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    We are sorry. SK is currently unavailible as she is getting overly excited about kitties and anime.<br /><br />Her interests include:<br />-Neopets (duh)<br />-kitties<br />-anime<br />-piano<br />-computer stuff<br />-math (yes, we all know she's a weirdo)<br />-tennis

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  1. Oh, come now, Tom. Your conscience has long fled this world, and we all know it...
  2. XD Why don't you just hire your meepit henchmen to do it for you?
  3. Peh, you sucks. I only have four. *sticks tongue out at you*
  4. *~SK~*

    Neverending sentence

    Scary sister rides a speedy Chopper while reading something online which is like that random horrible scary cheesecake monster that has one-hundred different flavours of petpets for my ghost chias to fart around happily with squeals like the fat pig named Oinky Poinky which have no more colorful legs that dance like ladybugs eating purple toenails belonging to monsters and aliens ziggy piggy friends with purple ponies poking anything in blue overalls with sapphire cheese that plans to eat intelligent petpets but zoos never allow unicorns eat monkeys and they aren't poofy psychotic things destroying air faerie and fire faeries staffs nu-uh but queen Fyora had a big cookie that was used wrecklessly for demolishing archaic artifacts arrogantly because the evil mahogany patio fancies destroying eatable plants which strangle tiny horrible grilled calamari skin that swim undetected most times throughout the Maraquan whirlpool devouring old fat fish with stinky expired license so that Fyora could dance happily with mental Kau goths Jack Sparrow hired me unhappily to swab his filthy Captain's quarters while wearing a hideous frock of dung and pearls served with stuff from the horrible monster known as the Blob-of-sushi served with escargots platters and smelly tofu from Shenkuu which really smells extremely muffin-like under water but above with rotten diaper smell they shall explode in 3-2-1 and lift-off in T- minus ten, which has been cancelled due to smell air waste in the sea-like ocean where sea octopuses play tag while enjoying popsicles that purpley-orange and taste like VOMIT from a Moehog That ate cookies while dancing and playing with Tipem the pink meepit, which isn't dancing the Marcarena with fifty lobsters babies so that caused destruction in a giant toilet filled with pudding and chewy toothpaste that tasted like dead skunk unfortunately so delicious maniacs always puke mesos junk on me for taking away popcorn from Ian because he ignored the crazy chimpanzee that always meows at the bored moon for 10 days on the back of a humped camel that goes somewhere and eats blue mustard with rocksalt banana pies filled with coconut cream doughnuts colored rainbow raindrops to Neopia Space catnip that taste of chicken quiches and twelve huge honey coated walnuts spawned three-thousand flaming arrows that always peirced raw KFC Snackers and tacos resulting in tons of delicious metroids snacks with cheesey puns like Metroid pudding mix dipped in a pleasant piles of dung piles upon petpets palace on metroid who broke the pudding mold of slime while eating disgusting bits of mutant yooyu ball ice-cream with bits of Chocolate flakey bits introduce some yogo filled chocolate ropes which talk like giant crazy mothballs all hopped up on sugary sugar goodness and chocolate cake that is jumping up and down with excitement because it is going so well that elephants began trumpeting very annoyingly at the lazy meepits who annihilated the huge, fat eyeball stalkers are the farting, unusual blue koi that feed on bits of dark cookies which explode on the pink candy coloured feepits nose that smells disgustingly seasoned with black pepper and toxic waste along Pikachu and COWculators to the highest coo-coo-cachoo that poops on Barney and smells disgustingly good as Kalamari served with egg fried noodles made from the nursery of rhyming turkies sitting beside a lump of turd that went berserk because pointy eyed moody sloths which enjoy smashing mahogany are dancing under crazy moonlit pandas that enjoy sniffing potassium fluoride because it smells of n00bs stuffed with turkey gobblers and pink fluffy sheep that are ambushing super sensitive ultra purple meepits that dance madly while completing a race based in underwater Atlantis outposts that are really getting annoying because some excited random idiots are preparing to dive deep into the Marianas looking messy and oddly destructive, theoretically impossible because in worlds
  5. *~SK~*

    ... makes me think of...

    grimy untrimmed nails :whofarted:
  6. Voracious demanding meepits beat a cook because they find the cook's kitchen a good place to begin their world domination and because they can utilize their unearthly cuteness to hypnotize the cook into giving them food. :P
  7. *~SK~*

    Wintery News

    oO You're right! Yeh it's a wocky. It's got that pink poofy thingy around it neck.
  8. Ditto. I got one my 6th day of playing and used it right away. :P Inflation is scary these days.
  9. Bleh, well peanuts to you! :P GAH! 'Tis still being glitchy... and I've restarted the comp 7 times now! *goes to corner and cries*
  10. They are basically those games that neo revamped a while back, such as feed florg(not sure if that's one...), which you can still play the original version for. *gasp* Evil, a total idiot? That'd be the first sign of the apocalypse... ;) And anyway, I really don't see the point in having them either if we can't play them and why they won't let us play multiple times if they're nto going to take off either the original or the revamp... :P
  11. None of neo's site pages are loading for me, but it's not internet problems 'cause all other pages are fine. Tried restaring the computer, too. :P
  12. Yeah. Hey what Gallion color do you think would look best for the avvie?
  13. :woot: :woot: Gallions are awesome!!! I can't wait for Gallion Day!!! :woot: :woot: ^_^
  14. *~SK~*

    Secret Santa!

    It was on an edit. Can you take a look?
  15. *~SK~*

    Secret Santa!

    Am I in the secret santa thingy? I entered but wasn't notified...
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