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  1. Wraith Resurgence: Fiendish Formations

    Well, thank goodness that's over. Some of the later levels were so stressful with the little fiend zooming around and breaking tiles the second I placed them.
  2. Wraith Resurgence: Fiendish Formations

    And once again, I underestimated my own score by a couple hundred points and found myself worrying about score when I had well surpassed the achievement score already, lol. Thankfully this really isn't as hard as I was expecting.
  3. Wraith Resurgence: Fiendish Formations

    Managed to score 3322 on my first try, thought "ugh, that's probably below the achievement score", went to check and apparently I actually only needed 2800 for the achievement.
  4. Wraith Resurgence: Fiendish Formations

    It's updating at like 8 am for me cus Australia timezone, lol. For once, GMT + 11 is a benefit to me.
  5. Wraith Resurgence: Fiendish Formations

    2190 on my first try, whew. Having the little wraith guy be there actually helped me to think faster, I think.
  6. Bony Grarrl Club Lends Back!

    Congrats!! Hope I was able to help somewhat (if you need more emergency donations in the future, I'd be willing to help out!)
  7. Bony Grarrl Club Lends Back!

    Oof, that really sucks. I'm sorry to hear :< Donated some and sent the sand back, along with some more sand. Good luck on the fundraising! Edit: may have gone overboard with the sand
  8. New Weapons In The Hidden Tower!

    I really hope not, cus there's no way I'm dishing out over half my bank account for one weapon I mean... I could, in theory, purchase it, but that's years of savings gone.
  9. Defeating Malum

    If anyone's curious, in the 2 turns it takes me to beat Malum, this is the combat log: My battle pet is tanky enough to withstand one of his attacks without dying, thankfully, so this strategy of "go ham" might not work so well for others, but figured I'd share anyhow.
  10. Defeating Malum

    Seeing everyone have difficulty with him makes me feel strangely proud knowing I can beat him in 2 turns with a bit of luck Good to know that these hundreds of codestones haven't gone to waste, I guess. I don't think you'll need to worry about this step ending soon, considering all the previous wraiths are still available to fight.
  11. Defeating Malum

    Wouldn't hurt to train her level up to just under 80 (maybe around 77-78, just in case you get a faerie quest) and then continue training defence, hp, and strength from there Once you've trained her defence and hp up to 2x her level, train her level up some more and then repeat
  12. Defeating Malum

    That is a lot of blessings. You should be safe spending some more of them now, especially since you'll get them from battles as time goes on. The only reason I have as many bottled faeries as I do is because I battle to the item limit every single day and have been doing so for however many years now, lol. I battle the S750 Kreludan Defender Robot, since he's a fairly easy and rewarding challenger if you want codestones and faeries; he also has the added bonus of giving out Neocola Tokens which you can sell for profit or use them in hopes of getting a transmog potion.
  13. Defeating Malum

    I was confused at first, but I see what you mean now by the Throw Pillows strat. Wholly agreed with hrtbrk, Lens Flare is indeed better in the long run (and will be more beneficial later on when your pet is well-statted), but if you must, cheese him with Throw Pillows until you win. I have about 100 of each bottled faerie saved up from battles, so if anyone needs a few, I'm willing to send some your way. Note that you can get more than 1 blessing from a single bottle sometimes.
  14. Official Neopets down/having issues board

    Looks like it's completely fixed now, if anyone's wondering. Hopefully it stays this way.
  15. Defeating Malum

    Does it really persist over the course of a few days, though? If it works, go for it, but you're better off with Lens Flare in the long run.