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  1. I can't select any pets at the Lab Ray; presumably this is due to the latest Chrome update. Anyone know how to fix?
  2. I play it for the avatar. I believe it's mostly random, but I remember some theory about the location of the treasure moving across the board like a 'wave'; dunno if that was proven or not. Payouts are kinda rare, but if you're looking for the avatar, then go for it. (I've been at it for years and still nothing, though...)
  3. The Hissi is a little more generic, I feel. Definitely got that sea-serpent inspired feel, but it isn't directly based off any specific aquatic serpent/eel. You're on the money with Maraquan Cobrall, though - it keeps the markings of the Cobrall but it has the body and frills of an eel.
  4. That guy is the Wocky Crusader! https://bookofages.jellyneo.net/characters/971/ Not much to say about him, other than that he is pretty self absorbed.
  5. Glad you all liked my post! I've got a couple more for ya. Buzz: Yabby Draik: Japanese koi (carp) Elephante: Whale (presumably, blue whale) I can't say for sure, but my best guess is black-spotted puffer: Body shape is pretty similar, but it appears the colours are flipped. As for the Maraquan Kiko, I personally hope they base it on a sea anemone or sea peach. As someone who's really into marine biology, I live for the Maraquan pets that they base off real-life things. (Wish they had based the Lenny on a swordfish or sturgeon. :/)
  6. Marine biology enthusiast stepping in! A lot of the Maraquan pets are pretty generic, yeah, but I want to point out a few less obvious real-life inspired ones that I'm a fan of. Chia: Sea cucumber Ogrin: Mantis shrimp Yurble: Manatee And my personal favourite! Xweetok: Nudibranch (sea slug) (sorry for the wall of images) As for the Maraquan Lenny... I dunno. It has a nice sleek body, but that generic face and beak slapped on it kinda ruins it, for me. It looks jarring and out of place. Perhaps the artist just couldn't get the beak to look right and put the default one on and called it a day.
  7. I'd say try to get up to a higher interest level first at least. Maybe not 10 mil, but something around 1-2 mil. Then again, I've accumulated a lot in the bank and refuse to spend any of it cus I like seeing my interest climb.
  8. Like others said, it's absolutely a continuation of their mane that is so small the artists forgot to recolour it on several occasions.
  9. Loving those aviators. Wish they weren't species-specific. 😞 I actually own a pair of aviators very similar to those, too.
  10. Formerly it was Food Club, but since I've been neglecting to bet it's now the profit I make off of selling Battledome items (codestones, neocola tokens). I have the advantage of an old account with both: around 7k max per bet, and a pet I've been training for years. I battle the Kreludan S750 Defender Robot - he's pretty easy to take down with only 14 HP on Easy.
  11. I don't think you'll get your account back, my dude. Best to avoid anything that could even be considered innuendo on Neopets just to be safe.
  12. Probably try to attain 100mil. I feel it's a tad unrealistic, but it'll be interesting to see how close to that goal I can achieve before the end of the year.
  13. Yeah that's totally fine! Just send me a friend request on my main, striped_xweetok_5.
  14. I have the lab ray. If you'd like, I can change your Draik's gender for you. Are you ok with 'babysitting' my lab rat for a day in exchange? You don't have to do anything besides keep em on your account for a day while I wait for transfer to be available again.
  15. Duskitty

    Game Reviews

    I didn't have my score flagged for review, but I did get a score to qualify for a trophy in Shenkuu Tangram just earlier last week. Took them about a day to do it. Wish they were quicker, cus I got bumped from silver to bronze by the time they approved my trophy.
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