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    Cats, Splatoon, the colour pink, sushi, video games

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  1. Duskitty

    What do you do to make Neopoints?

    Stock Market is good if you don't mind playing the long game. I mostly do Food Club, stock market, and Battledome for codestones. In addition to that, you could also add some easy flash games (Kass Basher, etc) to your daily play list. It doesn't net you a ton of NP, but it adds up.
  2. Duskitty

    NC Mall Free Birthday Cupcake!

    Looks like it's made out of rock candy... hopefully. That stuff is actually pretty brittle and it's just 100% pure crystallized sugar. 5 HP for a freebie is pretty good.
  3. Duskitty

    Wraith Resurgence: Claim Your Prizes!

    Well, this is probably the first time I got max rewards and best trophy in a plot, lol. I like the shiny glittery trophy.
  4. Duskitty

    Daily Dare 2018 Has Begun!

    TNT recommends you discard your duplicate prizes and the Chadley prizes if you got them (which I did, cus it didn't feel fair to get those duplicates and last year's prizes since I didn't exactly earn them). Good luck getting the majority of Neopets' userbase to do that of their own accord though
  5. Duskitty

    Daily Dare 2018 Has Begun!

    Update: I was one of those who received no avatar, the site theme, this year's gold trophy, 3x this year's prizes, and last year's prizes. Now I have the avatar and they've removed my triplicates... except I still have 3 of the charm for some reason and I still have last year's prizes, plus the site theme (though I'm fairly sure I had the site theme from a while ago?)
  6. Duskitty

    Daily Dare 2018 Has Begun!

    PSA: the prizes are VERY bugged right now. Avoid collecting yours until TNT fixes them. List of known glitches: if you accessed the DD page immediately after midnight and got a blank page, you will receive last year's prizes (Chadley themed). you may receive duplicates or even triplicates of this year's prizes, not sure how that happens if you got silver, you may not get the background if you got that blank page and Chadley prizes, you also won't get the avatar for some reason you may be awarded with the Chadley site theme My advice would be to wait until TNT fixes things to collect your prizes - and definitely don't sell last year's prizes or your duplicate prizes if you got them; I wouldn't risk being frozen because TNT thinks you 'exploited' a glitch.
  7. Duskitty

    Daily Dare 2018 Has Begun!

    Is today the last day? I've heard rumours that it is.
  8. Duskitty

    Daily Dare 2018 Has Begun!

    Today's is easy enough, if time-consuming. I got the score pretty easily. Here's my strategy: play Numbers, make plenty of small combos to rack up gold tiles (but don't use them yet!), then when the scroll at the top is nearly completely unfurled, use as many gold tiles as you can to rack up a really long chain. I got a chain worth 81900 points by doing this.
  9. Duskitty

    Daily Dare 2018 Has Begun!

    I got the score pretty quick but I did get this ridiculous combo of like... a block of six with a dynamite block, an x2 block, another x2 block, and an x4 block. It netted me roughly 800 points in one go or something. Wish I had it recorded.
  10. Duskitty

    Daily Dare 2018 Has Begun!

    Today's is alright when you get the hang of it. Play on Easy if it's not your thing - it gets you points slower, but you're at a far lower risk of running out of time.
  11. Duskitty

    Daily Dare 2018 Has Begun!

    I mean... I'd like to say that I'm good at games considering that I've confidently been able to go for AAA's score for every game so far, but I still feel like it's mostly just perseverance and an average amount of skill, lol. Today's game really was just luck, though - I had practiced for a bit beforehand and only on one occasion did I reach 900 points. Juicy berries are worth a fair bit which gave me a big boost. Edit: I played like 20 more times and couldn't get anywhere close, so yes, it was just luck lol
  12. Duskitty

    Daily Dare 2018 Has Begun!

    Today's is pretty luck based. Play on Hard and make sure you're going at top speed at all times (double-tap the right arrow key). I got the score first try because I was lucky enough to get two juicy berries in the same run.
  13. Duskitty

    Daily Dare 2018 Has Begun!

    These last 2 games actually used to be some of my favourites for a while. If you're not already, use WASD for Nova Defender. It's far, far easier.
  14. Duskitty

    Daily Dare 2018 Has Begun!

    Got 353k on my first try (on Hard). Definitely pretty easy this time around. I do actually really like Nova Defender... I'm very out of practice though
  15. Duskitty

    Daily Dare 2018 Has Begun!

    Yeah, my bad, it's WASD to shoot, not move. Still a good alternative if your arrow key(s) are broken. As for Pterattack, it's very much RNG based. Sometimes I get a shot upgrade immediately and sometimes I don't get one for like, 3 levels. Just keep restarting until you can get a shot upgrade early on and it should be easy enough.