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  1. feeble_iq

    Happy Techo Day!

    Oooh! I love Transparency and the detail in the tail. Who would've known it's spiky and ends in spheres? The shininess is a tad distracting. And I really like the detail of the tail in the Skunk colour. Both outfits rock!
  2. feeble_iq

    What's your Achievement today?

    I remember reading how someone achieved Rainbow Flavour at Ice Cream Machine for the first time as their achievement. I thought "Rainbow?! That's a flavour in the game? I'll never get that far!" I'm pretty sure I even "liked" the post because I was so impressed. Well, thanks to a little luck and good eyesight on the particular day, I got up to Rainbow as well! I expected to only last a few seconds but it went for a while because there was a void in the middle as the launching scoops were from the sides. I really do feel my practice is really improving with this game (though getting the avatar is something else entirely!)
  3. feeble_iq

    Free Petpet: Sparky!

    This is so beautiful: the sentiment, the memory, even the item itself! And the way it was delivered! TNT has never made me feel this way before. <3
  4. feeble_iq

    Embarrassing Post :(

    Ouch! (But as a teacher, I've met students whose English is a second language and it's still better than those who only speak English!). Some people on the boards really disappoint me - what an uncalled for reaction! The most embarrassing post for me occurred when the Neoboards were really quiet a few years ago. I was reading a chat between two people and one of them admitted to living in Sydney, Australia. I got really excited because I was hoping to become Neofriends so I can have someone to chat to. So I slowly posted on the board and was building up that I live in Sydney as well. And then my big moment came! I posted: "I live in the country of Sydney too!" The other two then posted separately: "Sydney is a city. Or do you mean you live in Australia too? :weird: " I then clarified what I meant but felt so embarrassed that I immediately said goodnight to them. My second embarrassing post occurred recently. I got lent Chokato from a nice lender that had his own lending board. It took a while refreshing for it though, several minutes let's say. I got so nervous that the lender was getting nervous that I quickly opened up the Neoboards and said: "Sorry it's taking so long! I'm constantly refreshing! Will give back once I get the avatar!" The lender gave me a o_O expression with a "Huh?" in their response. It turns out there were two Chokato lending boards at the time and I apologised on the wrong one. :laughingsmiley: So I had to keep refreshing, apologise on the board on which I incorrectly posted, then read a Neomail the original lender sent me because it was taking a while as he was getting worried, then post my explanation of what had happened on the correct lending board and that I actually did apologise that it was taking too long but I posted it on the incorrect board. Yeah, that was pretty stressful.
  5. feeble_iq

    What's your Achievement today?

    I scored 1499 on Volcano Run 2!!! 1 measly point away from the avatar!!! I can't believe it. On the positive side I beat my Hi Score. I think of when I lost and it was a very narrow passage bookmarked with lava spouts and a comet heading in my direction. I don't think there was any way to get through it...
  6. feeble_iq

    Hannah and The Pirate Caves?

    I use Safari on a Macbook which did not work. I then tried Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE and Safari on Windows. The only one it worked on was Safari on Windows. So give that a try!
  7. feeble_iq

    What's your Achievement today?

    I beat my Hi Scores for Volcano Run, Freaky Factory, TNT Staff Smasher, and Ice Cream Machine!!! I was so close to getting the avatars for the games too! I reached 940 points but didn't realise I had collected 460 gems along the way. I couldn't dodge 3 comets. I was getting close to Freaky Factory and time was running out very soon so in my haste I dropped some kreludites but it overflowed! And in Ice Cream Machine, I received a pretty good score finally getting to Tigersquash - I've never gotten that far before. Those shields are really helpful. I'm also not as disappointed when I don't get the scores now. There is so much luck involved...
  8. An interesting alternate history. The background is lovely though I don't feel that the "history" is as depicted in these items as it was in the first Twisted Histories Capsule. I look forward to more Twisted Histories though!
  9. feeble_iq

    It's Mutant Day!

    I'm loving the Mutant Poogle! That's what I love about the Mutant colour - it can be so random and delicious to the eyes! I thought I was looking at the Mutant Acara for a while there. It looks like the head has been split open!!! :woot: Now if only they could put such an amazing redraw into a Blumaroo or Gnorbu...
  10. feeble_iq

    Happy Grundo Day!

    Transparency is one of my favourite "colours". And the colour in the stomach is amazing! A touch of brilliance makes the difference! I do like both clothing sets though I'm loving the dirty chef outfit. It's practical and in-the-moment. :wub_anim:
  11. feeble_iq

    What's your Achievement today?

    In my 12.5+ years of playing, I now have more NP than I've ever had before. Relative to other Neopians it isn't a lot because I don't restock and just rely on games and Habitarium. But I'm really glad. A part of me thinks "I have so much NP I don't know what to do with it!!!" :woot: but another part thinks "I'll never be able to afford Hidden Tower BD items!!!" :sad02:
  12. feeble_iq

    Daily Dare 2013: Claim Your Prizes!

    I was thinking the same. The Pending Hasee is really cute and reminds me of the MiniMME eggs - excited little things! But thinking of the wearables they released throughout DD, plus Camp Wannamakeagame, I imagine it's a lot to be weared out from. See what I did there? Haha.
  13. The backgrounds are wonderful! I do like the fireworks however it lags during the animation for me with an odd square in the middle of each explosion. And the Overstuffed Meturf Handheld Plushie next to a Green Jubjub is adorable and a perfect match. I can see some Neopians developing excellent customisations with these backgrounds.
  14. feeble_iq

    Avatars: What have you got?

    I'm on a Mac and with Safari and can't play Gourmet Club Bowls and Hannah and the Pirate Caves. So I had to use another computer with Windows. I did some research before and, for testing purposes, downloaded and tried IE, Firefox, Oprah, Chrome and finally Safari. The only one it worked on was Safari. So it's was a bit of a hassle over the past month switching between the two and the practice of the two games was few and far. Thanks to the TDN guide for HatPC I was able to get the avatar for that. No more switching computers, no more technical problems. I'm glad to tick these two off.
  15. feeble_iq

    Another Daily Dare Weapon!

    :laughingsmiley: I honestly thought it was just clothing. I've been impressed with the design of the BD items TNT has been releasing.