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  1. asterisk_trine

    Happy Hissi Day!

    I really like jelly. It's very cute. I'm neutral on the 8-bit.
  2. asterisk_trine

    Happy Kougra Day!

    I'm sad that relic has gone back to being boring. It got some nice details with a few of them. Custard is squishy and cute.
  3. asterisk_trine

    Happy Krawk Day!

    Chocolate is pretty boring but Water is wonderful! I love it!
  4. asterisk_trine

    Transparent Shoyru Released!

    Yeah. I agree about the smile line. I don't care for the lashes either. But it's still pretty cute.
  5. asterisk_trine

    Happy Shoyru Day!

    I sure hope that this was an April Fools joke :(
  6. asterisk_trine

    Happy Shoyru Day!

    Swing and a miss. . . The tail and wings just make the whole thing look wrong.
  7. asterisk_trine

    Festival of Neggs 2016 Begins!

    I was really hoping there would be 3 new eggs for each day.
  8. asterisk_trine

    Faerie Quest Event Bonus Prize Available!

    Oh dear. Not sure about this one. Ugh. It looks like some of the super old wearables. =,=
  9. asterisk_trine

    Happy Tonu Day!

    Not really sure what happened here. Tyrannian looks like a brown Tonu just rolled out of bed.
  10. asterisk_trine

    Happy Snow Day!

    I kind of like it actually. Not bad. I tend to like snow pets.
  11. asterisk_trine

    Happy Wocky Day!

    I feel like it started out good with the face and stuff but then with the rest of it they stopped trying. Both mutant Poogle and Lutari are so detailed. This one not so much. I really like the face though.
  12. asterisk_trine

    Games Master Challenge: Claim Your Prizes!

    I pretty much gave up when it got to Edna's Shadow. The prices on some of these prizes are already really ridiculous.
  13. asterisk_trine

    Games Master Challenge: Join Team Fire or Team Snow!

    Didn't like this years challenge. I wasn't thrilled with the prizes, most of which are already waaaay overpriced.
  14. asterisk_trine

    It's the Annual Chocolate Ball!

    The chocolate Lupe is cute. Simple but cute.
  15. asterisk_trine

    Transparent Peophin Receives Redraw

    Redraws for the win! So so so happy. Maybe more redraws will happen in the future. Relic and Faerie are two of my top candidates.