did when you were younger. Also, so cool that you're an RN!!! I'm in nursing school right now
  6. ssarah

    Forgotten Shore

    After nearly two weeks without finding anything, I finally got a good amount of NP the other day, and today I got a Maractite Kau coin.
  7. ssarah

    Back after like 6 years Boy Howdy

    Welcome back! See you around :) I'm just getting started on here, I was on briefly a few years ago but never really got into posting on the forums but now I quite enjoy reading and posting here. :)
  8. ssarah

    Almost lost it

    Your artwork is amazing, I really enjoy your style. Keep practicing and keep up the great work :)
  9. ssarah

    Forgotten Shore

    A deserted shore stretches along in front of you, but there's nothing of interest to be found today. I haven't gotten anything for a week now
  10. ssarah

    Avatars: Need help?

    I got this one the other day and I had the same problem! You have to make sure that every item is an "Usuki Doll" item - like the usuki dolls themselves, the playset, and the outfit sets. For example, the usuki nail clippers and usuki magical conditioner don't count for the avatar because they are considered "grooming" items.
  11. ssarah

    Avatars: Need help?

    Lever of doom, drackonack, neomail, and mutant graveyard of doom are giving me grief right now...mainly because my internet sucks at refreshing at a reasonable rate. I also have a hard time with the game avatars... I've been playing ice cream machine every day for months and still need to score around 3500 more points to get the avatar. I'll definitely start trying the games Scoobert_Doo recommended and see if I can get any though!!
  12. ssarah

    Back after nearly ten years....

    Sorry to hear about your account! :( There's a few accounts that I've made over the years that I can't remember the password or email for, and I know that I had some pretty good items and a nice chunk of NP too. It sucks :( Hopefully you can get your avatar count up near where it was from your old account! Good luck!
  13. I totally didn't realize how cheap it was to get the pirate draik poition/egg. How did I not know this? Brb, going to the trading post right now.
  14. Hey! I totally feel you! I've had my neopets account for 12 years, stopped playing for years.. then on and off every few years. In the last few months I've really gotten back into it and I've been working on collecting avatars, finally getting the lab map (my childhood dream, lol), and reminiscing on my childhood by playing games. I've also been using TDN for quite awhile but especially recently for working on those avatars. But yeah.. culture shock! It's evident that neopets isn't kept up to what it used to be.... I feel like there is less going on, less events, idk. Makes me sad :( Also - captcha makes me want to throw my computer out the window. Nice to meet you! :)
  15. ssarah

    Spellbook help

    I did everything, entered my coordinates right and checked all the books multiple times but I can't find it. I don't know what I'm doing wrong and I tried everything, can someone help? :c my spellbook coordinates are 11,17 my sleeper coordinates are -115,108 -35, 258 -95, 238 -105,198 -165, 178 -225,198