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    I love my UC Faerie Ixi and my UC Baby Kougra.

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  1. Charity Corner 2018: Perks Shop Opens!

    It's still WIP. I hope TNT fixes it soon !.
  2. Playing Ghoul Catchers earning 50k per day,by playing level 1 fifty times. Adds up alot to :). In 6 months ,I manged to buy a Gbomb for the battle part of the plot.I have 1.3 mil neopoints ATM :). Yes,I was very lucky that TNT was able to restore my Neopet's account with everything still in it :). I try to keep up to date with my info,as 3 other people have been under my Neopet's account before by black hat hackers :(. I told TNT the emails each time,when I figured out my email had been changed.
  3. maybe reply back and ask if they can trace ,were your nps and item's went ?. When I had to close my account for my protection . Everything was still in it ,when I got it back.
  4. Vote for Obelisk War! Round 131!

    I choose Brute squad :). My favorites don't work sonetimes. So I have to look it up on Google lol.
  5. Avatar ALERT- Easter Cybunny

    Ty very much :). I got it on my side account :).
  6. What is your routine?

    I start with Trudy's surprise (unless I have neomails to reply back to). Then I collect my bank interest so I don't forget. I play Ghoul Catchers for some neopoints . I do my Faerie quest. I train my Neopet's that I am training. I battle and then I most of the time finish playing ghoul catchers,until I received 50k.I do my freebies. I sell what Nerkmids I win from battling . I check if food club,is worth it or not lol.Then I chat for along time *lol*. I play my fav games (when my laptop isn't taken away :(.) I am getting it back today !. Then I check out a different pet site for a bit :).
  7. Accually it was a different site. I quit that site yesterday. Some people figured out ,who I was. Even though I didn't say who I was. I only went back on the site to report the mean stuff said about me :(. They were making assumptions about when I traded for my UC Faerie Ixi (I did a name swap last year). I asked the person once if she wanted to trade and she said yes. They were talking about the Ice Bori that I traded for and I decided to trade her. They were calling me very mean names. Also they were doubting that I was 32 years old last year. I like chatting ,when there is nothing to do on Neopet's and I have read through every thread that is interesting on Neopet's xD. I got a reply back as to what they were saying about me,wasn't haressment.If what was said ,was said here. They would recieve a warning. They just lost a member :(.
  8. I went to another Neopet's related site and some were nice to me and others were mean. The mods didn't delete the mean stuff said to me :(.
  9. my account has been frozen for multiple account abuse

    ya,sometimes you are lucky and they can reply back sooner :). mine took 4 months with three emails sent to me :(.
  10. Kaia's Health Bar

    yay :) . I completed the throw pillows just in time :). I am so happy about that.
  11. Charity Corner 2018: Perks Shop Opens!

    I labbed and then trained my Neopet's as well at one point. I am trying to lab for a Toy Uni now :).
  12. Who else has been to the nut house?

    I was in the Homewood twice in the last 2 years. Having to not to play Neopet's for 2 weeks twice,is very hard :(. So glad for free WiFi at Tim Hortons !.
  13. I'm adopting a kitty!!!

    Congrats :). I have a cat named Cinnamon. If your kitten is gluten free you can buy them the gluten free treats. Teaching them to do a high five trick is alot of fun !.
  14. I got my third ear piercing on both ears :)

    I am thinking about getting a nose stud in May,after my ears heal :). First I have to get permission from my mom. So my Aunt can bring me. That may take a while to convince. Then someday I will get a earring on both sides of my ears on the Upper flat part of them :).
  15. Charity Corner 2018: Perks Shop Opens!

    ya,I wish I had enough points to use that lol. I will just train normally :).