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  1. Darn. I already have Order of the Red, but if I go with the Seekers and attempt to get that avatar it stands to reason that we will more than likely, well lose. So, perhaps I should just forgot about getting that avatar for now and wait for the Seekers to come around again at some point. >:(
  2. I agree, Seekers would be great. One of the two I do not have. :)
  3. YAYYY! Thank you so much for letting me know about the timer countdown Rune!! I may be able to finish it. :) I've been setting my alarm to go off when it's time to collect a new piece, so that helps. Lol. I got started a little late though, so I still have 2 pieces to get and 9 hours left. xD I'm going to be so upset if it ends as soon as it hits 12AM NST, because that means I only would have been short one piece!! *crossing my fingers we still have that 70 something hours*
  4. Does anyone happen to know when exactly on Monday it ends?
  5. I'm pretty late to this event. I only have 3 pieces done so far, but the items I just got asked for were cheap and it gave me only a 10 hour wait time this time, so yay for that. Perhaps if I start timing it right I will have a chance to complete it but not if they give out repeats?!! YIKES. You mean you can get the same one twice? If so, yep. Sounds pretty impossible for me if that is the case. Does anyone know when on the 31st exactly the event is ending or has TNT not said anything?
  6. Thank you for your help! Unfortunately this is my oldest and only main account and it's a little over 2 years. (25 months) So I am right now able to make bets of 1,600NP's. You're right, that probably won't net me much but anything to help out even the slightest right now would be great. ^^
  7. As another poster mentioned, Habi and Keyquest just became too time consuming for me and always freezes up on my PC, since it's not that great of a computer. I make my NP's by dailies, stocks, and the battledome. I've been looking to get into food club but don't even know where to begin with that! I suppose I should start looking up guides and whatnot, as now I'm really intrigued about it's earning potential.
  8. Oh wow, just got an FFQ for the first time ever and looking at the Wraith Uni, it's just simply fantastic!!!! Hmm. As if I wasn't already in a dilemma. xD
  9. I'm loving the little ice cream cone items. CUTE. :D The chocolate gerlert has a lot of detail in it, I like that color on the gelert! :D
  10. I'm right there with you guys. Decisions, decisions. I've slept on it... I'm really thinking about the Alien AIsha, but so many colors and species to choose from. D: I always thought I would WANT a faerie quest. Now I feel as though it's overwhelming me with decisions. Btw - I got the item, turned it in. Now I'm just waiting. I only have two pets on my account. One is my plushie/royal permi, and the other is also a permie but that is my lab/battledome pet. :D So yep, I don't wanna change Deitzi yet. I know for sure that I want a male pet, as it will give me something fun and not-so-girly to work with for a change. :D
  11. Thank you so much everyone. The buyer asked for 275k and I'm just waiting for them to accept. Geez, I'm excited. The last day Angelo? I had no idea! I hadn't been on neo for about two weeks so I just kinda popped on yesterday and WOW, what do you know? I have absolutely no idea what to do with it. >.< No idea. What so ever. I was thinking of perhaps a stealthy pet, but my dreamie is an alien aisha. I don't know if you can get those at the rainbow pool or not? :/ I don't believe so. There is just no way I'm going to even attempt to just go for the avatar because I could have a potential dreamie on my hands! I only have one dreamie of mine accomplished thus far.
  12. So, after being on neopets for TWO years now I FINALLY got my first FFQ! The faerie wants an R96 item called Throwing Cupcakes. I only saw two on the trading lot so that isn't a good sign! :/ I dunno if I will be able to find this item or not. So I get my first one, but the item is impossible to locate and could cost me millions. :/ If anyone could point me in the right direction, perhaps? That'd be great. :D Thanks guys!
  13. You said it Finn! It's been nice. Was able to get quite a few stocks I was low on!!!! :D My portofolio is getting larger. xD
  14. Awesome idea runningbanana! I like yours even better. :) Customizing them in order of importance, etc... would be awesome!!! :)
  15. I'm really appreciating all the input guys. Depending on how inpatient I get, I may or may not go the trading route. Right now I'll stick to my easier to get dreamie, then focus on this one next. In the meantime I will heed the advice of zapping aishas daily. :) Sucks to know that the aisha potions are so expensive @rebecca! That's insane. Once I get my alien aisha, I'll want her to be, at least decently named. They are kinda hard to find on the pound so I guess I may be creating a lot of pets. LOL. Oh well, if that's what it takes! Sucks, cause at the same time I am labbing my battle pet. I really need to either buy another lab map or get access to my other account. *sighs* ^^ Thanks again! Good to see familiar faces!
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