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    Cats, Splatoon, the colour pink, sushi, video games

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  1. Duskitty

    Coconut Shy Explosion

    I've knocked down about 2-3 more since posting here last, lol. This thread has to be a good luck charm.
  2. Duskitty

    Rubbish Avatar

    I don't remember but it was probably like 2000 items or so (I moved about 6000 to my inventory initially).
  3. Duskitty

    Rubbish Avatar

    Speaking of donations, I have hundreds of junk items just lying around in my SDB if anyone's looking for items. I stow all my dailies' items in my SDB, save for things such as codestones and dubloons, which I sell. There's plenty to go around. Edit: I actually went on a hiatus for a bit when I realized I'd have to put everything back manually, lol. I didn't have the time or energy to put hundreds of items back one by one, but one day I eventually got myself to do it.
  4. Duskitty

    Rubbish Avatar

    It is 70, of any item type (Neopoint/Neocash). I had the same, though I decided to do it in one fell swoop. Removed literally thousands of items from my SDB... which caused my Quickstock page to freeze when I tried to move items/donate/discard. So I had to put a bunch of items back into my SDB manually, one by one, just to use quickstock. Finally got down to a manageable amount, discarded some items... and got the avatar on the first discard. I was like 😶
  5. I looked it up on the TP, Auctions, galleries, etc. and could only find a handful of them lying around, with no info on price. I also searched it in JN's item database and apparently it's too rare to be priced (their words, not mine). Also couldn't find much of anything in terms of price in JN's Trading Post History besides 1 guy selling it for 2m. I just put it on the TP and already I've gotten 2 offers lol. I have no idea what to do with this thing. Anyone have any idea why it's so rare? Is it special in some way or does it just appear once in a blue moon?
  6. Duskitty

    Blue furry negg confusion!

    The amount of HP gained per item fed to your pet scales depending on how much max HP your pet has. I can't remember exactly, nor can I test right now because my pets are all either in the Neolodge or fully fed, but I believe it's something like 1/9th or 1/10th of your pet's max HP.
  7. Duskitty

    Happy Eyrie Day!

    These are really good! I wish the Jelly had a bit more contrast though, its facial features are hard to make out.
  8. Duskitty

    Happy Grarrl Day!

    Candy looks cute, kind of like a beachball. Custard looks like sand for some reason. Honestly, that sounds like a cooler paintbrush idea than Custard...
  9. Duskitty

    Kiko Pop not working for me?

    Kiko Pop seems to work normally now as of a few days ago, at least for me. Has anyone else found that the issues have been resolved?
  10. Duskitty

    Sad Pet?

    You can just hit F5 or Ctrl/Cmd + R while having that window selected and it'll refresh it just like any other browser window/tab.
  11. Duskitty

    Sad Pet?

    Yeah I'm pretty sure they removed events such as Boochi and blues a while back - anything that could randomly change your pet's colour. I know for sure they removed Boochi's ability to change your pet into a baby, but not sure about the blues event. If I remember correctly, there was an event that could turn your pet red from being angry too? Edit: Found it, in this editorial.
  12. Duskitty

    Darigan Themed Day!

    Big agree with this. It's basically just a recolour - no modifications to make it look properly Darigan. Shame. 😕
  13. Duskitty

    My pet's not fat, he's just big boned! >:(

    There's this site that shows the average height of each species (missing Vandagyre). I believe Eyries were probably intended to be, like, big griffins, but it still weirds me out just how massive they are. Also Flotsams and Jetsams being as tiny as they are is honestly mind boggling, lol. I always figured they were meant to be like dolphins and sharks, not goldfish sized.
  14. Duskitty

    My pet's not fat, he's just big boned! >:(

    That's 2 cm and 15 lb off my height and weight... 😨
  15. Duskitty

    My pet's not fat, he's just big boned! >:(

    Some of my pets have really weird stats, especially my battle pet who was previously labbed for a while. I think changing species and certain colours can cause stats to go out of wack. Zyla439 (Plushie Kacheek; previous lab rat and current battle pet): 16 cm / 41 lb Tounien (Yellow Tuskaninny; current lab rat): 50 cm / 115 lb Shanbaihe (Pastel Xweetok; previous lab rat): 34 cm / 38 lb Miauru (Chocolate Xweetok; never changed species or colour besides being painted choco): 27 cm / 36 lb Duskitty (Maraquan Xweetok; only ever changed colour a few times): 28 cm / 34 lb I think something's wrong with the weight and height auto-generator for some species.