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    Cats, Splatoon, the colour pink, sushi, video games

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  1. Duskitty

    Keep saving or buy a paint brush?

    I'd say try to get up to a higher interest level first at least. Maybe not 10 mil, but something around 1-2 mil. Then again, I've accumulated a lot in the bank and refuse to spend any of it cus I like seeing my interest climb.
  2. Duskitty

    What is this thing on the Moehogs ?

    Like others said, it's absolutely a continuation of their mane that is so small the artists forgot to recolour it on several occasions.
  3. Duskitty

    Happy Elephante Day

    Loving those aviators. Wish they weren't species-specific. 😞 I actually own a pair of aviators very similar to those, too.
  4. Duskitty

    What's your big NP maker?

    Formerly it was Food Club, but since I've been neglecting to bet it's now the profit I make off of selling Battledome items (codestones, neocola tokens). I have the advantage of an old account with both: around 7k max per bet, and a pet I've been training for years. I battle the Kreludan S750 Defender Robot - he's pretty easy to take down with only 14 HP on Easy.
  5. Duskitty

    Frozen for innuendo

    I don't think you'll get your account back, my dude. Best to avoid anything that could even be considered innuendo on Neopets just to be safe.
  6. Duskitty

    New Year targets

    Probably try to attain 100mil. I feel it's a tad unrealistic, but it'll be interesting to see how close to that goal I can achieve before the end of the year.
  7. Yeah that's totally fine! Just send me a friend request on my main, striped_xweetok_5.
  8. I have the lab ray. If you'd like, I can change your Draik's gender for you. Are you ok with 'babysitting' my lab rat for a day in exchange? You don't have to do anything besides keep em on your account for a day while I wait for transfer to be available again.
  9. Duskitty

    Game Reviews

    I didn't have my score flagged for review, but I did get a score to qualify for a trophy in Shenkuu Tangram just earlier last week. Took them about a day to do it. Wish they were quicker, cus I got bumped from silver to bronze by the time they approved my trophy.
  10. Games I'm bad at? Hmm. I suppose Petpet Rescue, Meepit Juice Break cus I don't do well under pressure, and Maths Nightmare, just cause my brain can't process the equations fast enough, and again, I tend to panic under pressure. I just don't enjoy games with a time limit in general, but Maths Nightmare is just, well, a nightmare. Ironically, I was/am really good at more "basic" mathematic equations. I just can't do them quickly 😕 I used to be horrible at Kass Basher, but eventually I decided I'd just keep on trying til I got lucky, and I did. Now I can easily get those high scores of 800-900 with no problem. Persistence pays off! As for games I'm good at that nobody else seems to like, let's see here: Hannah and the Wardrobe of Adventure (I have a gold trophy in this one and can consistently score high enough to be in the running for a gold trophy! If you don't believe me, I can record myself playing.) Nova Defender Piper Panic Shenkuu Warrior II (with persistence, I can also consistently score high enough for a trophy, but it takes forever) Escape from Kreludor I don't think anyone really hates this one, but Ice Cream Machine? If I try hard enough, and spend enough time on it, I can eventually get good at pretty much any Neopets game. It's just that some are more innately difficult for me (e.g any game with a time limit).
  11. Duskitty

    Claim Your GMC Prizes Now!

    I'm on Raiders and these were my rewards. Presumably I got silver cus my team lost. I'm fine with that I guess, just seems kinda weird that the losing team automatically gets silver no matter what. However, I didn't get the stamp, presumably due to me not completing all the challenges the day they were posted. Normally, I would be fine with that, and take the blame for it... ...but in this case, it was quite literally out of my control. Thanks to Darigan Dodgeball being glitchy and sending a score automatically because my cursor happened to be over the area where the 'send score' button would appear, and the three-score daily limit, I got locked out of being able to complete it the day it was released. As did many other people. Also, it was only Team Raiders that had to play Darigan Dodgeball. If not completing everything day-of means you don't get the stamp, then that means a substantial chunk of Team Raiders got unfairly locked out of getting the stamp due to something entirely out of their control.
  12. Duskitty

    Can 1M NP be made in 25 days? Yes!

    You are correct! I don't spend any of it lol. Not sure what I'm even saving for, I just like seeing the number go up. Oh yeah, also - don't forget to upgrade your bank account to the next level as soon as you meet the requirements. If you're above 10mil, you don't need to worry.
  13. Duskitty

    Happy Xweetok Day!

    [resident Xweetok fanatic slides in] Dimensional is alright, it's not as glaring as the other Dimensional pets. Not a fan of the eyes though, just looks wrong. Jelly is cute! I was really hoping for blue or pink jelly, but green is alright. Looks like lime flavour. The outfit is nice, just not my thing.
  14. Duskitty

    Yay for awesome paying work! Nay for computer issues!

    As technology gets newer and better at doing stuff, the requirements it has to satisfy get higher. Put it this way: Windows 10 can do many more things that XP could never have done. Modern technology is so much more advanced than what we had a decade ago. Recently, I picked up a book from the 90's on computer knowledge, and it had a section about the requirements an average person's PC should have - it mentioned that 64 MB of RAM was sufficient for everything you'd need to do. Fast forward about 15 years, and that requirement has increased over a hundred-fold. That said, I'm not a fan of how newer operating systems saddle you with unnecessary features that you either can't remove, or have to be fairly tech-savvy to remove.
  15. Duskitty

    Can 1M NP be made in 25 days? Yes!

    Don't forget to collect daily interest - if your savings are high you earn even more in interest. I'm at about 23k interest per day, which amounts to 8.4mil in just interest per year (the actual amount would be slightly higher than that due to savings continually increasing, given I don't take any out).