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    Cats, Splatoon, the colour pink, sushi, video games

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  1. Duskitty

    Kiko Pop not working for me?

    Doesn't seem to be working for me either. I'm on Windows 10, was previously running Chrome version 68 and it suddenly stopped working these past few days, so I updated to ver 69 to see if that helped. No dice. I also can't seem to try on Firefox, cus I get this error when attempting to log in: And this error on Edge:
  2. Duskitty

    Can't see emojis?

    The coloured ones you're seeing are Twitter's version of emojis, apparently. Not sure why you're only seeing some in colour and some black and white.
  3. Duskitty

    Can't see emojis?

    After doing some googling, it appears that Windows 7 seems to only support emoji in black and white; upon release it didn't support emoji at all, but emoji functionality was added in a later update. You'll need Windows 8.1 or higher to properly see emoji in colour. Additionally, Chrome on Windows 7 doesn't seem to support emoji at all, but IE and Firefox do.
  4. Duskitty

    Can't see emojis?

    The 'new' emojis are just the same Unicode emoji used widely on, well, nearly everything. Different operating systems will display them differently - different phones (Android, iOs, etc), different computer operating systems (Windows versions, macOS versions, etc), and I believe if your computer is old, it may not support the unicode version required to display emojis. How old is your computer and what operating system are you using?
  5. Duskitty

    Coconut Shy Explosion

    Jesus it's working. I got ANOTHER coconut. That's two coconuts in a week and a half. I don't even usually knock down more than one within a several month time frame.
  6. Duskitty

    Coconut Shy Explosion

    Ray, can you give us some of that luck? I'd like to try knocking down more than one coconut per year.
  7. Duskitty

    'Neopian Lottery' Avatar

    I won the lottery a while back (even qualified for a bronze trophy) and I've yet to receive this neomail nor do I have the avatar 😕
  8. Duskitty

    Brightvale Portals Open!

    It feels unlike typical event fare to get no reward, yeah. My guess is there'll be some new event of sorts happening soon. Like maybe a giant portal will open somewhere and start sucking people in because he tried to start his project again in secret and it went haywire, or something like that.
  9. Duskitty

    Brightvale Portals Open!

    So the portals are closed now? When I go to the page, it's this: Poor guy didn't finish his project in time, apparently. This seems like an abrupt end, but I feel we're getting more than this.
  10. Duskitty

    Coconut Shy Explosion

    Yeah you're doing better than most of us lol. It's been months since I knocked one down and I've been at it for years. Edit: This thread is a good luck charm, I swear. I just knocked down a Golden Evil Coconut.
  11. Duskitty

    Crazy Lucky

    Probs an exclusive colour, avatar colour, or something uber expensive/rare. If I was gonna dip them something rare, I'd take a random WN pound pet, dip them, and put them back for somebody else tbh.
  12. Duskitty

    Favorite Food Your Family Makes?

    Pierogi - frozen pierogi was a common food in the frozen section of the supermarkets back in Canada, but now that we've moved to Australia, it's nowhere to be found. Luckily, pierogi are fairly easy to make, and my mom can make really good ones with cheddar & potato filling. Add some sour cream, parsley, and bacon bits, and they're absolutely delicious.
  13. Duskitty

    Coconut Shy Explosion

    I feel like it'll display the exploding animation and then freeze. Kinda disappointing. I really want to be able to see the look on that Quiggle's face when I finally beat him at his stupid rigged game.
  14. Duskitty

    Coconut Shy Explosion

    I honestly thought the coconut exploding thing was a myth, but there's this image off the guide, so Is it even possible to get this screen anymore, actually? Nowadays, whenever you knock down a coconut, it plays the falling animation and then just gets stuck. No popup of the Quiggle or "points won" thing appears. You do get the coconut (and maybe the avatar), but it just doesn't show that results screen like it normally would.
  15. Duskitty

    Coconut Shy Explosion

    I've been playing it nearly every single day, off and on for years, and I've knocked down... maybe 5 coconuts? I've yet to see it explode.